CNN Has Security Video Footage Of I-35 Bridge Collapse

I know I’ve been absent a lot this week. Turns out preparing for a year in China takes a lot of work and stress and inability to write coherently. Actually I have a bit on the last Harry Potter book, but it continues to grow in length and needs a good deal of editing (kind of like the book, actually.) I finished the bit on HP as one can see, though it is too long and could still use some editing, I decided to let it fly anyway.

Meanwhile here is some interesting footage of that collapse.

Dreamin’ Songs – “Cherish” By Madonna

200px-madonna-cherish-5328.jpgI admit it. I liked Madonna when I was a boy. I’ll even admit I had something of a boyhood crush on her. Or maybe it was boyhood lust, I don’t know.

This was pre-married to that Brit who used to make interesting, funny, violent films until he got married to an aging pop star and dropped completely off the map. This was pre- way over the top kinky sex and bad teeth Madonna. This was even mostly pre- pushed the envelope way too far with a big, expensive photo book that everyone talked about but no one bought Madonna.

No this was when Madonna was mostly known for her excellent pop music and her pushing the envelope (but not too far) videos. As a kid I dug her catchy singles, and her risqué (but not too risqué) profile.

“Cherish” came in the latter part of my favorite period Madonna (her next album would be the too kinky, too weird, not very interesting Erotica where I lost all interest.) It is a decent, if not all that memorable little tune, but one I still keep on the dial when I find it on the radio.

It is the video, however, that I remember most. It was shot in beautiful black and white by glamor photographer Herb Ritz. It is essentially Madonna dressed in a low cut, short black dress cavorting in the ocean with a little mer-kid. She looks stunningly gorgeous and appears to be having a great deal of fun. Mainly though I liked the low cut, short dress in the ocean part. Madonna was always good at showing some skin in those days, and as a pubescent boy I was always willing to watch.

I don’t have the slightest idea why this song popped into my head this morning. I don’t believe I have heard it recently and lawd knows I don’t really listen to Madonna anymore, but there it was, and here it is.

0 Days Of Ryan Adams – Last Nights “Two” From Letterman

I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker with the Ryan Adams countdown. Lots of stuff has gone down in the old home life, and I’ve been busy packing. We also spent the last several days in Tennessee visiting various family members.

Obviously, Easy Tiger came out this past Tuesday. Due to the aforementioned traveling, I was unable to purchase it until just last night. Two listens in and it isn’t as marvelous as it was in my mind (and from my memory of the live performance) and yet it is better too. I have no idea where I will place it in the pantheon of Ryan Adams records yet, but I think it will float somewhere to the top of the pile.

“Two” is already one of my favorite songs, and I was literally singing it in my head these past few days until I bought the album. Ryan played it last night on Letterman and it is a thing of beauty.

Poison Covering Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”

Seriously. The 80’s hair metal messiahs have released a new album full of unusual covers, including the recent Timberlake hit. I liked Poison in their hay day. Ok, I loved them and all their hair. But I was like 13 and hair metal was a big deal. I still like them for their cheesy nostalgic bliss, but dear gawd, I don’t need them to release new material.

Just tour on the greatest hits package boys.

I’m not a fan by any means of Timberlake, though if pushed I will admit he has the best sound of any of his contemporary boybandness. He at least gets out some interesting beats. But one thing this song didn’t need, was more bad metal guitar. Whatever, here is a video of the song not made by the band (but a fan) but it apparently now has the approval of the band.

10 Days Of Ryan Adams

“What Sin” – From the Henry Rollins Show

One of my favorite rockers from Ryan. It has a big blues feel to it and the Cardinals totally get off on it.

“I See Monsters” – 07-22-06 Norfolk Virginia

This is actually one of his super soft little numbers, except here it is totally cranked up. Totally different version from the studio deal, but still very excellent

So Many Days Until Ryan Adams

I’m a little behind in everything, and a little more weary from the wear and tear, and honestly I’ve lost count of the days, but here’s a little more Ryan Adams for you.

“Answering Bell” – the actual video, like what you used to find on MTV. I didn’t know real artists still made these things, but this one is pretty fun.

And just for kicks here’s Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams in a Gap commercial

24 Days Of Ryan Adams

First up we have the song that introduced me (and a lot of others) to Mr. Adams, “New York New York.” This had to be for some television show or something. It is shot in Jamaica and Ryan, though wearing his trademark odd outfit, is doing way too much smiling and laughing for it to be be anything else than a promotional tool. Crap, any more he doesn’t even seem to smile for those.

When Ryan started playing with the Cardinals a lot of folks started throwing around Grateful Dead references, and it is true, they sound a bit like the Dead and from bootlegs I noticed Ryan playing some nice Garcia licks. As a deadhead, I can’t say I’ve complained about this new mode of Ryan Adams.

Ryan also played a few show with Phil and Friends, which is Phil Lesh, the Dead bassist and various cohorts he likes to take on the road. I have one crappy bootleg of a show in San Francisco, and it lacks anything I’d like to write about. Not really Ryan’s fault but the bad sound quality.

Anyways here’s Ryan playing with Phil and the brilliant “Wharf Rat” at the Jammies.