Repost Bonanza: Wilco – Mobile, AL (05/03/11)

Saenger Theater
Mobile, AL

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Source

Ashes of American Flags
Bull Black Nova
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
At Least That’s What You Said
Handshake Drugs
One Wing
A Shot in the Arm
Country Disappeared
Impossible Germany
When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Airline To Heaven
Jesus, Etc.
Spiders (Kidsmoke)

The Late Greats
Red-Eyed and Blue
I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
Hate It Here
I’m The Man Who Loves You
Hoodoo Voodoo

Repost Bonanza: CPR w/Phil Lesh – San Francisco, CA (01/21/97)

cpr with phil lesh

CPR with Phil Lesh
Maritime Hall Concert
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA,
January 21, 1997
Excellent soundboard

Download: FLAC/MP3

CD 1:
1. In My Dreams
2. Tracks In The Dust
3. Homeward Through The Haze
4. Rusty ANd Blue
5. Thousand Roads
6. For Free
7. Band intros
8. Morrison
9. Somehow She Knew
10. Till It Shines On You
11. This Time

CD 2:
1. Where Will I Be
2. Delta
3. Deja Vu
4. One For Every Moment
5. Guinevere
6. Eight Miles High
7. Band intros
8. Laughing
9. Box Of Rain
10. Wooden Ships
11. Outro

Repost Bonanza: The Decemberists – Bend, OR (05/29/11)

les schwab amphitheater
bend, or

Download: FLAC/MP3


3.down by the water
5.rise jenny
10.wont want for love
11.crane 3 in a box
15.why we fight

2.mariner’s intro
3.mariner’s revenge

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Monterey, CA (09/13/69)


Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
September 13, 1969
Big Sur Folk Festival
Monterey, California

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: SBD > 3rd gen Reel > (unknown gen) DAT (48)
Transfer: DAT 60ES > M-Audio Audiophile USB > CDWAV > Goldwave
(resampling 44.1, minor edits and normalization to 100% > CDWAV tracking and Flac conversion
transferred by – September 2004

Disc 1/Set I – 44m 52s

Helplessly Hoping
Lady Of TheIsland
Four + 20
You Don’t Have To Cry
World In Changes *
Only You Know & I Know *
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Disc 2/Set 2 – 46m 17s

* with Dave Mason

Notes from the original uploader – great performance. Sound quality is B+. There is some hiss and some minor distortion, especially in the electric sets. The sound seems somewhat compressed. I know this is widely circulated in various forms, none of which I’ve heard. I can’t tell you how it compares to the other sources. I suspect that this is a cleaner version.

**Track notes**
CSNY-1969-09-13-104LadyOfTheIsland (first few notes missing)
CSNY-1969-09-13-105Banter (small subsecond blip at 18:07)
CSNY-1969-09-13-107Announcement (reel flip before stage announcement)
CSNY-1969-09-13-108Four+20 (small subscecond static at 25:05)
CSNY-1969-09-13-203LongTimeGone (Fades in)

Repost Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Warm and Tender Love


Bruce Springsteen
Warm and Tender Love

Download: FLAC/MP3

Los Angeles 21.3.1994
1. Streets Of Philadelphia

Red Bank Rehearlsals 23.3.1993
2. Warm & Tender Love
3. Human Touch
4. Because The Night
5. Brilliant Disguise
6. Soul Driver

Rockí ní Roll Hall Of Fame, Los Angeles 1993
7. Whoíll Stop The Rain
8. Green River
9. Born On The Bayou
w/Jhon Fogerty ñ Acoustic Guitar
Robbie Robertson + Mark Goldenberg – Guitars
Roy Bittan
Benmout Tench ñ organ
Dan Wass ñ Bass
Jim Keltner ñ Drum

Late Night 25.6.1993
10. Glory Days

Rockí ní Roll Hall Of Fame, NYC 1994
11. Come Toghether
w/Axl Rose

New York 1.3.1994
12. Curtis Mayfiled Medley
w/Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Steve Winwood, Toni Tony Tone, Don Wass& Curtis Mayfield

Folkwayís Woody Guthrie Tribute NY 6-1988
13. IíAintíGot No Home
14. Vigilante Man
w/E Street Band

Repost Bonanza: Captain Beefheart – The Early Years 1959-1969

captain beefheart the early years

Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart
The Early Years 1959-1969
eac > wav > flac

Download: FLAC/MP3

1-Lost In A Whirlpool(Antelope Valley HS, 1959)
2-Teenage Maltshop (Zappas’ Cucamonga,Cal. studio 1963)
3-Metal Man Has Lost His Will (“)
4-Tupelo Mississippi (Avalon Ballroom, S.F.,Cal. 1966)
5-Somebody’s Walking (“)
6-Old Folks Boogie (“)
7-Evil (“)
8-Blues Jam (“)
9-Out Of The Frying Pan (alt.)
10-Almost Grown
11-Call On Me (slow)
12-Sure Nuff And Yes I Do (John Peel Show 1968)
13-Moody Liz (rare acetate)
14-Korn Ring Finger
15-Frownland (‘Trout’ rehearsals)
16-Ella Guru (“)
17-Hair Pie Bake 1/Hair Pie Bake 2
18-Pauchuco Cadaver
19-Sugar And Spikes
20-Neon Meat Dream of a Octofish
21-The Blimp (Candy Man/China Pig)
22-Well Well Well (sung by Rockette Morton)

The Musicians: (buy their buyable stuff)

Don Van Vliet(Captain Beefheart)-Vocal,Harmonica
Frank Zappa-Guitar (1)
Alex St. Clair-Guitar
Jerry Handley-Bass(4-8)

From the original uploader:
Doug Moon bootleg bringing together a whole bunch of rare and unavailable Magic Band goodies. Much of the content has since been included on the Grow Fins box set and Zappa’s Mystery Disc CD but there are a couple of items here that are still not available commercially. Overall the sound is pretty good although the Avalon tracks are not as good as they could have been (still great to get the very rare ‘Blues Jam’ track included though).

For a change this is a boot that has been compiled by a real fan and this shows in the sleeve notes which I’ll include here:-

“The first track in this collection is probably the earliest recording of Don Van Vliet, recorded in a classroom at Antelope Valley College/High with Zappa on guitar and Beefheart on Vocals.
‘Teenage Maltshop’: believed to have been recorded circa 1963/4 at Zappa’s Cucamonga studio Z, as part of a Teenage Opera, offered to Dot Records but turned down because of the distorted guitar. ‘Metal Man…’ also recorded in Studio Z in the main studio, but with Beefheart outside in the corridor to the studio singing whatever words were scribbled on the walls!
‘Avalon Ballroom’ 1966 was the first CB & Magic BAnd, probably CB, Doug Moon, Jerry Handley & Paul Blakely. This shows the influence of Howlin Wolf – he even says people have requested a Wolf song before singing ‘Evil’.
‘Frying Pan Acetate’: An alt version. predates release on A&M.
‘Almost Grown’: Is an unreleased variation of a Chuck Berry song, & ‘Call On Me’: A much slower version than as released on Safe As Milk.
The ‘Moody Liz Acetate’, although very similar to the recently located Strictly Personal OT found by Sequel, is a White Label test Pressing with a similar as released version of ‘On Tomorrow’. An item this fan would give my right arm to own.
Possibly more exciting is ‘Korn Ring Finger’. Why this was not included on the Sequel CD amazed me … An excellent track that you hope will never end.
This brings us up to the ‘Trout Rehearsals’ – they sound if they were made to be a part warm-up to the actual recordings. You can hear Don in the back throughout blowin his Sax from different parts of the room experimenting with the sound on ‘Hair Pie’ Variations. It was said by Beefheart that although the album was recorded very quickly, the amount of work that must have been put in by all the band members; to get to a stage where the instrumental backing was rteady for Beefheart to sing over these complex rhythms is awe inspiring … & how he actually managed to add the vocals only he knows.
The immediate contrast between ‘Moody Liz’ & ‘Korn Ring Finger’ from the S. Personal Ots is extraordinary especially considering there is barely a year between the recordings … ‘Ella Guru’ is a sheer delight to hear in its instrumental form, as are others on the CD.
These are not the digital recordings of the 90s … But to be ‘a fly on the wall’ whilst one of the most amazing albums was being prepared for an unsuspecting public, & to hear some of the Early Years of Mr Don V Vliet playing with an equally very young Mr Zappa is a treat. We have included hopefully some of the rarities that maybe, just maybe will entice someone to try to dig into the vaults & find these hidden gems.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Bristol, England (11/04/73)


Neil Young
Bristol, England
w/ The Santa Monica Flyers

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disk 1
1. Tonight’s The Night
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World On A String
4. Speakin’ Out
5. Albuquerque
6. New Mama
7. Roll Another Number
8. Tired Eyes
9. Tonight’s The Night

Disk 2
10. Cowgirl In The Sand
11. Don’t Be Denied
12. Tonight’s The Night

Tour : 1973 Tonight’s The Night Tour with The Santa Monica Flyers
Band : The Santa Monica Flyers
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, piano, vocals
Nils Lofgren – guitar, piano, accordion, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals

Lineage: Audience master cassettes > DAT > CDR > EAC(secure) > FLAC(8)

From the original uploader:
This came from a friend who got a hold of the master tapes. Not a great quality recording, but this is as good as you will find. This show is mentioned in the Neil biography “Shakey” – “things totally spun out of control at the Bristol Hippodrome”

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Albany, NY (11/03/93)


Jerry Garcia Band
Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Two Sources:

Source 1
This is a tagged version of shnid: 84783
Taper: Clay Brennecke
Location Rig: IFOB (Floor Section 2, Row 13, Sets 8 & 10) ~ Schoeps MK4’s > Custome Oade Pre Amp > Panasonic SV-255
Transferred: John E. Herrold
Transfer Lineage: Master SV-255 DAT > Sony PCM-2800 > PCM-R500 > Sound Devices 722 > Soundforge 8.0 > WAV

Source 2
FOB>>daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 4349

Set 1:
d1t01-How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, ,
d1t02-They Love Each Other,
d1t03-Freight Train* ** ***,
d1t04-I Shall Be Released,
d1t05-Run For The Roses,
d1t06-Dear Prudence,
d1t07-My Sisters And Brothers,
d1t08-Somebody To Love

Set 2:
d2t01-Shining Star,
d2t02-The Maker,
d2t03-Money Honey,
d2t04-Russian Lullaby,
d2t05-Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox,
d1t09-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,
d1t10-Midnight Moonlight

*=Freight Train is the Elizabeth Cotten tune, **=first time played, ***=only time played. A string had broke on Kahn’s bass, so after telling the audience: “We’re fixing a string on the bass, so y’all talk amongst yourselves”, Jerry led Melvin and Kemper through a soft, sincere reading: Jer on his acoustic patch and Melvin on piano.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby – Ultimate Hornsby Torrent


Bruce Hornsby
Ultimate Hornsby Torrent

Download: FLAC/MP3

Si Twining who runs the brilliant fansite created this gigantic, fantastic overview of Hornsby’s career. All notes are his. – mat

From Si:
Over the years I’ve noted particular favourites of Bruce Hornsby’s performances, whether mine or those well received in the community, the website that I run.

A few years ago I produced a list of one hundred of Bruce’s finest and compiled them into a torrent… solo performances, Range, Noisemakers, guest appearances, covers, songs made up on the spot… feedback was hugely positive, and I would like to think that it was a worthy documentation of Bruce’s career up until 2009. I’ve now added an additional ten tracks, recording Bruce’s most recent work and the latest arrangement of his Noisemakers band.

I’ve restricted the choice here to soundboards or decent tapings, so the quality should be of a high standard.
What you have is eleven CDs, which I’ve labelled and given a mini commentary on below.
Thanks very much for reading, and please enjoy your day.

CD One

01. February 26 1977
University of Miami .. Miami, FL
Parisian Thoroughfare

From Bruce’s senior recital; solo piano.

02. September 2 1986
The Bottom Line, New York, NY
The Way It Is variation

Early (mostly solo) variation on The Way It Is. I can hear Red Plains several times in there too.

03. April 18 1987
Daytona Beach Bandshell – Daytona, FL
The Way It Is

Bruce and the Range concerts featured regularly on the radio in the last 80s. Here’s a 12 minute plus version of The Way It Is that made it to air.

04. May 10 1987
Laguna Seca Recreation Area – Monterey, CA
Every Little Kiss

Range show taken from a Westwood One radio broadcast.

05. June 24 1989
Telluride Bluegrass Festival – Telluride, CO
Stranger in a Strange Land

Breakneck speed bluegrass version featuring the New Grass Revival.

06. August 16 1987
Daytona Beach Bandshell – Daytona, FL
The Old Playground

An often overlooked “Scenes” song that I wish we heard more of today. The middle to end is a jam that the present-day Noisemakers would take to a ridiculous level.

07. September 24 1988
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Valley Road

It’s funny to compare this to countless modern day versions of this song (see #90) – this is as close to the original as you’ll hear, yet still far removed.

08. June 14 1990
Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Barren Ground
From the Night on the Town video, this features Jerry Garcia.

09. October 15 1990
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
On the Western Skyline > Not Fade Away > Night on the Town

CD Two

10. June 21 1993
Jazz Cafe, London
The Weight

From Bruce’s last tour of Europe with a band, The Band’s classic, accompanied by North London’s inebriated finest leaning on the piano (I was one of them).

11. June 23 1993
Hamburg, Germany
Pastures of Plenty

Voted by visitors as their favourite studio jam, it translates predictably well (although rarely) to a live setting. This jazz-infused version (and The Weight above) was from a tour of Bruce, Molo, JT Thomas and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets).

12. September 4 1993
Classic Amphitheater – Richmond, VA
Rainbow’s Cadillac

Always one of my favourite live songs, and it’s the old piano-driven version.

13. October 16 1993
The Backyard – Austin, TX
Madman Across the Water

The tribute record that Bruce mentions is Elton John’s “Two Rooms”. John D’earth nails it here.

14. October 30 1993
Orlando, FL
Jacob’s Ladder > Higher and Higher

An eleven minute version (and Bruce briefly forgets the words). Great Jimmy Haslip solo three minutes in.

15. October 31 1993
Tampa Performing Arts Center – Tampa, FL
Down the Road Tonight

A great example of Bruce’s horns section at the time.

16. November 12 1993
Arie Crown Theatre – Chicago, IL
Harbor Lights > Look Out Any Window

I always loved Molo’s drum intro to this.

17. March 31 1994
University of Miami – Miami, FL
Fire on the Cross

Bruce returned to the University of Miami for the first of his orchestral shows.

18. March 31 1994
University of Miami – Miami, FL
Night on the Town

A dramatic orchestral version – too good to leave out, so I’ve included two from the same show!

19. July 23 1994
Promenade Park – Toledo, OH
Defenders of the Flag

Debbie Henry’s vocals give me the chills on this one.

CD Three

20. August 1 1994
The Strand – York, PA
The River Runs Low

Solo version of an always-popular ballad from Bruce’s first record.

21. August 29 1995
Melody Fair Theatre – North Tonawanda, NY
Iko Iko

This show is widely regarded as one of Bruce’s best. This was a New Orleans take on Iko Iko.

22. September 3 1995
FM Kirby Center – Wilkes-Barre, PA
Swing Street

I wish this song got more attention today! Molo’s intricate start to this song was always a highlight for the band!

23. October 27 1995
Manhattan Center – New York, NY
Cruise Control

Just a great show taped for TV. Look for the “Bruce Hornsby and Friends” DVD. They’re all having so much fun on this song, and Molo is a joy to behold!

24. October 27 1995
Manhattan Center – New York, NY
End of the Innocence

From the same show, this features Don Henley (This was the second take).

25. October 27 1995
Manhattan Center – New York, NY
The Tide Will Rise

Bonnie Raitt guests.

26. December 5 1995
The Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
Spider Fingers

Bruce was so happy with how the piano sounded at this solo show that he bought it.

27. December 8 1995
Brussels, Belgium
Imagine > Friends

Not the greatest quality sound but the music is beautiful. Surprise Elton cover at the end.

28. December 16 1995
Winterthur, Switzerland
You Can Close Your Eyes > I Will Walk With You

A James Taylor cover that I haven’t heard before or since, seamlessly into an “old” version of I Will Walk With You. (It’s been reworked more than once since).

29. April 4 1996
Wheeler Opera House – Aspen, CO
Country Doctor

Interesting to compare this one to more recent versions, where the horns would take the lead rather than Doug on guitar.

30. April 10 1996
EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon – Eugene, OR

Maybe the second most popular Dead cover(!)… Bobby Read always makes this song.

31. April 12 1996
The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Jack Straw

Had to be done at the Fillmore – especially when Bob Weir is in the house…

CD Four

32. April 23 1996
Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
Terrapin Station > I Know You Rider

Bruce changes direction after a few bars of I Know You Rider into a gorgeous Terrapin referencing Jerry… and then back again.

33. April 24 1996
Miller Auditorium – Kalamazoo, MI
Sunset Road

A Bela Fleck composition, performed with the man himself.

34. May 6 1996
The Roxy – Atlanta, GA
Another Day > Uptight

Some improv lyrics after a minute or so, and a brief Stevie Wonder cover and Debbie Henry is right with him.

35. May 24 1996
Strand Theater – Providence, RI
Carry the Water

JV on bass, JT on keyboard takes turns excelling on this. Another than I wish were more prominent today.

36. June 5 1996
Community Arts Center – Williamsport, PA
Tangled Up in Blue

First time this song was covered by the band in six years.

37. July 2 1996
Blossom Music Center – Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Mandolin Rain > That Would Be Something > Brokedown Palace

Iconic Bruce song into an iconic Dead song, from the ’96 Furthur tour.

38. July 4 1996
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center – Darien Lake, NY
Mighty Quinn

Popular show closer and a real blast.

39. July 6 1996
Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY
Rainbow’s Cadillac

No apologies for including this song twice. I love this version – probably my favourite. Featuring Giovanni Hidalgo.

40. July 6 1996
Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY
Scarlet Begonias

From the same show, a “Latinised” dead song again featuring Giovanni.

41. July 29 1996
I Shall Be Released

Who can resist an old Bob Dylan cover? Not Bobby Read, apparently – fantastic.

42. August 15 1996
Factory Girl
An improved song – lyrics and all – stemming from a misheard song request.

CD Five

43. October 9 1997
Salem Civic Center – Salem, VA
Across the River

Another orchestral show, providing a truly unique take on a Bruce classic.

44. October 9 1997
Salem Civic Center – Salem, VA
Look Out Any Window

The intro to this song always appealed to me – the orchestra version moved me a lot.

45. April 25 1998
Flint Center – Cupertino, CA
The Boxer

“It’s too bad, no-one ever requests songs like this…”

46. July 28 1998
The Strand – York, PA
How Far Am I From Canaan

Solo piano take on a gospel standard.

47. July 28 1998
The Strand – York, PA
Cassidy’s Cadillac

Little Cassidy is invited on stage, takes to the piano and steals the show.

48. August 22 1998
Sokol Blosser Winery – Dundee, OR
Spider Fingers > Disco medley

What Bruce and the band are all about inside 15 minutes. A seamless disco medley coming out of a throwaway comment from Bruce to introduce it. His closing comment says it all.

49. October 27 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA

A (largely) solo Sugaree which more than justifies a second inclusion for this song! Dave Ellis shows up late in the song.

50. October 27 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
Swan Song

Another from the extended Yoshi’s run in ’98, just as Spirit Trail was coming out.

51. October 27 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
Sunlight Moon

Another from Spirit Trail. I think the quality of this recording is one of the best I’ve heard.

52. October 31 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
Girl From the North Country

Featuring Steve Kimock.

53. November 1 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
The River Runs Low

I always thought this was a unique song live as it’s almost played straight, like the record.

CD Six

54. November 6 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA

Michael Baker completely wings this on drums. I was just learning about the Grateful Dead in 1998 – this sold me.

55. November 7 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
Sunflower Cat

One of the first performances of this song. Bruce had to remind them how it ended.

56. November 7 1998
Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
Tango King

Doug Derryberry had just joined, and Kimock was sitting in. You can hear Bruce coaching him through the song as it was being played.

57. March 26 1999
Paramount Arts Center – Ashland, KY
Play That Funky Music White Boy

Comedic response to a request.

58. March 26 1999
Paramount Arts Center – Ashland, KY
Dixie Lullaby

This one used to come out of Swing Street a lot. Nice solo version.

59. March 28 1999
Memorial Hall – Williamsburg, VA
Fields of Gray > Terrapin Station

Possibly my favourite version of this song… and into another gorgeous Terrapin.

60. March 30 1999
Memorial Hall – Williamsburg, VA
King of the Hill > Blackberry Blossom > Tempus Fugit

If anybody asks what two-handed independence is… play them this.

61. March 30 1999
Memorial Hall – Williamsburg, VA
Sad Moon

From another solo show, and maybe an even better example of the two hands together.

62. April 1 1999
Memorial Hall – Williamsburg, VA
Let the Girls Rock

Bruce revisits an old song – he gives the story.

63. April 1 1999
Memorial Hall – Williamsburg, VA
I Can’t Make You Love Me

Bruce knows full well that he won’t hit the high notes in the original key, but tries it anyway. Will he make it…?

64. April 22 1999
Proctor’s Theater – Schenectady, NY
Stander on the Mountain

A very different version of this song I think, with Way It Is teases thrown in.

CD Seven

65. June 18 2000
Telluride Bluegrass Festival – Telluride, CO
Jumping Jack Flash

It doesn’t get more unique than this. A bluegrass version of Jumping Jack Flash featuring Sam Bush. Bluegrass saxophone!

66. October 18 2000
Salem Civic Center – Salem, VA
Lost Soul

The last orchestral show, also featuring Steve Kimock.

67. December 13 2000
Expression Center for New Media – Emeryville, CA
Line in the Dust

Taken from a KFOG radio broadcast. Doug is tremendous here.

68. June 30 2002
Villa Montalvo – Saratoga, CA
Take Out the Trash

For a long time I’d call this my all-time favourite live performance of a song. The song is just so frivolous in nature, and JT proves why Bruce calls him “the best keyboard player in the band”.

69. July 1 2002
Villa Montalvo – Saratoga, CA
Crown of Jewels

A slower version of a regular favourite.

70. September 24 2002
Keswick Theater – Glenside, PA
Place Under the Sun

When I first heard this song on Big Swing Face, I said that this was an extended jam intro waiting to happen. Thankfully, I was right. Featuring the late, great R.S.Hornsby.

71. September 28 2002
Landmark Theater – Syracuse, NY
Great Divide > Across the Great Divide

Extended solo piano intro into two divide songs(!). Listen to how quickly Doug is into the switch, and he clearly loves singing it.

72. October 5 2002
Haymaker Music Festival – Spotsylvania, VA
Cartoons and Candy

Bruce’s brother Bobby called this their best show in years. A lengthy twelve minute version, and another where Doug is clearly having a blast with the Prince-esque vocals.

73. October 5 2002
Haymaker Music Festival – Spotsylvania, VA

The Noisemakers’ take on a Steve Kimock classic.

CD Eight
74. September 19 2004
Handelsbeurs – Gent, Belgium
Halcyon Days

I followed this European solo tour around for a bit, and this song always seemed to get the best reaction.

75. September 19 2004
Handelsbeurs – Gent, Belgium
This Too Shall Pass

I prefer the solo version of this – such as this version from Belgium.

76. October 9 2004
Ovens Auditorium – Charlotte, NC
Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb

Always a favourite, and the Floyd cover is now a staple in a Hornsby show (or as much as any song is ever a staple in a Hornsby show).

77. October 19 2004
Ridgefield Opera House – Ridgefield, CT
Mirror on the Wall

Since reworked as a much mellower song on the dulcimer, I love this version, and especially Bobby Read.

78. October 22 2004
The Strand, York, PA
Candy Mountain Run > Darlin Corey

Nice switch into Darlin Corey and references throughout. “Dig a hole in the mountain…”

79. October 23 2004
Calvin Theater – Northampton, MA
Drums > What a Time > Inflight

“Drum solo” came the request. Sonny Emory obliged. A more than worthy testament to Keith Jarrett’s “Inflight” also.

80. October 26 2004 (late show)
Blue Note – New York, NY
Sneaking Up On Boo Radley

This was long after soundboard taping had stopped, so I included a few from this as I think the wuality is amazing.

81. October 26 2004 (late show)
Blue Note – New York, NY
Resting Place

This version made the documentary portion of the “Three Nights on the Town” DVD. Bill Evans features.

82. October 26 2004 (late show)
Blue Note – New York, NY
See the Same Way

More from the miniscule Blue Note. I always love this song, and the intro earns its inclusion here.

CD Nine

83. November 6 2004
Kimmel Center – Philadelphia, PA
Lost in the Snow

Rare piano solo from Halcyon Days translates realy nicely live.

84. November 20 2004
Great Divide > Sir Duke > 1999

I bugged Bruce for years to play Sir Duke, so I love that it made it onto several lists when he finally gave in. When people realised what the band were moving into from here (it took them a while!), they went crazy.

85. November 22 2004
McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR
Big Rumble > Mandolin Rain

The “new” minor-key Mandolin Rain gets an airing out of Big Rumble.

86. November 30 2004
Denver Palace of Fine Arts, Denver, CO
The Chill

This was the first song I heard from Big Swing Face, and always loved Kimock’s solo. Bobby take it on here.

87. December 9 2004
Murat Center – Indianapolis, IN
Circus on the Moon

My favourite version of this song was actually a cover by the Dave Rich Band! This is a cracking version towards the end of the ’04 tour.

88. February 19 2005
Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX
Gonna Be Some Changes Made

Wonderful dissonant intro between Bruce and Sonny.

89. February 19 2005
Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX
The Show Goes On

The song has really taken on a gospel feel in the last few years. This is as good an example as I could find.

90. April 30 2005
McDowell Music Festival – Scottsdale, AZ
Valley Road > Rag Doll

I’ve lost count how many different, reworked versions of this song we’ve heard. The switch into an Aerosmith classic tells you how flexible Valley Road is.

91. April 30 2005
McDowell Music Festival – Scottsdale, AZ
White-Wheeled Limousine

A rare (for this period) soundboard taping.

CD Ten

92. July 21 2005
Humphrey’s By The Bay – San Diego, CA
Big Stick

Always a crowd dancing favourite (as you can probably hear).

93. July 20 2006
Mountain Winery – Saratoga, CA
Funhouse > He’s Gone > You Sexy Thing

The Mountain Winery always produces a great performance. Always look for Bobby Read in Funhouse.

94. July 20 2006
Mountain Winery – Saratoga, CA
The Good Life

Another for Bobby Read. He was red hot during this show (and tour, actually).

95. August 11 2006
Biltmore Estate – Asheville, NC
Go Back To Your Woods

From the famous “Biltmo'”… Bruce and co are joined by Joe Lee.

96. August 11 2006
Biltmore Estate – Asheville, NC
Sunflower Cat > King Harvest

The “King Harvest” appearances throughout this tour were a huge highlight for me – this was maybe my top version.

97. August 14 2008
Boarding House Park – Lowell, MA
Black Rats of London

The debut of “Black Rats”, from the Levitate record, which was yet to be released at this point.

98. September 26 2009
Town Hall – New York, NY

With lyrics by Robert Hunter, this is fast becoming my favourite Hornsby song (for today).

99. September 26 2009
Town Hall – New York, NY
Prairie Dog Town

This was when the dulcimer starting coming out to play.

100. October 8 2009
Burlington, VT
Continents Drift

I spoke with Doug about his solo here, which was played by R.S. Hornsby on the record. Bruce had asked him to play it as close to the original as possible.

CD Eleven

101. June 11 2011
Manchester, TN
Shadow Hand

Bruce was asked to play an impromptu “dulcimer only” set at Bonnaroo in 2011. He played every song he knew at the time – and this was one of them.

102. September 18 2011
Saratoga, CA
Lost Soul

In 1990, Shawn Colvin guested on the Night on the Town record to sing Lost Soul. Over 20 years later, she and Bruce revisited that collaboration in Saratoga.

103. April 1 2012
Oakland, CA
Talk of the Town

A solo rendition, marked by a segue into Bruce’s jazz composition recorded with Jack Dejohnette and Christian McBride named “Charlie, Woody and You”, closing out with Elliot Carter’s “Catenaires”. I’ve included Bruce’s background explanation after the song. Bruce began introducing a lot more of the modern classical music at around this time.

104. June 20 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Valley Road

The only song to “three-peat” on this list, emphasising just how malleable it is. This is the “dulcimer and washboard” version, featuring the great Sonny Emory.

105. July 29 1012
Floyd, VA
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Bruce’s love for Levon Helm is well covered, and this performance at Floyd Fest was recorded a few months after Levon’s passing.

106. September 26 2012
Amherst, NY
Where’s the Bat

Bruce began adding songs from his work-in-progress musical SCKBSTD to his repertoire. This is one of the more popular ones… I’ve included Bruce’s background story to explain why the audience appreciate it so much.

107. September 26 2012
Amherst, NY
Might As Well Be Me

Another song co-written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

108. July 5 2013
Eugene, OR
I’ll Take You There

First time this was performed; this is another song written with Robert Hunter.

109. June 27 2014
Black Mountain, NC
Life in the Psychotropics

The first appearance on this list for the “new” Noisemakers, after Ross Holmes (fiddle and mandolin) and Gibb Droll (guitar) replaced Bobby Read and Doug Derryberry.

110. July 5 2014
Wilmington, NC
What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon

Ross Holmes features strongly on fiddle throughout this track.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Los Angeles, CA (09/22/73)


Neil Young and The Santa Monica Flyers
22 September 1973, Early Show
Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, California

Download: FLAC/MP3

Master Audience Recording > ? > “Sunset Stip” Silver Bootleg CD >
EAC Secure > FLAC Frontend (8)

49:53 minutes – Sound: Good (-) to Good (+)
Minor hiss, occasional distortion – the taper pressed the pause
button after most tracks creating those annoying speed wows.

1. Tonight’s The Night
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World On A String
4. Speakin’ Out
5. Albuquerque
6. New Mama
7. Roll Another Number
8. Tired Eyes
9. Tonight’s The Night
10. The Losing End

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, piano, vocals
Nils Lofgren – guitar, piano, accordion, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals