Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (07/09/17)

van morrison - north sea jazz - rotterdam - 2017

Van Morrison
North Sea Jazz Festival
The Netherlands

Download: MP3@320

1. Too Late
2. Keep Me Singing
3. The Way Young Lovers Do
4. Foreign Window
5. Cleaning Windows
6. Magic Time
7. Moondance / My Funny Valentine (Candy Dulfer comes on stage)
8. Baby Please Donít Go / Parchment Farm / Donít Start Crying Now / Custard Pie (Maceo Parker comes to the stage)
9. Muleskinner Blues
10. Early in the Morning
11. Saint James Infirmary
12. Help Me
13. It’s All In The Game
14. Gloria

Paul Moore – bass
Paul Moran – keyboards, trumpet
Dave Keary – guitars
Mez Clough – drums
Dana Masters – vocals
Sumudu – vocals
Candy Dulfer
Maceo Parker

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

tom waits - 1976

Tom Waits
Hotel L’American, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Download: FLAC/MP3

L1 Radio, Hubert On The Air, 2011-12-22

Fm (air, with room antenna) > Creative SoundBlaster @ 16/44.1 > tracked and volume normalized with Magix > SBE’s fixed and converted to flac 8 with Traders Little Helper

I recorded this several years ago. The reason I never shared it is the big “hum” and other noise in this recording, especially in the Intro DJ and the first 2 minutes and 2 seconds of Eggs And Sausage. I tried to clean it, but wasn’t able to remove the “hum” without damaging music. The interfering noise reduces during the course of the show.

Om 2016-12-26 there was a rebroadcast. Unfortunately I was driving home from work at the beginning of the broadcast. I drove as fast as possible but only managed to record (this time digital) the last 2,5 songs (not added to this upload).

In the intro Hubert tells us he doesn’t know who recorded this. He was present at the show but he had the flu. He was covered with a blanket because of the fever. Two days later the flu was over. He calls it “The healing force of music”.

Complete broadcast, incomplete show


01 Intro DJ (00:40)
02 Eggs And Sausage (07:14)
03 Virginia Avenue (03:17)
04 Please Call Me, Baby (04:12)
05 Heart Of Saturday Night (03:10)
06 Spare Parts I (08:23)
07 Diamonds On My Windshield – Band Introduction (07:59)
08 Better Off Without A Wife (04:49)
09 New Coat Of Paint (02:16)
10 Rosie (03:28)
11 Outro DJ (00:16)

Running time 45:49

Tom Waits – vocals, piano, guitar
Frank Vicari – tenor sax
Dr. Fitz(gerald) Huntingdon Jenkins III Jr. – upright bass
Chip White – drums

2018-06-20 upload to Dime by gadogado

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Richie Sambora – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (10/09/12)

richie sambora - amsterdam 2012

Richie Sambora
Melkweg (The Max)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
9 October 2012

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: Church Audio CA14s -> Church Audio STC 9000 -> Edirol R09HR -> Adobe Audition -> CDwav -> Traders Little Helper -> Flac level 8

Burn That Candle Down
Every Road Leads Home To You
Taking A Chance On The Wind
Stranger In This Town
Weathering The Storm
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Sugar Daddy
Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis cover)
Hard Times Come Easy (with band introduction)
You Can Only Get So High
Livin’ On A Prayer
Who Says You Can’t Go Home ~ Wild Night (Van Morrison cover)

Golden Slumbers ~ Carry That Weight ~ The End (The Beatles covers)
I’ll Be There For You

Enjoy! This is a pretty decent recording taped from the balcony on the right. The audience was on fire so they are audible.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hilversum, The Netherlands (06/21-22/77)

Van Morrison - Wonderland Rehearsals June 21 & 22 1977 - F

Wonderland Rehearsals
Vara Studios
Hilversum, The Netherlands
June 21 & 22 1977

Download: FLAC/MP3

LINEAGE: Mixing Desk > ??? > CDRs (JG) > EAC > Soundforge *** > CDRs > EAC > FLAC Level 8

*** All Tracks Balanced and Level Corrected, Transitions Cleaned,
Multiple Glitches and Mini Gaps Removed

Work was carried out around 2000. This Version not circulated until now.

Fixes and Artwork JTT

Disc One
01. New Orleans
02. Cry Baby
03. If You Need Me
04. The Tracks Of My Tears
05 East Or West
06. Fever # 1
07. I Can’t Stop Loving You
08. My Babe # 1
09. My Babe # 2
10. Ninety Nine And A Half
11. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
12. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
13. Reet Petite
14. Twisting The Night Away
15. Tennessee Waltz # 1
16. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 1
17. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 2
18. Tennessee Waltz # 2
19. She’s My Baby
20. What Am I Looking For # 1
21. What Am I Looking For # 2
22. Rock ‘n’ Roll Shoes
23. Handsome Son
24. Feel So Bad # 1
25. Feel So Bad # 2

Disc Two
01. The Eternal Kansas City # 1
02. The Eternal Kansas City # 2
03. Foggy Mountain Top
04. Santa Rosalia # 1
05. Santa Rosalia # 2
06. Santa Rosalia # 3
07. Shakin’ All Over # 1
08. Nobody’s Fault But Mine # 1
09. Johnny B Goode
10. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 3
11. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 4
12. Joyous Sound
13. Old Black Joe # 1
14. Old Black Joe # 2
15. Old Black Joe # 3
16. Nobody’s Fault But Mine # 2
17. I’ll Go Crazy
18. Fever # 2
19. Fever # 3
20. Shakin’ All Over # 2

Van Morrison: Lead Vocals, Piano
Dr. John: Piano, Organ, Back-up Vocals
Mick Ronson: Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Mo Foster: Bass
Peter van Hooke: Drums

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Kerkrade, Netherlands (03/19/95)

bob dylan kerkrade netherlands - 1995-03-19_ kerkrade_front

Bob Dylan
Kerkrade, Holland
19 March 1995

Download: FLAC/MP3

SOURCE: “off master” (aud) recording
SOUND: excellent!
SIZE: 506 MiB


1. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)
2. Lay Lady Lay
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Just Like A Woman
5. Tangled Up In Blue
6. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Masters Of War
9. Don’t Think Twice, Itís All Right
10. Dignity
11. God Knows
12. Maggie’s Farm
13. Like A Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
John Jackson (guitar)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Amsterdam, Netherlands (11/07/15)

bob dylan - carre - amsterdam - 2015 - bobdy-15carre-amsterdam1

Bob Dylan
Carre Amsterdam 2015
Rattle Snake RS 297/298
Koninklijk Theater
Carre, Amsterdam , The Netherlands
November 7th 2015.

Download: FLAC/MP3


1-1 Intro 1:10
1-2 Things Have Changed 5:14
1-3 She Belongs To Me 4:38
1-4 Beyond Here Lies Nothiní 4:14
1-5 What Iíll Do 3:08
1-6 Duquesne Wistle 6:39
1-7 Melancholy Mood 3:15
1-8 Pay In Blood 4:14
1-9 Iím A Fool To Want You 4:49
1-10 Tangled Up In Blue 5:57

2-1 High Water 6:05
2-2 Why Try To Change Me Now 3:40
2-3 Early Roman Kings 6:50
2-4 The Night We Called It A Day 3:52
2-5 Spirit On The Water 6:31
2-6 Scarlet Town 5:49
2-7 All Or Nothing At All 3:11
2-8 Long And Waysted Years 3:56
2-9 Autumn Leaves 5:43
2-10 Blowiní In The Wind 6:05
2-11 Love Sick 5:40

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (08/30/79)

Van Morrison - Rotterdam, Holland (08/30/79)

Van Morrison
Ahoy, Rotterdam

Download: FLAC/MP3

Kingdom Hall
Bright Side Of The Road
Into The Mystic
Here Comes The Night
You Make Me Feel So Free
Call Me Up In Dreamland
Warm Love
Full Force Gale
Moonshine Whiskey
Tupelo Honey
I’ve Been Working
Brown Eyed Girl
Wild Night

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (07/09/16)

Neil Young  - Amsterdam, Netherlands 2016

Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Ziggo dome, Amsterdam, Holland
Dutch masters audience recording

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: Edirol R-09 + Sound Proffesional SP-CMC-8 Mics.
Editing with Adobe Audition. Encoded to flac level 8, with align on sector boundaries
The sound came out a little heavy on the bass, did some minor correction, adjust your home set if necessary.
Pumped up the volume for the acoustic songs and edited the applause parts.
People talk during the acoustic songs

A few pic’s in the torrent
Some vid’s can be found on at

01. After The Gold Rush
02. Heart Of Gold
03. The Needle And The Damage Done
04. Razor Love
05. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
06. Out On The Weekend
07. Hold Back The Tears
08. Human Highway
09. Unknown Legend
10. Someday
11. Words
12. Winterlong
13. Alabama
14. Love To Burn
15. Powderfinger
16. Mansion On The Hill
17. Change Your Mind
18. Don’t Be Denied
19. Western Hero
20. Seed Justice
21. Revolution Blues
22. Monsanto Years
23. Rockin’ In The Free World
24. Love And Only Love
25. Like An Inca
26. Here We Are In The Years

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – The Hague, The Netherlands (07/16/95)


JULY 16, 1995

Download: FLAC/MP3


01) Intro (0:43)
02) I Forgot That Love Existed (2:53)
03) Tore Down A La Rimbaud (3:51)
04) Help Me (4:52)
05) Perfect Fit (3:19)
06) Days Like This (3:12)
07) Satisfied (7:02)
08) Vanlose Stairway (4:11)
09) Wonderful Remark (4:03)
10) Cleaning Windows (4:04)
11) Lonely Avenue > Down The Line > You Give Me Nothing But The Blues (4:35)
12) Tupelo Honey(*BK) > Why Must I Always Explain (7:18)
13) Moondance (3:53)
14) See Me Through > Soldier of Fortune > Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf
Agin) (7:15)
15) It’s A Man’s World (7:26)

The Van Morrison band: Alan Darby,Geoff Dunn, Georgie Fame, Leo Green, Matt
Holland, Brian Kennedy, Teena Lyle, Nicky Scott, Haji Ahkba

The Rare 90s group is proud to announce the 9th volume in the Rare 90s
series: The Complete North Sea Jazz Festival – 16 JUL1995 – JVC Statenhal,
The Hague, Netherlands.

The North Sea Jazz Festival 1995 is a great FM recording usually regarded as
one of the top 10 all time Van Morrison boots, but until now the versions in
circulation have left out the first five songs played that evening because
they were never broadcast.

Recently, a master cassette (audience source) of the complete North Sea Jazz
festival 1995 was found; the intro and the first five tracks from this tape
have been painstakingly reworked to bring them up to the clarity of the FM
tracks that widely circulate, specifically: volume balancing, equalization
and normalization.

So, enjoy this special show in it’s entirety for the first time! Our thanks
to all involved, from the original unknown tapers to all those who helped
more recently with this latest Rare90s release.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – The Hague, The Netherlands (04/27/83)


Joni Mitchell
The Hague, Netherlands

Download: FLAC/MP3

For Free
Big Yellow Taxi
A Case Of You
You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
You’re So Square
Solid Love
Ladies Man
Refuge Of The Roads
Flat Tires

Joni Mitchell – Electric Guitar, Dulcimer, Piano
Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums
Russell Ferrante – Keyboards
Larry Klein – Bass
Michael Landau – Guitar