Bootlegs of the Day: May 22, 2023 – Bob Dylan

Happy Bob Dylan Monday. Today I’ve got several shows from Bob’s European tour with Carlos Santana in 1984. I’ve marked the times the show notes indicate Carlos actually playing with Bob but I didn’t spend a lot of time digging into it. So it is possible that I missed some.

Bob Dylan & Carlos Santana – 1984.05.29 – Sirmione, Italy – Press Conference

Bob Dylan – 1984.06.11 – Offenbach, Germany

Bob Dylan – 1984.06.14 – Vienna, Austria

Bob Dylan – 1984.06.20 – Rome, Italy – w/Carlos Santana in the encores

Bob Dylan – 1984.06.28 – Barcelona, Italy

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Freddy Or Not

Speaking of Freddy Koella playing with Dylan, someone over at Expecting Rain recently posted this incredible 9-volume compilation of their time playing together. You can grab it here.

I’m downloading it now and will upload and post it here sometime in the near(ish) future so if you don’t have an Expecting Rain account (and I do highly recommend one) then you can grab it from me.

Bootlegs of the Day: May 15, 2023 – Bob Dylan

We got back from Nashville late Saturday night. I was too tired to try and find some new artists to upload but I had a bunch of Dylan in the hopper and decided to plow through it. This does conclude my Dylan with Freddy Koella collection. I’ll try to fill in the missing gaps sometime in the future, but we’ll say goodbye for now. If you have suggestions on where to go next with Dylan I am all ears.

Bob Dylan – 2004.03.19 – Toronto, Canada

Bob Dylan – 2004.03.20 – Toronto, Canada

Bob Dylan – 2004.03.21 – Toronto, Canada

Bob Dylan – 2004.03.30 – Philadelphia, PA

Bob Dylan – 2004.04.09 – Asheville, NC

Bob Dylan – 2004.04.13 – Atlanta, GA

Bob Dylan – 2004.04.14 – Atlanta, GA

Bob Dylan – 2005 – Live at the Orpheum

Bob Dylan – 2005.04.15 – Boston, MA

Bob Dylan – 2005.04.16 – Boston, MA

Bob Dylan – 2005.04.17 – Boston, MA

Bob Dylan – 2005.11.17 – Glasgow, Scotland

Bob Dylan – 2005.11.26 – Dublin, Ireland

Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

bob dylan 30th anniversary celebration

In 1992 Columbia Records put together a massive collection of artists to celebrate Bob Dylan’s recording career. As I say in my review, at the time it must have seemed like a capstone to a long career. One that seemed like it was dying (I rather like some of Dylan’s output in the 1980s, but from a record company standpoint it certainly wasn’t his strongest decade).

The concert is pretty great, even if I haven’t listened to it since writing this review in 2014. You can read all of my thoughts from back then here.

Links of the Day: April 27, 2023 – Wilco and Bob Dylan

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Bootlegs of the Day: April 24, 2023

You’ll never guess what I have for you today. Surprise! It is several Bob Dylan shows from 2003!

Bob Dylan – 2003.10.26 – Graz, Austria

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.01 – Rome, Italy

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.11 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.15 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.17 – Dublin, Ireland

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.21 – Birmingham, England

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.23 – London, England