Shows of the Day: May 24, 2023 – Grateful Dead

Happy Wednesday Deadheads. The 1970 show was posted before, but the 1994 shows are new to the site. Enjoy!

Grateful Dead – 1970.02.05 – San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.18 – Rosemont, IL

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.20 – Richfield, OH

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.21 – Richfield, OH

Bootlegs of the Day: May 17, 2023 – Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.06 – Phoenix, AZ – Added a new source

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.17 – Rosemont, IL – Added a new source

Grateful Dead – Lazy River Road – Final Album Reconstruction

Grateful Dead – March 1981 Pittsburgh Mix

Grateful Dead – Pearlys Picks

Grateful Dead – Pigpen Apt Demos

Links of the Day: May 4, 2023: Martin Scorsese, Grateful Dead, and Neil Young

Martin Scorsese Found “the Key” to ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ By Immersing Himself in the World: Collider

Dave McMurray to Release Grateful Dead Tribute Album Featuring Don Was and Oteil Burbridge: Bass Magazine

Martin Scorsese, David Johansen Talk Making ‘Personality Crisis: One Night Only’ Documentary During Pandemic: Variety

The Grateful Dead to share previously unreleased 1973 concerts in new boxset: NME

Neil Young Pays Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot: ‘His Melodies and Words Were An Inspiration to All Writers’: Billboard

Bootlegs of the Day: May 3, 2023 – The Grateful Dead

Today I’ve got something old and something new, some things posted before and some things never posted on these pages. If I just had something blue I’d say we were getting married 😉

Grateful Dead – 1966.02.25 – Los Angeles, CA

Grateful Dead – 1966.03.09 – Los Angeles, CA

Grateful Dead – 1966.03.10 – Los Angles, CA

Grateful Dead – 1966.07.03 – San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.16 – Rosemont, IL

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.17 – Rosemont, IL

Bootlegs of the Day: April 19, 2023

It has been a busy week and I didn’t have time to grab any new shows, or requests for you this time. I’ll try to get some treats for ou next week.

Grateful Dead – 1966.07.01 – San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.12.27 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.12.28 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.12.30 – Oakland, CA

Listen To Bob Dylan Perform The Grateful Dead’s “Brokedown Palace” in Tokyo

Dylan is obviously a fan of the Grateful Dead. He toured with them in 1987 and he’s played together with various members several times. Robert Hunter co-wrote a couple of songs with him, etc., etc.

The other night he covered “Truckin‘” in Tokyo and now he’s performed “Brokedown Palace at least a couple of times. Neither version sounds particularly well rehearsed and they drift off before the song ends. But there is something there that’s magic. I hope he does spend a little time rehearsing it (and learning all the words) so that they can perform it properly sometime soon. It would make a pretty little addition to his set.

The great Ray Padgett posted both clips on his Twitter page.

Listen To Bob Dylan Covering “Truckin'” In Tokyo (04/11/23)

Bob Dylan’s setlists have remained pretty static for years now, especially so on his recent Rough and Rowdy Ways tours. Last night he changed things up and covered the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” for the first time ever.

I haven’t seen the bootlegs yet, but Ray Padget has a stream up of this song over on his wonderful Flaggin’ Down the Double Es Substack (I highly recommend subscribing to it, for it is full of wonderful Dylan thoughts.)

It is a nice recording and a pretty great version of the classic.