New Source Bonanza: The Rolling Stones – Australia 1973 “Happy Birthday Nicky”

rolling stones - australia 1973front

The Rolling Stones
Happy Birthday Nicky
Oh Boy 2-9039
Silver CDs -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> flac 6

Download: FLAC/MP3

I previously posted only disk one to this set.

Disc 1 :
Western Australia Cricket Ground, Perth, February 24, 1973
Excellent stereo soundboard recording

01. Brown Sugar
02. Bitch
03. Rocks Off
04. Gimmie Shelter
05. Happy
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Honky Tonk Women
08. All Down The Line
09. Midnight Rambler
10. Little Queenie

Disc 2 :
Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, February 26, 1973
Excellent stereo soundboard recording

01. Brown Sugar
02. Bitch
03. Rocks Off
04. Gimmie Shelter
05. Happy
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Love In Vain
08. Sweet Virginia
09. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. All Down The Line
12. Midnight Rambler
13. Little Queenie
14. Rip This Joint

Enjoy !!!

Happy Birthday Nicky – Live In Perth
2 CD

Version 1
Oh Boy 2-9039
Disc 1 contains 11 tracks from Perth February 24, 1973. Disc 2 contains 14 tracks from Sydney February 26, 1973, missing only the last two tracks Jumping Jack Flash and Street Fighting Man. Not Perth 1st and 2nd as cover says, there was only one show in Perth! Both in exc. stereo soundboard quality.

Version 2
Oh Boy 2-9039
Picture CDs, different colours

Perth, Australia 2/24/73; 50 min; 9.0 s; “Rocks Off”
A classic. This stereo soundboard recording first turned up in 1987 on a German LP and is now on several CDs. Great recording and performance. I think this Swingin’ Pig release is the best; it’s a combination of the 2/24 show with parts of the 2/26 show; there is no 2/24 2nd show as some boots claim. It sounds a little better than disc 1 of “Happy Birthday Nicky” below. (Note: Total time of Rocks Off is longer; 50 min is the length of the 2/24 portion).

Sydney 2/26/73; 65 min; 8.5 s; “Happy Birthday Nicky”/others
The CD may claim disc 2 is 2/24 2nd show, but there was no 2nd show that day; it’s actually Sydney 2/26. This is another stereo soundboard recording though not quite as good as 2/24; the tape has been copied a few more times. Avoid the Japanese “Winter Tour 1973” 2CD set if you ever see it; it’s the audience recording of the show. At least it has the last 2 songs missing from the soundboard recording. VGP’s “Rock ‘n Roll Stew” is the soundboard recording with the last two songs tacked on from the audience recording, and the missing beginning of Brown Sugar added in from Perth; said to be similar quality.X

Ten Years of Bootlegs #1: Bob Dylan – The 1974 Soundboard Collection

And here we are, the #1 most popular bootleg post. When I started this blog I had no idea how long it would last. When I first started posting bootlegs it was really just one more thing in the big pop cultural potpourri that I was posting to my little plot of webspace. I couldn’t have guessed they would completely take over the blog within a few years and that I’d still be plugging away ten years later. I have no complaints, this blog has brought me a lot of joy. I’ve met some pretty cool people and listened to and learned a lot about some really great music. So once again to all of you, thanks for making The Midnight Cafe such a great place, it wouldn’t exist without you.

Ten Years of Bootlegs #1: Bob Dylan – 1974 Soundboard Collection

Of course this is the biggest bootlegs on my site. It is Dylan, It is the Band, it is arguably one of the best tours ever, and its all from glorious soundboards.

First posted on September 2, 2015
Total number of hits: 4367

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve had a lot of fun trolling through these old posts and seeing what’s most popular. It been really interesting to watch all the numbers go way up after I write a new Ten Years post and see everybody flock to the old post. I’m thinking about doing a regular post where I highlight some old show I posted ages ago. Might be a fun way to remind people of something maybe they didn’t see the first time. Maybe I’ll even ask for some guest writers to pick out a favorite show or something.

Anyways thanks for hanging around.

Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.

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#7 Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – The Entire Tour
#6 Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards
#5 Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions
#4 Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)
#3 Bob Dylan A Couple More Years
#2 The Allman Brothers Band – San Francisco, CA (12/31/73)

Ten Years Of Bootlegs: The Ten Most Popular Non Bootleg Posts


My first post on this blog was May 29, 2004. It was a pretty innocuous post. This was early days for blogs. They had just become a thing not that long before I started writing. My wife and I were about to embark on a year long adventure in France and I knew I wanted to journal my experiences there. Blogs were new and hip and seemed the perfect way to both journal my adventure and easily allow friends and family to read about it.

Over the next few months I spoke about the preparation for France, the journey to France, and living in France. Eventually I started writing about movies and music and pop culture in general. When we returned to the USA I kept up the pop culture writing. As I noted when I started this Ten Years of Bootlegs series many of those posts are actually more popular than the bootleg posts I’ve been doing the last ten years. Go figure.

Anyways before I unveil the #1 bootleg post in a few days I thought it would be fun to do a top ten of all the non-bootleg stuff I wrote so long ago.

#10: Bootleg Country: Nirvana – 10/31/91

It amuses me that this is more popular than any bootleg I’ve posted. Before I started posted the actual music I was writing about bootlegs. I called the articles Bootleg Country and basically I reviewed the show and the sound quality of the bootleg. For whatever reason this Nirvana review become fairly popular.

#9: The Office: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Gay Witch Hunt

For a time I was trying to do recaps of various television shows I liked. This was before recaps had become its own cottage industry. I wasn’t very good at it and it was actually quite difficult to keep up with it so I eventually dropped the idea. This was my very first attempt. Its very sloppy, but it got the hit count.

#8: What Michael Jackson Would Look Like Without Plastic Surgery

I suppose anyone who blogs, or has a website or puts anything out in public does so in part due to ego. We want people to read or listen to or watch or look at the things we create. Isn’t that what the Facebook like is for? It strokes the ego, it validates in some small way. When I first began journaling about France I didn’t share the blog with anyone but friends and family. But as time went by and as I started writing about pop culture I wanted to be seen. To be read. I started trying to bring in an audience. I was chasing hits. I started finding all sorts of silly things online and reposting them, hoping they’d bring in more views. I don’t remember where I found this ridiculous Michael Jackson bit, but I must have thought it was funny and reposted the pictures for my audience’s enjoyment. Over 8,000 people came. Some of them left comments.

#7: I Might Have To Rethink Tom Waits

It took me a long time to *get* Tom Waits. This post talks about that process. I have no idea why more than 9,000 people found this particular post. This was also written just before we moved to China. So, we lived in France in 2004-2005 then moved back to Indiana. Then in 2008 we moved to Shanghai for a year. More adventures were had, but I didn’t blog those nearly as much as I blogged my adventures in France.

#6: Jason Says, “Happy Friday The 13th

This post is nothing but a picture of Jason, the hockey masked wearing psycho killer from the Friday the 13th movies. It was but a bit of silliness that keeps gathering more hits every time that date happens to roll around. A bit of silliness that has out hit counted every single bootleg post I’ve made in the last decade.

#5: The Simpsons: Season 18, Episode 10 – “The Wife Aquatic

Another recap. I was getting the hang of them by this point. Or at least I don’t cringe at it like I did the one for The Office. I was also adding in some trivia for the show, which I surely got from some other site. There are a lot of comments on this one but they are mostly about what songs played during the episode.

#4: Movies I’ve Seen Since 2007

The title explains it all. This is a list I’ve been keeping since 2007 of every movie I watch. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m guessing it gets hits because there are a lot of movies on the list and thus it shows up in a lot of searches.

#3: House, MD: Season 3, Episode 4 – “Lines in the Sand

I’m starting to think I should have continued doing TV recaps. Maybe I could have become a famous TV critic, instead of an obscure collector of live music recordings 😉

#2: The World’s Tallest Bridge

Yet another post consisting of nothing but a single picture and a few words. It is a spectacular looking bridge.

#1: Premier’s 25 Most Dangerous Movies

Premier magazine did an article on what they thought were the most dangerous movies ever made. I copy/pasted their thoughts and then added in a paragraph of my own on the movies I’d actually seen. It was a little throw off piece I did just for fun. I had no idea it would become my most popular post ever.

Well that was fun. I don’t know what it means that all of these articles have received more hits than any of my bootleg bonanza posts. Part of it does stem from me changing websites for awhile. I was posted bootlegs to a different site all the while these non-bootleg articles were gathering hits here. Part of it is that pop culture and memes are always going to be more popular than our little musical obsession. Not that any of this matters. Not that I really pay much attention to hit counts.

It was fun for me to go back to some of my old writings (and more than a little embarrassing) and remember what I was doing over the last decade or so. If you made it all the way to here, thanks for reading. I’ll have the #1 bootleg up tomorrow.

Ten Years of Bootlegs #2: The Allman Brothers Band – San Francisco, CA (12/31/73)

Allman Brothers Band 12-31-73 - San Francisco

Ever since coming up with this list I’ve pondered why The Allman Brothers Band would be the only non Bob Dylan show to crack the top ten. Why is there no Jerry? No Van on this list? I don’t have a good answer. My best guess is that Jerry and the Dead both exist in abundance on the Internet and that my little site is one of but many places you can download and stream those artists. One thing you might notice in my top ten list is that most of the shows on it are either alt-cuts of a specific album or compilations of some sort. Thus far there hasn’t been a single show appear on the list. The closest we’ve come is #4 which includes two complete shows from Dylan in 2000. The thing is I haven’t posted very many compilations from Jerry or the Dead. I suspect there just isn’t a single show from them that can push them above a Dylan comp.

As for Van he doesn’t have that large a presence online. He’s kind of the opposite of the Dead where very few places exist on the Internet that are sharing his shows. Part of this is due to Van himself taking measures to stop the spread of his music being shared online. For years he used the Web Sheriff to take down anything that wasn’t officially sanctioned. He’s calmed down over the last few years but that still leaves people a little gun shy. Van also doesn’t seem to be as popular as Bob and Jerry. At least he doesn’t seem to create the sort of fans that create passion websites about him.

All of this is just me guessing. I really have no idea.

So why the Allman Brothers? Over the ten years I’ve been doing this I’ve only posted a handful of show from the Allmans. Fans are certainly not tuning into these pages for ABB bootlegs. I”m sure many of you are fans of the band, but The Midnight Cafe is not the place you are coming for their shows. Similar to Van Morrison you can’t find a ton of places for ABB bootlegs. Their officially allow tapers to record their shows but they get a little wonky in terms of letting people like me post the shows online. I suspect there is a high demand for the shows, but not as many places to find them. Thus when I posted this show people gravitated towards it. Or more likely someone posted a link to this show on some ABB forum or another.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that this is a pretty epic show from the bands peak. Oh and it does feature Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzman & Boz Scaggs.

Whatever the reasons the Allman Brother Band comes in at #2 in my Top Ten viewed bootlegs of all time. Here’s the stats.

Allman Brothers Band
December 31, 1973
Cow Palace
San Francisco, CA

First posted on November 7, 2011.
Total number of views: 3,552

Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.

#10 Bob Dylan – Abandoned Desire
#9 Bob Dylan – 1978 Tour Collection
#8 Bob Dylan – The Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers Collection (1988-2000)
#7 Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – The Entire Tour
#6 Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards
#5 Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions
#4 Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)
#3 Bob Dylan -Bob Dylan – A Couple More Years

The Midnight Cafe Mix #3 – The Light, The Heat


Download MP3@320

I made this ages ago but apparently forgot to ever post it. It does remind me that I really ought to do another mix sometime.

1. “Oh Valencia!” – The Decemberists
2007.03.27 – Upper Darby, PA

One of my favorite modern bands. They mix rock and folk music with show tunes and 80s alt-rock into a unique blend of awesome. I’m seeing them in a few weeks and I’m all kinds of excited. After a brief screw up they kick us into a really rocking version of this song from their excellent album The Crane Wife.

2. “Cocaine” – Eric Clapton
1978.11.24 – Glasgow, Scotland – “Mr. Robert Johnson”

Clapton in full on rock god mode.

3. “Second that Emotion” – Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
1974.02.16 – Berkeley, CA

Oh if only Jerry had kept on playing with Merl for the rest of his solo career. This is a funky, bluesy, jazzy cover of the Smokey Robinson classic.

4. “Rhinoceros” – The Smashing Pumpkins
Gish Sessions

The Pumpkins were my favorite band as a teenager in the 90s. Gish is probably my favorite album by them. This is a really cool alternate cut with a trippy instrumental part in the middle.

5. “Friend of the Devil” – Lyle Lovett
1996.08.26 – Austin, TX

I’ve always loved Lyle covering this Grateful Dead classic. It turns it into more of a dirge which makes it sadder and more beautiful.

6. “In the Garden” – Van Morrison
Got to Go Back to the Greek – Berkeley, California, on July 25, 1986

I recently re-listened to the whole Got to Go Back to the Greek bootleg. Forgotten how great it all is. In the Garden is definitely a highlight. The rave up at the end is especially nice.

7. “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” – Bob Dylan
1993.06.29 – Marseille, France

This was one of the first Dylan boots I ever laid my hands on. Its still a favorite. Darn fine jam in it too.

8. “Funhouse” – Bruce Hornsby
2009.10.29 – Indianapolis, IN

Not my favorite Hornsby song by a long shot, but darn if the jam doesn’t try to change my mind.

9. “Rearviewmirror” – Pearl Jam
2000.011.05 – Seattle, WA “Grimlock Destroys Seattle”

Another band that was a favorite of mine when I was a teenager. Another monster jam in the end.

10. “In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel
1993.09.19 – San Francisco, CA

Listening to this for the first time in nearly a year I find that the theme of all of these songs is the jam. They almost all have some kind of extended instrumental jam at some point. That’s what I love about live music.

Ten Years of Bootlegs #3: Bob Dylan – A Couple More Years

The completist in me wants to own every tape of every show ever made. The realist recognizes that will never happen, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying ;). The listener in me really rather likes compilations tapes. I was making mix-tapes of my favorite songs back when I was a wee lad. I still make mix playlists for my wife. I always enjoy it when folks make mixes of the best songs from an artist or a decade or a tour.

Nellie over at Expecting Rain regularly makes excellent mixes of Bob Dylan’s music. This one includes outtakes from the albums Hearts Of Fire, Knocked Out Loaded & Down In The Groove. Those aren’t exactly three albums that burned up the charts, nor received a lot of love from fans, yet somehow these outtake sessions come in at #3 in my most popular posts of all time. Go figure.

I suppose that due to the fact that those albums aren’t universally lauded the outtakes sessions don’t show up in a lot of places which ironically makes them more popular when they do show up in places like my blog.  Or something.  Whatever reason here are the numbers.

The Third Most Popular Show of All Time:
Lost songs from 1986 and 1987
Outtakes from Hearts Of Fire, Knocked Out Loaded & Down In The Groove

Total number of views: 3646.

Due to the ever changing nature of my hit counts due to me linking to every post in this Top Ten list this set now sits in at # 7, but it was # 3 when I first started which remains impressive to me.  Only two more shows to go until we’ve completed the countdown.  I’ve already let the cat out of the bag at what’s #2 on the list with the Allman Brothers being the only non Dylan related show to make an appearance.  Anybody want to guess at what Dylan boot will be #1?

As always thanks to everyone who makes this blog so much fun to do.


Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.

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#4 – Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)

Happy Jerry Garcia Day

Jerry Garcia Day 2018

Jerry Garcia was born on August 1. He died on August 9. The week between those days is often called Jerry week and sites like mine usually put out a bunch of cool Jerry shows. I’ve been a bit slack this week but I did get a few shows up. I meant to do some more this morning but I overslept and had a very busy day. Hopefully the Dead show and the Jerry playing Dylan will help sooth the lateness of those posts. There is also a big concert celebration in California. That’s a little far away for me, but luckily Nugs is streaming it.

Hope it has been a good day for everyone. Hope you get to dig a little bit of that great treasure trove of music Jerry brought to us all.

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Laughing in the Wind: Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 1

Van Morrison - Laughing in the Wind

Van Morrison
Laughing in the Wind
Van Morrison Gets His Change to Wail, Vol. 1

Download MP3@224

I previously posted Vol., 2 here.

1. Ballerina
2. Domino
3. If I Ever Need Someone
4. These Dreams of You
5. And It Stoned MeCome Running
6 Come Running
7. Bit By Bit
8. Hey Where Are You
9. Lorna
10. I Need Your Kind of Loving
11. Rocky & Roll
12. Funny Face
13. I Shall Sing
14. Laughing in the Wind
15. Street Theory
16. Foggy Mountain Top
17. There There Child
18. It Hurts To Want It So Bad
19. Feedback on Highway 101

Tracks 1-12 – Studio Demos, Recorded 1969 – 1970
Tracks 13 – 19 Studio Recordings, 1974 – 1975

Ten Years of Bootlegs: Top Clicks

Since I’ve been doing the top ten most downloaded shows I thought it would be fun to look at other aspects of the blog’s stats. Once again this comes with a caveat. I started my blog on Blogger then at some point moved to WordPress then I got my own web space but continued to use WordPress’ platform and then a few years ago I moved back to the free WordPress site. I have no doubt some of my stats were lost. Best guess is these stats only recommend my time on the free WordPress site. But its still fun to look at.

I thought it would be fun to look at the various way people come to my blog and how they leave it. WordPress does not track how many people come to my site directly (i.e. they type in or if they just leave the site by typing in another URL or close the browser all together. What we’re talking about then is if people click a link (whether through a search engine or a link on another site) to enter or leave.

Top Five Referrers of All Time

1. Search Engines: 539,071 clicks.
2. So Many Roads: 20,772 clicks.
3. Facebook: 12,532 clicks.
4. Expecting Rain: 8,529 clicks
5. Brooklyn Steve: 5,430 clicks

It makes perfect sense that most people come here via search engines. That’s how everybody gets everywhere on the internet. I think it is pretty fantastic that so many folks come from So Many Roads (an excellent bootleg blog that everyone should visit as often as possible). My blog automatically posts to Facebook though there really aren’t that many people who subscribe to the page (and you should totally follow me on Facebook – I don’t offer anything new but its a good way to be reminded of all the cool shows I post ;).

I pretty regularly post to Expecting Rain and many others post my links for me so that is also not surprising. I am surprised by Brooklyn Steve being so high up (one small warning – his page contains some slight nudity in its header). Not that its not a fine site I just didn’t realize so many came from there, but thanks Steve and everyone else. I appreciate the patronage.

Top Five Outgoing Clicks of All Time

1. Amazon: 457,507
2. Mediafire: 21,561
3. So Many Roads: 21,373
4. Big Ozine 19,936
5. Live Bootleg Concert: 16,493

Again #1 isn’t surprising as it makes sense the biggest links clicked would be for the downloads.  I’m surprised Mediafire is still hanging in there, though I am slowly trying to update those links to Amazon.  I see I’m beating So Many Roads by a few clicks so I think you all owe me a few ;). Actually I should note that I get quite a few incoming clicks from various international iterations of the So Many Roads URL.  And so that Brooklyn Steve doesn’t get jealous I’m showing over 11,000 clicks to you from me

All of this does remind me that I need to update my blog links sidebar.  I guess you all like using my site to go to other cool bootleg blogs which is great.  I rarely check my sidebar so I’m guessing there are some bad links and probably a few new sites I need to add.

This was fun.  A big thanks to all the sites that have me listed in their link list.  As always I appreciate everyone who comes here and participates in this wonderful music.

Ten Years of Bootlegs #4: Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)

Santa Cruz - 15 & 16. 03.2000 - F

This past week I started looking through some really old bootleg posts. Well, in fact I went back to the very beginning. I’ve been slowly working my way through those posts systematically from oldest to newest. The idea is to update the links, update the photos, properly label everything and generally get everything looking uniform. This is all part of my larger organizational blog project. It is quite tedious but also kind of fun. Some of you are aware of this already as apparently the blog automatically posts these old blog posts to Facebook whenever I go back in and make changes. It is likely annoying as many of those posts no longer have good links (and I no longer have the shows to update those links with).

Some of you have already sent me some new links and I am grateful. I’ll eventually make a big master list of everything I’m missing and send out a request for them. In truth a lot of the shows are things I’m not actually all that interested in. When I first discovered bootleg blogs I went a little mad and downloaded everything. Then when I started this blog I just uploaded everything to this space, regardless of quality, bit rate or if I really even liked the artist very much.

This organizational project continues to grow. What I’d really like to do is have all the old posts cleaned up, to have a master list of all the shows I own and where they are located, and to make everything perfectly organized with the blog easily accessible and complete. I’m working on it, but every time I make process I think of something else that needs to be cleaned up. I’ll still continue to post shows, but it will continue to be a little unorganized for awhile longer.

The Fourth Most Downloaded Show Of All Time:
Bob Dyan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)
Total Number of Download: 2874

When I first started this little anniversary series I did not think about the fact that reposting these popular shows would only make them more popular. It took me a couple of posts to realize that the numbers were changing pretty quickly due to me linking to the popular posts. Eventually I made a list on a notebook so that I could keep my numbers straight. I seem to have neglected this show. In my notebook this show comes in at #9. Obviously I posted #9 months ago and have since moved up to #4. This show isn’t really #4 but I need to mention it before I move on to #3 – #1. It currently resides at #10 so do with that what you will.

Even at #10 this is a bit of an anomaly. All the other posts in the top ten are compilations of some sort. There are entire tour collections, alt-cuts of popular albums, etc. I suppose technically this is a collection of two shows but its still fascinating to me that it became so popular.

I did post a whole bunch of Dylan shows from the year 2000 so I suspect that gained some traction in some other places. These two shows are extraordinarily great (both in terms of sound quality and performance) so maybe they are a fan favorite and the show got linked to some other popular Dylan sites. I have no idea. Whatever the reason you should definitely grab it if you haven’t already.

As you will see next month this is not the only time a non-compilation post makes it into the top ten.  It is also the only non-Bob Dylan post in the countdown.  Stay tuned.

Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.
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#7 – Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – The Entire Tour
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