Well we moved out of our house last weekend. Amy is currently living with her parents in Palmyra, IN. I am still in Bloomington living with some friends. It has been a tough week. The first day I moved in my roommate’s family was in town so I felt very out of place. Here I am a 28 year old man living with a married couple with a new born child. That morning I wandered around town for a couple of hours until work.

Being apart from Amy is tough. We’ve been apart before when she has gone visiting family while I had to work. This time feels different though. I guess because we have moved to different places versus her visiting somewhere. She came up for a couple of days this week though so that was very nice.

We finally got all our paperwork to the visa people. Hopefully they will accept and we can go pick up the visa in Chicago. It is such a stressful ordeal getting everything together to go to France. Eric has a nice world map hanging in my bedroom. I had never actually sat down and noticed where Strasbourg was located in France. So I have spent the last couple of nights mapping out places I want to go. I think Italy is a definite stop. And the Swiss Alps aren’t too far from us.

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