Happy Jerry Garcia Day

Jerry Garcia Day 2018

Jerry Garcia was born on August 1. He died on August 9. The week between those days is often called Jerry week and sites like mine usually put out a bunch of cool Jerry shows. I’ve been a bit slack this week but I did get a few shows up. I meant to do some more this morning but I overslept and had a very busy day. Hopefully the Dead show and the Jerry playing Dylan will help sooth the lateness of those posts. There is also a big concert celebration in California. That’s a little far away for me, but luckily Nugs is streaming it.

Hope it has been a good day for everyone. Hope you get to dig a little bit of that great treasure trove of music Jerry brought to us all.

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Laughing in the Wind: Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 1

Van Morrison - Laughing in the Wind

Van Morrison
Laughing in the Wind
Van Morrison Gets His Change to Wail, Vol. 1

Download MP3@224

I previously posted Vol., 1 here.

1. Ballerina
2. Domino
3. If I Ever Need Someone
4. These Dreams of You
5. And It Stoned MeCome Running
6 Come Running
7. Bit By Bit
8. Hey Where Are You
9. Lorna
10. I Need Your Kind of Loving
11. Rocky & Roll
12. Funny Face
13. I Shall Sing
14. Laughing in the Wind
15. Street Theory
16. Foggy Mountain Top
17. There There Child
18. It Hurts To Want It So Bad
19. Feedback on Highway 101

Tracks 1-12 – Studio Demos, Recorded 1969 – 1970
Tracks 13 – 19 Studio Recordings, 1974 – 1975

Ten Years of Bootlegs: Top Clicks

Since I’ve been doing the top ten most downloaded shows I thought it would be fun to look at other aspects of the blog’s stats. Once again this comes with a caveat. I started my blog on Blogger then at some point moved to WordPress then I got my own web space but continued to use WordPress’ platform and then a few years ago I moved back to the free WordPress site. I have no doubt some of my stats were lost. Best guess is these stats only recommend my time on the free WordPress site. But its still fun to look at.

I thought it would be fun to look at the various way people come to my blog and how they leave it. WordPress does not track how many people come to my site directly (i.e. they type in themidnightcafe.org) or if they just leave the site by typing in another URL or close the browser all together. What we’re talking about then is if people click a link (whether through a search engine or a link on another site) to enter or leave.

Top Five Referrers of All Time

1. Search Engines: 539,071 clicks.
2. So Many Roads: 20,772 clicks.
3. Facebook: 12,532 clicks.
4. Expecting Rain: 8,529 clicks
5. Brooklyn Steve: 5,430 clicks

It makes perfect sense that most people come here via search engines. That’s how everybody gets everywhere on the internet. I think it is pretty fantastic that so many folks come from So Many Roads (an excellent bootleg blog that everyone should visit as often as possible). My blog automatically posts to Facebook though there really aren’t that many people who subscribe to the page (and you should totally follow me on Facebook – I don’t offer anything new but its a good way to be reminded of all the cool shows I post ;).

I pretty regularly post to Expecting Rain and many others post my links for me so that is also not surprising. I am surprised by Brooklyn Steve being so high up (one small warning – his page contains some slight nudity in its header). Not that its not a fine site I just didn’t realize so many came from there, but thanks Steve and everyone else. I appreciate the patronage.

Top Five Outgoing Clicks of All Time

1. Amazon: 457,507
2. Mediafire: 21,561
3. So Many Roads: 21,373
4. Big Ozine 19,936
5. Live Bootleg Concert: 16,493

Again #1 isn’t surprising as it makes sense the biggest links clicked would be for the downloads.  I’m surprised Mediafire is still hanging in there, though I am slowly trying to update those links to Amazon.  I see I’m beating So Many Roads by a few clicks so I think you all owe me a few ;). Actually I should note that I get quite a few incoming clicks from various international iterations of the So Many Roads URL.  And so that Brooklyn Steve doesn’t get jealous I’m showing over 11,000 clicks to you from me

All of this does remind me that I need to update my blog links sidebar.  I guess you all like using my site to go to other cool bootleg blogs which is great.  I rarely check my sidebar so I’m guessing there are some bad links and probably a few new sites I need to add.

This was fun.  A big thanks to all the sites that have me listed in their link list.  As always I appreciate everyone who comes here and participates in this wonderful music.

Ten Years of Bootlegs #4: Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)

Santa Cruz - 15 & 16. 03.2000 - F

This past week I started looking through some really old bootleg posts. Well, in fact I went back to the very beginning. I’ve been slowly working my way through those posts systematically from oldest to newest. The idea is to update the links, update the photos, properly label everything and generally get everything looking uniform. This is all part of my larger organizational blog project. It is quite tedious but also kind of fun. Some of you are aware of this already as apparently the blog automatically posts these old blog posts to Facebook whenever I go back in and make changes. It is likely annoying as many of those posts no longer have good links (and I no longer have the shows to update those links with).

Some of you have already sent me some new links and I am grateful. I’ll eventually make a big master list of everything I’m missing and send out a request for them. In truth a lot of the shows are things I’m not actually all that interested in. When I first discovered bootleg blogs I went a little mad and downloaded everything. Then when I started this blog I just uploaded everything to this space, regardless of quality, bit rate or if I really even liked the artist very much.

This organizational project continues to grow. What I’d really like to do is have all the old posts cleaned up, to have a master list of all the shows I own and where they are located, and to make everything perfectly organized with the blog easily accessible and complete. I’m working on it, but every time I make process I think of something else that needs to be cleaned up. I’ll still continue to post shows, but it will continue to be a little unorganized for awhile longer.

The Fourth Most Downloaded Show Of All Time:
Bob Dyan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/15-16/00)
Total Number of Download: 2874

When I first started this little anniversary series I did not think about the fact that reposting these popular shows would only make them more popular. It took me a couple of posts to realize that the numbers were changing pretty quickly due to me linking to the popular posts. Eventually I made a list on a notebook so that I could keep my numbers straight. I seem to have neglected this show. In my notebook this show comes in at #9. Obviously I posted #9 months ago and have since moved up to #4. This show isn’t really #4 but I need to mention it before I move on to #3 – #1. It currently resides at #10 so do with that what you will.

Even at #10 this is a bit of an anomaly. All the other posts in the top ten are compilations of some sort. There are entire tour collections, alt-cuts of popular albums, etc. I suppose technically this is a collection of two shows but its still fascinating to me that it became so popular.

I did post a whole bunch of Dylan shows from the year 2000 so I suspect that gained some traction in some other places. These two shows are extraordinarily great (both in terms of sound quality and performance) so maybe they are a fan favorite and the show got linked to some other popular Dylan sites. I have no idea. Whatever the reason you should definitely grab it if you haven’t already.

As you will see next month this is not the only time a non-compilation post makes it into the top ten.  It is also the only non-Bob Dylan post in the countdown.  Stay tuned.

Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.
#10 – Bob Dylan – Abandoned Desire
#9 – Bob Dylan – 1978 Tour Collection
#8 – Bob Dylan – The Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers Collection (1988-2000)
#7 – Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – The Entire Tour
#6 – Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards
#5 – Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions

Repost Bonanza: Adele – Philadelphia, PA (02/04/11)

Adele at the World Cafe

Live IN WXPN World Cafe
Philadelphia PA USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

taped by Tony (IMAGEMAN2005)
Audience recording
recorder Edirol R-09HR/ microphone homemade model 1983 (4)BUILD BY ANE (FLIPP022)
Sound edited by ANE (FLIPP022)
flac level> 6


01.Make You Feel My Love
02.Turning Tables
03.Don’t You Remember
04.Chasing Pavements
05.Someone Like You
06.Rolling In The Deep

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – London, England (12/15/77)

Exploding Drummer
Gaumont State Theatre
Kilburn, London UK
December 15, 1977

Download: FLAC/MP3

From Original Silver CD
VG+ to EX Recording
Original ARTWORK

1 introduction
2 I can’t explain
3 substitute
4 baba o’ reily
6 behind blue eyes
7 dreaming from the waist
8 pinball wizard
9 I’m free
10 tommy’s holiday camp
11 summertime blues
12 shakin’ all over
13 my generation
14 join together
15 who are you
16 won’t get fooled again

Ten Years of Bootlegs #5: Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions

June slipped by and half of July before I realized I’d missed posting this. These posts have been fascinating for me to write and then watch as the blog changes. I’ve noted before that I don’t really pay a lot of attention to my counter stats and the like, but doing this list has made me look at some of the numbers at least. It has been amazing to watch how whenever I write one of these anniversary posts and link back to an original post that original post then explodes in terms of hit count. After a couple of months I made a text file listing the TOP Ten shows because the numbers were changing to much.

The numbers are changing on shows I haven’t talked about, too.

The fifth most downloaded bootlegs of all time:

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions 1979-1986
Total number of hits: 3254

When I made my text file this show had 2874 hits. In the last few months it has received an additional 380 hits all on its own. Obviously that’s not a huge number but considering I originally posted that show back in 2015 and blogs are all about the new I think that’s pretty cool.

I’m actually not a huge expert on this period of Dylan’s career (compared to some of you I’m not an expert on any part of Dylan’s career). Which means I don’t have a whole lot to say about this bootleg. Mark Knopfler has played on a few of Dylan’s albums and played with him on tour. This boot collects some of the b-sides for Infidels, plus tour rehearsals and a couple of live songs. Its a pretty eclectic mix, but an interesting one, especially for fans of Knopfler’s work.

Here at the other Ten Years of Bootlegs posts.
#10 – Bob Dylan – Abandoned Desire
#9 – Bob Dylan – 1978 Tour Collection
#8 – Bob Dylan – The Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers Collection (1988-2000)

#7 – Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – The Entire Tour
#6 – Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards

Repost Bonanza: David and the Dorks – San Francisco, CA (12/15/70)

david and the dorks - matrix 1970

Jerry Garcia And Friends (aka David & The Dorks)
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: sbd >mr > ? >dat > xa2 >cdr > shn > wav > flac

Disc 1
set 1 – rehearsal

01 Alabama Bound
02 Eight Miles High
03 Cowboy Movie
04 Wall Song
05 Bertha
06 Bird Song

Disc 2
set 2 – show

01 Drop Down Mama
02 Cowboy Movie
03 Triad
04 Wall Song
05 Bertha
06 Deep Elem Blues
07 Motherless Children
08 Laughing


– d1, I removed most of the dead air as quite frankly, it was an annoyance. boosted level by 4.48 decibels in right channel. a small section was cut from the start of d1t03, where there was distortion. hiss reduction was applied throughout.
– d2, t02 a number of volume adjustments in both channels, t03 some volume adjustments in first 2:13 minutes, t07 boosted both channel by 3 decibels. t08 boosted right chaneel by 2 decibels. closed several small gaps between t05 & t06. hiss reduction applied throughout
– a few miscellaneous clicks removed
– final mastering with iZotope Ozone

comments from Deadlists Project:

This is Crosby, Garcia, Lesh & Hart, sometimes known as David And The Dorks. SET 1 is an afternoon rehearsal and soundcheck. SET 2 is the live set.

Jerry Garcia & Friends were advertised at the Matrix on December 15, 16 & 17. In the pause after the snatch of Eight Miles High vocals rehearsal Crosby is heard asking someone to “put limiters on it. I overblew their mics last night.” The comment implies he’s talking on the second night of the run, which would make this the 16th rather than the 15th; however, these tapes have always circulated dated “12/15/70.”

The first four tunes are all Crosby’s. The Jam out of Triad is choice. Bertha is a very early version with a few bungled lyrics. Deep Elem Blues is a unique arrangement heavily influenced by Crosby’s rhythm guitar.

February 2005

Seeded to TMNSP.net

Schools Out For Summer

My daughter is out of school for the summer. As such I’m gonna take a small break from the blog to enjoy a little family time. I should be back sometime next week, or possibly the week after. I left you a variety of goodies today to tide you over. See you soon!

New Source Bonanza: Grateful Dead – San Francisco, CA (10/04/80)

Grateful Dead - San Francisco - 1980-10-04-Warfield\

Grateful Dead
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sources 2 & 3 are new.

Set 1 Acoustic

//Deep Elem Blues
The Race Is On
It Must Have Been The Roses
//Monkey & the Engineer
Rosalie McFall
Dark Hollow
To Lay Me Down
//On the Road Again//
//Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie

Set 2 Electric

Alabama Getaway ->
Greatest Story Ever Told
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues

Source 1:
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 19147

Bertha Remaster of the partial Master Reel source.
SBD>>MR>>PCM>>CDA>>WAV(EAC)>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN – Sound A+

Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha,
by jashley@deadacated.com on September 2, 2002.

In June of 2003 I contemplated combining this source with the complete source
that circulates, however, the only sources available were multi-gen and of
such miserable quality, I chose to keep this as a single disc.
The cuts and drop-outs were edited to make them a bit more tolerable.

While this source is superior to the complete soundboard of this show
(shind=14989), the quality of the complete sound board is not anywhere
near as awful as Jay describes. The complete source is actually a satisfying
listening experience. This source is a nice addition as a first disc replacement.

Source 2:

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 14989

SBD>?>CDR>EAC>Cool Edit(minor cleanup, normalization)>CDWAV(tracking)>

Seed discs via Joey Browning
Shn encoding Steve Blanchard
Part of The Music Never Stopped Project

Source 3:

shnid: 141334

Source Info:
Betty’s 7″ two track reels @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM

Transfer Info:
PCM (Sony SL-10)> Sony PCM-601ESD > Behringer Ultramatch Pro > Tascam DA-3000 (wav 16-bit/44.1k)> Adobe Audition 3.0 > TLH flac16

– Thanks to Tim Dalton for the source PCM
– Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer
– First few notes of “Monkey & The Engineer” clipped
– “On The Road Again” clipped on both ends
– First few notes of “Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie” clipped
– Transitions smoothed
– Levels smoothed
– No patch source available….

Mastered by Scott Clugston
March 12, 2018