Bootlegs of the Day: March 23, 2023

Thursdays are for Neil Young and I’ve got five shows from 1970 with Crazy Horse. I believe the only one not ever posted here before is the New York gig. Enjoy.

Neil Young – 1970.02.19 – San Francisco, CA

Neil Young – 1970.02.25 – Cincinnati, OH

Neil Young – 1970.02.28 – Philadelphia, PA

Neil Young – 1970.03.01 – Boston, MA

Neil Young – 1970.03.07 – New York, NY

Bootlegs of the Day: March 9, 2023

When I heard David Lindley has passed I went looking for shows of his that I could share. The only thing I could find in my collection was this Jackson Browne show from 1975. Sharing it I decided to go ahead and reshare all of my Jackson Browne shows.

Then I moved on to the regular Thursday choice, Neil Young. There are a few of his shows from 2000 that I’ve never shared before.


Jackson Browne – 1975.03.02 – New Orleans, LA

Jackson Browne – 1986.03.15 – Essen, Germany

Jackson Browne – 1996.03.05 – Tucson, AZ

Jackson Browne – 1999.08.15 – Los Angeles, CA

Jackson Browne – 2004.03.16 – New York, NY

Neil Young – 1973.11.05 – London, England

Neil Young – 2000.08.12 – Mansfield, MA

Neil Young – 2000.08.14 – Hartford, CT

Neil Young – 2000.08.22 – Atlanta, GA

Neil Young – 2000.09.08 – Nampa, ID

Neil Young – 2000.09.09 – George, WA

Neil Young – 2000.09.24 – Phoenix, AZ

Bootlegs of the Day: March 2, 2023

Thursdays are for Neil Young and I’ve got a nice mix of shows for you today. Enjoy.

Neil Young – 2008.10.21 – Everett, WA

Various Artists – Bridge School Benefit – 2008.10.25

Neil Young – 2008.12.12 – Philadelphia, PA

Neil Young – 2008.12.13 – Worcester, MA

Neil Young – 2009.01.28 – Melbourne, Australia

Neil Young – 2009.04.11 – St. John, NE

Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night Compilation

Neil Young – USA 1990

Neil Young – West Coast Is Falling – Radio Rarities

Bootlegs of the Day: February 16, 2023

I do love that Google Drive allows you to open text files and images inside of it. That way you all can see the source information without me having to copy and paste it into a post, and make the best decisions on whether you want to download it or not. But I do like the old posts. I like that they felt more collaborative like we were all part of a community. I like that each post would get comments and that I could then post a link to each show in my Artist’s Pages. I may eventually go back to doing individual posts for each individual show, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I’m still a little burned out and I don’t want to make me hate this site.

So I’m working on a method to both share new shows and old ones in a way that makes sense. By which I mean I’m gonna try and link to the old posts when I have them, and when I don’t just post a link to Google Drive. Let me know what you think.

Neil Young – 5X or Less Live Compilation: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – 100 Times or More: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – Elektra Demos and More: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – Mynah Bird Demos: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – 2010.06.04 – Houston, TX

Neil Young – 2010.06.05 – Austin, TX

Neil Young – 2010.07.14 – Oakland, CA: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – 2010.07.19 – Portland, OR: Original PostGoogle Drive

Neil Young – 2010.07.26 – Winnipeg, Canada

Neil Young – 2010.07.27 – Winnipeg, Canada

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Perform “Cortez the Killer” in 1991

One of the things I really enjoyed when I was posting shows every day was posting certain artists on certain days of the week. I am a man of some organization. I like to have my ducks in a row as my mother likes to say. There was something nice about knowing that on Mondays I’d be posting Bob Dylan shows, and on Wednesdays, I’d post the Grateful Dead, etc. I kind of miss that.

So in my ever-changing plans on what to do with this blog, I thought it would be fun to try to do something similar again. No, I won’t be posting new shows every day and thus I won’t be posting Neil Young shows on Thursdays. But maybe I can post a Neil Young video on some Thursdays. Or links to interesting Neil Young news.

I like the idea anyway. So here’s a terrific version of one of my favorite Neil songs, “Cortez the Killer” in 1991.

Neil Young – Barolo, Italy (07/21/14)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Barolo, Italy
July 21, 2014

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Audience recording
Neumann km140 > Denecke PS-2 > Marantz PMD661 (16 bit – 44.1 KHz) > Cool Edit > CD Wave
taper: romeo

CD 1 (61:34)

  1. Love and Only Love
  2. Standing in the Light of Love
  3. Goin’ Home
  4. Days That Used to Be
  5. Living With War
  6. Love to Burn

CD 2 (55:05)

  1. Name of Love
  2. Blowin’ in the Wind
  3. Heart of Gold
  4. Barstool Blues
  5. Psychedelic Pill
  6. Cortez the Killer
  7. Rockin’ in the Free World
  8. (encore break)
  9. Who’s Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth

Total Time 1:56:40

Neil Young – London, England (07/12/14)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Barclaycard British Summer Time
Hyde Park
London, England

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

01 crowd/tuning
02 Love And Only Love
03 Goin’ Home
04 Days That Used To Be
05 After The Gold Rush
06 Love To Burn
07 Separate Ways
08 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
09 Blowin’ In The Wind
10 Heart Of Gold
11 Barstool Blues
12 Psychedelic Pill
13 Cinnamon Girl
14 Rockin’ In The Free World
15 encore break

encore 1

16 Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth?
17 encore break

encore 2

18 Down By The River

Neil Young – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Frank Sampedro – electric guitar, keyboard, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals
Rick Rosas – bass
Dorene Carter – backing vocals
YaDonna West – backing vocals

Neil Young – Dallas, TX (04/17/14)

Neil Young (Solo)
April 17, 2014
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
Dallas, Texas

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Dress Circle F Row A seat 9>

a “time was just a joke” production

Disc I (51:35)

  1. From Hank to Hendix
  2. On The Way Home
  3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  4. Love In Mind
  5. Mellow My Mind
  6. Are You Ready For the Country
  7. Someday
  8. Changes- Phil Ochs
  9. Harvest
  10. Old Man

Disc II (55:15)

  1. Pocahontas
  2. A Man Needs A Maid
  3. Ohio
  4. Southern Man
  5. Mr.Soul
  6. If You Could Read My Mind- Gordon Lightfoot
  7. Harvest Moon
  8. After the Goldrush
  9. Heart Of Gold


  1. Thrasher