Lyle Lovett – Shows By Date

xxxx.xx.xx – Covering Townes Van Zandt
1983.xx.xx – Acoustic Demos
1986.xx.xx – Large Band Demos
1986.xx.xx – Houston, TX
1992.01.27 – Minneapolis, MN
1992.06.12 – London, England
1996.08.26 – Austin, TX
1997.10.23 – Winnipeg, Canada
2000.07.16 – Saratoga, CA – w/Sam Bush, David Grisman
2005.11.18 – East Lansing, MI – w/Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt
2010.02.01 – Zurich, Switzerland – w/John Hiatt
2011.08.27 – Canadaigua, NY

Various Artists – Covering Townes Van Zandt

Various Artists
Covering Townes Van Zandt

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A Song For Jeroen
Te Loo & Jan VD Linden
(Tribute @ Willem Shertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

None But The Rain
Mary Chapin Carpenter & John Carroll
(Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX-1991-06-29)

Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls
Stuart A.Staples
(Beggards Banqut-Paris-France-2006-06-16)

When She Don’t Need Me
Kristoffer Astrom
(Jarihapalainen Sessions-xx-xx-2000)

High Low And In Between
James Sarsgaard
(Current Gallery-Baltimore-MD-2007-01-20)

Where I Lead Me
Eric Taylor with Kelly Joe Phelps
(Bluebird Cafe-Austin-TX-2001-10-02)

Tower Song
Alejandro Escovedo
(Tin Angel-Philadelphia-2000-09-11)

Rex’s Blues
Jolie Holland & Kerry Lamprecht
(WFMU radio-2011-06-27)

Only Him Or Me
Mikel Miller

No Place To Fall
Ad VanderVeen
(tribute @ Willem 2-‘sHertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

Snake Song
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

Snow Don’t Fall
John Gorka
(In The Woods-Lage Vuursche-NL2008-10-27)

Snowin’ On Raton
Tom Russell with Nanci Griffith
(Third & Lindsey-Nashville-TN2010-06-17)

Be Here To Love Me
Band Of Heathens
(Mucky Duck-Houston-TX-2009-11-25)

Why She’s Acting This Way
J.T.van Zandt
(Tribute @ Willem 2-‘sHertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-1995-02-14)

Highway Kind
Ben Weaver

Flyin’ Shoes
Robert Earl Keen
(Magnolia Avenue Studios-St Louis-MO-2010-11-02)

I’ll Be Here In The Morning
Mark Erelli
(Hotel de Wereld-Wageningen-NL-2007-02-24)

Calvin Russell
(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-1994-04-20)

Sad Cinderella
EmmyLou Harris with David Bromberg
(WBAI sadio-New York-NY-1970-xx-xx)

Second Lovers Song
Neal Smeltser
(Treasures In The Bakery-Richmond-WI-2000-xx-xx)

Snake Mountain Blues
Chris Eckman & the Friction
(Gun Club-Belgrade-Serbia-2011-12-09)

Still Looking For You
Richard Buckner

Tecumseh Valley
Nanci Griffith
(Royal Albert Hall-London-UK-1994-10-11)

Waiting Around To Die
Be Good Tanya’s
(Colston Hall-Bristol-UK-2006-11-22)

Black Jack Mama
(Saxon Pub-Austin-TX-2006-08-07)

Blaze’s Blues
Hayes Carll
(Continantal Club-Austin-TX-2007-02-03)

Brand New Companion
Steve Earle with John Sebastian
(Bearsville Theater-Bearsville-NY-2011-09-02)

Harm’s Swift Way
Robert Plant & the Band Of Joy
(Orpheum Theater-Memphis-TN-2010-07-13)

Ray LaMontagne
(Beacon Theater-New York-NY-2009-11-10)

If I Needed You
Ben Kyle & Carrie Rodriguez
(Cultureel Centrum-Leopoldsburg-Begium-2010-10-10)

Cowboy Junkies Lament
Cowboy Junkies
(Music Farm-Charleston-SC-2000-02-20)

Pancho & Lefty
Richard Dobson & Band

For the Sake Of The Song
Danny Schmidt
(In The Woods-Lage Vuurschse-NL-2009-02-10)

Lovers Lullaby
Michael Weston King

Colorado Girl
(Howard’s-Bowling Green-OH-2008-08-05)

To Live Is To Fly
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
(Gruene Hall-Gruene-TX-2007-09-09)

Two Hands
Felice Brothers

White Freightliner Blues
Lyle Lovett
(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-2011-07-10)

Lyle Lovett – Austin, TX (08/26/96)

Lyle Lovett & His Small Band
Waterloo Records
Austin, Texas, USA
August 26, 1996

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01 Don’t Touch My Hat
02 Private Conversation
03 If I Were The Man You Wanted
04 Cowboy Man
05 Friend Of The Devil
06 North Dakota (w/ Lisa Loeb)
07 Fiona
08 Thatís Right

Lineage: DAUD>DAT>CDR I received by mail>EAC>FLAC(level 8 )

Lyle Lovett – Canadaigua, NY (08/27/11)

Lyle Lovett
The Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
Canadaigua, NY
Sony PCM-10 (w/ internal mics) mounted on stand
7th row center

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1. Donna Lee
2. Stand By Your Man
3. It’s Rock and Roll
4. Farmer Brown/ Chicken Reel
5. Here I Am
6. Cute As A Bug
7. I Will Rise Up
8. My Baby Don’t Tolerate
9. She’s Already Made Up Her Mind
10, Walk Through The Bottomland
11. LA County
12. Nobody Knows Me
13. Keep It in Your Pantry
14. I’ll Come Knockin’
15. Up In Indiana
16. If I Had A Boat
17. She’s No Lady
18. North Dakota
19. What Do You Do
20. Wild Women
21. She’s Hot To Go
22. That’s Right (Your Not From Texas)
23. Church

24. Goodnight Irene
25. You Can’t Resist It

Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt & Lyle Lovett (With Special Guest Jeff Daniels) – East Lansing, MI (11/18/05)

Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt & Lyle Lovett (with special guest Jeff Daniels)
Wharton Center For Performing Arts, Great Cobb Hall, MSU
East Lansing, MI
November 18th, 2005

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Disc 1 (75:24)

01 Intro
02 GC: The Cape
03 JE: I Had My Hopes Up High
04 JH: Wintertime Blues
05 LL: In My Own Mind
06 GC: L.A. Freeway
07 JE: Up On The Ridge
08 JH: Thunderbird
09 All: talking about first cars
10 LL: L.A. County
11 GC: Stuff That Works
12 JE: Me And Billy The Kid
13 JH: Drive South
14 All: talking about favourite cover versions
15 LL: She’s No Lady
16 GC: Desperadoes Waiting For A Train
17 JE: Letter To Laredo

Disc 2 (74:49)

01 JH: Icy Blue Heart
02 All: talking about film music
03 LL: introduces Jeff Daniels
04 JD: Have A Good Life And Die
05 LL: My Baby Don’t Tolerate
06 GC: Dublin Blues
07 JE: Slow You Down
08 JH: Memphis In The Meantime
09 LL: Step Inside This House
10 All: Blowin’ Down This Old Dusty Road
11 JD: If William Shatner Can I Can Too
12 GC: She Ain’t Going Nowhere
13 JE: Wind’s Gonna Blow You Away
14 JH: Through Your Hands
15 LL: If I Had A Boat
16 All: This Land Is Your Land

AUD>Church Audio B-99 Binaurals>Church Audio Preamp ST-20A (Bass rolloff, +20db)>Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (Line-In, 0db)>WAV>Firewire>Cool Edit Pro (trim out beginning>fade out end>downsample 48-44.1>que/split)>WAV>FLAC frontend (level 5 w/ Align on SBs)>FLAC

Recorded & transferred by: ninehi

Lyle Lovett – Vienna, VA (07/07/97)

Lyle Lovett
Wolftrap, Vienna, VA
July 7, 1997

I no longer have this show, sorry.

01 Babes in the Woods
02 Fiona
03 Don’t Touch My Hat
04 I’ve Been to Memphis
05 Band Intro
06 That’s Right
07 Private Conversation
08 Friend of the Devil
09 She’s Already Made Up Her Mind
10 Give Me Back My Heart
11 Her First Mistake
12 Nobody Knows Me
13 If I Had a Boat

01 L.A. County
02 This Old Porch *
03 Good Intentions
04 North Dakota
05 L.A. to the Left
06 I Can’t Love You Anymore
07 It Ought to be Easier
08 You Can’t Resist It
09 Church
10 Road to Ensenada

* With Robert Earl Keen Jr.

Source Info: SBD > (in-house FM/ALDS) > SONY TCD-D7
Transfer Info: MDAT > DAT1 > CDRW700 > EAC > DSP > FLAC

Lyle Lovett – London, England (06/12/92)

Lyle Lovett
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
June 12th 1992

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01 She’s No Lady
02 Church
03 She’s Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To
04 You’ve Been So Good Up to Now
05 All My Love is Gone
06 North Dakota
07 Flyswatter-Ice Water Blues
08 Since the Last Time
09 L.A. County
10 What Do You Do-Glory Of Love
11 Cowboy Man
12 She’s Hot to Go
13 She’s Already Made Up Her Mind *
14 If I Had A Boat *

* Woburn Abbey, England June 20th 1992 (Fm Broadcast)

BBC Radio 2 FM Broadcast
Technics Tuner>Akai GX95 MK11>Sony MDS-JB920>Pioneer 609 (CDR)>EAC>FLAC>MP3@320

I first posted this in June of 2011. The following are notes I made back then. When I originally started posting bootlegs I was only doing lossy MP3s. Oh how times have changed.

I decided to test the idea of uploading both lossless and lossy versions of the same show. It worked out alright. Uploading lossless is really simple as there is no labeling to do, but obviously the files are much bigger and thus it took much longer to upload, which would severely limit the number of shows a day I can upload. I don’t suspect that I’ll try it again, except maybe with really popular artists such as Van Morrison or Bob Dylan.

Lyle Lovett – Large Band Demos

Lyle Lovett & His Large Band
Demos, 1986

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01 Cowboy Man
02 God Will
03 Farther Down The Line
04 This Old Porch
05 Why I Donít Know
06 If I Were The Man You Wanted
07 You Canít Resist It
08 The Waltzing Fool, take 1
09 The Waltzing Fool, take 2
10 An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy
11 Closing Time, take 1
12 Closing Time, take 2
13 Cryin’ Shame
14 Good Intentions
15 I Know You Know
16 What Do You Do/The Glory Of Love
17 Once Is Enough
18 Give Back My Heart
19 I Loved You Yesterday
20 She’s Hot To Go


Tracks 1-12 are alternate takes from the ‘Lyle Lovett’ album.

The rest are earlier recordings of songs that later appeared on ‘& His Large Band’ 13-17; and ‘Pontiac’ 18-20.

Lyle Lovett – Acoustic Demos 1983

Lyle Lovett
Acoustic Demos

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01 Walk Through The Bottomland
02 Crying Shame
03 Hello Grandma
04 Moon On My Shoulder
05 Waltzing Fool
06 Closing Time
07 An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy
08 Simple Song
09 Old Friend
10 Ainít It Something
11 This Old Prorch
12 God Will

Cassette > DAT > Soundforge > Flac

Lyle Lovett – Telluride, CO (06/18/10)

Lyle Lovett
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Town Park, Telluride, Co.

I no longer have this show, sorry.

Neumann 183’s (15′ split)>V-3 >Sound Devices 722 – 24/96 >Sound Forge 7 >CD Wave > Flac 16>MP3
Recorded by David Dyche

Disc 1

01 – Large Band Theme
02 – Choke My Chicken
03 – It’s Rock and Roll
04 – I Will Rise Up
05 – Cute As a Bug
06 – Natural Forces
07 – Private Conversation
08 – L.A. County
09 – Pantry (*)

Disc 2

01 – Up In Indiana (*)
02 – If I Had A Boat (*)
03 – This Old Porch (*)
04 – My Baby Don’t Tolerate (*)
05 – Thatís Right (You’re Not From Texas) (*)
06 – Ain’t No More Cane (*)


07 = White Freight Liner Blues (*)

Lyle Lovett-guitar, vocals
Sam Bush – mandolin, vocals
Jon Randall – guitar, vocals
Viktor Krauss-bass

(*) with Jerry Douglas on dobro and Bela Fleck on banjo