Grateful Dead – San Rafael, CA (04/16/79)

Grateful Dead
Monday, April 16, 1979
Le Club Front
San Rafael, CA

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Brent Mydland Rehearsals (highlights)

Source: Master Cassette > DAT at 16/48 (with possible extra cassette generation)

Speed Correction by Jason Chastain
2022 DAT Transfer and Mastering by Jim Blackwood
Track, FLAC, and Pack by Steve Gravel

While similar to documented lineages on existing sources, this is a new source from Jim Blackwood’s collection.

Originally aired on Dead Legs – Program #25 (2022-04-17) – “Brent’s Rehearsals Revisited” on
Originally shared to in July, 2022

16 Bit 48 kHz FLAC Level 8

01 Jam (fades in) >
02 Not Fade Away >
03 Jam >
04 Space >
05 Drums >
06 Jam
07 tuning and talk
08 Passenger noodling
09 Passenger
10 Passenger
11 I Need a Miracle (abandoned)
12 Bertha > Good Lovin’ (abandoned)
13 Bertha outro > Good Lovin’ intro practice
14 Bertha outro >
15 Good Lovin’
16 it’s hard to forget
17 I Need a Miracle (fades out)
18 Jam (fades in) >
19 Jam (fades out)
20 Scarlet Begonias (fades in, abandoned)
21 Scarlet Begonias bridge practice
22 Scarlet Begonias (cuts in) >
23 Fire on the Mountain
24 Space (fades in and out)
25 Gloria (fades in) >
26 Linda Lou
27 Jam (fades in)
28 downtime
29 Jam (cuts out)
30 Jack Straw (cuts in)

The Who – Frejus, France (05/12/79)

Arenes de Frejus
Frejus (near Cannes), FRA
12. May 1979

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Disc 1:

  1. Substitute
  2. I Can’t Explain
  3. Baba O’Riley
  4. The Punk And The Godfather
  5. Boris The Spider
  6. Sister Disco
  7. Music Must Change
  8. Behind Blue Eyes
  9. Dreaming From The Waist
  10. Pinball Wizard >
  11. See Me Feel Me
  12. Long Live Rock *

Disc 2:

  1. Bargain
  2. Who Are You
  3. My Generation >
  4. Join Together >
  5. My Generation Blues
  6. Magic Bus >
  7. Guitar / Keyboard Bridge >
  8. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  9. Summertime Blues
  10. The Real Me

approx. 114 mins
seamless transfer, disc change is only a suggestion

  • tape warble from 55:37 to 57:15

Pete Townshend Vocals, Guitar
Roger Daltrey Harmonica, Vocals
John Entwistle Vocals, Bass
Kenney Jones Drums
John Bundrick Piano, Keyboards

fresh transfer:
? gen C > CD > EAC > wav > Adobe Audition > CDwave >
FlacFrontend (level 6, verified, with align on sector boundaries) >
flac > TTD

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Bob Marley – Madison, WI (11/11/79)

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
November 11, 1979

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contrast clause
Same as:
but processed with Soundforge + Waves (BIAS) “Z-noise” noise reduction plug-in to remove excessive tape hiss

Listening to the first track, I noticed the long hissy (silent) leader before the first song faded in and figured that this baseline noise would be easy to remove with a good noise reduction plugin as there was so much isolated tape hiss to sample. The effect is subtle but definitely an improvement. I didn’t get too crazy as I really hate squelched higher frequencies due to over-aggressive noise reduction.

(Before and after sample in comments)

Credits and thanks to Viewmaster;-)

Source: SBD
Lineage: ?>cdr>wav>flac>dime>wav>soundforge+Waves “Z-Noise”>flac

Length: 43:28
Quality: A-, not perfect, but nice

Positive Vibration 4:59
Wake Up And Live 5:07
Them Belly Full 3:40
Ambush In The Night 4:15
I Shot The Sheriff 4:53
Running Away 3:24
Crazy Baldhead 3:48
The Heathen 4:38
War 4:12
No More Trouble 1:48
Africa Unite 2:37

Credits: anon 😉

Queen – Cologne, Germany (02/01/79)

Cologne, Germany
February 1, 1979

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This is the complete Cologne 79 show, something which collectors have been after for ages. It has always come out in bits and pieces, but always the same few songs were missing. Here it is, complete, and probably in the best quality we’ll ever get for it.

There are two audience sources. One has popped up on various LP and CD bootlegs over the years, and there is an uncut tape from this source (we’ll call this uncut one “source A”). The uncut tape is actually a bit worse quality than the best LP source. So, I have taken about 2/3 of the show from that LP source, and It’s Late, BoRhap, TYMD, SHA, WWRY, WATC, and GSTQ from the uncut tape. A second audience source (of inferior quality, which we’ll call “source B”) was used to fill in source A’s missing parts during Dreamers Ball and WATC.

Overall, the quality is close to excellent, but it fluctuates now and then, as indicated above. The edits are as smooth as possible. Also, I listened to the show carefully, and removed all of the vinyl ticks, and any other flaws in the sound. And of course they all play at the same tape speed/pitch.

Here’s the setlist. All are from the best possible LP source unless otherwise indicated:

Disc 1:
We Will Rock You (fast)
Let Me Entertain You
Somebody To Love
If You Can’t Beat Them
Death On Two Legs
Killer Queen
Bicycle Race
I’m In Love With My Car
Get Down, Make Love
You’re My Best Friend
Now I’m Here
Don’t Stop Me Now
Spread Your Wings
Dreamers Ball (part from source B)

Disc 2:
Love Of My Life
It’s Late
Brighton Rock
Keep Yourself Alive
Bohemian Rhapsody (source A)
Tie Your Mother Down (source A)
Sheer Heart Attack (source A)
We Will Rock You (source A)
Are The Champions (source A completed with source B)
God Save The Queen

Distribute these files only if they are left completely unaltered. As always with my shares, if I see a complete Cologne 79 made available here or elsewhere in mp3 or any other lossy format, I will never share another thing here again.


Sir GH

Queen – Paris, France (02/27-03/01/79)

France, Paris
Pavillion de Paris
compilation of three night (Feb 27, 28 and March 1st)

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quality: EX SBD
Lineage: low gen VHS (Using Sam sung SV-C633) > WAV (Using Sound Forge Ver 7.0) > Track divide up (Using Sound Forge Ver 7.0) > Burn CDR (Using Jet Audio) > CD Rip (Using Jet Audio) > WAV (Lossless Check) > FLAC

some site said this one contains only March 1st.
but it’s definitely guess wrong.
I compared audience recording of the Feb 28 and March 1st with this.
at least, without doubt, this is 3 nights compilation.
but track order is just the same that March 1st show (though Typical medley, Love Of My Life, ’39, It’s Late, Brighton Rock, Keep Yourself Alive and usual 2nd encore is cut)

  1. Thunderbolt And Lightning (intro)
  2. We Will Rock You (fast)
  3. Let Me Entertain You
  4. Somebody To Love
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls
  6. You’re My Best Friend
  7. Now I’m Here
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now
  9. Mustapha (intro)
  10. If You Can’t Beat Them (Join Us)
  11. Spread Your Wings
  12. Dreamer’s Ball
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody
  14. Tie Your Mother Down
  15. Sheer Heart Attack

Tom Waits – Canada After Dark (05/05/79)

Tom Waits
live at Canada After Dark TV Show

CBC Television

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This is yet another one of the rare shows that you often hear about but never find anywhere.
(courtesy of M.R. archive) ;O)

Thank you very much to my good friend Mauro Verona for sharing this gem. )

Quality : B

Lineage :
Source: CBC Television > unknown generation cassette
Wav > WavePad Sound Editor > Flac


01, DJ Intro

  1. On The Nickel
  2. DJ
  3. Burma Shave
  4. DJ Outro

Grateful Dead – Detroit, MI (01/21/79)

Grateful Dead
Masonic Temple
Detroit, MI

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This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 19083


Source: Unknown AUD > ? > SHN
Editing: SHN>WAV>CE2K>CDWAVE>shntool>mkwACT

–Set 1–
101-D1T01 – Sugaree
102-D1T02 – Me & My Uncle
103-D1T03 – Big River
104-D1T04 – They Love Each Other
105-D1T05 – Beat It on Down the Line (21 beats!)
106-D1T06 – Dire Wolf
107-D1T07 – Looks Like Rain
108-D1T08 – Brown-Eyed Women
109-D1T09 – New Minglewood Blues
110-D1T10 – Friend of the Devil
111-D1T11 – Jack Straw
112-D1T12 – Deal

–Set 2–
201-D2T01 – Samson & Delilah
202-D2T02 – Terrapin Station//
203-D2T03 – Playing in the Band//
204-D2T04 – Drums//
205-D2T05 – Space//
206-D2T06 – Truckin’//
207-D2T07 – Stella Blue//
208-D2T08 – Good Lovin’

209-D2T09 -U.S. Blues

–disc 1 total time–72:15–
–disc 2 total time–78:22–

-This audience recording is marginal at best, but does reproduce a super show (not just because it was my first Dead show!) that should be of interest to collectors.
-The recording has undergone some DSP that includes EQ and NR (I found a
nice piece of hiss to formulate a decent sample). Even though its still hissy, it was very hissy before the NR.
-Most of the tracks in Set 2 are cut at their end.
-The show occurred in the dead cold of Mid-West winter, and started late as the crowd waited over an hour outside for the doors to open. To compensate, the Dead played a lively and energetic show–“The winter was so hard and cold”. Donna was absent.
-The show occurred in the Main Theatre of the Masonic Temple, one of the finest public halls in the United States, having a seating capacity of about 4,500 that produced a very intimate contact between audience and stage. The decorative treatment of the auditorium has considerable detail adapted from the Venetian Gothic, and the general tone is gold which has been enlivened with red and blue to produce a quiet richness of color seldom attempted in this type of work. A great deal of careful
study was given to the acoustical treatment of this room which has produced an auditorium where the hearing qualities are perfect from every seat. This is the only time the Grateful Dead played this theatre.
-Thanks to Teri “RamblinRose” for the source SHNs.

Peter Gabriel – Reading, England (08/26/79)

Peter Gabriel
Reading Festival
Reading, England
26 August 1979

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PGWeeds04 (PGW04)

Radio Broadcast (except tracks 12-16)

  1. Biko (Cuts In) 6:05
  2. On the air 4:03
  3. DIY 4:18
  4. Humdrum 2:55
  5. No self control 3:48
  6. White shadow 5:02
  7. Mother of violence 5:19
  8. Modern love 4:38
  9. Moribund the Burgermeister 4:56
  10. Perspective 3:39
  11. Solsbury hill 5:42
  12. Band introduction (Audience Recording) 1:27
  13. Animal magic (Audience Recording) 4:18
  14. I don’t remember (Audience Recording) 5:15
  15. Here comes the flood (Audience Recording) 3:39
  16. The lamb lies down on Broadway (Audience Recording) 7:47

Lineage: Cdr (trade) > EAC > WAVE > TLH > FLAC (level 8)
No Sector Boundary Errors (TLH)

Peter Gabriel – Glastonbury, England (06/23/79)

Peter Gabriel
Glastonbury Fayre
Glastonbury, England

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I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

1.1 Here Comes The Flood 03:07
1.2 Don’t Take No For An Answer 05:18
1.3 I Don’t Remember 05:35
1.4 Bully For You 04:04
1.5 God Save The Queen 01:15
1.6 You’re The Only One I Ever Needed 03:17
1.7 Solsbury Hill 04:52
1.8 2-4-6-8 Motorway 06:05
1.9 It’s Only Rock & Roll But I Like It 10:27

Total Running Time : 0:44:00

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Words

Peter Gabriel

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  1. I DON’T REMEMBER – 3:31
  3. MILGRAM’S 37 – 5:37
  4. THE START – 1:26
  6. I GO SWIMMING – 4:44
  8. INTRUDER – 3:35

ASHCOMBE HOUSE STUDIO, BATH LONDON NOVEMBER 1979A Collection of Rare Demos Recorded in Peter’s Home Studio

Converted SHN to FLAC using xACT. Created new md5 file, deleted the old one.
The Midnight Cafe, October 2020.