Pink Floyd – Toronto, Canada (03/11/73)

Pink Floyd
March 11th 1973
Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, Canada

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I have three sources for this show, you can read the info here.

disc 1

  1. Echoes (23:00)
  2. Obscured By Clouds (6:43)
  3. When You’re In (9:10)
  4. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (14:04)
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (12:33)

disc 2

  1. Speak to Me (2:07)
  2. Breathe (3:03)
  3. On the Run (5:51)
  4. Time (5:55)
  5. Breathe (reprise) (1:05)
  6. Great Gig in the Sky (4:56)
  7. Money (6:02)
  8. Us and Them (7:44)
  9. Any Colour You Like (6:39)
  10. Brain Damage (3:50)
  11. Eclipse (2:41)
  12. One of These Days (10:05)

Pink Floyd – Cincinnati, OH (03/08/73)

Pink Floyd
8th March 1973
The Fieldhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio

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audience recording
Provenance: silver CD > WAV > FLAC


  1. Echoes (15.09)
  2. Obscured by Clouds (5.30)
  3. When You’re In (7.10)
  4. Childhood’s End (7.46)
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (9.30)

Notes: For Asdf29 who requested something heavy on the ‘Obscured by Clouds’ material. Got this off Yeeshkul!, so thanks to whoever it was who upped it! This has been issued on a bootleg called ‘Pink is the Sky’ as disc one of two. ‘Echoes’ is – as the duration makes obvious – incomplete.

Pink Floyd – Kent, OH (03/10/73)

March 10th, 1973
Memorial Gymnasium,
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio, USA.

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I have three sources for this show, you can read the info here.


Disk 1

  1. Echoes 22:07
  2. Obscured by Clouds 6:08
  3. When You’re In 6:47
  4. Childhood’s End 4:30
  5. Careful With That Axe Eugene 11:30
  1. Speak To Me
    Breathe (4:24)
  2. On The Run (5:42)
  3. Time (5:41)
  4. Breathe Reprise (1:03)
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky (4:55)
  6. Money (6:15)
  7. Us And Them
    Any Colour You Like (14:17)
  8. Brain Damage (4:01)
  9. Eclipse (2:29)

Bob Dylan – Peco’s Blues

Bob Dylan
Peco’s Blues
Tambourine Man Records (2) – TMR-010

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1 Billy (1)
2 Billy (2)
3 Turkey
4 Turkey II Or Tom Turkey
5 Billy Surrenders
6 And He’s Killed Me Too
7 Goodbye Holly
8 Peco’s Blues (1)
9 Peco’s Blues (2)
10 Billy (3)
11 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (1)
12 Sweet Amarillo
13 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (2)
14 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (3)
15 Final Theme (1)
16 Final Theme (2)
17 Rock Me Mama (1)
18 Rock Me Mama (2)
19 Billy-7 1
20 Billy-7 2
21 Instrumental (1)
22 Instrumental (2)
23 Final Theme (3)
24 Final Theme (4)

The Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid Outtakes

Tracks 1-9: CBS Discos Studios, Mexico City, Mexico, January 20, 1973
Tracks 10-24: Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, February 1973

Neil Young – Alternate Time Fades Away

Neil Young
An Alternate Time Fades Away (live compilation)

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Here’s something I compiled as a fun way to revisit yet another old Neil Young classic. The sound quality mainly varies from Very Good to Very Good+, with perhaps a few (especially Track 17) truly Excellent.


  1. Band Intros
  2. Time Fades Away
  3. Journey Thru The Past
  4. Yonder Stands The Sinner
  5. L.A.
  6. Love In Mind
  7. Don’t Be Denied
  8. The Bridge
  9. Last Dance
    Bonus/Alternate tracks:
  10. Sweet Joni
  11. Soldier
  12. Time Fades Away
  13. Journey Thru The Past
  14. L.A.
  15. Don’t Be Denied
  16. Last Dance
  17. Don’t Be Denied

Venue/Date Info:

  1. Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA: 1973-03-17
  2. Winterland, San Francisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  3. BBC, London, England: 1971-02-23
  4. Winterland, San Francisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  5. Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA: 1973-03-17
  6. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  7. Winterland, San Francisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  8. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  9. Winterland, San Francisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  10. Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA: 1973-03-11
  11. Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: 1973-01-21
  12. Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA: 1973-03-17
  13. Music Hall, Boston, MA: 1976-11-22 (Late)
  14. Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: 1973-01-21
  15. Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA: 1973-03-17
  16. Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA: 1973-03-17
  17. Wembley Stadium, Middlesex, England: 1974-09-14

Line-up Info:
01, 02, 04, 05, 07, 09, 12, 15 & 16 Stray Gators (w/Crosby & Nash?)
03, 06, 08, 10, 11, 13 & 14 Solo

Notes on track selection:
“Time Fades Away” – I started things off with this decent Winterland rendition, although the sound is a bit ‘muddy’ at times (esp. for about 30 seconds beginning at 2:30 into the song). I’d prefer the Seattle version, but the ending I have is cut. So, Seattle becomes an alternate (Track 12).
“Journey Thru The Past” – I prefer the ’71 versions, and Track 3 is a decent one. As an alternate, Track 13 is a pretty nice ’76 performance.
“Yonder Stands The Sinner” has always struck me as the inbred cousin of “The Loner.” Alas, here’s a nice sounding version from Winterland (one of only 7 times this song was performed live).
“L.A.” is presented twice: Track 5 is a nice sounding electric version (similar to the LP), and Track 14 is an earlier (and super-sweet sounding) solo-acoustic version, which serves in effect as a ‘demo’.
“Love In Mind” was only performed once in ’73, and even Neil didn’t use it on the LP! He used the UCLA version from ’71 (same show as “The Needle And The Damage Done” on Harvest.) I took a nice ’71 version from the UK.
“Don’t Be Denied” is presented 3 times: Track 7 is an excellent example of everything that makes this one of Neil’s most gloriously sloppy rockers. Track 15 should also bring a smile to your face. And, finally, Track 17 proves that even CSNY in ’74 couldn’t mess this song up (or could they? You be the judge!).
“The Bridge” has only been performed live 3 times by Neil: the album version, another ’73 show for which no tape has surfaced, and this gem from ’71!
“Last Dance” is presented twice: both are the Stray Gators in all their sloppy, overblown majesty. This song is a true guilty pleasure!
“Sweet Joni” is a song from this era that Neil has performed only twice. This was the first time, and it sounds pretty good to me.
“Soldier” was actually from the JTTP album. But, since I don’t have any immediate plans to put a JTTP-Live comp together, here it is, as performed live for the first time ever (and there were only 2 more after that).

Once again, it almost pains me to put out a Neil comp without a single appearance by Crazy Horse! Maybe I’ll do Ragged Glory-Live next…


All of the above were sourced from CDRs that I acquired by trade.
Various CDRs > EAC > wav > FLAC


PS – As with all things Neil Young-related, MANY MANY thanks to “Sugar Mountain” Tom ( and the Tour Stats of Matthias Butterweck (!!!

John Prine – New Paltz, NY (04/11/73)

John Prine
State University of New York
New Paltz NY
1973-04-11 (?)

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01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Illegal Smile
03 Donald and Lydia
04 Sam Stone
05 Rocky Mountain Time
06 Pretty Good
07 Hello in There
08 Grandpa Was a Carpenter
09 Intro to Paradise
10 Paradise
11 Clocks and Spoons
12 Often Is a Word I Seldom Use
13 Intro to Dear Abby
14 Dear Abby
15 Sweet Revenge
16 Intro to Everybody
17 Everybody
18 Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Lineage: 93XRT Radio Chicago > ??? > WAV > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8

— Original uploader’s notes:
I received this concert as “1972-04-11 Chicago, IL”, but it turns out to be from New Paltz, NY, 1973. I’m not sure if the date is correct – if anyone knows when Prine went to Rome, it would probably answer the question. It’s really nice to hear such a concert recording, just him and his guitar.
The version of “Dear Abby” from Sweet Revenge album and this concert sound identical, with the same stage banter – “about three months ago I was in Rome, Italy”, but has some interesting stage banter that was not included on the album: “Lyndon Johnson died; Edward G. Robinson died; J. Carrol Naish died…”
For setlists from this show and a bunch of other John Prine shows, please visit my John Prine setlist page at The setlists of all John Prine live recordings I know will all be posted there, along with a 90-second sample for each recording.

Do not sell this recording. Enjoy and feel free to share it anywhere.
Support the artists by purchasing their official releases and going to their live shows.

Grateful Dead – Madison, WI (10/25/73)

Grateful Dead
Dane County Coliseum
Madison, WI

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Source: Soundboard > Master-Reel > Reel (1st gen) > DAT (44.1k)

Set 1

01 Bertha
02 Big River
03 Here Comes Sunshine
04 Black Throated Wind
05 They Love Each Other
06 Mexicali Blues
07 //Tennessee Jed//
[missing] Looks Like Rain
[missing] Deal
08 //El Paso
09 //Row Jimmy
10 //Playing In The//Band

Set II

01 China Cat Sunflower >
02 I Know You Rider
03 Me And My Uncle
04 Dark Star >
05 Mind Left Body Jam >
06 Dark Star Jam >
07 Eyes Of The World >
08 Stella Blue
09 Weather Report Suite Prelude > Weather Report Suite Part 1 >
10 Let It Grow
11 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad >
12 One More Saturday Night


[missing] Uncle John’s Band


  • This version has been provided by an anonymous source.
  • Several clicks have been removed and a number of level adjustments made.
  • The last 47 seconds of what we have of “Tennessee Jed” has a complete dropout in the right channel.
    I tried patching in the left channel but it just doesn’t sound right so I’ve left it as is.
  • I have removed a couple of small patches of wierdness” in “Let It Grow” and crossfaded the parts together.
  • This is the first time that “Tennessee Jed” has circulated. Other than that, this source has the same cuts as all circulating copies but is missing “Uncle John’s Band.”
  • All files are tagged.

edited and mastered
September 2014

Jerry Garica – Gotta Get Down, Musical Escapades of November 1973

Jerry Garcia
Gotta Get Down: Jerry Garcia’s Musical Escapades of November 1973

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A Mix By /u/MrCompletely and /u/wilbard

1 Finders Keepers (JGMS 11/05)
2 Cumberland Blues (GD 11/14)
3 Catfish John (OAITW 11/04)
4 Playing in the Band > (GD 11/21)
5 El Paso > Playing jam > (GD 11/21)
6 Wharf Rat > Playing jam > space > (GD 11/21)
7 Untitled Improvisation (PFA 11/28)
8 White Dove (OAITW 11/04)
9 Someday Baby (JGMS 11/03)
10 China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider (GD 11/25)
11 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (JGMS 11/05)
12 Jerry’s Breakdown (OAITW 11/04)
13 Stella Blue (GD 11/10)
14 Expressway (To Your Heart) > jam > (JGMS 11/03)
15 space > (GD 11/23)
16 Playing jam > (GD 11/21)
17 Playing Reprise (GD 11/17)

Deadheads all know November ’73 to be a high point of the Dead’s early career. The band played nearly a dozen great shows, including some all-time classic performances. But the Grateful Dead was just one of the projects Garcia had going on at that time. The same month featured him on banjo with Old & in the Way in their last full show, on guitar with his Merl Saunders side project (with Bill Kreutzmann on drums), and even in an experimental night of far-out psychedelia at the Palace of Fine Arts alongside Mickey Hart (who was not playing in the Dead at the time), also featuring Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh. Also of note, during the same month Rolling Stone published a long cover-story feature article on the Dead’s evolving “business” model. In the previous month of October, the Dead had just released Wake of the Flood, the forward-looking first album on their own newly-established independent label.
This is a mix meant to capture the wide range of live output Garcia was producing during the month of November 1973. While we were working on this mix, we came across a smaller-scale version of the same concept done recently by another guy here. As he writes:
There’s a paraphrased quote in Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads: “Garcia has said that all he needs is one day off a week, and that in an ideal world, he’d be playing six gigs weekly: two with the Dead, two with the Jerry Garcia Band, and two playing with an acoustic group like the Black Mountain Boys.” November ’73 might be the closest he came to achieving this omnivorous vision.
This mix is centred around one of several epic Playing in the Band sequences that were played that month. Overall, the styles covered range from jazz-funk fusion, to bluegrass/country pickin’, to blues, to ballads, to the pure experimental space that was being explored by the end of the month, by the Dead themselves and in the Hart/Garcia/Lagin/Lesh project.
Not only does November ’73 contain much $$$ Garcia playing (as displayed in every single track in this mix), it was also a particularly intense transformative period. Many threads that had been developing came to a head. For instance, the cosmic experimentation that culminated in the Palace of Fine Arts gig led directly into the more far-out sounds that were to be played through December and in 1974. (Note that the PFA segment we’ve included is an audience recording; we think it’s good enough quality to make an enjoyable listen, but if it’s too jarring for you that’s understandable. The stream link below also includes tracks from a similar set recorded in SBD on 6/6/75 in case you’re interested.)
Setlist creativity was also there in spades. Playing in the Band is especially interesting to trace. Perhaps inspired by the successful one-off experiment with a split Playing sequence a year earlier on 10/18/72, Playing’s placement in the second set was being experimented with increasingly during the fall of ’73. The 11/01 Evanston show saw the first Playing > UJB > Playing, which was a precursor to what was to come in more developed form in the classic, epic Playing palindrome sandwiches at 11/10 Winterland & 11/17 UCLA (Playing > UJB > Dew > UJB > Playing). We decided to include the next, lesser-known version from 11/21 Denver, where Playing became the vehicle of a wholly unpredictable affair. With this performance, Playing completed its transition from self-contained song to being a true launching-point song for unplanned improvisational sequences, having broken free of even the planned segue structures of earlier in the month. Given that the Other One segues of the early 70s almost always touched on the same few songs, this moved Playing into a category of its own, foreshadowed only by a few multiply-segue’d Dark Stars of late ’69 and 1970. In a very real sense we can see the maturation of the “main sequence” Grateful Dead second set structure happening in realtime.
The Other One is the other tune to watch. There’s the TOO-segue-filled second set of 11/14 San Diego, which hearkens back to the old 71-72 style versions. And there’s also the unique version of TOO in 11/23 El Paso that gives way to a long “Tiger-y” space segment (from which we included a portion here), anticipating the spacey explorations of the coming weeks and months.
This is meant to be a seamless mix that takes you through it as if all the month’s sounds were played in one evening. Put it on and enjoy from top to bottom. But it’s not meant to be comprehensive, by any means. Most people already know the big shows like Winterland, UCLA, and Boston (if you don’t then get on that!). And the lesser-known GD shows like Evanston (only set 2 survives), El Paso and Tempe are very worth your time too. The whole OAITW show on 11/04 is excellent (their final full concert performance, with Garcia’s banjo chops by then fully re-established), as are both the JGMS Betty Boards (11/05’s soundboard just emerged for the first time last year).
Thanks to /u/arghdos for hosting on his YT channel.
Enjoy,MrCompletely & wilbard

Old & In the Way – Unknown Location (xx/xx/73)

Old And In The Way
Unknown Venue

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This is a tagged version of shnid: 138896

Source: Unknown sbd > dat (48k)
provided by Rich Gastwirt
Tranfer: Dat > Sony PCM-R500 > Sound Devices 744T > wav 16/48
Transfered by Charlie Miller
Lineage: wav > iZotope RX 6 Advanced > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced > CD Wave > TLH > Flac 16

01 tuning/banter
02 Working On A Building
03 Hobo Song
04 Drifting Too Far From The Shore
05 Knocking On Your Door
06 Old And In The Way Breakdown
07 You’ll Find Her Name Written
08 That High Lonesome Sound//

Vassar Clements ñ fiddle
Jerry Garcia ñ banjo, vocals
David Grisman ñ mandolin, vocals
John Kahn ñ acoustic bass
Peter Rowan ñ guitar, vocals


  • This was filler on Rich’s dat for 07/27/1973 and has previously circulated as a rehearsal session (d2 of shnid 24074, it doesn’t include the last track here)
  • As Vassar is in the band the date would be after July 1973.
  • Thanks to Joe Jupille for his assistance.


  • There is a dropout in the right channel of “Old And In The Way Breakdown” of just over a second so I’ve copied the left channel over.
  • “That High Lonesome Sound” fades out.

Many thanks to Rich for this gem and Charlie for the transfer.

edited and mastered
July 2017

Old & In The Way – Unknown Location (xx/xx/73)

Old and in the Way
unknown, unknown

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This is a tagged version of shnid: 99222

MR > ? > R @ 7.5 ips > CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC
— mastered to CD by Matt Smith — Transfer info.: AKAI GX 625 > Apogee Mini Me(24/96) >Apogee MiniDac(monitoring/mastering) > Wavelab 5.0(dithered to 16/44 via Apogee) > CD > EAC > WAV (TLH confirms no sbes) > FLAC (TLH)

disc 1
01 Going to the Races
02 Wondering Where You Are Tonight
03 Down in the Willow Garden
04 OAITW Breakdown
05 Land of the Navajo
06 ‘Til the End of the World Rolls ‘Round
07 Panama Red
08 I’m Knocking on Your Door
09 Instrumental
10 Down Where the River Bends
11 Band Intros >
12 Blue Mule
13 Love Please Come Home

disc 2
01 Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
02 Pig in a Pen
03 Banter
04 Hard Hearted
05 Turkey in the Straw
06 White Dove
07 Thirsty in the Rain
08 How Mountain Girls can Love
09 Orange Blossom Special
10 ?
11 ?


  • The presence of Richard Greene on fiddle suggests this show was between March and May 1973.
  • wow, thanks Will Boswell and Matt Smith for this “new to general circ.” show. you guys rule!

and, as of now, we don’t have oaitw doing a number of these songs!

there is slight distortion in a few places. this tape warbling, however, is a bit harsh from d2 t6 white dove on.