Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan – Dallas, TX (04/27/83)

David Bowie + Stevie Ray Vaughan -  Dallas Moonlight 1983

David Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dallas Moonlight. [RED DEVIL. RD013-1/2]
Las Colinas Soundstage
Dallas, TX, USA
April 27, 1983.
Excellent Soundboard Recording

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1
01. Star
02. Heroes
03. What In The World
04. Look Back In Anger
05. Joe The Lion
06. Wild Is The Wind
07. Golden Years
08. Fashion
09. Lets Dance
10. Red Sails
11. Breaking Glass
12. Life On Mars
13. Sorrow
14. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
15. China Girl
16. Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)
17. Rebel Rebel
18. I Can’t Explain
19. White Light White Heat

Disc 2
01. Station To Station
02. Cracked Actor
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Space Oddity
05. Young Americans
06. Soul Love
07. Hang Onto Yourself
08. Fame
09. TVC15
10. Stay
11. Jean Genie
12. Modern Love
13. Life On Mars (Mess Up)

NOTES: Rehearsals for Bowie’s “Serious Moonlight Tour”. Soundboard Recording / Stereo.
Total playing time 132 minutes.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Dallas, TX (02/22/02)

bob dylan - dallas - 2002

Reunion Arena
Dallas, Texas
February 22nd, 2002

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Duncan And Brady (acoustic)
2. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (acoustic) (Bob on harp)
3. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (acoustic)
4. Searching For A Soldier’s Grave (acoustic)
5. Maggie’s Farm
6. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
7. Cry A While
8. High Water (For Charley Patton)
9. Visions Of Johanna (acoustic) (Bob on harp)
10. Boots Of Spanish Leather (acoustic) (Bob on harp)
11. Tangled up In Blue (acoustic)
12. Summer Days
13. Sugar Baby
14. Cold Irons Bound
15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

16. Like A Rolling Stone
17. Honest With Me (Larry on slide guitar)
18. Blowin’ In The Wind (acoustic) (Bob on harp)

Center Section Row R seat 6 (dead center seat)

Br¸el & Kjaer 4021 Compact Cardioid Microphones >
(mine were bought before DPA merge)
Sonosax SX-M2-LS/2 Microphone Amplifier >
Sony SBM-1 High Density Linear A/D Converter >
Sony TCD-D8 DAT Walkman


Sony TCD-D8 DAT Walkman
M-Audio MicrotrackII Via spdif Coaxial Cable > flac FrontEnd

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Paul Simon & Sting – Dallas, TX (02/09/14)

Sting & Paul Simon - Dallas 2014.02.09-

Paul Simon and Sting
Together on Stage
American Airlines Center
Dallas TX
Febuary 9, 2014

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: SP-CMC-08s Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 16 bit 441htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file >
traders little helper flac level 7
Taper: whotapes

Recorded from Section 120 – Row T

01 Brand New Day
02 The Boy in the Bubble
03 Fields of Gold
04 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
05 Englishman in New York
06 Hung my Head
07 Driven to Tears
08 Love is the Seventh Wave
09 Mother and Child Reunion
11 Dazzling Blue
12 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
13 Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard
14 That Was Your Mother
15 Fragile
16 America
17 Message in a Bottle
18 Hounds of Winter
19 They Dance Alone
20 Roxanne
21 Desert Rose
22 The Boxer
23 Kodachrome
24 Gone At Last
25 Hearts & Bones
26 Mystery Train / Wheels
27 The Obvious Child
28 Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
29 You Can Call Me Al
30 Every Breath you Take
31 Late in Evening
32 Bridge Over Troubled Water
33 When Will I Be Loved

From the original uploader:
What a great way to start my 2014 concerts. Sting I have seen multiple times but had never gone to
see Paul Simon even though I had wanted to, it just hadn’t worked out. 2hours and 4o minutes of great
music was the treat we all got.. The volume was not very loud so unfortunetly you hear the crowd noise more than I would have
liked, but what can you do.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Decemberists – Houston, TX (10/15/03)

the decemberists

The Decemberists
Rudyard’s, Houston, TX
October 15th, 2003

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Leslie Anne Levine
02 The Bachelor And The Bride
03 The Gymnast, High Above The Ground
04 Engine Driver
05 The Soldiering Life
06 Up The Junction
07 16 Military Wives
08 The Legionnaire’s Lament
09 Clementine
10 Red Right Ankle
11 Grace Cathedral Hill
12 Los Angeles, I’m Yours
13 The Chimbley Sweep

14 Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

Source: sdbd

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Austin, TX (02/23/70)

grateful dead - 1970-02-23-Austin-Aud

Grateful Dead
The Auditorium
Austin TX

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 10375

CDR > EAC(secure) > Cool Edit (minor fixes) > CDWav(retracking) >
mkwact(seekable) mvernon54@attbi.com

shntool confirms tracks on sector boundaries
Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002
shn em up initiative 7/7/02
Thanks to Raoul Duke for the disks!

–Electric–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – //I Know You Rider ->
102-d1t02 – High Time ;
103-d1t03 – Dire Wolf false start (PA adjustments) -> Dire Wolf;

–Acoustic–Set 2–
201-d1t04 – Yellow Dog Story;
202-d1t05 – Monkey & the Engineer;
203-d1t06 – Little Sadie;
204-d1t07 – Me & My Uncle; (some distortion on vocals)
205-d1t08 – Black Peter;
206-d1t09 – Seasons Of My Heart ->
207-d1t10 – Uncle John’s Band;

–Electric–Set 2–
301-d1t11 – Not Fade Away -> Good Lovin’ tease ->
302-d1t12 – Mason’s // Children

–total time–67:35–

-mild hum present on the acoustic songs noticeable between songs
-IKYR cuts in at Sun will shine in my backdoor
-levels jump at 0:55 of Monkey & The Engineer
-vocals distorted on NFA
-splice at 0:38 of Masonís Children, missing about 1-2 minutes,
some vocal distortion and “tape decay” most noticeable as partial
loss in right channel

On the way back home from the Fillmore East run, the band stopped off in Texas (2/20-2/23) for four performanaces. This is
almost certainly not the enitre show, but this board is the only thing in circulation from any of the four shows.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Houston, TX (01/26/74)

bob dylan - houseton - 1974_01_26b

Bob Dylan & The Band
Hofheinz Pavilion
Houston, Texas
26 January 1974

Download: FLAC/MP3

Afternoon Show

Bob Dylan & The Band
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) (inc. cuts in)
Lay Lady Lay
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
It Ain’t Me Babe
Ballad of a Thin Man

The Band
Stage Fright
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever) (inc. cuts out)
I Shall Be Released
Up On Cripple Creek

Bob Dylan & The Band
All Along The Watchtower
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan Solo
The Times They Are A-Changin’
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Gates Of Eden
Just Like A Woman
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

The Band
Rag Mama Rag*
This Wheel’s On Fire*
The Shape I’m In*
The Weight

Bob Dylan & The Band
Forever Young
Something Their Is About You
Like A Rolling Stone
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

*Missing from LB-2680

Source 1 (Afternoon Show)
Lineage: Low gen tape > CD > EAC > Flac. The Band sets are from different incomplete tapes.[from lk aud set]

LosslessBob entry: LB-2680. hiss comes up for band sets; in comparison to version “aa” this one has less hiss but the sound seems less natural and very narrow so liked “aa” better; this one is better than first version with less hiss but both have similar narrow sound; good sound [C]; comments at end of show match previous afternoon version “aa”. small gaps between tracks except bigger on band tracks; d1t7 is hardly there as cuts; small analog pop d1t11 2:48.

Fix of LB-2680: Wave Repair 4.9.3 to remove gaps between tracks [at least one non-destructive gap was removed after start of “The Night they Drove…” [where to tape spool/edit is present]. Fixed small analog pop d1t11 2:48 and a couple of others present > FLAC

Source 2 (Afternoon Show)
LB-9357 – JEMS
Lineage: low gen reel to reel (obtained in the ’70s, likely second gen from master)>wav>flac
Transfer: low gen reel to reel>Otari 5050 mk2 playback (April 2011)>ADL/Furutech GT40 USB audio device>Peak 6.0>wav
Taping Gear: unknown>unknown
Taped By: Unknown
Transferred by: JEMS
Reel tape and transfer courtesy of the JEMS Archives

Evening Show:

01 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
02 Lay Lady Lay
03 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
04 Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35
05 It Ain’t Me Babe
06 Ballad of a Thin Man

07 Stage Freight
08 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
09 King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
10 When You Awake
11 I Shall Be Released
12 Up on Cripple Creek

13 All Along the Watchtower
14 Ballad of Hollis Brown
15 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
16 The Times They Are A-Changin’
17 Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
18 Gates of Eden
19 Just Like a Woman
20 It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

21 Rag Mama Rag
22 This Wheel’s On Fire
23 The Shape I’m In
24 The Weight

25 Forever Young
MIA: Something There is About You, Like a Rolling Stone, Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

Source 3 (Evening Show)
LB-9326 – JEMS
low gen reel to reel (obtained in the ’70s, likely second gen from master) > Otari 5050 mk2 playback (April 2011) > ADL/Furutech GT40 USB audio device > Peak 6.0 > FLAC

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Fort Worth, TX (01/25/74)

bob dylan fort worth - 1974_01_25

Bob Dylan & The Band
Tarrant County Convention Center
Fort Worth, Texas
25 January 1974

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: Master / Low gen tape > CD > EAC > Flac. There are two excellent but incomplete tapes of this show which when combined (almost) cover the full show. One tape is only the Dylan set (in stereo), the other covers tracks 1-22. IMHO The stereo tape is one of the best quality audience tapes of the tour. [lk aud set]

LosslessBob entry: LB-2678. very good sound [B]; this one is missing Up on Cripple Creek which is on other two sets; there are tv spectral bands on the band tracks indicating different source; probably same source on band tracks as previous recordings since same brief background talking d2t4 2:0x; similar sound to first version except this one has more highend and noticable hiss so liked first best; this was still much better than the Untangled remastered version. has small gaps between tracks; analog light static d1t7 2:23, analog pop d2t10 1:17

Fix of LB-2678: Wave Repair 4.9.3. to fix micro gaps at indexes and leading/trailing silences. Fixed analog light static d1t7 2:23, analog pop d2t10 1:17. > FLAC

< disk1 >

01. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And Iíll Go Mine)
02. Lay Lady Lay
03. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
04. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
05. It Ain’t Me Babe
06. Ballad Of A Thin Man

07. Stage Fright (the Band)
08. The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down (the Band)
09. King Harvest (has surely come)(the Band)
10. When you Awake (the Band)
11. I shall be Released (the Band)
[missing: up on Cripple Creek]

12. All Along The Watchtower
13. Ballad Of Hollis Brown
14. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

< disk2 >

01. The Times They Are A-Changin’ ñ (solo)
02. Don’t Think Twice, Itís All Right ñ (solo)
03. Gates Of Eden – (solo)
04. Just Like A Woman ñ (solo)
05. It’s Alright Ma (Iím Only Bleeding) ñ (solo)

06. Rag Mama Rag (the Band)
07. This Wheel’s on Fire (the Band)
08. The Shape I’m in (the Band)
09. The Weight (the Band)

10. Forever Young
11. Something There Is About You
12. Like A Rolling Stone

13. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And Iíll Go Mine)

Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Dallas, TX (02/22/08)

Bob Dylan - P2008_0221b

Bob Dylan
House of Blues
Dallas, TX

Download MP3@352

Cat’s in the Well
It Aint’ Me, Babe
Blind Willie McTell
Rollin’ and Tumblin’
Workingman’s Blues
Things Have Changed
Spirit on the Water
Visions of Johanna
Honest With Me
When the Deal Goes Down
HIghway 61 Revisited
Summer Days
Masters of War
Thunder on the Mountain
Blowin’ in the Wind

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Elvis Costello – Houston, TX (07/27/82)


Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Music Hall
Houston, Texas
July 27, 1982
(1st Generation)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Transfer: 1980’s tape trade (1st Generation) > Nakamichi CR5A (azimuth adjusted) > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (indexing / volume smoothing / subtle tweak) > xACT > FLAC

First of three shows in Texas during the “1982 US Tour”, 9th show of the tour. It doesn’t appear this has been seeded before in a quick search so thought some dimers could use it to fill a hole, if it has been here it’s been a long time.

101 Accidents Will Happen
102 Green Shirt
103 Pidgin English
104 Hand In Hand
105 Shabby Doll
106 Watch Your Step
107 Back Stabbers / King Horse
108 …And In Every Home
109 Watching The Detectives
110 The Long Honeymoon
111 Town Cryer
112 Kid About It
113 Temptation
114 From Head To Toe
115 You Belong To Me
116 New Lace Sleeves
201 Alison
202 Beyond Belief
203 Clubland
204 Imperial Bedroom
205 Tears Before Bedtime
206 Radio, Radio
207 All These Things
208 Mystery Dance
209 Why Don’t You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)?
210 I’ll Take Care Of You
211 Pump It Up
212 Shipbuilding
213 (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (cut/fade)
Big Sisters’ Clothes (missing)

Transferred and upped by mjk5510 (May 2013)

Uploaded to Dime by mjk5510 on 10 Jul 2013.
After download, adjusted tags and filenames using Mp3tag, and generated new md5 and ffp files using TLH.

Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Houston, TX (01/25/76)


Bob Dylan
Houston, TX
Another Night of the Hurricane

Download MP3@160

When I Paint My Masterpiece
Maggies’ Farm
One Too any Mornings
Romance in Durango
I Threw It All Away
Positively 4th St
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Oh Sister
One More Cup Of Coffee
Lay Lady Lay
Just Like a Woman
Rainy Day Women