A little while ago I posted two source for a Jerry Garcia Band show dated May 21, 1983.  I inadvertently posted a link claiming to be the Moran source in MP3 format which was in fact the Johnson source.  Both MP3 links were in fact for the Johnson source.  I have now updated the links and you can find the Moran MP3 source here.


My apologies for the error.

The Midnight Cafe (For Real)

I am proud to announce that after many months of talking about getting some real webspace, I have actually got some real webspace.

It took a long time, a bit of sweat and luck, but I have no (hopefully permanently) moved to

Yes, I know, the “the” is kind of annoying.  I wanted “, or .com or .whatever” but all of those were taken.  So I had to add in “the.”

Mark you calendars, add in your book marks, commit it to memory.

I’m in.

PS  I know it is incredibly bare right now.  I just got it and am excited.  I suppose I should have waited until I had actually done something to it to impress you lot.  But I couldn’t wait.  Keep your eye on it though, for it shall be spit shined soon.

Sorry For The Delay, But…

I know everyone expected lots of updates about my adventures in China by now.  The thing is Chinas firewall has kept me from logging into WordPress until just now.  Temporarily I have moved the blog back to the blogger blog at the midnitcafe.

I really do plan to get my own webspace soon and that should get rid of all this nonsense.  I know I’ve been saying that for ages now, but I would say within 6 weeks it will be a reality.  Our first pay check comes tomorrow but it will be very small.  The next pay check will be at the end of September and hopefully by then we will have all our reimbursements too which means mad cash.  I swear I’ll invest in real space then, OK?

Until then check out the blogger blog.  Or maybe if this sucker keeps letting me in I may go back here.

The Shanghai Cafe

I have created the new China blog, The Shanghai Cafe. (Yes I know that’s a dumb name, but it declares where I am, and ties it to the Midnight Cafe.)  This blog will be for daily posting of my everyday life.  From time to time I will post longer, more interesting pieces and for those I will co post them here, as well as Blogcritics.  Actually I’m hoping to do a weekly post for them.

At the moment I do not have an internet connection (I’m using my sisters right now) so posts are very sporadic.  But by the end of next week we should be in our apartment and have internet so things should jump up then.

Also, China randomly blocks a lot of websites and for now both blogger and wordpress are two of them.  I can still post, but I cannot actually see the page nor can I make comments.  I have found a way to anonymously view the pages, but still cannot figure out the commenting.  So, if you talk to me and I do not respond just blame China and not me.

Obviously, it will still be a bit before Brewster’s Millions is really gaining new posts too.

All My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go

We leave Monday. As in a little more than a day from right now. As in really, really soon.

We’ve packed, unpacked, and packed our bags again and again. They are weighed and measured and we think everything is exactly right. Yet we are still taking some back up bags in case our carry-ons are too big, or we need to drop some stuff onto our parents.

Though I’ve been really nervous all week, I’ve been very calm today. I think I’m just ready to get it all over with. I’m sure butterflies will come tomorrow, but for now I’m good.

We will have internet access in China, but it will be spotty for a little while. We’ll be in a motel for a few days when we arrive, and my sister is connnected, so I know I’ll be e-mailing, and I’ll probably slip in a blog somewhere, but it may take a couple of weeks to get settled and have internet in our apartment. Thus Brewster’s Millions will not be updated a lot.

I still don’t have a name for my China blog, so suggestions are still welcome. My wife suggested taking the name from those crazy signs they have in China where they have completely butchered the English language translation. I like the idea, but have yet to see one that was short enough for a URL, funny after a couple of listens, and made some sense as an ex-pat in China blog.

See you in a few days.

Maybe All I Need Is A Shot In The Arm

After too many calls and not enough attention paid to the quickly zooming by time, Amy and I finally got all of our inoculations yesterday.  I got two in each arm and now they are extraordinarily sore.  I can hardly lift them.  Yet I still gave the old man a good hand to day with the shovel.

We got them at the local health department.  Government buildings always depress me.  The building itself was old and windowless and run down.  The folks behind the counter were sour and haggard.  But who can blame them living day after day in that drab building dealing with the tired and stupid and irritating masses full of screaming babies and sour smells?

Nicely our nurse was very kind and had all sorts of post cards filling her walls from all over the world as her patients send them to her.   As we were leaving we nearly ran into an armed policemen who then promptly escorted a not-too-happy looking young latino in the bright orange colors of the state pen complete with handcuffs.

The living room is now full of suitcases and clothes as my wife tries to determine which clothes fit and look good and should be worn in China, and which will sit in a closet for a year.

The sister left for China again early this morning.  This has seemed to throw things off a bit for us.  Having her around was a great source of comfort as she continued to show great excitment for our arrival in China as we struggle with the stress and the great unknown.  Now that she is gone, it feels all weird again.

Shortly, I suspect I will be starting a seperate China blog.  I will still post longer stories and things here about China, but I have decided to keep the daily, very bloggy posts about my experiences in China seperate from this that has become more pop culture oriented. 

I haven’t thought of a witty name for it yet, so if anyone has suggestions, do comment.

You Can Go Home Again

Terrible title, I know.  I meant to say this the other day, but I was busy. We moved out of the apartment yesterday and headed to my folks in Oklahoma.  We will be here about two weeks and then fly to China.  During this period I really have no idea how much I will be writing.  I’ll try to do updates, but I expect I will either be working with pop or running around with mom.

Um, yeah, that’s really all.  I don’t know why I like to do updates like this as there are maybe two people who read regularly and actually care.  All the rest come randomly from search engines.

I Got A Mac, Plus Random Bits

With the move to China there has been some inventory checking and some wish listi buying.  We knew we wanted a new laptop as the Dell is getting a bit old and acting its age.  Like pretty much every computer I’ve owned it is now moving slow, locking up and generally giving me more trouble than I know how to handle.

Truth be told, it would probably last us a few more years were we not moving to China, but that kind of a move is a good excuse to upgrade.

The Mac choice is recent.  I’ve been interested in them for along while, but making the jump seemed too difficult and the inability to work in a PC world seemed too great.  But with plenty of assurances from friends that the transition was fluid and that Macs now work well with PCs we got more serious.

This is especially true as I have become more geeky with my blogging and digital camera-ing and all around living on the internet.  Macs are notoriously good at artistic type stuff, and as my life is more artistic-y we finally made the choice to go to the other side.

We went with the basic Macbook.  120 gig hard drive, 1 gig memory etc.  Not top of the line, but way better than the Dell.

Honestly though, I can’t say I’m super impressed.  This always happens with my new technology.  I get all excited about it before I purchase that by the time it is in-hand I expect it to be magical.  Then I look at it going –is this it?

The Mac is a computer, it does computer stuff.  Cool computer stuff, but it didn’t clean my house or make me smarter or anything so I’m immediately kind of let down.

But that’s just me.

It is nice a fast and whiz-bang, but I’m tentative about that as all new computers are.  So far it has been pretty easy to navigate the differences between PC and Mac.  The one button mouse still trips me up, and the keyboard is slightly different, but I’m learning.  I’ve only just played with the video/picture/audio tools, but they look way cool.  I’m already planning bootleg country pod casts for China.

Please slap me if I turn into that annoying Mac guy from those commercials.
A couple of other odds and ends:

Tomorrow I am headed to Oklahoma.  Will be working with dad in the heat and dirt.  It will be back breaking work, but hopefully I’ll earn enough cash to take care of the bills.  I should be able to keep up with the blog, but please forgive any breaks.

You may have noticed the blog taking on a more bloggy feel of late.  This will continue for a long while.  With the moving and the stress and the business I haven’t been able to do my normal pop-culture madness.  It is hard to review a movie when I haven’t been watching them, or do a Random Shuffle when I’m out of town moving boxes.  It is however a little more easy to do a quick blurb about what I am doing.  I try to write cool essays, but even those are tough.

When I first started this blog it was all about my experiences in France.  It was only later that it merged into the bastion of pop culture goodness.  Now with China looming it will probably turn into more personal bits.

You’ll get used to it. You’ll learn to love it.

More Complaining

Once again, this weekend, I am headed out of town to help my in-laws pack.  This time I will most likely stay until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Once again, they have an incredibly slow internet connection (read dial-up) which does nothing but frustrate me.  It’s funny how I survived quite well for so long with a dial-up connection and never minded that much, but now that I have broadband I just can’t make myself go back.

Spoiled brat.

This is also going to make it week #4 without a Random Shuffle.  I haven’t gone this long without one since I started doing the feature.  I’d promise to get back to it soon, but life is so full of flux right now, I can’t promise anything.

Did I mention I’m unemployed again?  I’ve got a few leads on something new, but I have now idea if that will pan out.  The wife, as of this coming Monday will also be unemployed.  She’s also got a few things that look very promising, but again, who the crap knows?

Stress is all around, but I’m actually not all that stressed out.  But I am busy which makes this blog pretty worthless.  I sound like a record repeating that little mantra, and I can no longer hope for  a quick recovery, but it shall not die, no matter how ill it becomes.

For the record, the AC is still not working.

Personal Baggage

Sorry for the non-interesting post today, and the lack of anything yesterday.Various crap has been going down, and I’ve not had the time/energy/inclination to blog much.

My job is officially over next week.  The guy everybody said would not return, is returning.

Headed to the in-laws tonight to help them pack.  They’ve got to vacate the premises by end of month.

 So I won’t be blogging this weekend, and I’ve won’t be able to get at it Monday at work, nor possibly in the evening due to other committments.  But rest assured, after that I’ll be back on track.