Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Paris, France (08/17/79)

van morrison - 1979

Van Morrison
Theatre Mogador
Paris, France

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WL Source



John Altham – Sax
Herbie Armstrong – Guitar
David Hayes – Bass
Toni Marcus – Violin
Peter Van Hooke – Drums
Pete Wigfield – Keyboards
Katie Kissoon – Backing Vocals

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Frejus, France (08/16/79)

van morrison - 1979 08_16 Frejus front

Van Morrison
Frejus, France

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As per usual with these 70s Van shows I have no source info. This is a pretty decent sounding audience recording – Mat

Kingdom Hall
Bright Side of the Road
Into The Mystic
Here Comes The Night
You Make Me Feel So Free
Warm Love
Call Me Up In Dreamland
Full Force Gale
I’ve Been Working
Brown Eyed Girl

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Newcastle, England (03/19/79)

Van Morrison - 1979 03_19 Newcastle front

Van Morrison
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle, England

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I have no source info for this. It is definitely an audience recording and a pretty good one all things considered – Mat

Brown Eyed Girl
Checkin’ It Out
Don’t Look Back
Warm Love
Wild Nights
Crazy Love
I Like It Like That
Kingdom Hall
Moonshine Whiskey
Tupelo Honey
I’ve Been Working
St. Domonick’s Preview

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Kalvoya, Norway (08/26/79)

Van Morrison - Norway 1979_26_Aug_Kalvoya_front

Van Morrison
Isle Of Calf Festiva
Kalvoya, Sandvika, Norway

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I have no source info for this. Its a pretty rough sounding audience recording.

Kingdom Hall
Bright Side Of The Road
Into The Mystic
Here Comes The Night
Warm Love
You Make Me Feel So Free
It’s All In The Game
Full Force Gale
Almost Independence Day
Wavelength > Tupelo Honey
I’ve Been Working
Brown Eyed Girl
Goodnight Irene
Call Me Up In Dreamland

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Unplugged in the Studio (1968 – 1971)

van morrison - unplugged in the studio

Van Morrison
Unplugged In The Studio (1968-71)

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This CD, released in 2005, contains a compilation of acoustic studio demo material stretching from the Astral Weeks period through to the early 1970s.

1-11 :Acoustic Demos for Studio Album 1968-1971
12-18 :Acoustic Demos for Unreleased Songs 1968-1971

01. The Way Young Lovers Do
02. Ballerina
03. And It Stoned Me
04. Caravan
05. Come Running
06. These Dreams Of You
07. Brand New Day
08. Domino
09. If I Ever Needed Someone
10. Wild Night
11. When That Evening Sun Goes Down
12. Nobody Really Knows
13. Bit By Bit
14. Hey Where Are You
15. I Need Your Kind Of Loving
16. Lorna
17. Rock And Roll Band
18. Funny Face

Media Info:
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Channels: joint stereo
Samplerate: 44100
Encoder: LAME 3.99
MPEG-1 layer 3

*many thanks and much respect to zorn and all those who care enough to share

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Sheffield, England (03/10/79)

Van Morrison Sheffield 03.197

City Hall
Sheffield, England
March 10, 1979
Transfer From 2nd Generation Tape

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Good to Very Good Audience Recording

Transferred From 2nd Generation Tape by JTT, October 2006

Source: Taper ‘MS’ (Master Cassette)>Cassette>Cassette TDK AD90
(Dolby B)>
Sony D6 Dolby B (Playback)>Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Level
Corrections, Edits, Fades)>FLAC

Disc One
1. Moondance
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. Checkin’ It Out
4. Don’t Look Back
5. Warm Love
6. Wild Night
7. Wavelength
8. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
9. Kingdom Hall

Disc Two
1. Tupelo Honey
2. Moonshine Whiskey
3. I’ve Been Working
4. Saint Dominic’s Preview
5. Gloria
6. Hungry For Your Love
7. Caravan

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Mama Mama Look At Emma Rose

van morrison mama mama look at emma roesett boston72<

Van Morrison
Mama Mama Look At Emma Rose
No label

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Aquarius Theater
Boston, MA
May 19, 1972
CD 1

Introduction / I’ve Been Working (8:06)
Astral Weeks (8:45)
Caravan (6:41)
I Will Be There (3:10)
Moondance (5:04)
Misty (3:54)
Tupelo Honey (6:08)
Listen To The Lion (10:11)
He Ain’t Give You None (5:49)
Wild Night (5:15)
Domino (6:11)
Total time: (69:16)

CD 2

May 19, 1972, Boston, MA conclusion
Cyprus Avenue (11:15)

November 2, 1973
“Talk about Pop”
Radio Telefos Eireann (RTE) Studios,
Dublin, Ireland – TV interview w/Tony Johnson
Wild Children (4:24)
Slim Slow Slider (3:29)
Warm Love (5:28)
Drumshanbo Hustle (6:36)
Autumn Song (6:25)

Them, April 11, 1965
“The New Musical Express Poll Winners’ Concert ’65”
Wembley Stadium, London, England
Intro/outroduction by Jimmy Savile
Here Comes The Night (3:57)
Turn On Your Love LIght (6:31)

November 4, 1978
“Saturday Night Live”
NBC Studios, New York, NY
Wavelength (5:25)
Kingdom Hall (4:01)

December 1, 1995
“The Late Late Show”, RTE Studios
Dublin, Ireland (intro by Gay Byrne)
No Religion (7:02)
That’s Life (4:01)
Total time: (68:34)

Boston show is 1st generation analog tape transfered to CDR with DAO

Administration & Liners:
Tree administration for this tree was by the infinitely resourceful dcat. Richard Batey was again the designer of some great jewel-case liners for this show.

This is an audience recording from 27 years ago, complete with flaws. This is, however, only 1 of 2 shows from 1972 known to exist and is therefore mainly of historical/archival interest. Stunning versions of “Astral Weeks”, “He Ain’t Give You None”, and “Misty”. “He Ain’t Give You None” is given a slow blues shuffle. “Listen to the Lion” is also a definite highlight. The source of this tape is from an audience recording, so the sound quality is not as good as one would hope, but the playing is very inspired and offers an interesting perspective on the evolution of Van’s live music just before starting the Caledonia Soul Orchestra — John Plantania and Jack Schroer adding their amazing talents to the mix

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – London, England (02/26/79)

van morrison - london 1979_02_26_London_front

Van Morrison
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
Feburary 26th 1979

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Source: Audience
Lineage: Unknown

101- Moondance
102- And It Stoned Me
103- Into The Mystic
104- Wavelength
105- Don’t Look Back
106- Natalia
107- Kingdom Hall
108- Crazy Love (KK) ((Missing))
109- Checkin’ It Out
110- Moonshine Whiskey
111- Tupelo Honey
201- Wild Night
202- Saint Dominic’s Preview
203- I’ve Been Working
204- Hungry For Your Love
205- Caravan
206- Cyprus Avenue

John Altham – saxophones
Herbie Armstrong – guitar
Peter Bardens – keyboards
Mickey Feat – bass
Pat Kyle – saxophones
Toni Marcus – violin & vocals
Bobby Tench – guitar
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Katie Kissoon – backing vocals
Anna Peacock – backing vocals

Note from original uploader:
I downloaded this show, 01/07/2011 from a defunct tracker … sorry, i can’t recall who seeded it.
I added the Info file, and both md5 and ffp files … no changes made to flac files.

Crazy Love missing from this recording
Cyprus Avenue is complete!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Oxnard, CA (02/12/74)

Van Morrison - 1974 02_12 Oxnard front

unknown venue
Oxnard, California, U.S.A.

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sorry I have no source information. Its a rough, but listenable audience recording.

01. Ballerina
02. Astral Weeks
03. Brown Eyed Girl
04. Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do
05. These Dreams Of You
06. I Believe To My Soul
07. My Little Suede Shoes [unknown instrumental]
08. Heathrow Shuffle [AKA Pure; instrumental]
09. Moondance
10. Wild Night
11. Caravan
12. Gloria

Van Morrison – vocals, harmonica & other instruments
James Rothermel – saxophone
Dahaud Shaar – drums
James Trumbo – keyboards
Ralph Wash – guitar
David Hayes – bass