Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Tales From the Nickel

Tom Waits Tales From The Nickel Front

Tom Waits
Tales from the Nickel

Download: MP3@320

1. Eggs and Sausage
2. The Piano Has Been Drinking
3. On the Nickel
4. X-Mas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis
5. Tom Talks About Kerouac
6. Bad Live and a Broken Heart
7. Pasties and a G-String
8. Tom Traubert’s Blues
9. Old Boyfriends
10. Mr. Sigal
11. I Beg Your Pardon Dear
12. I Wish I Was in New Orlans
13. Frank’s Wild Years
14. 16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought Six
15. Cemetery Polka
16. In the Neighborhood
17. Walking Spanish
18. Romeo is Bleeding

1. Mike Douglas Show, 1976
2. Fernwood Tonight Show, 1977
3. Don Lane Show, 1979
4. Paul Hogan Show, 1979
5-8. Tienerklanken BRT, 1977
9. The Smothers Brothers Show, 1980
10. Don Lane Show, 1981
11-13. Loose Talk, 1983
14-17. The Tube, 1985
18. Live on KTEH TB

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia – Lossless Legs Favorite Jams

jerry garcia face

Jerry Garcia
Jerry Jams – A Compilation
A list of favorite jams compiled by the good folks at Lossless Legs

Download: FLAC/MP3

Expressway > Imagine
Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders

Save Mother Earth > Imagine
Jerry Garcia and Merls Saunders

Are You Lonely For Me
Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders

Jam >
Jerry Garcia Band

Let’s Spend The Night Together
Jerry Garcia Band

Let’s Spend The Night Together
Jerry Garcia Band

Scarlet > Drums > Scarlet
Jerry Garcia Band

Tore Up
Jerry Garcia Band

Moonlight Mile
Jerry Garcia Band

Sisters & Brothers
Jerry Garcia Band

Lonesome & A Long Way From Home
Jerry Garcia Band

Not Fade Away
Jerry Garcia Band

Don’t Let Go
Jerry Garcia Band

Lonesome & A Long Way From Home
Jerry Garcia Band

Come Together
Merl Saunders Band w/Jerry Garcia

Fast Tone > Dear Prudence

Positively 4th Street
Jerry Garcia Band

After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > After Midnight
Jerry Garcia Band

After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > After Midnight
Jerry Garcia Band

Dear Prudence
Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry Garcia Band

Misson In The Rain
Jerry Garcia Band

Mystery Train
Jerry Garcia Band

Dear Prudence
Jerry Garcia Band

The Harder They Come
Jerry Garcia Band

Catfish John
Jerry Garcia Band

The Harder They Come
Jerry Garcia Band

Don’t Let Go
Jerry Garcia Band

Mississippi Moon
Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry Garcia Band

Rhapsody In Red
Jerry Garcia Band

Don’t Let Go
Jerry Garcia Band

They Love Each Other
Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry Garcia Band

Don’t Let Go
Jerry Garcia Band

Let’s Spend The Night Together
Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Let’s Spend The Night Together
Jerry Garcia Band

Lay Down Sally
Jerry Garcia Band

Don’t Let Go
Jerry Garcia Band

Shining Star
Jerry Garcia Band

The Maker
Jerry Garcia Band

Shining Star > Dear Prudence
Jerry Garcia Band

All shn & flac decoding was done in TLH. Fades were applied using Samplitude.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Me Yet, 1998 Summer Tour of Europe

Bob Dylan - Stockholm - 1998-06-09

Bob Dylan
The Summer Tour of Europe
Pink Panther Records

Download: FLAC/MP3

premium never ending tour material by any measure.
bob might have survived histoplasmosis, but the “rock star” did die in mid-1997.
1998 was when bob started to get serious & grow up.
there is a great diversity of opinion about the 1998 european tour – some love it & some hate it

compare the gopherstick & andrew muir reviews of individual concerts
– both these people are very knowledgable about bob & their opinions differ wildly
– you can’t say one is right & one is wrong – it’s all about perception.

we also need to remember we are listening mainly to digital tapes recorded close to the stage here
– the live audience experience is a different thing altogether

the reality is that you have to listen to all the 33 concerts if you want to make sense of it – all shows are different

bob played a huge number of songs across his entire catalogue – it was anything but a TOOM promotion
– only Cold Irons Bound & Love Sick appeared most nights.

bob is obviously working to some sort of plan here

mainly fantastic sound & even more fantastic performances.

sony might like to consider dublin 1998 for a bootleg series release one day – it only circulates in very poor sound

100% lossless FLAC from best available sound sources.

Statistics for this compilation

81 ball-tearing, sensational tracks
81 different songs
26 concerts
7 hours & 55 minutes of music
1 bob

all 81 songs appear in this compilation

Statistics for the 1998 European Tour

30 May to 12 July (44 calendar days)

33 concerts

i’m not normally into statistics but this tour leg is astonishing:

81 different songs were played in 33 concerts (if you include Happy Birthday)

* 7 songs were played more than 25 times
* 8 songs were played more than 15 times
* 13 songs were played more than 10 times
* 26 songs were played more than 5 times
* 14 songs were played only 3 times
* 11 songs were played twice
* 22 songs were played once!! (think about it)
* All Along The Watchtower was played 6 times
* Like A Rolling Stone was not played at all

N¸rburg, Germany
30 May 1998
Rock Am Ring Festival

1.SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
2.Cocaine Blues (trad.)
3.Mr Tambourine Man
4.Watching The River Flow
5.Ballad Of A Thin Man

Taper: zimmy21;
Equipment : AKG Stereo Microphones > Sony D8 DAT Recorder >
Pioneer CD recorder > PC > EAC > Wav > Flac Frontend > Flac

Center Stage
Nurnberg, Germany
31 May 1998
Rock Im Park Festival

6.Lay, Lady, Lay
7.Tough Mama
8.I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
9.Friend Of The Devil (Jerry Garcia – Robert Hunter – John Dawson)
10.It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 > TASCAM DA-40 >
professional >WaveTerminal > HD > ssrc >, WaveLab 6 > dBpoweramp > md5summer

Messehalle 7
Leipzig, Germany
2 June 1998

11.Maggie’s Farm
12.Shelter From The Storm

Taper: Bach;
Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Berlin, Germany
3 June 1998

13.Everything Is Broken
14.If You See Her, Say Hello
15.Under The Red Sky
16.Not Dark Yet
17.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz >WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 >, convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Rostock, Germany
4 June 1998

18.What Good Am I? (The Pink Panther Source that I have is corrupt, I substituted in this song from LB-04470 – Mat)
19.Tears Of Rage (Bob Dylan/Richard Manuel)
20.You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
21.My Back Pages
22.It Ain’t Me, Babe

Taper: Net Taper I (NTI);
Equipment: OKMII > portable Sony DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Sibbarps Strand
Malmˆ, Sweden
6 June 1998

23.Pretty Peggy-O (trad.)
24.Positively 4th Street
25.Roving Gambler (trad.)
26.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35


Oslo, Norway
7 June 1998
Norwegian Wood Festival

27.White Dove (Carter Stanley)


Globe Arena
Stockholm, Sweden
9 June 1998

28.Every Grain Of Sand
29.Desolation Row
30.One Too Many Mornings
31.This Wheel’s On Fire

At the Globe Arena (Crystal Cat / CC 464-66)

Gˆteborg, Sweden
10 June 1998

32.To Be Alone With You
33.Man In The Long Black Coat
34.Born In Time
35.The Times They Are A-Changin’
36.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
37.She Belongs To Me
38.’Til I Fell In Love With You

Source: Unreleased Crystal Cat audio disks > (Audio Catalyst) wav > (flacfrontend) flac8

Copenhagen, Denmark
11 June 1998

39.All Along The Watchtower
40.Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
41.Shooting Star
42.Masters Of War
43.Love Minus Zero/No Limit
44.Tangled Up In Blue
45.Can’t Wait
46.Blind Willie McTell
47.Highway 61 Revisited

Taper: MM;
Equipment: Marantz mics > portable DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > ssrc > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Hamburg, Germany
12 June 1998

48.I Want You
49.Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie (Elizabeth Cotton)

Taper: Net Taper F (NTF);
Equipment: OKMII > portable Sony DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > ssrc > Wavelab, levels raised > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Bremen, Germany
14 June 1998

50.You’re A Big Girl Now
51.John Brown

Taper: Net Taper I (NTI);
Equipment: OKMII > portable Sony DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
wavelab > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Sportpaleis Ahoy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
15 June 1998

52.Make You Feel My Love


Essen, Germany
16 June 1998

53.The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Forest National
Brussels, Belgium
17 June 1998

54.License To Kill
55.Ballad Of Hollis Brown
56.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Taper: zimmy21;
Equipment: AKG Stereo Microphones > Sony TCD-D8 DAT Recorder >
Pioneer CD recorder > PC > EAC > Wav > Flac Frontend > Flac

Newcastle Arena
Newcastle, England
20 June 1998

57.Gotta Serve Somebody
58.If Not For You
59.Cold Irons Bound
60.Simple Twist Of Fate
61.To Ramona
62.Forever Young
63.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Jack The Cowboy Went Up North (Shadow Blaster / SB 01-02)

Hall 4
Glasgow, Scotland
21 June 1998

64.Boots Of Spanish Leather
65.Blowin’ In The Wind

Equipment: DAT clone(s) > Sony DAT Deck DTC-59 ES >
Marantz PMD 670 Professional > SanDisc 2.0 GB CompactFlash Card >
Peak Pro 4.14 (sector boundaries) > Xact 1.59 > FLACs

The Arena
Sheffield, England
23 June 1998

66.Just Like A Woman

Taper: Bt;
Equipment: DPA 4061 microphones and Sony TCD-100 DAT recorder >
Original Master DAT > GINA24 digital sound card > PC (Audacity) >
CD Wave > FLAC > MD5 created by MD5summer

NEC Arena
National Exhibition Center
Birmingham, England
24 June 1998

67.Girl Of The North Country
68.Mama, You Been On My Mind
69.Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
70.Love Sick

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Van Morrison (vocal & harmonica).

Bette Davies Style (no label / NECZIM 001-002)

Wembley Arena
London, England
27 June 1998

71.Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Bette Davies Style (no label / NECZIM 001-002)

Le Zenith
Paris, France
30 June 1998

72.Happy Birthday

Taper: LTJ;
Equipment: DAT clone(s) > Sony DAT Deck DTC-59 ES > Marantz PMD 670 Professional >
SanDisc 2.0 GB CompactFlash Card > Peak Pro 4.14 (tracking) > Xact 1.59 > FLACs

The Forum
Dijon, France
1 July 1998

73.Seeing The Real You At Last
74.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
75.I & I

Taper: Legendary Taper J (LTJ);
Equipment: DAT clone(s) > Sony DAT Deck DTC-59 ES >
Marantz PMD 670 Professional > SanDisc 2.0 GB CompactFlash Card >
Peak Pro 4.14 (tracking) > Xact 1.59 > FLAC

Stravinsky Hall
Montreux, Switzerland
3 July 1998
32nd Montreux Jazz Festival

76.The Man In Me

Taper: Bach;
Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz >WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 >
convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer.

Castello Scaligero
Villafranca, Italy
4 July 1998

77.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
78.Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter)
79.I’ll Remember You

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit)
> TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz >WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 >
convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

La Scalinata
Rome, Italy
5 July 1998

80.Rank Strangers To Me (A. Brumley)

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Z¸rich, Switzerland
12 July 1998
Out In The Green Festival

81.I Shall Be Released

Taper: Vito;
Equipment: OKM II R > Sony DAT TCD D-100

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – The Supper Club, 1996

Van Morrison - Supper Club - New York 1996

Van Morrison
Tape Tree Volume 14 (1998):
New York, NY
The Supper Club
April 28 to May 1, 1996

Download MP3@320

CD 1:

Early In The Morning (6:28)
Your Mind Is On Vacation (2:54)
Who Can I Turn Turn To? (4:33)
Don’t Worry About A Thing / Centerpiece (4:35)
Sack O’ Woe (3:52)
Mule Skinner Blues (6:49)
How Long Has This Been Going On? (4:30)
The Healing Game (5:13)
Moondance (9:27)
Total time: (48:21)

CD 2:

Raincheck (5:36)
In The Afternoon (8:11)
Satisfied (5:57)
Slim Slow Slider (8:42)
A Town Called Paradise (8:37)
Summertime In England (11:51)
Total time: (48:54)

CD 3:

Whenever God Shines His Light (4:20)
Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always Explain? (11:17)
Jackie Wilson Said (7:09)
Lonely Avenue / Be Bop A Lula / Down The Line / You Give Me Nothing But The Blues (15:52)
Vanlose Stairway (6:53)
Buona Sera (4:42)
Total time: (50:13)


I’ll Take Care Of You / It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (48:37)
Total time: (48:37)


CD 1, tracks 5-6, 9; CD 2, track 6; CD 4:
The Supper Club, New York City, Sunday, April 28, 1996
CD 1, tracks 1-4, 8; CD 2, tracks 1-5; CD 3, tracks 1-4:
The Supper Club, New York City, Monday, April 29, 1996
CD 3, track 6:
The Supper Club, New York City, Tuesday, April 30, 1996
CD 1, track 7; CD 3, track 5:
The Supper Club, New York City, Wednesday, May 1, 1996

Georgie Fame: Hammond organ
Ronnie Johnson: guitar
Pee Wee Ellis: saxophone
Matt Holland: trumpet
Haji Ahkba: flugelhorn & Master of Ceremonies
Leo Green: saxophone
Nicky Scott: bass
Alec Dankworth: double bass
Geoff Dunn: drums
Ralph Salmins: drums & percussion
Robin Aspland: piano

Special guests:
Richard Gere: vocals & guitar (on Vanlose Stairway)
Jimmy Witherspoon: vocals
Michelle Rocca: vocals (on Buona Sera)
Ron Delsener: on Man’s World

Van Tree Policy:
Please respect the efforts and the wishes of the dedicated bands of volunteers who put countless hours of time and energy into producing and treeing these rare live performances: please do not offer any of these tree volumes for sale.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Harvest Moon TV Appearances (1992-1993)

neil young - tonight show 1993

Neil Young
Harvest Moon TV Appearances (1992-1993)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Saturday Night Live
NBC TV Studios, New York City, New York, USA

1. From Hank To Hendrix
2. Harvest Moon

The Tonight Show
NBC Studios, Burbank, California, USA


3. From Hank To Hendrix
4. Unknown Legend


5. Harvest Moon
6. Unknown Legend

MTV Unplugged
Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA

7. Sample And Hold
8. Dreamin’ Man
9. War Of Man

Playtime:48.05 min.


Different Boot CD’s(Original Silver) > EAC > HD > Flacfrontend level 8 > Dime > You

Thanks to Tom at Sugar Mountain

and GOTR

transfered,edited and uploaded on dimeadozen by schwinn 11/2009

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)

neil young - usa 1990 the acoustic set

Neil Young ‎
USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)
Arriba! ‎– ARR 93.045
Recorded Live In The USA 1990.

Download: FLAC/MP3

From my CDR collection. I thought I had uploaded this before but I can’t find it.

1 Hey Hey My My 4:30
2 Rockin’ In The Free World 5:10
3 Old Laughing Lady 5:13
4 Razor Love 6:46
5 Don’t Let It Bring You Down 3:21
6 Someday 6:10
7 Crime In The City 7:53
8 Eldorado 7:14
9 Too Far Gone 3:34
10 Comes A Time 3:01
11 Needle And The Damage Done 2:55
12 No More 6:49
13 Ohio 3:37
14 Powderfinger

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Antiques & Curios

Pink Floyd - Antiques and Curios

Pink Floyd
“Antiques and Curios”
rare live performances and other strangeness
produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin’ Dogs

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a disc of unusual, unique or otherwise rare live performances. It takes quite a lot of trading to hear all these odd tracks, so I thought a compilation might be in order. This is by no means a collection of the “definitive” versions of these performances, although many of them are appearing here in improved versions from what normally circulates. It’s a mixed bag, in any case, but sound quality was not the deciding factor, as you will see…
This is an excellent disc for those who are not the ‘hard core’ collectors, although some of this will interest you types as well.

1) Green is the Colour [3:20]

2) Careful With That Pipe Wrench, Larry [3:19]
from BBC Night Ride, May, 12, 1969
Ok, now what the hell is this doing on a “rareties” disc? Well, these tracks are often missing and/or replaced with the 1970 versions on many a RoIO, even some of the ‘definitive’ BBC collections These tracks are almost as rare as the 1970 ‘Fat Old Sun’ broadcast found on Harvested’s ‘Mooed Music’. These have the bird sounds, and ‘careful’ isn’t quite a normal version (ergo, my not-so-normal title). I would be interested to know if anyone has these tracks in pristine quality, as these are not ideal. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

3) Main Theme from ‘More’ [10:25]
Town Hall, Birmingham, Feb. 11, 1970
It’s a cryin’ shame this wasn’t played “more” often. some digital tinkering happened here to squeeze what could be squeezed out of this. I think it sounds better than the ususal versions, but it’s still not great. The performance, however, is incredible. This infact may be nick mason’s finest moment. flamboyant, yet always tasteful. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

4) Moonhead [7:39]

5) The Pict Rant [3:50]
Ernst-Merke Halle, Hamburg, Nov. 14, 1970
A rare complete performance of Moonhead (aka ‘Corrosion’), followed by one of Roger’s best and most, um, vigorous, ‘Pict Rants’. This comes from a clone of the master tape, and sounds better than the ‘Grooving With a Pict’ RoIO of this show. [EX-]
Hamburg 1970 (DFA-013) CD-R

6) Home Again [1:45]

7) Mortality [3:30]
The Dome, Brighton, Jan. 20, 1972
The only instrumental performance of ‘Home Again’ (aka ‘Breathe reprise’) along with the ‘preacher tape’ organ noodling. Dave shows off with the voxbox guitar thing. I like this version quite a bit. Mortality ends about a minute earlier than on the source tape, because a loud and noise kicks in, as their PA system started to fail. An editorial decision was made to remove this unpleasantness from this release. It’s just a bit more of the same organ fluff and sound effects, so it’s not like there is anything ‘important’ compromised. [EX]
The Darkside Rehearsals CD

8) Have a Cigar [5:07]
Knebworth Festival, UK, July 5, 1975
The last show of the 1975 tour, and the only live version with Roy Harper. After hearing this, you’ll be grateful there’s only one. Sound quality is not so hot, and the performance, is, well, tired. I’m sorry this turkey is in here, but hey. [VG-]
Knebworth Park (Digital Floyd Project) CD-R

9) Pigs on the Wing pt.2 [3:39]
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, July 6, 1977
Roger shares some love with the audience. Later in the show he had more to share. This comes from a better source than ‘Azimuth Coordinator’, and one might be inclined to speculate that this is but a taste of things to come. Indeed. Nice solo from Snowy White. [EX+]
Fireworks Show in the Canadian Walls CD-R

10) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [8:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1980
I could write a book on this ‘song’, but i won’t. This is the last piece of new music from the 4-man lineup, the extra jam played on the first night of the Wall tour. It’s a variation on an instrumental version of breathe (hmm, sound familiar?), was probably ‘written’ by dave gilmour, as he was the ‘music director’ for the shows, and i’ll bet it was rehearsed once or twice. Often assumed to be a one-time improv jam to cover a lag in the stage show, it was infact played TWICE… [EX]
Azimuth Coordinator vol3 CD

11) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [3:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 1980
…and this is the other performance. It’s a different arrangement, and about half as long as the night before. A true gem; performance-wise, I like this one better. but the sound quality is not as nice as the other. I didn’t do the vinyl ‘remastering’ on this one, and there is too much noise reduction for my taste. [VG]
A Little Black Book With my Poems In CD-R remastered from LP

12) Celestial Voices [9:13]
Royal Albert Hall, June 26, 1969
The only live performance of this with a choir and orchestra. 9 minutes long, this whopper originates from a better source than what usually circulates of this show. [VG]
Pink Floyd in Concert with the Azimuth Co-Ordinator CD-R

13) Brain Damage/Lunar Eclipse (RoIO Remix 2000) [5:30]
Studio and Guild Hall, Portsmouth Jan 21, 1972
How’s THAT for a tacky title? This is a combination of three oddities: The quadraphonic mixdown of Brain Damage from “Works”, the guitar solos shown in the studio excepts of the Live at Pompeii movie, and the first performance of “Eclipse” (the song) at Portsmouth. Except, that it ain’t quite a song yet, as you will hear. My edits are basically passable, but this is in NO WAY to be considered a rare studio outtake. I (ME) made this, for your amusement only.
[Studio/EX-] sources:
Works Vinyl LP
Pompeii Soundtrack Vinyl LP (Edgar Rubabande)
Eclipse of the Dark Side a Piece for Assorted Lunatics CD

14) A Bonus Mystery Track… [EX+]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – A Rare Tracks CD Collection (1976 – 2002)

Peter Gabriel - Rare Tracks Collection

Peter Gabriel
1976-2002 – A Rare Tracks CD Collection
Various lineups 1976-2002

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1:
RARE 1 – Ashcombe (Highland’s Ashcombe works revisited):
1) On The Air (instrumental) (4:59)
2) Bully For You (5:09)
3) Bully For You (instrumental) (4:43)
4) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga mix) (4:34)
5) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga vocal demo) (4:36)
6) Wallflower (demo) (4:16)
7) Milgram’s 37 (instrumental) (5:20)
8) That Voice Again (2:04) *
9) Mercy Street (demo) (1:33)
10) Strawberry Fields Forever (“All This And World War II”) (2:34)
11) Intruder (instrumental) (3:30)
12) Games Without Frontiers (instrumental) (6:20)
13) Start (saxless) (1:24)
14) I Don’t Remember (instrumental) (3:27) **
15) No Self Control (instrumental) (4:04)
16) Walk Through The Fire (instrumental) (3:54)
17) And Through The Wire (instrumental) (4:25)

Disc 2:
RARE 2 – Rare disc:
1) Summertime (“The Glory Of Gershwin” cd, 1994) (3:50)
2) Here Comes The > Flood On The Air (w/Bob Fripp – live at Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (6:21)
3) I Heard It Through The Grapevine (live 2nd 1977 tour – “Across The River” lp) (8:36)
4) All Day And All Of The Night (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (4:34)
5) Why Don’t We (live in Detroit, MI – March 1977) (6:54)
6) A Whiter Shade Of Punk (“A Whiter Shade Of Pale” – live in Boston, MA October 1978) (5:09)
7) Back In NYC (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (5:37)
8) interview (“Across The River” lp) (5:44)
9) Across The River (“Across The River” lp) (6:39)
10) Wallflower (live in Chile September 1993) (7:27)
11) My Heart Sounds Like That (live in Milano, It September 2002) (7:19) ***
12) I Grieve (live in Milano, It September 2002) (8:23)
13) Teddy Bear (“Across The River” lp) (2:14)

Disc 3:
RARE 3 – Guest disc (collaborations and guest-on shows):
1) Another Day In 1977 (live 1977 with Kate Bush) (3:39)
2) This Is The Picture (with Laurie Anderson, 1986) (3:19)
3) Gravity’s Angel (with Laurie Anderson) (6:11)
4) Qualquer Coisa A Haver Com O Paraiso (with Milton Nascimento) (7:01)
5) Fallen Angel (with Robbie Robertson) (5:55)
6) My Secret Place (with Joni Mitchell) (5:03)
7) Be Still (with Sinead O’Connor and Feargal Sharkey, 1993)(3:48)
8) While The Earth Sleeps (with Deep Forest, 1995) (6:24)
9) Reach Out, I’ll Be There (live with Steve Hackett- & Mike Rutherford 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (4:28)
10) I Know What I Like (live with Steve Hackett & Mike Rutherford – 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (6:03)
11) That’ll Do (with Randy Newman, Academy Award Nominees, Los Angeles 1999) (3:12)
12) Red Rain (with Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (4:43) $
13) Signal To Noise (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (6:08)
14) In Your Eyes (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Natalie Merchant and Joan Osborne, Witness, L.A. 1996) (6:00)
15) Warm Doorway (with Manu Katche, 1992) (3:16)

Disc 4:
RARE 4 – Rare live disc:
1) Ain’t That Peculiar (live – 1st tour 1977) (4:30)
2) Kiss Of Life (live) (5:08)
3) Not One Of Us (live in Leicester, UK, 1980) (5:13)
4) Humdrum (live at the Diplomat Hotel in New York, NY, 1980) (4:01)
5) Shosholoza (live 1st WOMAD Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (2:49)
6) Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (7:13)
7) Indian Melody (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (10:46)
8) Across The River (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (18:48)
9) D.I.Y. (rare live 1983) (3:07)
10) Intruder (rare live 1987) (5:37) =
11) San Jacinto (“Secret World” live missing song 1993) (8:23)

Disc 5: –

As all of these seem to have been officially released in some capacity I have removed them – Mat

RARE 5 – Studio disc:
1) Here Comes The Flood (alternate erly version) (5:14)
2) Party Man (5:40)
3) Suzanne (5:14)
4) Shosholoza (5:21)
5) Soft Dog (4:12)
6) Fisherman Song (1:17)
7) Walk Through The Fire (3:59)
8) In The Sun (6:40)
9) No More Apartheid (7:13)
10) Don’t Break This Rhythm (3:57)
11) Curtains (3:24)
12) Shaking The Tree (“Jungle 2 Jungle” soundtrack 1997) (5:34)
13) Bashi-Bazouk (4:45)
14) Love Town (5:29)
15) Taboo (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) (4:23)

Disc 6:
RARE 6 – More rare disc:
1) Not One Of Us (live early version late 1978) (3:27)
2) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Genesis classic live) (5:53)
3) No Self Control (live early version as “Don’t Know How To Stop” – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (3:42)
4) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (live with Phil Collins – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (7:44)
5) The Rhythm Of The Heat (alternate mix) (4:14)
6) In The Sun (6:39)
7) Love Town (live 1993) (6:12) &
8) In Your Eyes (alternate mix) (7:12)
9) Sledgehammer (alternate mix) (7:22)
10) That’ll Do (“Babe Pig In The City” soundtrack, 1988) (3:50)
11) I Grieve (“City Of Angels” soundtrack) (8:10)
12) Blood Of Eden (live with Sinead O’Connor) (7:00) #
13) Family Snapshot (live at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, 2002) (5:55) +

* Listed as instrumental but it’s sung.
** Vocals only appear on chorus.
*** “E questa Ë prima volta che suono questa canzone in pubblico, questa si chiama La Mia Testa Suona CosÏ”.
$ “Joined by Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant here’s a Peter Gabriel anthem and a lot of you came here…”.
= “Und Jetzt etwas uber den schovinismus von nationen”.
& Skips at 2:17, 2:24 and 5:53.
# “…Levon Minassian doudouk and (…) Sinead”
+ “Thank you very much…great to be back in the Garden…David, Ged, Richard, Melanie, Rachel…thank you…”.

Bootleg Bonanza: Phil Lesh & Friends – Dylan by Lesh, Vol. 4

phil lesh - Dylan by lesh vol 4

Phil Lesh & Friends
Dylan by Lesh Vol 4
February 2006

Download MP3@320

A collection of songs by Bob Dylan & other traditional & related material as performed by Phil Lesh & Friends, 10-21 February 2006 – Hammerstein Ballroom & Beacon Theatre, New York City and Lupoís @ The Strand, Providence, Rhode Island USA.
A stewART compilation 2006.
(Initials after tracks indicate lead vocalists)

Disc 1 – 77.46

101 Dire Wolf (Hunter/Garcia) – 2006-02-18 Hammerstein Ballroom (PL/JO/RB)
102 >> Pretty Peggy-O (Trad.) – 2006-02-18 Hammerstein (PL/JO)
103 Up On Cripple Creek (J.R.Robertson) – 2006-02-12 Beacon Theatre (TA/JO) (1st live performance)
104 Buckets of Rain (Dylan) – 2006-02-12 Beacon (TA/JO) (1st live performance)
105 All Along the Watchtower (Dylan) – 2006-02-12 Beacon (JO)
106 The Weight (J.R.Robertson) – 2006-02-18 Hammerstein (PL/JO)
107 Sittin’ On Top of The World (Bo Carter/Walter Jacobs) > Fiddle Jam – 2006-02-18 Hammerstein (RB)
108 > > Viola Lee Blues (Noah Lewis) – 2006-02-18 Hammerstein (PL/JO/RB)
109 Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad (Woody Guthrie) – 2006-02-12 Beacon (WH & all)

Disc 2 – 79.40

201 West LA Fadeaway (Hunter/Garcia) – 2006-02-10 Beacon (JO)
202 Stagger Lee (Trad./adapted Hunter/Garcia) – 2006-02-15 Beacon (PL/JO/RB)
203 All Along the Watchtower (Dylan) – 2006-02-21 Providence RI (JO)
204 > > Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) – 2006-02-21 Providence RI (JO)
205 > > I Know You Rider (Trad.) – 2006-02-21 Providence RI (All)
206 Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia/Dawson) – 2006-02-14 Beacon (PL/JO)
207 Not Fade Away (Petty/Hardin) – 2006-02-11 Beacon (WH & all)

Phil Lesh & Friends –
Phil Lesh – bass & vocals
Joan Osborne – vocals & percussion
Larry Campbell – guitar, mandolin (d1 4,6 d2 6), fiddle (d1 2,7), vocals
Rob Baracco – keyboards & vocals
Barry Sless – steel guitar & guitar (*Not d1 3-4-5-9 / d2 7)
Jeff Sipe – drums
Trey Anastasio – guitar & vocals d1 3-4-5
Warren Haynes – guitar & vocals d1 9 & d2 7

Sources – (see for full shows)
10 02 06 Tony S
11 02 06 Dr.FOB
12 02 06 John Lynch
14 02 06 Lee Ramsey
15 02 06 Nak700
18 02 06 Rob Clarke

I did not create this compilation so all complaints about how half these songs are Dead originals and the Bob Dylan connection on others is tenuous should be directed elsewhere ;). Also I do not have the other volumes in this set, sorry.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Ryan Adams – Bedhead, Vol. 3 – Live Rock N Roll

ryan adams - bedhead vol 3

Ryan Adams
Live Rock ‘N Roll
Bedhead, Vol. 3

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I

1974, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Luminol, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
She’s Lost Total Control, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
This Is It, London, Gb, 01/17/04
So Alive, London, Gb, 01/15/04
Wish You Were Here, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Liar, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Shallow, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Note To Self: Don’t Die, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Boys, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Don’t Even Know Her Name, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
What Do You Want?, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Travelling, Paris, F, 11/22/03 *
I Go’t Nothing For You, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Your Love Is An Impossible Dream, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Little Baby Fingers, Cambridge, Gb, 01/17/04 *
One By One, London, Gb, 01/17/04
Rock’n’roll, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Burning Photographs, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
So Alive, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
The Drug’s Not Working, Manchester, Gb, 11/24/03

Set II

Firecracker, Glasgow, Gb, 11/25/03
New York, New York, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Do Miss America, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Shallow, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Love Is Hell, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This House Is Not For Sale, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This Is It, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Nobody Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/14/03
To Be Young, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Call Me On Your Way Back Home, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Jacksonville Skyline, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Bartering Lines, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Not Gonna Make Out Of This One This Time, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Oh My Sweet Carolina, Toronto, Cdn, 12/10/03
Come Pick Me Up, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
I See Monsters, Dublin, Irl, 11/16/03


Honey I’m Just Trying To Take You Home, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
Slave, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
C’mon Little Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
The Shaking Blues, Boston, Ma, 10/05/01
Chat, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Dance All Night, Leicester, Uk, 05/09/01
Bus Back To Memphis, San Francisco, Ca, 02/16/00 *
You Should Be So Lucky, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
He Knows My Name, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters, Nashville, Tn, 04/02/02
Snow Angel, St.paul, Mn, 11/02/00 *
The Bar Is A Beautiful Place, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Starting To Hurt, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
May Your Dreams Go Down In Flames, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
House Of Cards, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
Wharf Rat, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03

Ryan Adams
Live Rock’n’Roll
Bedhead Compilation Volume 3
2000 – 2004
Various venues and locations (details see info file)

All SBD recordings except * audience recordings