Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – Passaic, NJ (03/05/77)

Peter Gabriel - Pasaic - 1977

Peter Gabriel
“First Time Ever”
Capitol Theatre
Passaic, NJ, USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Recording

01 Here Comes The Flood 2:00
02 On The Air 4:45
03 Moribund The Burgermeister 4:35
04 Waiting For The Big One 7:59
05 Why Don’t We 6:59
06 Excuse Me 3:59
07 Humdrum 3:31
08 Solsbury Hill 4:39
09 Ain’t That Peculiar 4:20
10 Song Without Words (Indigo) 3:01
11 All Day And All Of The Night 3:37
12 Here Comes The Flood 5:55
13 Slowburn 5:06
14 Modern Love 4:20
15 Down The Dolce Vita 7:55
16 Back In N.Y.C 5:24

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Santa Cruz, CA (09/02/77)

ducks - Neil young - Santa Cruz - 1977

The Ducks (with Neil Young)
Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, CA

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Disc 1 (75:24)
01. Gypsy Wedding
02. Slow Down
03. Sail Away
04. Take Me Down To The Sun
05. Do Me Right
06. Cryin’ Eyes
07. Love You Forever
08. Younger Days
09. Silver Wings
10. Little Wing
11. My, My, My
12. Gone Dead Train
13. Hold On Boys
14. Mr. Soul
15. Car Tune
16. Are You Ready For The Country?
17. Homegrown
18. Silver Wings

Band : The Ducks

Jeff Blackburn – guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
Joey Craviotta – drums
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, harmonica

lineage: AUD master cassette -> CDR -> WAV -> FLAC
except Track 10, Little Wing which is from 1st gen cassette.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Talking Heads – San Francisco, CA (12/03/77)

Talking Heads - San Francisco 1977 - Sharp Objects

Talking Heads
boot: “Sharp Objects”
December 3, 1977
Old Waldorf Theatre,
San Francisco, CA.

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town
02. … With Our Love
03. The Book I Read
04. Artists Only
05. Stay Hungry
06. The Big Country
07. New Feeling
08. Thank You For Sending Me an Angel
09. Who Is It
10. Psycho Killer
11. No Compassion
12. No compassion (reprise)
13. 1, 2, 3, stoplight

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Burbank, CA (03/28/77)

Van Morrison -Midnight Special - 1977_03_28_ NBC Burbank_Front

Van Morrison
NBC Studios
Burbank, CA
Midnight Special
Recorded on 03/28/77
Broadcasted on 4/22/77

Download: FLAC/MP3

Joyous Sound
Heavy Connection
Misty (with George Benson
Bring It On Home

There are two sources for this, neither of which contain any actual source information about them.

Source 1 is dated by the recorded date, source two by the broadcast date. Source 2 also includes the following:

Maunkberry’s Press Show Case
London, England

Venice USA
The Eternal Kansas City

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

St. Dominic’s Preview

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hilversum, The Netherlands (06/21-22/77)

Van Morrison - Wonderland Rehearsals June 21 & 22 1977 - F

Wonderland Rehearsals
Vara Studios
Hilversum, The Netherlands
June 21 & 22 1977

Download: FLAC/MP3

LINEAGE: Mixing Desk > ??? > CDRs (JG) > EAC > Soundforge *** > CDRs > EAC > FLAC Level 8

*** All Tracks Balanced and Level Corrected, Transitions Cleaned,
Multiple Glitches and Mini Gaps Removed

Work was carried out around 2000. This Version not circulated until now.

Fixes and Artwork JTT

Disc One
01. New Orleans
02. Cry Baby
03. If You Need Me
04. The Tracks Of My Tears
05 East Or West
06. Fever # 1
07. I Can’t Stop Loving You
08. My Babe # 1
09. My Babe # 2
10. Ninety Nine And A Half
11. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
12. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
13. Reet Petite
14. Twisting The Night Away
15. Tennessee Waltz # 1
16. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 1
17. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 2
18. Tennessee Waltz # 2
19. She’s My Baby
20. What Am I Looking For # 1
21. What Am I Looking For # 2
22. Rock ‘n’ Roll Shoes
23. Handsome Son
24. Feel So Bad # 1
25. Feel So Bad # 2

Disc Two
01. The Eternal Kansas City # 1
02. The Eternal Kansas City # 2
03. Foggy Mountain Top
04. Santa Rosalia # 1
05. Santa Rosalia # 2
06. Santa Rosalia # 3
07. Shakin’ All Over # 1
08. Nobody’s Fault But Mine # 1
09. Johnny B Goode
10. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 3
11. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So # 4
12. Joyous Sound
13. Old Black Joe # 1
14. Old Black Joe # 2
15. Old Black Joe # 3
16. Nobody’s Fault But Mine # 2
17. I’ll Go Crazy
18. Fever # 2
19. Fever # 3
20. Shakin’ All Over # 2

Van Morrison: Lead Vocals, Piano
Dr. John: Piano, Organ, Back-up Vocals
Mick Ronson: Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Mo Foster: Bass
Peter van Hooke: Drums

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – London, England (12/15/77)

Exploding Drummer
Gaumont State Theatre
Kilburn, London UK
December 15, 1977

Download: FLAC/MP3

From Original Silver CD
VG+ to EX Recording
Original ARTWORK

1 introduction
2 I can’t explain
3 substitute
4 baba o’ reily
6 behind blue eyes
7 dreaming from the waist
8 pinball wizard
9 I’m free
10 tommy’s holiday camp
11 summertime blues
12 shakin’ all over
13 my generation
14 join together
15 who are you
16 won’t get fooled again

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Billy Joel – Uniondale, NY (12/11/77)

billy joel - the entertainer in new york - 1977

Billy Joel
The Entertainer In New York
December 11, 1977
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY, USA
Main Stream
Source: Silvers > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1
01 Soundcheck / Introduction
02 The Mexican Connection
03 The Stranger
04 Somewhere Along The Line
05 Summer, Highland Falls
06 Piano Man
07 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
08 Travelin’ Prayer
09 Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
10 Still Crazy After All These Years
11 Just The Way You Are
12 Prelude / Angry Young Man
13 New York State Of Mind

Disc 2
01 The Entertainer
02 Vienna
03 Root Beer Rag
04 She’s Always A Woman
05 I’ve Loved These Days
06 Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)
07 The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
08 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Captain Jack
09 Say Goodbye To Hollywood
10 Only The Good Die Young
11 Get It Right The First Time
12 Souvenir

Artwork denotes wrong track list.

Disc 2 Track 8: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Disc 2 Track 9: Captain Jack

Disc 2 Track 8: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Captain Jack

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – New Haven, CT (05/18/77)

Bruce Springsteen 1977-03-18 New Haven (Official Aud Vol 5 via JEMS) FRONT

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
featuring the Miami Horns
Veterans Memorial Coliseum
New Haven, CT
March 18, 1977
“Official Audience Recording”
Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. Five
JEMS Archive

Download: FLAC/MP3

JEMS 2015 Transfers

Tracks 1-3: CB master cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth adjustment) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX4 > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5 > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Tracks 3-13: Low generation cassette > 1994 DAT > Fostex D-5 > Sound Devices UBSPre2 > iZtotope RX > pitch correction > iZotope Ozone and MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 .wav > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / patch / edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Night
02 Don’t Look Back
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It’s My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 Mona > She’s the One
07 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Miami Horns)
08 Action in the Streets (w/ Miami Horns)
09 Backstreets
10 Jungleland
11 Rosalita (w/Miami Horns)
12 Born to Run
13 Quarter to Three (w/ Miami Horns)

Known Faults:
– Night: alternate source

– Don’t Look Back: alternate source

– Spirit In The Night: first 3:22 patched with alternate source
– She’s The One: 18 seconds patched with alternate source

Welcome to the fifth chapter of JEMS’ Nothing to Lose series revisiting Bruce’s remarkable 1977 tour. For the full history of our obsession with this era and the back story on these “Official Audience Tapes,” please refer to the notes in Vol. One found here:


Installment No. 5 brings Springsteen to New Haven, Connecticut, as the tour settles into its final shows in the northeast, six of which are still to follow. For me, this is a period of near perfection in terms of the caliber of the performances and the sense of urgency that’s palpable in the recordings.

There may be only 13 songs in the set, but Bruce and the band are making every one of them count. My typical listening to material from ’77 has tended to focus on the unique songs, like “Action in the Streets” and “It’s My Life.” But in preparing this show, I was struck by just how good the “standard” songs are. Bruce sings “Spirit in the Night” and “Thunder Road” with every bit as much conviction as he does “Don’t Look Back,” and we all know how special “Backstreets” is every night in ’77. Fresh ears also picked out a lot of distinctive guitar work from Steve and Bruce that I felt I had never noticed before. “We tore it apart and put it together again” indeed.

New Haven is the final “official audience” source in the JEMS Archive. I consider it the best recording of the five, sounding just a bit closer, sharper and with better instrument separation than the previous four. It came to us from a different source than the first four (an insider, not a collector), so it may also be a generation to the good comparitively. But it is incomplete, joined in progress during “Spirit.”

Happily, our pal CB taped the show as well and loaned us his master cassettes. The CB source was previously released by Fanatic; we did a fresh transfer for this release. CB told me he taped from the back of the arena and it sounds like it, but the recording is still clear and fills in what’s missing from the better source to give us the complete New Haven show. Samples provided.

Special thanks yet again to: M and J from JEMS for pulling out our many versions of these DATs and helping make new transfers; to CB, one of “The Original Two” who got the whole Springsteen taping hobby started; the folks on the Stone Pony message board whose thread sparked this series; and to mjk5510 who takes our bits and bobs and gets them all pretty for you.

When the ’77 series returns, we’ll revisit Toronto, Detroit and Toledo, all from fresh master transfers. Until then, enjoy New Haven, and better still, add your thoughts about the show and the recording in the comments.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Toronto, Canada (02/13/77)

bruce springsteen - Toronto - 1977-03-15-front

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
featuring the Miami Horns
Maple Leaf Gardens Concert Bowl
Toronto, ON
February 13, 1977
JEMS Master
Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. Six
24/96 Edition

Download: FLAC/MP3

Recording Gear: Teac M-100 microphone > Sony TC-153SD cassette recorder

JEMS 2015 Transfer: master cassettes > Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback > Wavelab 24/96 > iZotope RX4 > iZotope Ozone 5 > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Night
02 Rendezvous
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It’s My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 Mona > She’s the One
07 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Miami Horns)
08 Something In The Night
09 Growin’ Up
10 Action in the Streets (w/ Miami Horns)
11 Backstreets
12 Jungleland
13 Rosalita (w/ Miami Horns)
14 Raise Your Hand (w/ Miami Horns)
15 Born to Run

Known Faults:

Welcome to the sixth edition of JEMS’ Nothing to Lose series revisiting Bruce’s remarkable 1977 tour. For the full history of our obsession with this era and the back story on these “Official Audience Tapes,” please refer to the notes in Vol. One found here:


Installment No. 6 rewinds to the first week of the tour and a 15-song set at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens, the legendary hockey arena, set up in its Concert Bowl configuration which cut the arena to half its normal size. It is the first of three JEMS master recordings done on the ’77 tour, and, dare I say, we think you’re going to like this one quite a bit.

Toronto ’77 has circulated among collectors since not long after J taped it that frosty February. A master-to-DAT transfer was done in the early days of the format, copies of which almost certainly provided the source for releases like Soul Crusaders (E Street) and No Trouble In Receiver (EV2). It’s long been one of the better audience recordings of the tour, but it has never sounded as good as it could. This marks the first direct digital transfer of the master, and every step along the chain, from the azimuth-adjusted playback to high-resolution capture to final mastering, is superior to what was done to DAT 25 (how can it be?) years ago. Additionally, it lacks some of the minor edits found in the extant versions.

It’s also one of those shows that I personally played dozens and dozens of times throughout the years; the recording which definitively made be believe the following: “Night” is one of Bruce’s greatest show openers; “It’s My Life” had reached its zenith; “Something in the Night” is an under-appreciated classic; “Growin’ Up” can support more than one tall tale; “Action in the Streets” should have been resurrected when the horns came back in 1988 and 2012; the “You lied!!!” moment in “Backstreets” may never be rivaled; “Raise Your Hand” should have been played every night of the tour; and, finally, that J was (and remains) a highly skilled taper.

Hereís what J himself had to say about the show: ìBack in 1977, a taper had to rely on a network of friends and collectors across the country to get early warning of shows and ticket sales. In the case of Toronto, we had a great friend up north in fellow taper The Lewk. He took care of us on our many road trips into Ontario, and he exceeded expectations with this Bruce show, getting me and my friends great seats at Maple Leaf Gardens, curtained off lengthwise to form the ‘Concert Bowl.í The curtain improved the notoriously bad sound there, and The Lewk got me a seat just off the center aisle, ten rows back from the stage. This was the first of three Bruce shows I saw and recorded on this tour, using my Sony TC-153SD and Teac M-100 mic, which I mounted high in a headband. We expected new material on this tour as we presumed that Bruce was probably a month or so away from putting out a new album. After all, it had been a year and half since Born To Run was released. The Toronto show was unique, in that the fire marshall insisted there be an intermission, making it the first time Bruce had split the set, a feature that would later become a staple of the show structure. We got great versions of ‘Rendezvous’, ‘Something In The Night’ and ‘Action In The Streets,’ but the real highlight this night (and at all 1977 shows) was the incredible version of ëBackstreets.í It was never better than it was in 1977!î

Like this entire series, the Toronto performance is a pleasure to listen to and the sound quality (to my ears) approaches the best tapes of the tour, including those of our pal Steve Hopkins and whoever did the official audience tapes. It offers an airy high end, punchy low end and vivid clarity to pick out each member of the band making magic. Samples provided.

I know a lot of you have this recording already and, make no mistake, Toronto has always sounded good, but I think this version is definitive. Then again, I’m biased. We’re making it available in both standard and high-resolution 24/96 editions.

Massive credit goes to J for his outstanding original recording and for pulling out the masters one last time to capture them at 24/96 and giving me so much to work with. Thanks yet again to M, for providing his ’77 source tapes; to the folks on the Stone Pony message board whose thread sparked this series; and to mjk5510 who continues to provide invaluable assistance as JEMS’ packaging and distribution supervisor.

Our next stop in the ’77 series is two nights hence in Detroit and one of the greatest show openers of all time.


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Passaic, NJ (04/27/77)


Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater,
Passaic, NJ

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded, SBE fixed & tagged version of shnid: 20331
Pre-FM Master Reel Soundboard->DAT x ?

FM Master Reel Soundboard->VHS->DAT x ?
(Patch for beginning of Promised
Land up to “Georgia Sate.”)



DAT seed provided by Dan Lynch
DAT patch provided by Joe Samaritano
Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano

Between songs there is some sort of
“matrix switch” to audience, but when next
song starts it switches back to soundboard.
Most circulating copies have this “matrix switch”
cut out and replaced with annoying fades in and out.

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Band intros -> The Promised Land
102-d1t02 – Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
103-d1t03 – Looks Like Rain
104-d1t04 – Sugaree
105-d1t05 – El Paso
106-d1t06 – Row Jimmy
107-d1t07 – New Minglewood blues
108-d1t08 – Loser
109-d2t01 – The Music Never Stopped

–Set 2–
201-d2t02 – Estimated Prophet
202-d2t03 – Scarlet Begonias ->
203-d2t04 – Fire on the Mountain ->
204-d2t05 – Good Lovin’
205-d3t01 – Ramble On Rose
206-d3t02 – Samson & Delilah
207-d3t03 – Terrapin Station
208-d3t04 – Morning Dew

209-d3t05 – Johnny B. Goode