Pink Floyd – Cincinnati, OH (03/08/73)

Pink Floyd
8th March 1973
The Fieldhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio

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audience recording
Provenance: silver CD > WAV > FLAC


  1. Echoes (15.09)
  2. Obscured by Clouds (5.30)
  3. When You’re In (7.10)
  4. Childhood’s End (7.46)
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (9.30)

Notes: For Asdf29 who requested something heavy on the ‘Obscured by Clouds’ material. Got this off Yeeshkul!, so thanks to whoever it was who upped it! This has been issued on a bootleg called ‘Pink is the Sky’ as disc one of two. ‘Echoes’ is – as the duration makes obvious – incomplete.