Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Rolling Stones – Foxes in Boxes, Vol. 3

rolling stones - Foxes in the Boxes V 3-front

Rolling Stones
Foxes In The Boxes, Vol. Three
Unreleased Emotional Rescue, Undercover Sessions
JEMS Archive

Download: FLAC/MP3

Transfer: in-house cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > Peak 6.0 pitch adjustment > iZotope RX > iZotope MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (Indexed) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Indian Girl
02 Emotional Rescue
03 No Use In Crying
04 I Think Iím Going Mad
05 Where The Boys Go
06 Summer Romance
07 Undercover Of The Night
08 We Had It All
09 She Was Hot

Bonus Track
10: Keep It Cool (long version, pitch adjusted and remastered)

Emotional Rescue Sessions: Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas, January-February 1979 and PathÈ Marconi Studios, Paris, France, June-October 1979

Undercover Sessions: PathÈ Marconi Studios, Paris, France, November 1982-mid-March 1983 and The Hit Factory, New York, NY, early May-early August 1983

Hello and welcome to JEMS’ Foxes In The Boxes, the third and, sad to say, final volume in a series featuring unreleased studio sessions from the Rolling Stones, circa 1979-85. Based on our research, along with the expertise of Stones sessionologist N, who helped us sort through these tapes, we believe the Foxes In The Boxes series offers a small trove of previously uncirculated material, along with upgrades and a few familiar outtake favorites from new source tapes. All of the outtakes, alternate mixes and takes found on Volume Three have never been released.

The series is titled Foxes In The Boxes in homage to its source: boxes of in-house cassette tapes obtained by JEMS from someone “on the inside” of a major record label in the ’70s and ’80s. It is also a rhyming nod to the bootleg Static In the Attic (Midnight Beat), which mined the same sessions for kindred material and to which we believe Foxes makes a worthy companion.

Some tracks in the series have been previously rumored to exist, some are wholly new finds, while others improve upon previously circulating versions. There are a few frustrating fragments, too, but what’s presented here is exactly what was on the tapes, which were seemingly meant to capture and present in-progress status of Stones sessions and to preserve ideas for future consideration. With that said, let’s go track by track through Volume Three:

Indian Girl: Shorter than any previously known version in circulation. The spoken line, “Mr. Gringo, my father he ain’t no Che Guevara” is missing and the take also features fewer horn overdubs.

Emotional Rescue: Again, shorter take than any previously known version. Distinctive and somewhat strange mix with much more guitar, keyboards and backing vocals. Also features an echoey percussion effect at the start not heard on any other mix.

No Use In Crying: Yet another new, shorter version compared to whatís in circulation. This is an edit of an early mix (before the piano overdub was added), which moves the line ìcome on sugarî earlier in the song because some of the falsetto vocals have been cut.

I Think Iím Going Mad: Listed on the tape under the slightly different title ìThink I’m Going Mad.î Yet another edit of an early version, which already has the saxophone in the intro but is still lacking the piano overdub. Several small changes in the first verse before the line, “All the highs and lows don’t mean a thing to me, don’t give a damn.î

Where The Boys Go: Different lead vocal from Mick on a take that has the male background vocals already in place, but not the girls’ backing chorus at the end. The guitar solo is also unedited unlike the album.

Summer Romance: Another alternate lead vocal on an uncirculated take that lacks the third guitar which normally begins in at 0:06.

Undercover Of The Night: A different, shorter mix, especially the opening of the song, which is totally unique to other mixes in circulation.

We Had It All: Cover of the Troy Seals and Donny Fritts song, first released by Waylon Jennings in 1973. Different lead vocal from the released version, but seemingly the same take as previously bootlegged versions of the song.

She Was Hot: Keyboard-heavy long mix, very similar to the version first leaked on WYSP FM Philadelphia in 1983 and later uploaded to the It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll Stones internet forum some time ago, but lacking the double-tracked vocals found on those, which presumably makes it an earlier mix of the alternate take.

Bonus Track

Keep It Cool: The remarkable 20+ minute version posted to IORR by Bkeys in response to the release of the shorter version of Foxes Vol. One. His original was slightly off speed; here it is pitched-adjusted by Goody and remastered by JEMS to make it just a little bit better.

JEMS offers its thanks to N, who helped us sort through the tapes and provided invaluable insight in ascertaining what we had. The song-by-song notes above are culled from N’s essential contributions. Pitch adjustments come courtesy of Goody, who lent us his keen ear and his unwavering commitment to A440. Thank you, Goody. SkipKid68 also chimed in with valuable feedback, so thanks to him, too. The much-appreciated official cover art is courtesy of ethiessen1. A shout out to Bkeys for releasing ìKeep It Coolî from his tapes. We hope there are more to come. And last but not least, kudos to mjk5510, who came on board at the start and helped finish the project to get it into your hands.

We hope Foxes In The Boxes was as much fun for you to listen to as it was for us to compile.


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Rolling Stones – Saturday Night Live – Various 1978

The Rolling Stones 1978 Sat Nite Live Front

The Rolling Stones
Saturday Night Live
Various 1978
Burden Records SNL-103

Download: FLAC/MP3


Side A :
01. Dan Aykroyd imitates Tom Snyder doing an interview with Mick Jagger
who plays the part of himself* ->
O M I T E D officialy released (‘Saturday Night Live – 25 Years Of Music’)
02. Beast Of Burden*
03. Respectable*
04. Shattered*

Side B :
01. When The Whip Comes Down**
02. Miss You**
03. Far Away Eyes**
04. Love In Vain**

Lineage : LP -> CDr -> trade -> CDr -> EAC -> WAVE -> TLH -> Flac 6

* US-TV show Saturday Night Live, NBC studio, Westchester, New York, October 7, 1978
** Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, June 10, 1978 – First concert of the 1978 US Tour

Note : the interest of seeding this LP bootleg is the four songs of Lakeland ’78.
Which are from the legendary source 3!
(in fact, the first one that came out) in EXCELLENT STEREO audience recording !!!
This is by far the best source of this show and probably the best audience recording of the tour.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Simon & Garfunkel – Village Vanguard

Simon & Garfunkel - Village Vanguard

Simon & Garfunkel
“Village Vanguard”
Studio Outtakes
Live Performances
BBC Sessions

Download: FLAC/MP3



Mastered from soundboard tapes, off-line and off-air sources -> Cassette -> CDR -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC

01 For Emily
02 Overs
03 Homeward Bound
04 At the Zoo
05 America
06 Song for the Asking
07 A Poem on the Underground Wall
08 For Emily
09 Anji
10 Richard Cory
11 The Sound of Silence
12 Homeward Bound
13 A Most Peculiar Man
14 He Was My Brother
15 I Am A Rock
16 I Wish You Could Be There
17 Blessed
18 Bad Blues Feeling
19 Cloudy
20 Can’t help But Wonder Where I’m Bound
21 Sparrow
22 The Side of a Hill
23 I Am A Rock
24 A Church is Burning
25 Anji


Tracks 01-02: Studio out-takes 1966-1967
Tracks 03-09: Live from Carbondaile, Ill, Nov 08, 1969
Tracks 10-15: “Sing Out” T.V. Special from Canadian Television 1966
Tracks 16-19: Studio Rehearsal 1966
Tracks 20-25: BBC London 1966: track 22 On The Side of a HILL has been already composed
in 1963 for Art Garfunkel by Paul Simon and Art gives a beautiful redention of this anti-war song!


A very interesting and worthwhile, though not superb, collection of 27 live performances and outtakes, spanning 1966 through 1969.
Two three studio outtakes from 1966 to 1967
There’s also a version of “Overs” with considerably different lyrics than the one that turned up on Bookends.
Then there are a few songs from a 1966 “studio rehearsal,” though the cover doesn’t say whether this is a recording, TV, or radio studio, and some of them sound like Paul Simon solo tracks, with no evidence of Garfunkel. Anyway, these too are noteworthy for including two songs that never appeared on their albums: the nice, folky ballad “I Wish You Could Be Here” and “Bad Blues Feeling,” the latter of which shows the influence of Simon’s 1965 stint in Britain with its Bert Jansch-type licks. Six songs from a 1966 BBC appearance again yield rarities with a cover of Tom Paxton’s “I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound”; the anti-war “On the Side of a Hill,” which never made it onto any S&G albums; and
“A Church Is Burning,” which only came out on Paul Simon’s 1965 solo LP, The Paul Simon Song Book. The nine songs from a November 1969 concert don’t have any otherwise unavailable numbers, but do boast the best sound quality of anything on the CD. This bootleg isn’t solely notable for the rare compositions, though. The sound is very good at best and very listenable at worst. The performances are fine, and there are renditions of famous hits like “Homeward Bound,” “Sounds of Silence,” and “I Am a Rock” dotted throughout the program. ~

A new disc for the end of 1999, Village Vanguard gathers a lot of important material, some fairly common to the ROIO collector, some new to the more
“public” ROIO market.

The various studio outtakes and rehearsals have appeared before on other releases in the same sound quality.
The most striking of these is “Overs,” which has a unique organ line and very early lyrics – vastly diferent from the final version of the song.

It’s nice to get “Bad News Feeling” and “I Wish You Could Be Here” with Paul Simon performing – the latter is more commonly available in a version by The Cyrkle.
The highlight of this disc is the 9 November 1969 material. This concert, performed a few days prior to the Miami University show and immediately after the wrap of principal recording for Bridge Over Troubled Water, has a high energy level. This show was likely the first live performance of “Song For The Asking,” as Artie notes that Paul “just finished” the song. Unlike the Miami University show, there is no backing band here, likely due to the fact that studio recording tookplace in Los Angeles the day before this show. The recording quality of this section is the best on the disc, though not as clean as that of the aforementioned Miami U. show.

The other material on this disc – the “Sing Out” TV show and the BBC programme – are well-done, though the recording quality is typical of any off-air recording of the time: fairly low-fidelity, but quite listenable.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: R.E.M. – Down South

R.E.M. Goin South

Down South
Source Soundboard [Via Vinyl Rip “Down South”]
Recorded Live 1981-1982

Download: FLAC/MP3

Track List:-

01 – White Tornado
02 – Shaking Through
03 – [Donít Go Back To] Rockville
04 – Gardening At Night
05 – Sitting Still
06 – Burning Down
07 – Chained To The Wall
08 – Ages Of You
09 – Get On Their Way [AKA What If We Give It Away?]
10 – There She Goes Again
11 – Laughing
12 – Just A Touch
13 – Radio Free Europe


Vinyl > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge > Audiolab 8000A Amp Line Out >
Audacity [Track Splitting] > WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 Click & Crackle Removal >
Fairstars Audio Converter Wav To FLAC Conversion [Level 8]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – It’s Gonna Be Alright


John Lennon
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Yellow Dog Masters Choice

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Silver CD > EAC > Flac Frontend > You

CD 1
1. Mother [alternate mix with alternate vocal and longer fade] 5:02
2. Hold On [take 1] 3:13
3. Hold On [take 2] 2:52
4. I Found Out [rough ëcarl wolfí mix] 3:57
5. Working Class Hero [censored version] 3:47
6. Remember [take unknown] 0:50
7. Remember [take unknown] 3:21
8. Itíll Be Me [improvisation] 1:17
9. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:19
10. (Youíre So Square) Baby I Donít Care [improvisation] 0:24
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano rehearsal] 0:40
12. Well, Well, Well [rough mix] 5:54
13. Look At Me [rough mix] 2:51
14. God [acoustic guitar demo] 3:42
15. God [acoustic home demo] 2:11
16. My Mummyís Dead [complete acoustic guitar demo] 1:15
17. Hold On [unknown up-tempo take] 1:05
18. Hold On [take 30] 1:00
19. Hold On [instrumental take unknown] 2:15
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:55
21. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:40
22. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:03
23. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:29
24. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:29

CD 2
1. Love [piano rehearsal] 1:09
2. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 1] 4:02
3. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 2] 3:02
4. Love [improvisation] 0:41
5. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 14] 1:33
6. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 15] 3:18
7. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 16] 3:58
8. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 17 & 18] 1:26
9. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 19] 3:09
10. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 20] 1:09
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 21] 3:12
12. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 21 & 22] 0:40
13. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 23] 3:13
14. Hold On [take 3] 1:52
15. Hold On [take 4] 2:17
16. Hold On [take 5] 1:52
17. Hold On [take 6] 2:48
18. Hold On [take unknown] 3:33
19. Hold On [take unknown] 0:55
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:54
21. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
22. Hold On [take unknown] 2:04
23. Look At Me [take unknown] 0:48
24. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
25. Hold On [take unknown] 1:53
26. Hold On [take unknown] 2:05
27. Hold On [take unknown] 2:27

Summary: Full artwork, EAC log file and .cue file included.

Outtakes from the first solo album.
First disc has an alternate version of the album plus outtakes of Love, Hold On John and Remember.
Second disc has outtakes of Hold On John and Love.
Beautiful packaging in an extra large 14 x 16 cm hardback book with 20 full color pages.

Grateful Dead – Collection of Unlabeled Reels, 1968


Grateful Dead
Collection of excerpts found on 5 unlabeled 7″ reels in the vault dated circa 1968

Download: FLAC/MP3

Thanks to Raoul Duke for disks 1 and 2, Jeff Cook for disks 3 and 4

Part of “The Music Never Stopped” 2002 shn em up project 5/9/2002

Disk 1 [47:18]

Excerpt # 1 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium
Source: SBD>MR>DAT(s)>CDR
Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable)

01. [00:17] (fades in)//St. Stephen >
02. [02:20] Jam (St. Stephen ish)
03. [01:46] Cryptical Envelopment Reprise >
04. [04:41] The Other One >
05. [06:05] Cryptical Envelopment >
06. [04:25] New Potato Caboose >
07. [06:21] Thirteens Jam >
08. [03:21] Alligator >
09. [04:25] Drumz >
10. [09:04] Jam (Cautionish) >
11. [04:27] Caution(Do Not Step on Tracks)//

This partial set is a differently tracked version of this corresponding entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 St Stephen [#2:40] > Cryptical Envelopment [1:42] > Drums [0:14] > The
Other One [4:28] > Cryptical Envelopment [6:03] > New Potato Caboose [10:46] >
Alligator [3:20] > Drums [6:19] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) {11:29#]
COMMENTS At 3:56 into the Drums after Alligator, they start singing Alligator vocals and at 4:35 in to it, Jerry joins in with a Caution type solo. Although this fragment circulates as “Fall 1968”, “3/22/68 Detroit”, and “May 1968”, it is from an unlabeled reel. There is an entry for this set list on p. 164 of Volume 1 of The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium. According to Rob Eaton: “There were 5 unlabeled 7 inch reels found in the Vault many years ago. Several contained very early versions of Stephen. The tape you describe is one of these unknown reels. The best estimate for a date would be April/May 1968 or spring ’68.”

Disk 2 [43:10]

Excerpt # 2 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium

Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > Cool Edit (fix drop outs) > shntool (retrack on sectors) > mkwact(seekable)

01. [01:31] Drumz >
02. [13:59] (post-Alligator) Jam

This partial set corresponds to this entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 Drums [#1:30]> Jam [13:59] > Caution [1:07#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. Its hard to say for sure, but it sounds like late 1968 – maybe September or October or thereabouts. The Drums has that Bol scat “Ya, Ya, Yakita, Yakita” in it.

Excerpt # 3 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium

Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable)

03. [01:06] (fades in)//Cryptical Envelopment >
04. [02:31] The Other One >
05. [03:30] Cryptical Envelopment >
06. [08:41] New Potato Caboose //
07. [04:05] It Hurts Me Too
08. [03:17] Born Cross Eyed //

This partial set corresponds to this entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 Cryptical Envelopment [#1:06] > The Other One [2:31] > Cryptical Envelopment [3:30] > New Potato Caboose [8:41] ; It Hurts Me Too [#4:05] ; Born Cross-Eyed [3:08#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. There is no Drums after the first Cryptical, The Other One has the standard lyrics, but Bobby stumbles with them as on 2-3-68. This recording is probably very close to that date.

Excerpt # 4 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium

Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable)

09. [04:04] //Dark Star >
10. [00:21] St. Stephen //

This partial set corresponds to this entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 Dark Star [#4:05] > St. Stephen [0:06#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. Its sounds like it’s from 1968, but maybe it’s early 1969?

Disk 3 [78:21]

Excerpt # 5 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium


Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable)

SET list
01. [00:39] //Cryptical Envelopment >
02. [05:24] The Other One >
03. [09:37] Cryptical Envelopment >
04. [15:18] Good Morning Little Schoolgirl;
05. [13:36] //Dark Star >
06. [03:34] St. Stephen >
07. [12:09] The Eleven >
08. [08:06] Death Don’t Have No Mercy//;
09. [09:55] Turn On Your Lovelight//

hiss level significantly higher than the other disks in this set and some distortion on bass – looks to have more than 1 cassette generation. fairly frequent partial channel drop outs from what might be tape decay on some songs

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 Cryptical Envelopment [#0:39] > The Other One [5:24] > Cryptical
Envelopment [9:37] > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [14:49] ; Dark Star
[#13:33] > St. Stephen [3:34] > The Eleven [12:09] > Death Don’t Have No Mercy
[8:%07] ; Turn On Your Lovelight [9:48#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. It begins with a cut right into the “doesn’t seem to matter” line in Cryptical Envelopment. There is a six second or so drum solo intro to The Other One. At the “one man gathers what another man spills” break in St. Stephen, Jerry and maybe two others laugh, but there are not really any words.

Disk 4 [75:43]

Excerpt # 6 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium

Source: MR > C > DAT > CD
Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > Cool Edit(minor cleanup) > mkwact(seekable)

01. [07:36] //St. Stephen >
02. [01:46] Cryptical Envelopment >
03. [04:42] The Other One >
04. [04:23] Cryptical Envelopment >
05. [10:18] Turn On You Lovelight//

d1t1 – tape speed variable at the start
d1t2 – volume change ~1:30
d1t5 ~7:40 volume lowered

This partial set corresponds to this entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 St. Stephen [#7:33] > Cryptical Envelopment [1:46] > The Other One [4:43]
> Cryptical Envelopment [4:28] > Turn On You Lovelight [10:10#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. There is a 13 second drum solo intro to The Other One. At the “one man gathers what another man spills” break in St. Stephen, there are no words, just further jamming immediately.

Excerpt # 7 per The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium
Source: SBD > MR> C > DAT > CDR

06. [06:23] //Morning Dew;
07. [03:40] //Hurts Me Too;
08. [01:19] “Return the scratcher”
09. [16:06] Dark // Star
10. [08:20] St. Stephen >
11. [11:04] Turn On Your Lovelight//

d1t6 ~ volume changes occur during first minute

This partial set corresponds to this entry in Deadlists

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE unknown
CITY unknown
STATE unknown
DATE ??/??/68
SET1 Morning Dew [#6:14] ; Hurts Me Too [#4:49] ; Dark Star [16%:03) St.
Stephen [8:21] > Turn On Your Lovelight [11:04#]
COMMENTS The date and location of this recording are unknown. There is a tape flip in Dark Star. At the “one man gathers what another man spills” break in St. Stephen it goes right into a short jam and back into the next lyrics with no comments of any kind.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – EU Summer Tour 2016

Neil Young + Promise of the Real - 2016 European Tour Compilation

Neil Young + Promise of the Real
EU Summer Tour 2016 Compilation

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1. [66.34]

1. After The Gold Rush
2. Heart Of Gold (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. The Needle & The Damage Done (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
4. Helpless (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
5. Long May You Run (2016-06-13, Le Zenith, Lille, France)
6. Mother Earth (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
7. Out On The Weekend (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
8. Human Highway (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
9. Comes A Time (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
10. Razor Love (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
11. Unknown Legend (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
12. From Hank To Hendrix (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
13. Harvest Moon (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
14. Love Is A Rose (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
15. Tumbleweed (2016-07-23, Burg Klam, Klam, Austria)

Disc 2. [73.38]

1. Mr. Soul (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
2. Ohio (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. Hold Back The Tears (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
4. Old Man (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
5. Someday (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
6. Peace Of Mind (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
7. Walk On (2016-06-11, O2 Arena, London, England)
8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
9. If I Could Have Her Tonight (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
10. Western Hero (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)
11. Are You Ready For The Country (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
12. Saddle Up The Palomino (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
13. Hawaiian Sunrise (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
14. I Am A Child (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
15. Are There Any More Real Cowboys (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
16. Homegrown (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)

Disc 3. [72.30]

1. Don’t Be Denied (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
2. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. Winterlong (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)
4. Hey Hey, My My (2016-07-15, Teatro delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy)
5. Revolution Blues (2016-07-09, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
6. Like A Hurricane (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
7. Change Your Mind (2016-07-09, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
8. Cowgirl In The Sand (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
9. Vampire Blues (2016-07-01, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark)

Disc 4. [77.47]

1. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (2016-07-01, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark)
2. I’ve Been Waiting For You (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
3. Alabama (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
4. Words (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
5. Powderfinger (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
6. Country Home (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
7. After The Garden (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
8. Mansion On The Hill (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
9. Down By The River (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
10. Rockin’ In The Free World (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)

Disc 5. [79.00]

1. Love To Burn (2016-06-23, AccorHotels Arena, Paris, France)
2. People Want To Hear About Love (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
3. Monsanto Years (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
4. Seed Justice (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
5. Wolf Moon (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
6. Love And Only Love (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)

Disc 6. (Encores) [78.41]

1. The Loner (2016-06-16, Le DÙme de Marseille, Marseille, France)
2. Fuckin’ Up (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
3. Cinnamon Girl (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
4. When You Dance I Can Really Love (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
5. Like An Inca (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
6. Here We Are In The Years (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
7. Cortez The Killer (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
8. Tonight’s The Night (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
9. Roll Another Number (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

From the original uploader:

It’s been around nine months now since Tom Therme, Steve Swatsworth and I put together our 6-CD tour compilation of Neil + POTR’s 2015 Rebel Content tour of the US and Arthur Lancaster
put it up on Dime for us (Dime torrent #556278).

Here now is another 6-CD compilation that Tom and I worked during the three months after Neil + POTR finished touring Europe in July. Different to the two comps put out by the Dutch Masters,
this one attempts to bring you all of the songs that Neil played on the 2016 EU tour, with individual tracks from different venues all merged together to as closely as possible sound as if
they are all from one continuous concert.

Almost every show in Europe was recorded and torrented on Dime, most in multiple recording versions. Thanks therefore go first of all to all the tapers for their efforts, without them this
compilation would simply not have been possible.

The original aim of this new comp was to cover every song sung by Neil at the 26 shows and to include tracks from each venue (though we did take a conscious decision to leave out tracks like
Volare and La Vie En Rose). But then some recordings were very much better than others so that idea was quickly abandoned in favour of recording quality. Tom collected every torrent and sifted
through them all to provide me with maybe the five or six versions of each song that he thought sounded the best. Some songs of course were only played a couple of times or so, and songs like
Tumbleweed or Love Is A Rose only once, making the choice of which one to use for a comp very easy indeed!

Choosing which songs to put where in the comp was very subjective, mostly my personal preference, but also swayed by the potential each recording had for merging the audience applause at each
end into the next track, which is in many ways the hardest part. There are 6 discs in total and we tried to make the track order pretty much follow the tour set lists, so solo stuff first,
then with POTR and all the electric stuff. The songs on the last disc are all encores.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jefferson Airplane – Share a Little Joke With the World


Jefferson Airplane
Share A Little Joke With The World
a collection of rare studio out-takes and more

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: Jerry Moore’s dats
lineage: Jorma’s personal reels > Keith Gatto’s dats > Jerry’s dats
transfer: pcm-r500 > pc > adobe audition 2.0 > cd wave > flac
edited, assembled, and seeded by Rob Berger 2012

disc 1

01 – We Can Be Together
02 – We Can Be Together
03 – Wooden Ships >
04 – JP McStep B Blues
05 – Volunteers
06 – Good Shepherd
07 – Wishuful Thinking
08 – Wooden Ships >
09 – JP McStep instrumental
10 – Good Shepherd
11 – Fat Angel
12 – Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil
13 – True Religion
14 – The Farm

disc 2

01 – We Can Be Together
02 – Hey Frederic
03 – Hey Frederic
04 – The Farm
05 – Share A Little Joke
06 – Greasy Heart
07 – Ice Cream Phoenix
08 – Ice Cream Phoenix
09 – Ice Cream Phoenix
10 – Jam w/Joey
11 – Good Shepherd
12 – Lather
13 – space
14 – Triad
15 – “Someone Else WIll Take Your Place In Line”
5/25/71: rough mix
16 – Rock & Roll Island

disc 3

01 – Ice Cream Phoenix
02 – Ice Cream Phoenix
03 – Frozen Noses
04 – Mexico
05 – Mexico
06 – Been So Long – instrumental
07 – Share A little Joke With The World
08 – Greasy Heart
09 – The Farm
10 – The Country
11 – Wooden Ships >
12 – JPP McStep B. Blues
13 – Good Shepherd
14 – We Can Be Together
15 – Hey Frederick
16 – The Farm
17 – Wooden Ships >
18 – JPP McStep B. Blues
19 – Volunteers
20 – Good Shepherd

disc 4

01 – Wishful Thinking
02 – We Can Be Together
03 – instrumental
04 – There’s A Place
05 – There’s A Place
06 – There’s A Place
07 – Ice Cream Phoenix
08 – Ice Cream Phoenix
09 – Ice Cream Phoenix
10 – Trial By Fire
11 – Trial By Fire
7/31/71: stereo masters
12 – Lawman
13 – Rock & Roll Island
14 – Third Week In The Chelsea
15 – ?european song?
16 – Thunk
17 – War Movie
6/7/71: rough mixes
18 – Feel So Good
19 – Wild Turkey

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Gypsy Soul – Lost Demos From a Classic Period


Van Morrison
Gypsy Soul – (1968-71)
Lost Demos From a Classic Period

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: Trade Audio CDR -> EAC (secure/offset correct) -> WAV -> TLH – FLAC Level 8

Disc One:

01- The Way Young Lovers do (Astral Weeks 1968)
02- Ballerina (Astral Weeks 68)
03- And It Stoned Me (Moondance 69)
04- Caravan (Moondance 69)
05- Come Running (Moondance 69)
06- These Dreams of You (Moondance 69)
07- Brand New Day (Moondance 69)
08- Domino (His Band and the Street Choir 70)
09- If I Ever Needed Someone (His Band and the Street Choir 70)
10- Wild Night (Tupelo Honey 71)
11- When the Evening Sun Goes Down (Tupelo Honey 71)
12- Nobody Really Knows (unissued song 68-71)
13- Bit by Bit (unissued 68-71)
14- Hey Where You At (unissued 68-71)
15- I Need Your Kind of Loving (unissued 68-71)
16- Lorna (unissued 68-71)
17- Rock and Roll Band (unissued 68-71)
18- Funny Face (unissued 68-71)

Anyone know if any of these demos were included on that giant Moondance Deluxe Edition Van put out awhile back? – Mat

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – 1978 Tour Compilation


Bob Dylan
1978 Tour Compilation

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (77-12-00 Rehearsal, Santa Monica)
02 Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way(77-12-30 Rehearsal, Santa Monica)
03 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (77-12-30 Rehearsal, Santa Monica)
04 If Not for You (77-12-30 Rehearsal, Santa Monica)
05 My Babe (78-01-00 Rehearsal, Santa Monica)
06 Something There Is About You (78-02-20 Tokyo)
07 Lonesome Bedroom Blues (78-02-21 Tokyo)
08 Tomorrow Is A Long Time (78-02-21 Tokyo)
09 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (78-02-21 Tokyo)
10 If You See Her, Say Hello (78-02-24 Osaka)
11 One Too Many Mornings (78-02-25 Osaka)
12 Repossession Blues (78-02-28 Tokyo)
13 Is Your Love In Vain (78-02-28 Tokyo)
14 Girl From The North Country (78-03-02 Tokyo)
15 Forever Young (78-03-03 Tokyo)
16 I Shall Be Released (78-03-09 Auckland)
17 Love Her With A Feeling (78-03-15 Brisbane)
18 The Man In Me (78-03-15 Brisbane)
19 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (78-03-15 Brisbane)
20 I’m A Steady Rolling Man (78-03-22 Melbourne)
21 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Instrumental) (78-06-01 Los Angeles)
22 Just Like A Woman (78-06-03 Los Angeles)
23 It Ain’t Me, Babe (Electric) (78-06-05 Los Angeles)
24 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Instrumental) (78-06-07 Los Angeles)
25 One Of Us Must Know (78-06-07 Los Angeles)
26 You’re A Big Girl Now (78-06-07 Los Angeles)
27 Tangled Up In Blue (78-06-19 London)
28 Shelter From The Storm (78-06-23 Rotterdam)
29 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (78-06-20 London)
30 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (78-06-26 Dortmund)
31 I Want You (78-06-27 Dortmund)
32 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (78-07-01 Nuremberg)
33 Masters Of War (78-07-01 Nuremberg)
34 Fix It, Ma (78-07-03 Soundcheck, Paris)
35 Oh, Sister (78-07-03 Paris)
36 True Love Tends To Forget (78-07-04 Paris)
37 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (78-07-04 Paris)
38 New Pony (78-07-05 Soundcheck, Paris)
39 One More Cup Of Coffee (78-07-05 Paris)
40 Changing Of The Guards (78-07-05 Paris)
41 But I Forgive You (78-07-06 Soundcheck, Paris)
42 My Back Pages (Instrumental) (78-07-06 Paris)
43 Mr. Tambourine Man (78-07-06 Paris)
44 Married Woman Blues (78-07-08 Soundcheck, Paris)
45 Love Minus Zero-No Limit (78-07-08 Paris)
46 Gates Of Eden (78-07-08 Paris)
47 She’s Love Crazy (78-07-11 Gothenburg)
48 No Time To Think (78-07-12 Soundcheck, Gothenburg)
49 Stepchild (78-09-15 Augusta)
50 Going, Going, Gone (78-09-16 Portland)
51 I Threw It All Away (78-09-16 Portland)
52 You Don’t Love Me No More (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
53 This Way, That Way (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
54 Wonderful Girl (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
55 Angel (Hazel) (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
56 Take It Or Leave It (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
57 More Than Flesh And Blood (78-09-17 Soundcheck, New Haven)
58 Reconsider Baby (78-09-22 Soundcheck, Syracuse)
59 Fourth Time Around (78-09-22 Syracuse)
60 Love You Too Much (78-09-24 Binghamton)
61 I’m Ready (78-09-26 Springfield)
62 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (78-09-29 New York City)
63 It Takes A Lot To Laugh (78-10-06 Philadelphia)
64 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (78-10-07 Providence)
65 It Ain’t Me, Babe (Acoustic) (78-10-18 Chicago)
66 Simple Twist Of Fate (78-10-20 Richfield)
67 Blowin’ In The Wind (78-10-25 Indianapolis)
68 Carry Me, Carrie (78-10-28 Soundcheck, Carbondale)
69 Daddy’s Going On One More Ride (78-10-28 Soundcheck, Carbondale)
70 Tangled Up In Blue (78-10-28 Carbondale)
71 (One More Year Of) Daddy’s Little Girl (78-10-29 Soundcheck, St. Louis)
72 Coming From The Heart (78-10-31 St. Paul)
73 To Ramona (78-10-31 St. Paul)
74 Maggie’s Farm (78-11-01 Madison)
75 Where Are You Tonight (78-11-01 Madison)
76 All I Really Want To Do (78-11-03 Kansas City)
77 I Don’t Believe You (78-11-10 Seattle)
78 Like A Rolling Stone (78-11-10 Seattle)
79 All Along The Watchtower (78-11-11 Vancouver)
80 Baby Stop Crying (78-11-14 Oakland)
81 We Better Talk This Over (78-11-15 Inglewood)
82 Watching The River Flow (78-11-21 El Paso)
83 Tangled Up In Blue (78-11-26 Houston)
84 Shelter From The Storm (78-11-28 Jackson)
85 The Times They Are A-Changin’ (78-12-01 Memphis)
86 Slow Train (78-12-02 Soundcheck, Nashville)
87 Ballad Of A Thin Man (78-12-10 Charlotte)
88 Changing Of The Guards (78-12-10 Charlotte)
89 Mr. Tambourine Man (78-12-13 Jacksonville)
90 Do Right To Me Baby (78-12-16 Hollywood)