Bootlegs of the Day: March 27, 2023

Nothing cures the Monday blues like some live Bob Dylan. Today we are continuing our series of shows with Freddy Koella on guitar. Enjoy.

Bob Dylan – 2003.04.30 – Louisville, KY

Bob Dylan – 2003.05.14 – Asheville, NC

Bob Dylan – 2003.05.17 – Jackson, MS

Bob Dylan – 2003.05.18 – Little Rock, AR

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.12 – Winter Park, CO

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.13 – Casper, WY

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.15 – Jackson, WY

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.16 – Big Sky, MT

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.17 – West Valley City, UT

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.19 – Lake Tahoe, NV

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.21 – Ketchum, ID

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.22 – Nampa, ID

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.23 – Bend, OR

Bob Dylan – 2003.07.26 – Paso Robles, CA

Bootlegs of the Day: March 18, 2023

With Amazon Drive I always uploaded new shows to a special folder, then once I had shared them I’d move each show to the correct artist folder. Google Drive doesn’t let me do that, whenever I move a show to a different folder it changes the share specifications.

So now I move new shows to their artists folders before sharing. Then once I’ve shared them I add a little star to the show. But sometimes I get distracted and I forget to add a little star. Othertimes I forget which shows are new and then I don’t share them. Today, since I only had three Pink Floyd shows to share I decided to go through my Dylan folder to see if there was anything I hadn’t shared yet.

There were. Quite a lot of them in fact. Enjoy

Bob Dylan – 1973 – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Sessions

Bob Dylan 1996.07.23 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 1996.07.23-24 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 1996.08.03 – Atlanta, GA

Bob Dylan – 1996.06.15 – Aarhus, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 2010.08.11 – Billings, MT

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.23 – Oberhausen, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.25 – Mannheim, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.26 – Munich, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.27 – Leipzig, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.29 – Berlin, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.31 – Hamburg, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Pink Floyd – 1977.07.02 – New York, NY

Pink Floyd – 1994.07.03 – Madison, WI

Pink Floyd – 1994.07.22 – Lisbon, Portugal

Bootlegs of the Day: March 13, 2028

Happiest of Mondays to you Bob fans. I’ve got a bunch of shows for you today, most of them from fairly recent gigs. I still can’t get enough of his 2022 tour! If you all have suggestions on what tours or shows you’d like me to post let me hear about it in the comments.

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.24 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.23 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.20 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.17 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.16 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.13 – Paris, France

Bob Dylan – 2022.07.06 – Denver, CO

Bob Dylan – 2019.10.13 – Thackerville, OK

Bob Dylan – 2019.10.12 – Santa Barbara, CA

Bob Dylan – 2019.04.26 – Barakaldo, Spain

Bob Dylan – 2019.04.16 – Vienna, Austria

Bob Dylan – 2018.11.03 – Durham, NC

Bob Dylan – One Leg At A Time 25 Years of the NET (1988-2012)

Bootlegs of the Day: March 6, 2023

Mondays are for Bob Dylan and I’ve got a bunch to share with you today. The shows from 2016 have not been shared from me before. I did share one of the Balls to the Wall volumes, but now I have them all.


Bob Dylan & Tom Petty – 1985 – The Rehearsal Tape

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.13 – Nashville, TN – Added a new source

Bob Dylan – 2000.03.16 – Santa Cruz, CA

Bob Dylan – 2001.06.28 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2002.02.05 – Jacksonville, FL

Bob Dylan – 2007.05.05 – Herning, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 2016.10.27 – Jackson, MS

Bob Dylan – 2016.10.30 – Paducah, KY

Bob Dylan – 2016.11.01 – Louisville, KY

Bob Dylan – 2016.11.02 – Charleston, WV

Bob Dylan – 2016.11.04 – Durham, NC

Bob Dylan – 2016.11.05 – Roanoke, VA

Bob Dylan – Balls to the Wall, Vol. 1-15 – Pink Panther Comp (MP3 only)

Bootlegs of the Day: February 20, 2023

It is Bob Dylan Monday and once again I have a mix of new shows and (mostly) old ones. Enjoy.

Bob Dylan – The Howling Beast

Bob Dylan – Some Raven At My Window

Bob Dylan – 1962-1964 – Paranoid Blues – MP3

Bob Dylan – One Push Of The Button

Bob Dylan – 1984-1985 – Empire Burlesque Outtakes

Bob Dylan – 1984 – Unreal and Surreal

Bob Dylan – 1975.11.11 – Waterbury, CT

Bob Dylan – 1975.11.04 – Providence, RI

Bootlegs of the Day: February 13, 2023

I keep forgetting to ask you all about Bob Dylan’s new album The Bootleg Series Vol. 17: Fragments – Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996–1997). Have you listened to it yet? What did you think?

I love it. I think I prefer the original album version rather than this new remix. I like the murkiness of Daniel Lanois’s mix, but I do appreciate how the new mix puts Bob’s vocals front and center. It has definitely affected the way I hear his lyrics. The outtakes are interesting. That “Water is Wide” is just gorgeous. Honestly, I’m really terrible at sorting through alternate cuts. I just don’t have the memory for it. I listen to a lot of these alternate versions of the songs and I can’t always tell what is different. I don’t know how to explain that properly. I do enjoy listening to the alternate cuts, but I can’t really review them. Naturally, I’m all about live tracks and I think these are just fantastic. I’ve heard some complaints that they used audience sources for them, but I think that’s just cool.

Anyway, I’d be interested in what you all think.

Listening to it this week got me thinking about the bootlegs from around the time the original album was released and so I’ve got a number of shows to share from the fall of 1997. Enjoy.

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.01 – Bournemouth, England

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.02 – Bournemouth, England

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.03 – Cardiff, Wales

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.05 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.25 – Jackson, MI

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.29 – Athens, GA

Bob Dylan – 1997.10.30 – Columbus, GA

Bob Dylan – 1997.11.05 – Huntington, WV

Bob Dylan – 1997.11.14 – San Jose, CA

Bob Dylan – 1997.12.08 – New York, NY

Bob Dylan – 1997.12.20 – Los Angeles, CA

Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan

For years some kind soul, or maybe lots of kind souls have put together compilations of various artists covering Bob Dylan songs in concert. They call the comps “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan.” To date they are up to 41 volumes. I’ve posted a few of them over the years, but someone on Expecting Rain uploaded almost all of them to Mega. I try not to post other people’s links on here but since Expecting Rain is a public forum you can just visit the original post and grab them.

Bob Dylan in Germany, 2011

bob dylan germany 2011

I’ve been working diligently on organizing all my files and getting my list up to date. I’m currently in the middle of a bunch of Bob Dylan shows. This batch is already labeled so that they sort chronologically so all I have to do is input them onto my list and then move them to the correct folder. So, I feel like I’m following Bob around on tour. One of the really fascinating things to me about Bob on tour, at least in the last decade or so, is that because he is touring all the time he no longer feels the need to just hit the big cities that everybody else plays at. He seemingly likes to play in more obscure corners of the world. I really feel like he’s trying to perform in every city on the planet.

In 2011 he did a big tour of Europe and on that tour, he played five shows in Germany. Now Germany is a big country, but I doubt any other artist plays five different German cities on their tours of Europe. Naturally, he plays in Berlin and Munich, but he also did stops in Oberhausen and Leipzig. No offense to those fine cities, and while they aren’t exactly obscure or tiny villages, neither are they the sorts of places big-named American rock and roll acts usually gig at.

Or maybe they do. What the heck do I know about concerts in Germany? I just think it’s cool that Bob’s list of cities he’s played a show at is enormous.

All of this is really just to say that I wanted to play around with my Google Drive a little more and I wanted to think about how my blog might look like in the future. I’ve talked a little about not wanting to do individual show posts anymore but maybe trying bigger posts with multiple shows in them.

So here is me posting six shows from Bob Dylan in Germany in 2011.

2011-10-23 – Oberhausen, Germany
2011-10-25 – Mannheim, Germany
2011-10-26 – Munich, Germany
2011-10-27 – Leipzig, Germany
2011-10-29 – Berlin, Germany
2011-10-31 – Hamburg, Germany

I haven’t listened to any of these shows so I can’t comment on the quality of the recording or the performance. I know 2011 isn’t exactly a year that Dylan nerds are constantly praising so it is a bit obscure that I’m randomly posting this. I was really just doing my sorting and thought it was cool that he did six gigs in Germany.

Please do let me know if you have any trouble with the links. But I’m also interested in what you think about doing posts like this. I like the idea of maybe doing posts like this once every couple of weeks or so. My plan would be to do something slightly larger, maybe include the entire European tour or something like that. But the basic format would be the same. I’d like to be able to say something interesting about the batch that I post and then would include links that would look something like what I’m posting here.

Does that make sense? Does that sound good?

This batch pretty much fills up my Google Drive for the moment, so I won’t be able to post anything more until I upgrade. I do have some Paypal money from the last begging session so I will be able to upgrade without begging again. But as I’ve noted in previous posts I really do want to get all my sorting done before I post regularly.