Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Toronto, Canada (09/22/87)

pink floyd - toronto 1987

Pink Floyd
September 22, 1987
Exhibition Stadium
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Download: FLAC/MP3

Digitized from master cassette audience recording made with Sony WA-55 stereo cassette-corder & 2 SONY mics, from Section 44, Row 6, Seat 14.

Source: Master Cassette> CD Spin Doctor (iMac G5)> MacFlac

Total time – 148:08

Disk 1

Echoes (18:53)
Signs of Life (4:39)
Learning to Fly (5:25)
Yet Another Movie/ Round & Round (7:27)
A New Machine (Part 1)/ Terminal Frost/ A New Machine (part 2) (8:29)
Sorrow (10:20)
Dogs of War (7:56)
Intro/ On the Turning Away (9:19)
One of These Days (7:14)

Disc 2

Time (5:38)
On The Run (4:22)
Wish You Were Here (5:13)
Welcome to the Machine (8:26)
Us and Them (7:40)
Money (7:18)
Another Brick in the Wall (part 2) (5:32)
Intro/ Comfortably Numb/ Encore Applause (10:21)
One Slip (6:27)
Run Like Hell/ End Applause (7:27)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Antiques & Curios

Pink Floyd - Antiques and Curios

Pink Floyd
“Antiques and Curios”
rare live performances and other strangeness
produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin’ Dogs

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a disc of unusual, unique or otherwise rare live performances. It takes quite a lot of trading to hear all these odd tracks, so I thought a compilation might be in order. This is by no means a collection of the “definitive” versions of these performances, although many of them are appearing here in improved versions from what normally circulates. It’s a mixed bag, in any case, but sound quality was not the deciding factor, as you will see…
This is an excellent disc for those who are not the ‘hard core’ collectors, although some of this will interest you types as well.

1) Green is the Colour [3:20]

2) Careful With That Pipe Wrench, Larry [3:19]
from BBC Night Ride, May, 12, 1969
Ok, now what the hell is this doing on a “rareties” disc? Well, these tracks are often missing and/or replaced with the 1970 versions on many a RoIO, even some of the ‘definitive’ BBC collections These tracks are almost as rare as the 1970 ‘Fat Old Sun’ broadcast found on Harvested’s ‘Mooed Music’. These have the bird sounds, and ‘careful’ isn’t quite a normal version (ergo, my not-so-normal title). I would be interested to know if anyone has these tracks in pristine quality, as these are not ideal. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

3) Main Theme from ‘More’ [10:25]
Town Hall, Birmingham, Feb. 11, 1970
It’s a cryin’ shame this wasn’t played “more” often. some digital tinkering happened here to squeeze what could be squeezed out of this. I think it sounds better than the ususal versions, but it’s still not great. The performance, however, is incredible. This infact may be nick mason’s finest moment. flamboyant, yet always tasteful. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

4) Moonhead [7:39]

5) The Pict Rant [3:50]
Ernst-Merke Halle, Hamburg, Nov. 14, 1970
A rare complete performance of Moonhead (aka ‘Corrosion’), followed by one of Roger’s best and most, um, vigorous, ‘Pict Rants’. This comes from a clone of the master tape, and sounds better than the ‘Grooving With a Pict’ RoIO of this show. [EX-]
Hamburg 1970 (DFA-013) CD-R

6) Home Again [1:45]

7) Mortality [3:30]
The Dome, Brighton, Jan. 20, 1972
The only instrumental performance of ‘Home Again’ (aka ‘Breathe reprise’) along with the ‘preacher tape’ organ noodling. Dave shows off with the voxbox guitar thing. I like this version quite a bit. Mortality ends about a minute earlier than on the source tape, because a loud and noise kicks in, as their PA system started to fail. An editorial decision was made to remove this unpleasantness from this release. It’s just a bit more of the same organ fluff and sound effects, so it’s not like there is anything ‘important’ compromised. [EX]
The Darkside Rehearsals CD

8) Have a Cigar [5:07]
Knebworth Festival, UK, July 5, 1975
The last show of the 1975 tour, and the only live version with Roy Harper. After hearing this, you’ll be grateful there’s only one. Sound quality is not so hot, and the performance, is, well, tired. I’m sorry this turkey is in here, but hey. [VG-]
Knebworth Park (Digital Floyd Project) CD-R

9) Pigs on the Wing pt.2 [3:39]
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, July 6, 1977
Roger shares some love with the audience. Later in the show he had more to share. This comes from a better source than ‘Azimuth Coordinator’, and one might be inclined to speculate that this is but a taste of things to come. Indeed. Nice solo from Snowy White. [EX+]
Fireworks Show in the Canadian Walls CD-R

10) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [8:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1980
I could write a book on this ‘song’, but i won’t. This is the last piece of new music from the 4-man lineup, the extra jam played on the first night of the Wall tour. It’s a variation on an instrumental version of breathe (hmm, sound familiar?), was probably ‘written’ by dave gilmour, as he was the ‘music director’ for the shows, and i’ll bet it was rehearsed once or twice. Often assumed to be a one-time improv jam to cover a lag in the stage show, it was infact played TWICE… [EX]
Azimuth Coordinator vol3 CD

11) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [3:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 1980
…and this is the other performance. It’s a different arrangement, and about half as long as the night before. A true gem; performance-wise, I like this one better. but the sound quality is not as nice as the other. I didn’t do the vinyl ‘remastering’ on this one, and there is too much noise reduction for my taste. [VG]
A Little Black Book With my Poems In CD-R remastered from LP

12) Celestial Voices [9:13]
Royal Albert Hall, June 26, 1969
The only live performance of this with a choir and orchestra. 9 minutes long, this whopper originates from a better source than what usually circulates of this show. [VG]
Pink Floyd in Concert with the Azimuth Co-Ordinator CD-R

13) Brain Damage/Lunar Eclipse (RoIO Remix 2000) [5:30]
Studio and Guild Hall, Portsmouth Jan 21, 1972
How’s THAT for a tacky title? This is a combination of three oddities: The quadraphonic mixdown of Brain Damage from “Works”, the guitar solos shown in the studio excepts of the Live at Pompeii movie, and the first performance of “Eclipse” (the song) at Portsmouth. Except, that it ain’t quite a song yet, as you will hear. My edits are basically passable, but this is in NO WAY to be considered a rare studio outtake. I (ME) made this, for your amusement only.
[Studio/EX-] sources:
Works Vinyl LP
Pompeii Soundtrack Vinyl LP (Edgar Rubabande)
Eclipse of the Dark Side a Piece for Assorted Lunatics CD

14) A Bonus Mystery Track… [EX+]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – A Real Need: Animals Live

Pink Floyd - A Real Need - Animals Live

Pink Floyd
Animals Live
Compiled and edited by Echoes Of The Dark Side Of The Wall
Catalog Number:

Download: FLAC/MP3

EDW was founded with the primary goal of sharing all the Pink Floyd albums in their live versions. Of course we can not do this with all disks, but it will do with those that can.

We decided to start with Animals. Personally, this is my favorite Pink Floyd’s album. Fortunately, there are records of the dates 1977, although most are of average quality. The audio tracks were added fade in and fade out, to restore the mystique of the studio album. equalizes the final product, in addition to compress some tracks, with Cubase SX.
Track List:

01 – Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)
‘Animals On The Wing’ – Olympiahalle, Munich, West Germany. 27 Feb 1977.

02 – Dogs
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA. 02 July 1977

03 – Pigs (Three Diferent Ones)
‘The Fireman’s Oakland Master’ – Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA. 09 May 1977

04 – Sheep
Stade Du Parc Olympique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 06 July 1977

05 – Pigs On The Wing (Part 2)
‘The Perfect Day’ – Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA. 27 June 1977

Total time: 51:28

Artwork Included.

We hope you enjoy this RoIO as much as us. We are amateurs, but we expect progress over time and contribute to this huge community of Pink Floyd RoIO & VoIO fans!
Thanks you very much!!

E∑D∑W Staff

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Long Island, NY (04/11/70)

Pink Floyd - Trademark Moo - New York 1970

Pink Floyd
11. Apr. 1970
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Long Island, New York, USA

Download: FLAC/MP3


1. Astronomy Domine
2. Careful with that Axe, Eugene
3. Cymbaline
4. Atom Heart Mother
5. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
6. A Saucerful of Secrets

Source 1: Genuine New York 1970
Label: Monkey Records
Catalogue number: 002
‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’ as recorded at this concert is incomplete, with a convincing edit into the version commercially avaliable on the ‘Ummagumma’ LP.

Source 2: Trademark Moo
Highland – HL630
(P) 2003 Made in Italy


Sounds much better than the other versions available from this recording and is much
longer, including more tune-ups and announcements too (not only the intro to
Astronomy Domine actually, but more!)

Again, the recording itself would not deserve more than a VG/VG+ and the taper and the
lady talk really a lot (all it is clearly audible here, from this would be possible to pull out
an accurate transcription maybe, if you’ll be ever interested in knowing what they were
talking about) but this is a real low gen.

Sourced version, once you get this you’ll trash the rest!

A Saucerful of Secrets is obviously cut.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Around the Mystic

Pink Floyd - Around the Mystic

Pink Floyd:
Around The Mystic
Catalog: A103 AULICA
Misc.: S.I.A.F.
Produced: Made in Italy 1989
Date: 69/10/19

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sources: 1969- 29 Apr 1970 Tracks 1, 2, 6a: 29 Apr 1970, KQED TV Studios, San Francisco Track 6b: 17 Sept 1969, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Tracks 4, 8: Dec 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome Track 5: 1969, BBC “Moonlanding Special” Tracks 3, 7: 1969, London?


1. Grantchester Meadows 7:27
2. Green Is The Colour [+ Careful With …] 12:48
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 11:10
4. Jupiters Eye [Oneone/Corrosion?] 6:24
5. Trip On Mars [Moonhead] 5:35
6. Cymbaline 18:28
7. A Saucerful Of Secrets 6:44
8. Improvisation [Fingal’s Cave] 2:00
Total Time: 71:25

Roger Waters*
David Gilmour*
Rick Wright*
Nick Mason*

Comments from the original uploader: Grantchester Meadows and Green Is The Color are GREAT. Set The Controls For The Heart of the sun is a jolly good piece. Jupiters Eye/ Trip On Mars – one of these two is another version of Careful With That Axe, Eugene. Cymbaline is the best version so far. A Saucerful Of Secrets is only the last 6 minutes, which is too bad, because they’re great. Improvisation is SPLENDID, just great.

Overall: This is a really must have roio : the audience is very calm, and only applauds between songs. The quality of the recordings is not excellent, but good. -ANON

Strange collection, tracks are definitely not all from 19. Oct. 1969. Some of them are clearly studio recordings. Audience only between the songs audible. Saucerful features only the last part. Cymbaline is extra-long and extra-good!

This is a rare one, the bootleggers have spent quite some effort on this one, and have even made up some funky names. Jupiters Eye is a piece of Corrosion. Trip on Mars is the best version of Moonhead I’ve heard. Improvisation is Fingals Cave. And to complicate matters even further, the footsteps in Cymbaline have been replaced with Oenone. Grantchester Meadows and Green .. are probably taken from a performance of The Man and The Journey. All in all this ROIO is very enjoyable, since it has both a VG sound quality and the Performance/Rarity value is also high.

The only sad thing is that ASOS only has the last 6:44 minutes, but still, if you happen to see this cheap …

Also, if you’re hunting for authenticity this is *NOT* your disk, it’s a bunch of recordings from different concerts thrown together in one disc, coupled with some official but rare floyd songs -GERHARD

I think is a fairy forgery, not a ’69 London concert. “Jupiter’s eye” and “Improvisation” are from “Oneone /Fingal’s cave” studio outtake (listen to ‘Total Eclipse’), while the audience applause is artificial (all the same identical through the “concert”!!!, and it seems recorded in a small ambient, not in a theatre). The sound quality is variable (in “Grandchester Meadows” you can listen to scratches from vinyl source). Moreover “Grandchester Meadows”, “Set the Controls” are identical from those of Fillmore West, San Francisco Oct. 1970. The other live pieces are from the same or other ’70 concerts, I have not established yet. Thanks to Roio contributions for help in discovering this vile cheat. I’m very dejected about that. Please, let this ROIO to simpletons like me. -PELLE

“This is taken from various sources, not ‘London, October 19 ’70’ as stated in TAP 48 – including the BBC sessions, the Zabriskie Point outtakes from the Omayyad b*****g LP, and an ‘unknown’ concert. Furthermore, each song has been doctored by some unscrupulous mixer. Careful observation reveals that the audience applause (apparently from only a handful of people) at the start of each song is identical, the first being a 7.27 Grantchester Meadow.

Green is the Colour/Careful with that axe, Eugene (12.48) are the BBC performances, with the fake audience; although Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (11.00) is a legitimate piece.

Jupiter’s Eye is where the butchery begins. After some research, I concluded that this is, in fact, Oneone from Omayyad, over-dubbed with the sound of bubbling mud (i.e. ‘Live at Pompeii’). Trip on Mars, meanwhile, is Moonhead from Music For Architectural Students. Cymbaline (18.28) is extended; about 6.15 in, the song is interrupted by footsteps and a slamming door. I realise that such effects were not uncommon for live performances of this track, but the abrupt switch makes me doubt that this was the work of the Floyd; who, even on a bad day, could do better. This is followed by a spacey intrumental passage – actually an extract from Omayyad’s live version of Interstellar Overdrive – then a repeat chorus, and a further ten minutes of Cymbaline.

Saucerful of Secrets (6.44) is, as stated in TAP 48, the Celestial Voices sequence from that track. The closing Improvisation (2.00) is a poor reproduction of Omayyad’s Fingal’s Cave, albeit with added audience !

However, despite all the trickery. I agree that Around the Mystic is an excellent CD; my favourite, in fact !” -TAP

It claims to be from one concert (London, 19 Oct 1969), but this is obviously a compilation of different performances. There are some annoying things with this RoIO. Some audience applause are added between songs (they are always the same!) and are in stereo. Most of the tracks are mono. It seems that this CD was mastered from vinyl, with some strange things added in the mix! So, sometimes one can hear “stereo” effects, but only because of the “stereo” vinyl scratches, and the stuff added.

1. Grantchester Meadows It’s from the KQED TV show, 29 Apr 1970. In the middle of the song, there is a very low noise (similar to a bass drum) that doesn’t appear on the original version (see “Colourful Meadows”). But this version seems to be “clearer” than the “Colourful Meadows” version (there is no crackle suppression as for “Colourful Meadows”). The performance is great. Ex-

2. Green Is The Colour This is in fact “Green Is The Colour” + “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”, again from the KQED TV show, 29 Apr 1970. It sounds far better than the “Colourful Meadows” CD. Again, a great performance. Ex-

3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun One of the 3 tracks in stereo. I have not identified the concert yet. VG+

4. Jupiters Eye It’s in fact “One One”, from the Zabriskie Point recording sessions, recorded in Rome, December 1969. It’s in stereo. But, sadly, they over-dubbed it with some bubbling sound! For authenticity, the “Ultra Rare Trax vol.2” version is far better. Ex-

5. Trip On Mars It’s in fact “Moonhead”, from the BBC “Moonlanding Special”, probably recorded in 1969. Very rare. Maybe you should buy the CD only for this track. VG+

6. Cymbaline It lasts more than 18 minutes, but there are in fact TWO different versions of “Cymbaline” mixed together. It begins with the KQED TV performance, 29 Apr 1970. But, at the end of the (short) walking section (at 6:44), it turns into the Cymbaline intro from Amsterdam, 17 Sept 1969. This intro is sometimes entitled “Sleep”, on other RoIOs. Then we have the entire “Cymbaline” from Amsterdam. VG+

7. A Saucerful Of Secrets There is only the “Celestial Voices” part. Stereo. I have not identified the concert yet. Nice version. VG+

8. Improvisation It’s in fact “Fingal’s Cave”, from the Zabriskie Point sessions, Rome, December 1969. Mono. The “Ultra Rare Trax vol.2” version is better, and in stereo. VG+

So, this RoIO is not bad, but it is not essential. Buy it if you don?t have “Moonhead or if you want to hear clear versions from the KQED TV show (and you don’t mind if there are some vinyl scratches…). – MARC-OLIVIER


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Pompeii, Italy (10/04-07/71)


FP-01 A
Matrix Disc: FP-01 A
Bar Code: 7 388090 401697

Download: FLAC/MP3

Tracks: Time:

1. Opening Sequence 3:27
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 6:27
3. A Saucerful Of Secrets 9:49
4. One Of These Days 5:34
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 9:56
6. Mademoisselle Knobs 1:57
7. Echoes 24:04

Bonus Tracks:
8. One Of These Days (Effected Demo Version) 4:47
9. One Of These Days (Alternate Version) 7:00

Total Time: 72:21

Digitaly Remastered SESSION DURING October 4th-7th 1971

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – San Francisco, CA (04/29/70)

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Fillmore

Pink Floyd
Interstellar Filmore
Recorded live at the filmore west.
April 29th,1970.

Download: FLAC/MP3

A stereo soundboard recording.

Disc one:

1 Grantchester Meadows
2 Astronomy Domine
3 Cymbaline
4 Atom Heart Mother
5 Embryo

Disc two:

1 Green Is The Colour
2 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4 A Saucerful Of Secrets (1st encore)
5 Interstellar Overdrive (2nd encore)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – London, England (08/09/80) “Soundboard on the Wall”


Pink Floyd
Earls Court
London, England
“Soundboard on the Wall” (PFR-CDR-001)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Soundboard
Label: PFR
Lineage: SBD > Cassett Tape Master > CD > WAV > FLAC (Other additional Lineage unknown.)

Set List:

Disc One:

01. In The Flesh? (first two notes cut)
02. The Thin Ice
03. Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 1
04. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
05. Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
06. Mother
07. Goodbye Blue Sky
08. Empty Spaces
09. Young Lust
10. One Of My Turns
11. Don’t Leave Me Now
12. Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 3
13. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc Two:

01. Hey You
02. Is There Anybody Out There?
03. Nobody Home
04. Vera
05. Bring The Boys Back Home
06. Comforatbly Numb
07. The Show Must Go On
08. MC/ In The Flesh
09. Run Like Hell
10. Waiting For The Worms
11. Stop
12. The Trial
13. Outside The Wall

From the original uploader:
This recording is the best recording that we can just download. This recording is a pure soundboard recording without any further questions. Some people say that this a good audience recording and remasterd. Can you tell. Listen, do you think this is an audience recording?This recording was diginally remastered with good eqiptment. Like they ever needed to remaster it in the first place.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – At the Beeb, Vol. 1″

Pink Floyd At The Beeb Vol. I

Pink Floyd
‘At The Beeb Vol. I’
Various Radio Appearances
19th December 1967
25th June 1968
2nd December 1968
12th May 1969
IME / Culmobia Label (PFATB6769)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Soundboard Recording > Silver CD > FLAC (Lvl. 5)
Except 19th December 1967, which is;
“Excellent Broadcast Recordings” Low Gen Tapes > Silver CD > FLAC (Lvl. 5)


01. The Murderotic Woman or Careful With That Axe, Eugene
02. The Massed Gadgets of Hercules (A Saucerful of Secrets)
03. Let There Be More Light
04. Julia Dream


05. Point Me At The Sky
06. Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major (The Narrow Way Part One)
07. Embryo
08. Interstellar Overdrive


09. Grantchester Meadows
10. Cymbaline
11. Green is the Colour
12. The Narrow Way Part Three


13. Vegetable Man
14. Scream Thy Last Scream
15. Jugband Blues
16. Pow R. Toc H.


**Notes from Collectors Music Reviews**

The new release At The Beeb Volume I by the label Culombia (sic) is a compilation of 4 different BBC radio broadcasts of Pink Floyd performances from December 1967 to May 1969. The first, second, & fourth are Top Gear shows, while the third one is a Nite Ride show. They comprise the 1st disc of a double-disc factory-pressed silver original real 2-CD set  Volume II, the 2nd disc of the set, is of the legendary BBC session of September 30th, 1971, which I decided not to buy since I already have 5 different versions of it and can’t imagine the best ones possibly getting any noticeably superior.

Anyway, Volume I was selected because, although the outstanding Celestial Voices that was released by Rover Records several months ago included a major upgrade in sound quality for the first & third BBC shows, a big upgrade in sound quality for the second & fourth BBC shows can now be found on Volume I  in addition to such an upgrade for the first & third BBC shows that were included on Celestial Voices.

Unfortunately my ears aren’t good enough to be able to discern any noticeable difference(s) in quality between the same shows found on both Celestial Voices & Volume I, but all 4 shows on Volume I are a certain, long-awaited major upgrade in quality for the same 4 shows that can be found on the old Great Dane Records release The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969 (GDR CD 9206). Sadly, however, the old GDR title includes a 5th BBC show, from the autumn of 1967, for which a significant quality upgrade is
apparently not available  at least not yet.

The following is printed in exact word-for-word verbatim near the top of the rear cover of Volume I -These soundboard recordings are taken from the original masters, except for tracks 13 to 16 which were copied from an excellent broadcast recordings.

Introductory &/or concluding comments, mostly by John Peel, can be heard at the ends of each track. Packaged in a regular 1-CD jewel case, but with the rear insert being single-sided only in terms of artwork, with still very nice artwork overall that’s done similarly to that of Floyd’s 2nd officially released album, A Saucerful of Secrets, At The Beeb Volume I is a terrific find that is very highly recommended.

Reveiw here; http://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/pink-floyd/pink-floyd-at-the-beeb-volume-i-culombia-sic-pfatb6769/

A brilliant little compilation, encompassing some of the overlooked radio work the Floyd did early in their careers,in brilliant quality. Nice and laid back, almost to the point of what is regarded ‘Stereotypical Floyd’, in astounding quality. As stated, the announcements are by the LEGENADRY John Peel, with some interesting little anecdotes from him
included; it’s almost like you’ve tuned into the shows the day they were broadcast – possibly the greatest nostalgia trip.
I would rate this as ‘ESSENTIAL’.