Upgrade Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New Haven, CT (10/25/79)

grateful dead new haven 79

Grateful Dead
New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, CT

Download: FLAC/MP3

Recording Info:
Set 1: Nakamichi 700 -> Cassette Master -> Dat -> CD (Recorded By Steve Rolfe)>MP3
Set 2: SBD -> Master Cassette (Sony TCD5M/Maxell UDXL II) -> Master Dat (Panasonic SV3800/48k)>MP3

Transfer Info:
Set 1: CD -> EAC -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN
Set 2: Master Dat (Sony R500) -> Behringer UltraMatch SRC 2000 -> SEK’D Prodif Plus -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN (3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs SHN)

All Transfers and Editing By Charlie Miller

Set 1:
d1t01 – Don’t Ease Me In
d1t02 – Cassidy
d1t03 – Peggy-O
d1t04 – El Paso
d1t05 – Brown Eyed Women
d1t06 – It’s All Over Now
d1t07 – Tennessee Jed
d1t08 – Looks Like Rain
d1t09 – Deal

Set 2:
d2t01 – Shakedown Street – Officially Released
d2t02 – Passenger
d2t03 – Friend Of The Devil
d2t04 – Estimated Prophet ->
d2t05 – Eyes Of The World ->
d2t06 – Space ->
d2t07 – Drums ->
d3t01 – Space ->
d3t02 – Stella Blue ->
d3t03 – Good Lovin’

d3t04 – Tuning
d3t05 – U.S. Blues

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Munich, West Germany (07/20/81)

Bob Dylan
Munich, West Germany
20 July 1981

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01 – Saved (Bob Dylan/Tim Drummond)
02 – I Believe In You
03 – Like A Rolling Stone
04 – Till I Get It Right (Red Lane/Larry Henley)
05 – Man Gave Names To All The Animals
06 – Maggie’s Farm
07 – Girl From The North Country
08 – Ballad Of A Thin Man
09 – Simple Twist Of Fate
10 – Shot Of Love
11 – Forever Young

Carolyn Dennis:
12 – Walk Around Heaven All Day (Rev. James Cleveland/Cassietta George)

13 – The Times They Are A-Changin’
14 – Let’s Begin (Jim Webb)
15 – Lenny Bruce
16 – Slow Train
17 – Mr. Tambourine Man
18 – Solid Rock
19 – Just Like A Woman

Janine Smith:
20 – You Light Up My Life (Joe Brooks)

21 – Watered-Down Love
22 – All Along The Watchtower
23 – Heart Of Mine
24 – Jesus Is The One
25 – When You Gonna Wake Up
26 – In The Garden


27 – Blowin’ In The Wind
28 – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
29 – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Concert # 20 of The Europe Summer Tour 1981. 1981 concert #24.
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Fred Tackett (guitar), Steve Ripley (guitar), Willie Smith (keyboards), Tim Drummond (bass),
Jim Keltner (drums), Clydie King, Carolyn Dennis, Regina Havis, Madelyn Quebec (background vocals).

4 Regina Havis (vocal).
14 Bob Dylan & Clydie King (shared vocal).
23 Bob Dylan (organ).
28 Bob Dylan solo (vocal & guitar).

– There was no opening gospel songs by the backup singers at this show.
– This show was recorded by Dylanís crew.

5 new songs (18%) compared to previous concert. No new songs for this tour.

Stereo audience recording, 135 minutes. Audience video recording, 100 minutes.

LB-03581 ; 59min+80min ; 2CDR ; Rating: B

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Hattiesburg, MI (05/01/76)

Bob Dylan
Reid Green Coliseum
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1 May 1976

Download: FLAC/MP3

Musicians: Bob Dylan (guitar, vocal & harmonica), Scarlet Rivera (violin), T-bone J. Henry Burnette (guitar & piano), Steven Soles (guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), Bobby Neuwirth (guitar & vocal), Roger McGuinn (guitar & vocal), David Mansfield (steel guitar, mandolin, violin & dobro), Rob Stoner (bass), Howie Wyeth (drums), Gary Burke (congas).

disc 1

1. Mr. Tambourine Man
2. Simple Twist Of Fate
3. Vincent van Gogh (Robert Friemark)
4. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
5. Maggie’s Farm
6. One Too Many Mornings
7. Isis (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
8. Blowin’ In The Wind
9. Railroad Boy (trad.)
10. I Pity The Poor Immigrant

disc 2

1. Shelter From The Storm (incomplete)
2. I Threw It All Away
3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
4. You’re A Big Girl Now
5. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
6. Lay Lady Lay
7. Silver Mantis (J. Henry Burnett/Fleming)
8. Mozambique (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
9. Idiot Wind (incomplete)
10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Gotta Travel On (Paul Clayton-Larry Ehrlich-David Lazar-Tom Six)

Low Gen / Master > CDR > EAC > FLAC

Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – San Francisco, CA (03/23/75)

Bob Dylan
SNACK Benefit
San Francisco, CA
March 23, 1975
Ballad of a Blue Poet

Download MP3@160kps

Are You Ready For The Country (Neil Young)
Ain’t That A Lot Of Love (Banks & Parker)
Looking For A Love (Neil Young)
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (S.Wonder)
I Want You
The Weight (Robbie Robertson)
Helpless (Neil Young)
Knockin’ On The Dragon’s Door
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (A.P. Carter)

Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Belfast, Northern Ireland (11/28/91)


Van Morrison
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Grand Opera House
November 28, 1991

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1
01-So Complicated
02-Did Ye Get Healed
03-It’s All In The Game
04-I Forgot That Love Existed
05-See Me Through-Soldier Of Fortune
06-I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
07-Some Peace Of Mind
08-Why Must I Always Explain
09-Foreign Window,
10-By His Grace
11-All Saints Day
12-Allow Me
14-Into The Mystic
15-Sweet Thing-My Lagan Love
16-Star Of The County Down
17-Northern Muse-Solid Ground-When Heart Is Open

Disc 2
01-Youth Of 1,000 Summers
02-Ballerina-So Quiet In Here-That’s Where It’s At
03-A Town Called Paradise
04-Ordinary Life
05-Sticks And Stones
07-Whenever God Shines His Light
08-In The Garden
09-Haunts Of Ancient Peace-It’s Too Late To Stop Now,

Lineup: Ronnie Johnson, Nicky Scott, Teena Lyle, John Miller, Paul Robinson, Kate St John


Ratings are based on
Audience-setlist-venue-backup band-taping job and
finally Van’s mood in increasing order of importance

Audience taping

Many thanks to the taper

Completely reworked from a master generation source
Normalized-deglitched and retracked


Artwork included-thanks to HB

Repost Bonanza: Mississippi John Hurt – Philadelphia, PA (07/xx/1964)

Mississippi John Hurt
Philadelphia Folk Festival

Download: FLAC/MP3



01. C.C. Rider
02. Avalon Blues
03. Nobody’s Dirty Business
04. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor (removed, officially released)
05. Stack-O’Lee Blues (Stagger Lee)

From the original uploader.

This has to be the best sounding MJH concert ever!

Many, many thanks to Dime member Candleman for allowing me to post this unbelievable torrent with corrections. His original notes are included with this torrent.

This show was previously circulating as being from 1970. As Mr. Hurt died in 1966, I conducted a search to determine the correct date. Although I don’t have the exact day of the month, photographs of him taken at the show do exist and are documented as being from July 1964. As the original torrent had the 1970 date on the file names, the file names were changed to generic FLAC numbers (01, 02, etc). No changes to the music itself were made. One addition was made to the setlist, with the identification of track two as “Avalon Blues”. A new md5 canister was also generated. Therefore, if you have this show, your original FLAC files will probably not work.

I need to tell you a story:

The subject of “Stagger Lee” has always been of interest to me. In case you don’t know, Mr. Hurt recorded what is probably the definitive version of this track in 1928. The incident itself is another matter entirely…

All of the conflicting stories of Lee Sheldon’s murder of William Lyons in 1895 over a Stetson hat supposedly stem from a single newspaper article in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Even the Wikipedia version has no references to it, only hearsay. How awful that no one actually knows and that everyoone is making their own version of the story.

To me, that smacks of pure laziness. You would think actual research would have been done by all the different sources quoting it before they opened their big mouths!

Yours truly found the specific newspaper archive organization which has storage rights for this paper during that time period. I also joined Wikipedia in the process, so I could contribute the results. Although they generally don’t do research, the archive organization agreed to make an exception in this case. Here is where we stand right now:

As of today, they are still looking for the article. They did find the obituary for a man named William Lyons in another St. Louis paper, and that is being sent to me (I have to pay a small amount for everything, but it’s worth it). His death is listed in December of 1895. They say there may or may not be a surviving article on surrounding days in the Globe-Democrat (which would be a fantastic thing if they find it), but at least now, someone is actually making an active search.

To me, this is at least a solid shred of evidence that this event actually occured.

Interesting, eh?

Lineage: Sbdmr>Cdr>Eac>Flac->track renaming

Repost Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Rochester, NY (03/10/78)

Jerry Garcia Band
Auditorium Theater, Rochester, NY
March 10, 1978

Also include radio interviews. Details below.

Download: FLAC/MP3

Recorded by Alan Zimmerman
Master Audience Cassette; Sony 54P or Sony ECM 99s> Teac PC-10 (1st Set on Sony FeCr-90; 2nd Set on Maxell UD XLII-90)
Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches:
Master played back on Nakamichi Dragon > ART DI/O > Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe soundcard > Cool Edit 2000 > flac encoding > FLAC

disc 1:
Set 1:

Harder They Come
Mission in the Rain
Russian Lullably
Second That Emotion
Mystery Train

disc 2:
2nd Set:

Love In The Afternoon
They Love Each Other
Tore Up Over You
Simple Twist Of Fate
I’ll Be With Thee
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
E:Midnight Moonlight

Interview on WCMF 96.5 FM
March 10, 1978

Recorded by Alan Zimmerman; FM> Master Audience Cassette
Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches:
Master played back on Nakamichi Dragon > Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe soundcard > Adobe Audition > flac encoding > FLAC

Interview with Jerry Garcia, John Kahn and Donna Godchaux

I’ve excluded the song snippets to avoid legal trouble.

Reuben and Cherise
Jerry, Donna and John
Love in the Afternoon

Repost Bonanza: David Grisman Sextet – Roseland, VA (10/09/11)

David Grisman Sextet
The Festy
Devils Backbone Brewery
Roseland, VA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: Tim In Jersey
Location: OTS/FOB/DFC
Source: mk4v(NOS)>kc5>cmc6>SD 722(24/44.1)
Transfer:CF>HDD>Audacity 1.3.13-beta (normalize, track, FLAC encode)

**24 bit fileset**
1. Intro
2.Opus 57
5.Mad Max
6.The Horn Pipe Dream
8.Minor Swing
9.Blues To Dawg
10.Dawg’s Waltz
11.Happy Birthday Bill Monroe

12.Eat My Dust

Repost Bonanza: Cowboy Junkies – Sausalito, CA (01/30/94)

cowboy junkies

Cowboy Junkies
The Plant, Sausalito, CA
January 30, 1994
Master TDK SAX–100 > audacity > EAC

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Introduction
02. Black Eyed Man
03. White Sail
04. Interview
05. Anniversary Song
06. Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning
07. Interview
08. Pale Sun
09. Lungs
10. Interview
11. Floor Board Blues
12. Outro

Repost Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Munich, Germany (05/26/13) “Born In the USA Live”

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Born In The USA Live
Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: LB (from back of GA)
Roland R05 (16 bit 48 kHz WAVE)
Church-Audio CA-11 (battery box)

Track split with CD Wave
FLAC convert and tagging with dbPoweramp

Track list:
01. Born In The USA
02. Cover Me
03. Darlington County
04. Working On The Highway
05. Downbound Train
06. I’m On Fire
07. No Surrender
08. Bobby Jean
09. I’m Goin’ Down
10. Glory Days
11. Dancing In The Dark
12. My Hometown
13. Who’ll Stop The Rain (acoustic bonus track)

Bad sound motsly due to heavy rain and wind.
16 bit 48 kHz FLAC files.