Bootlegs of the Day: April 16, 2023

Since I am no longer doing individual posts for individual shows it is always a little weird when I try to post a show from an artist I haven’t posted before. Because I really like the Artist’s Pages I want every artist that I post to have their own page. This means when I post new artists I have to create a new artist page for them. When I do that I always think that I have to do at least one post for one show for them. It only occurs to me just now that I don’t need to do that, that I could simply add Google Links to the new artist page.

I’m just dumb. But this does explain why I just posted the Spirit show from Seattle and then added their artist page.

Derek & The Dominoes – 1970.12.05 – Port Chester, NY

Duke Ellington – Danish Radio 1956-1970

Metallica – 2007.10.28 – Mountain View, CA

Spirit – 1969.03.02 – Seattle, WA

The Rolling Stones – 1973.01.21-22 – Honolulu, HI

Van Halen – 1978.05.22 – Manchester, England

Van Halen – 1979.09.13 – Tokyo, Japan

Van Halen – 2015.07.20 – Morrison, CO

Bootlegs of the Day: April 9, 2023

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I’ve got some good ole rock and roll to share with you today. For once, everything here has not been previously shared by me.

The Who – 1967.07.23 – Dallas, TX

The Faces – 1971.xx.xx – Shake it on Down for Top Gear

The Rolling Stones – 1972.xx.xx – Turn the Heat Up

The Rolling Stones – 1972-1973 – Keep Your Motor Runnin

The Who – 1967.08.30 – Rochester, NY

Bootlegs of the Day: March 26, 2023

Sundays are for various artists and today I’ve got some shows covering the alternative country/blues market plus a Rolling Stones vinyl.


Hayes Carll – 2010.08.06 – Happy Valley, OR

Jason Isbell – 2015.02.04 – Washington, D.C

Jason Isbell – 2018.05.09 – Knoxville, TN

Jason Isbell – 2019.04.20 – Louisville, KY

Jason Isbell & Lucinda Williams – 2021.08.01 – Morrison, CO

Stevie Ray Vaughan – 1985.03.01 – Dallas, TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan – 1986.07.17 – Austin, TX

The Rolling Stones – 1967-1975 – 100% Odd Lots Vinyl

Bootlegs of the Day: February 25, 2023

Bob Marley – 1980.06.28 – Torino, Italy

Bob Marley – 1980.09.17 – Providence, RI

Bonnie Raitt – 1992.04.21 – Eureka, CA

Bruce Springsteen – 1977-1978 – The Unbroken Promise – Lighting Up The Darkness Sessions

Kate and Anna McGarrible – 1984.06.11-12 – Rochester, NY

Neil Young – 1999.04.21 – New York, NY

Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie – 1975.07.25 – New York, NY

PFunk – 1978.11.01 – Washington, DC

REM – 1995.07.25 – Milton Keynes, England

The Bangles – 1986.08.06 – New York, NY

The Beatles – 1961-1969 – Acetate Collection

The Beatles – 1963-1970 – File Under Beatles

The Beatles – Acoustic Submarine

The Doors – 1967.03.07 – San Francisco, CA

The Rolling Stones – 1971-1974 – Outtakes and Rarities, Vol. 5

U2 – 1981.11.13 – Albany, NY – Thanks to several of you who answered my request for this show.

The Rolling Stones – Reverse Blues

The Rolling Stones
Reverse Blues
Beacon Island – 2S713

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Gimme Shelter
Tumbling Dice
Brown Sugar
Honky Tonk Woman
Midnight Rambler
All Down The Line
Street Fighting Man
Let It Rock
All Down The Line
When The Whip Comes Down
Just My Imagination
Beast Of Burden
Sweet Little Sixteen
Far Away Eyes
Love In Vain
Jumping Jack Flash

The Rolling Stones – Honolulu, HI (01/23/98)

The Rolling Stones
Aloha Stadium
Honolulu, Hawaii

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Audience Recording
DAT M>Clone
Gear info:Sony ECM 66b>Sony D-8

Disc one 75:04
02-I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
03-Let’s Spend The Night Together
04-Flip the Switch
05-Gimme Shelter
06-All Down the Line
08-Saint Of Me
09-Out of Control
10-She’s A Rainbow
11-Miss You
12-Thief In The Night
13-Wanna Hold You

Disc Two B-Stage 62:22
14-Little Queenie
15-The Last Time
16-Like a Rolling Stone
18-Tumbling Dice
19-Honky Tonk Women
20-Start Me Up
21-Jumpin Jack Flash
23-Brown Sugar

Decent quality audience recording without too much crowd noise.
Master clone received in trade from the taper.
Fresh transfer,this source possibly not circulated ever.

The Rolling Stones – San Francisco, CA (10/17/81)

The Rolling Stones
Candlestick Park
San Francisco, California
October 17, 1981

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Tie Me Down Or Turn Me Loose
Dog N Cat Records – DAC-028

1-1 Take The A Train
1-2 Under My Thumb
1-3 When The Whip Comes Down
1-4 Let’s Spend The Night Together
1-5 Shattered
1-6 Neighbours
1-7 Black Limousine
1-8 Just My Imagination
1-9 Twenty Flight Rock
1-10 Let Me Go
1-11 Time Is On My Side
1-12 Beast Of Burden
1-13 Waiting On A Friend
1-14 Let It Bleed
2-1 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2-2 Little T & A
2-3 Tumbling Dice
2-4 She’s So Cold
2-5 All Down The Line
2-6 Band Introductions
2-7 Hang Fire
2-8 Star Star
2-9 Miss You
2-10 Start Me Up
2-11 Honky Tonk Women
2-12 Brown Sugar
2-13 Jumping Jack Flash
2-14 Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones – London, England (03/15/75)

The Rodding Stones
Saturday Night Special – It’s Only A Mix… But I Like It
Flying Horses Records Ltd. – FC 020
Vinyl, 12″, Maxi-Single

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Am I Grooving You
Mystifies Me
Take A Look At The Guy

Bass – Bill Wyman
Design [Front Cover] – Rick Briffin
Drums – Charlie Watts
Engineer [Assistant] – Rod Tears, Syl Ruglolo
Engineer [Mixing] – Keith Harbour, Rod Cantarelli
Engineer [Record] – Andy Johnston, Keith Harbour
Guitar – Keith Richards, Ron Wood
Organ – Billy Preston
Percussion – Kenny Jones
Photography [Back Cover] – Tony Edmonton
Photography [Front Cover] – Greg Stewart
Piano – Ian Stewart, Nicky Hopkins
Producer – Christopher Sambalo
Vocals – Billy Preston, Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood

Rodding Stones, The – “Saturday Night Special – It’s Only A Mix… But I Like It” Maxi-Single was recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, March 15, 1975.
Produced For: United Music System Inc.

The Rolling Stones – Long Beach, CA (06/10/72)

The Rolling Stones
Long Bitch
Pacific Terrace Center
Long Beach (CA), United States
10th June 1972

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This comes with no other source information other than the bootleg title and some artwork.

  1. Brown Sugar
  2. Bitch
  3. Rocks Off
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Happy (with Keith Richards (vocals))
  6. Tumbling Dice
  7. Love In Vain
  8. Sweet Virginia
  9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  10. All Down The Line
  11. Midnight Rambler
  12. Band Introduction
  13. Bye Bye Johnny
  14. Rip This Joint
  15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  16. Street Fighting Man

The Rolling Stones – Gothenburg, Sweden (09/06/70)

Rolling Stones
Gothenburg, Sweden
Liseberg (Amusementpark)

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Upped by jandyx

This is a first attempt at sending out. This is four songs from the outdoors concert at Liseberg, Gothenburg, 6 September, 1970. They are improved (at least I think so, a friend did them). These are the only songs that weren¥t too distorted, the acoustic ones, and sound, quite a bit better. They are from the since long-circulating cassette, although this is from a second-generation copy of the master. It was recorded by a nine-year (almost ten, but not quite, a few weeks to go) old die hard Stones fan – who still is – and has since played in the Gothenburg based Rolling Stones cover band Stenade Rullarna (The Stoned Rollers).

01 – Stray Cat Blues
02 – Love In Vain
03 – Prodigal Son
04 – You Gotta Move

No artwork available, sorry.