Repost Bonanza: 10,000 Maniacs – Buffalo, NY (01/04/89) “From Natalie With Love”


10,000 Maniacs
From Natalie With Love 1989 [Liberated Bootleg]
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium in Buffalo NY
Opening Act for Grateful Dead

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01. What’s The Matter Here
02. Eat For Two
03. A Campfire Song
04. Cherry Tree
05. City of Angels
06. Blind Faith
07. Dust Bowl
08. Trouble Me
09. Gun Shy
10. Poison In The Well
11. Hey Jack Kerouac
12. Happy Puppet
13. Like the Weather
14. Headstrong
15. Don’t Talk
16. My Sister Rose

total playing time: 61:38

Random Shuffle – The Cure, David Grisman And Smokey Robinson

“Just Like Heaven” – The Cure
From Greatest Hits – Acoustic

Does anyone remember the days of scrambled television? Growing up all the cable stations that we weren’t subscribed to (HBO, Showtime etc.) and all the pay-per-view movies we had not purchased were scrambled in such a way as to make you not want to watch them. The images came out in negatives, and often the picture was split into pieces. The idea, of course, was that no one in their right mind would actually want to watch television in this manner.

The idea was often wrong. I used to watch all manner of programs in this way. I can specifically remember watching the first 48 Hours in this manner. The audio remained good, so I got most of the jokes, and could figure out what was going on, and occasionally the image was unbroken enough to actually see what was happening.

There were also, I must admit, a few late night fumblings watching some adult pay-per-view. You couldn’t see much, but if you squinted right every now and again you might see a negative of a nipple. For a pubescent teenager this was sometimes enough.

During the early ’90s, when alternative suddenly became a musical buzzword, The Cure did an acoustic pay-per-view special. To say I was a sullen, depressed teenager seems a little beyond the point because aren’t all teenagers sullen and depressed? The Cure, of course, are the poster band for sullen, depressed teenagers the world over. So, of course, I watched the special. And of course, I watched it in the negative, scrambled version.

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Random Shuffle – 04/18/07

“Tourist Trap” – Bright Eyes
From NPR’s World Cafe

I woke up this morning to find several messages in my inbox about the Copyright Royalty Board’s decision to deny NPR’s appeal over the increased royalty fees for Internet radio. I am not a political writer, and this isn’t a political piece so I’ll let the discussion of that decision go on elsewhere. What I will say is that the thought of losing such great stations as Radioparadise, and Pandora saddens and angers me a great deal.

Real world radio for the most part sucks. When I travel the 600 odd miles to my parent’s house and hear the exact same songs played by DJs who sound exactly alike with the same jokes then I know radio aint got no soul no more. To be able to click my mouse and hear great, interesting and unique music for free is a great pleasure. It will surely be missed.

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Random Shuffle – 04/12/07

“Some Enchanted Evening” – Ezio Pinza
From Original Cast Album

For about two and a half years I worked at a small, community dinner theatre. It was the type of place where there was never enough help – at the box office, building sets, making costumes, or on the stage. I did a little bit of everything, all the time. Every summer we performed three shows – two big musicals book-ending a much smaller, more intimate comedy or drama. Them were fun, but amazingly busy times.

It never failed that at some point during rehearsals for the big musicals, I would get a call.

“Brewster, how would you like to be an actor?”

There were never enough actors to fill out the chorus, and despite my rather unremarkable singing and acting ability, the director of the theatre needed me for a warm body (or in case of Big River, a cold one, as I played a corpse.) I would always agree, and was then locked into several weeks of nightly rehearsals followed by three or four weekends of performance. At the end of each show, tired of having no semblance of a life but the theatre, I would swear off ever performing again. Yet, inevitably, the next show would come and I would get the call, and I would agree to help.

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Random Shuffle – 04/02/2007

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” – Tommy James and the Shondells
From Anthology

Sometimes, when I’m tired of the dead-end jobs I usually find myself in, I think about going back to graduate school and finishing out the MA I started 8 or so years ago. Yeah, I know my time’s run out for finishing that one out. I’d have to start over, but when I left I said I was taking a year off, so it amuses me to think that this is all just one really long, freaking break. I think about how much fun I had in college, and what great things I could do with a higher degree.

Then I look at my wife. For as long as I’ve known her (and we’re coming up on ten years now) she has been a student. For as long as we’ve been dating, and then married, she’s been a graduate student. I’ve seen first hand the hard work, frustration, anger, and absolute horror being stuck in graduate school can be.

Like everybody who eventually attends college, during my senior year of high school I had to take the ACT exams. It was an all- day affair taking place at my local junior college in Claremore, Oklahoma. How I did on that exam would effect the colleges I could get into and the scholarships I might receive. “Nervous” is the word one might describe my feelings just before taking the exam; “petrified” is the word I’d choose.

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Random Shuffle – 03/26/07

“I’d Rather Go Blind” – Etta James
From Tell Mama

The dark, secret truth of my life is I just don’t enjoy the blues. I really don’t “get” it. It’s not because they are too sad, for I really like sad songs. It’s not because they are full of hard times, for I’ve had my share of hard times. I believe it has something to do with the way they are sad, and the means of which they talk about the hard times.

Actually, let’s back up a minute. This is the electric blues I’m talking about. I have no such hard feeling for the acoustic blues, and tend to dig them, in fact. It’s the electric part of the electric blues that gets me. It’s too electric. Too loud. Too much. I guess it’s in the brazen electric sound that is supposed to transmit the feeling of the blues, but to me it is all too often just annoying. I don’t feel the blues. I don’t hear the blues. I just hear loud. I’ve often said I’m not a lyric listener. But it is here that I must be proven a liar. I like sad song that is soft, and full of lyrics that can break my heart. And when I hear the sad lyrics being blazened by electric forces out of my control, I tend to tune out, or change the channel.

It is then here that Etta James proves that there is something to the blues. Sweet Ashton Kutcher, this song just slays me. What a voice. When she sings, “I’d rather go blind, than watch you walk away,” you believe her. Heck, you want to cut out your own eyes so you can’t see her lover walk away either. I may not care for the blues all that much, but this song cuts me in a way no others can. Maybe it’s because I’ve had my own share of heart ache. Maybe I’ve seen my lover walk away. Maybe Etta James knows how to conjure up emotional depths the rest of us only hear about. Whatever the case, and I suspect it is a bit of both, she has captured the essence of heartache in this song, and I for one, am grateful.

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Random Shuffle – 03/14/07

“Clap Your Hands” – They Might Be Giants
From No

My wife is generally a demure little woman. It is not that she isn’t happy, or doesn’t enjoy life, it is simply that she rarely gets really excited over something. I suspect that George Clooney (the hottest of hotties, don’t ya know?) could walk up to her, plant a wet one on her lips, hand her two tickets to Paris and a thousand dollars and she’d still recall the experience later as simply “Okay.” She’s just like that, and I love her for it.

Still, there are a handful of little things that make her go uncharacteristically giddy. At the forefront of this very short list is They Might Be Giants. I don’t know what it is about those two geeky guys named John, but my little geeky wife adores them so.

“Clap Your Hands” is off of their attempt at a children’s album, a fact that makes her doubly excited and joyous. They Might Be Giants making up kids music! C’est Fantastique!

It’s a random, goofy tune whose lyrics are no more than “clap your hands,” and “stomp your feet,” but whose utter, relentless feel goodness makes even the most hum-bug of people smile – if just a little.

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Random Shuffle – 03/05/07

Yeah“Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” The Pogues
From Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

A few summer’s back I took one of those bus tours through Ireland. It was a pleasant enough way to see the sights without spending copious amounts of cash. Our bus driver was a young, athletic looking Irishman full of the gab, as they say is the gift of that fair country. He was foul-mouthed too, dropping enough f-bombs to make me glad my mother had decided to stay at home instead of coming with us.

Throughout the three day journey, he played a cornucopia of Irish music – from Van Morrison to U2 to Snow Patrol and some traditional Irish fiddle tunes – all of which made me imagine myself as a bus tour driver.

If I had a captive audience for a few days, what kind of music would I subject them to? What kind of statement would those choices make about me? These are the types of things I think about on a regular basis. Music, it seems to me, is intensely personal and the types of music, and even the very songs one loves, says something explicit about the type of person you are.

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Random Shuffle – 02/19/07

billie holliday“Embraceable You” – Billie Holiday
From The Complete Commodore Recordings

I often say that Montgomery, Alabama, a place where I lived for a number of years, is the buckle of the Bible Belt. It is, to put it kindly, a very conservative place with about two churches on every corner. While there, I met a beautiful young lady named Melanie, through my friend Jamison, whilst enjoying a scrumptious Tropical Sno-Cone.

During our dalliance with the delectable treats, Melanie proceeded to tell me that she had seen me and some friends perform the previous fall. That particular piece was a bit of performance art that we had had a small run with, and that I was quite proud of. It is impossible to describe but involved music from Jello Biafro, Pink Floyd, Richard Strauss, lots of black lights, and a juggling giant.

It was Melanie’s opinion that our performance was a danger to society, decidedly un-Christian and should never have been allowed public performance. We had a nice long debate on it, and I left thinking she was a bit nutty and that we’d never speak again.

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Random Shuffle – 02/12/07

GrassisblueCash on the Barrelhead” – Dolly Parton
From The Grass is Blue

The following story is true. As in it really happened. Based in fact, without falsehood.

Many years ago, a family member – a second cousin if I have my facts straight – lived in east Tennessee. That’s mountain country – the Great Smokey Mountains – God’s country. This family member used to play a mean guitar and formed a band with another gentlemen, and a blonde haired country gal named Dolly Parton. This was before she was big, and I’m talking about her musical popularity not the size of her…well, you get the picture.

They developed a pretty good local reputation and the two men decided it was time to go to Nashville and acquire a record contract. Through some connections, of which the details I cannot recall, they landed a record deal and signed the contract – all accept Dolly who had stayed back in the mountains, unable to go to Nashville this particular time.

The men, thrilled they had a contract and would soon be on their way to country stardom, rushed back home only to find that Dolly had met one Porter Wagoner and signed a contract with him, leaving the men in the dust.

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