Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Lights Out In Georgia

Joni Mitchell - Lights Out in Georgia

Joni Mitchell
Mega-rare Restored Vinyl
“Lights Out In Georgia”

Download: FLAC/MP3

From Brian Hinton’s discography: “A complete mystery, combining songs which predate the first LP with For Free, written much later.”


Side One
01 Night In The City
02 Gift of the Magi
03 If I Had A King
04 Morning Morgantown
05 Intro To Ballerina Valerie
06 Ballerina Valerie

Side Two
07 Song To A Seagull
08 Both Sides Now
09 For Free
10 Intro To The Fiddle And The Drum
11 The Fiddle And The Drum

It’s quite clear from listening to this strange album that these are in fact two seperate concerts. Tracks 1-8 may be from a tape from somewhere off the radio, possibly prior the “Second Fret Sets” period of 1967, while the rest are from an audience tape which may be from sometime around 1969-71. That information is mostly just a guess, there are no confirmed sources.

There are a wide range of songs represented here. Some of the first songs that Joni ever played are here, put together with another point in time where those songs were abandoned.

Tracks 9-11 ran too slow on the LP and had to be pitch corrected.

Lineage: Boot LP TMOQ 73038 “Lights Out In Georgia” ->Sound Forge ->Click And Crackle Remover ->Vinyl Restoration Suite ->(Tracks 9-11) Pitch correction ->Flac via Flac Frontend 1.1.3, level 6 with tags and replaygain, sectors aligned and verified.


A DoinkerTape

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Cleveland, OH (05/08/72)

joni mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Cleveland Arena
Cleveland, OH

Download: FLAC/MP3

This Flight Tonight
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
Big Yellow Taxi
For Free*
All I Want
A Case of You
Both Sides Now

*Listed on Etree but not included in this set.

Fundraiser for Senator George McGovern’s presidential campaign. Other performers included Paul Simon and James Taylor.

Sent to me as WAV files from Mauro. Taken from his tape collection. WAV files was split into separate tracks and converted to FLAC by Dave R.

Thanks to both Mauro and Dave R. for the help.

Decent sounding audience recording.I have no other source/lineage info.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Oklahoma City, OK (08/03/79)

Joni Mitchell - Oklahoma City 1979

Joni Mitchell and The Persuasions
Oklahoma City Amphitheater
Oklahoma City, OK

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience recording
Lineage: CDR Mail Trade > EAC > flac

1: Big Yellow Taxi
2: In France They Kiss On Main Streey
3: Coyote
4: Edith And The Kingpin
5: Just Like This Train
6: Free Man In Paris
7: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
8: Jaco’s Solo/Dry Cleaner From Des Moines (cut in middle)
9: God Must Be A Boogie Man
10: Hejira
11: Don’s Solo /Dreamland
12: Black Crow
13: Help Me
14: Amelia
15: Furry Sings The Blues
16: Raised On Robbery
17: Shadows And Light
18: Why Do fools Fall In Love?
19: Woodstock
20: Jericho

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Lenox, MA (08/21/79)

joni mitchell

Joni Mitchell
Tanglewood Music Shed
Lenox, Mass. U.S.A.
August 21, 1979 (Tuesday)
performance quality: B+ to A-
recording quality: B (-, some variation in fidelity)

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: master audience tape

Sony microphone (unknown model) >
Sony TC-56 cassette deck >
master cassettes (maxell UD 90 min.) >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 >
CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.

setlist: disc 1 78:59
1: big yellow taxi 3:45
2: just like this train 4:21
3: in France they kiss on Main st. 4:31
4: coyote 5:25
5: Edith and the kingpin 4:39
6: free man in Paris 3:47
7: goodbye pork pie hat 6:07
8: bass solo 8:36
9: the dry cleaner from Des Moins 5:21
10: Amelia (with Metheny solo) 6:50
11: Hejira 6:46
12: percussion solo dreamland 8:59
13: black cow 4:02
14: Furry sings the blues 5:45
disc 2 30:58
15: God must be a boogie man 5:19
16: raised on robbery 4:34
17: shadows and light 4:05
18: encore break 1:30
19: the last time I saw Richard 5:34
20: why do fools fall in love 3:43
21: Woodstock 6:10

Joni Mitchell- vocals and acoustic guitar
Pat Metheny- electric guitars
Lyle Mays- keyboards
Michael Brecker- sax
Jaco Pastorious- bass
Don Alias- percussion
the Persuasions- backing vocals

one of Joni Mithell’s all star bands drops in to Western Mass. for a delightful Tuesday evening show. this recording has some problems and a couple of interruptions, missing a little bit but it’s mostly here and all from my buddy’s master tapes. this tape all comes out to just under 102 minutes, it’s pretty listenable quality and a very nice concert. I have a couple more of of these shows in audience recordings but this is the only one with known lineage. it’s not a real
clear “high-fi” recording, but close enough up so it’s a you’re pretty much there production. I’m far from the biggest fan of Joni Mitchell music, but maybe my favorite of hers is this band, which toured just this one year, and her tour with the LA Express of soon before this one. this has to be the best band Joni’s ever toured with (not the only good one) and I’m happy to share this show with dime for maybe the 1st time, almost certainly the 1st time from this recording.
if anyone has a better quality/more complete recording of this show and/or other later 70’s Joni shows. I’m not very familiar with alot of her songs, she does several good ones in here. my favorites are the first and last
tracks in this recording. I think there may be another track or two after Woodstock that wasn’t recorded (maybe before), probably no more than 10 min. or so missing in this recording from the concert. I’ve always liked
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s versions of Woodstock, Joni’s are very different but I like hers too (including this one).

do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
there’s no baloney in this Joni.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – My Soul Has Turned Into Steel, 1998 Winter and Spring Tour

bob dylan - van morrison 1998

Bob Dylan
Pink Panther Records
the 1998 winter and spring tours of north and south america.

Download: FLAC/MP3

premium never ending tour material by any measure.
bob might have survived histoplasmosis, but the “rock star” did die in mid-1997.
1998 was when bob started to get serious & grow up.
mainly fantastic sound & even more fantastic performances.

75 ball-tearing, sensational tracks
72 different songs
27 concerts
7 hours & 15 minutes of music
1 bob

Garde Arts Center
New London, Connecticut
13 January 1998

1.Desolation Row
2.Make You Feel My Love
3.Tears Of Rage (Bob Dylan & Richard Manuel)


Garde Arts Center
New London, Connecticut
14 January 1998

4.Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter)
5.The Times They Are A-Changin’
6.Love Minus Zero/No Limit
7.Million Miles
8.This Wheel’s On Fire (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko)
9.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
10.Love Sick


The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
16 January 1998

11.John Brown
12.My Back Pages

Taper: Bach

The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
17 January 1998

13.Absolutely Sweet Marie
14.SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
15.Not Dark Yet
16.Tomorrow Is A Long Time
17.The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
18.Million Miles
19.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
20.Like A Rolling Stone


The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
18 January 1998

21.More And More (Webb Pierce/Merle Kilgore)

Bob Dylan and Van Morrison (shared vocal)
backed by Van Morrisonís band: Pee Wee Ellis (tenor saxophone),
Matt Holland (trumpet), Ronnie Johnson (electric guitar), Robin Aspland (piano),
Nicky Scott (bass), Liam Bradley (percussion), Geoff Dunn (drums).

Madison Square Garden (Crystal Cat / CC 452-53)

The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
18 January 1998

22.Cold Irons Bound
23.You’re A Big Girl Now
24.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
25.Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
20 January 1998

26.Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
27.Born In Time
28.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
29.Girl Of The North Country
30.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Taper: Bobby Bourbon;
Equipment: Schoeps MK4V’s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D7

The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
21 January 1998

31.Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)

Bob Dylan and Van Morrison (shared vocal) backed by Van Morrisonís band:
Pee Wee Ellis (tenor saxophone), Matt Holland (trumpet),
Ronnie Johnson (electric guitar), Robin Aspland (piano), Nicky Scott (bass),
Liam Bradley (percussion), Geoff Dunn (drums).

Madison Square Garden (Crystal Cat / CC 452-53)

The Theater
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
21 January 1998

32.Shelter From The Storm
33.Mr Tambourine Man

Equipment: Schoeps mics, dat clone from the master

Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts
23 January 1998

34.One Too Many Mornings
35.Ballad Of A Thin Man


Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts
24 January 1998

36.Just Like A Woman
37.Positively 4th Street


Mid-Hudson Arena
Poughkeepsie, New York
27 January 1998

38.If Not For You
39.Boots Of Spanish Leather


Landmark Theater
Syracuse, New York
28 January 1998

40.The Man In Me
41.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)


Tilles Center
C.W. Post College
Brookville, New York
30 January 1998

42.Pretty Peggy-O (trad.)
43.Under The Red Sky
44.Masters Of War
45.Queen Jane Approximately

Taper: dolphinsmile;
Equipment: Schoeps MK4 > SBM1 24/48 k Pure dat clone

Mark G. Etess Arena
Taj Mahal
Atlantic City, New Jersey
31 January 1998

46.Can’t Wait
47.Cocaine Blues (trad.)

Taper: Bobby Bourbon (BB);
Equipment: Schoeps MK4V’s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D100

Prudential Hall
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newark, New Jersey
1 February 1998

48.Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues


Symphony Hall
Springfield, Massachusetts
2 February 1998

49.Shooting Star
50.Blind Willie McTell
51.ëTil I Fell In Love With You


Public Hall
Cleveland Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio
14 February 1998

52.Simple Twist Of Fate
53.Highway 61 Revisited

Equipment: AUD > ? > CD-R > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC

John F. Savage Hall
University Of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio
15 February 1998

54.I Want You
55.It Ain’t Me, Babe

Taper: Net Taper G (NTG);
Equipment: ?? > portable DAT-recorder > clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > ssrc > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Fox Theater
St. Louis, Missouri
17 February 1998

56.Man In The Long Black Coat


Cameo Theater
Miami Beach, Florida
30 March 1998

57.To Be Alone With You
58.White Dove (Carter Stanley)
59.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
60.All Along The Watchtower

Remaster: Schubert

Cameo Theater
Miami Beach, Florida
31 March 1998


Remaster: Schubert

PraÁa da Apoteose
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 April 1998

62.Like A Rolling Stone

Stoned In Rio De Janeiro (Sister Morphine)

The Rage
Vancouver, British Columbia
13 May 1998

63.Not Fade Away (Norman Petty/Charles Hardin)
64.Stone Walls And Steel Bars (Ray Pennington / Ray Marcum)


The Gorge Amphitheatre
George, Washington
16 May 1998

65.I Shall Be Released
66.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

I Shall Be Released – Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison (shared vocal).

Location: FOB;
Equipment: Neumans km140 dat clone from master > cd ripped and uploaded

The Gorge Amphitheatre
George, Washington
17 May 1998

67.Maggie’s Farm
68.Lay, Lady, Lay
69.Roving Gambler (B. Flick.)
70.Tangled Up In Blue


Pauley Pavilion
Los Angeles, California
21 May 1998

71.Rank Strangers To Me (A. Brumley)
72.Restless Farewell

Sick Love (Zipperman Records / 003-04)

Pauley Pavilion
Los Angeles, California
22 May 1998

73.If You See Her, Say Hello


Pond Of Anaheim
Anaheim, California
23 May 1998

74.I’m Not Supposed To Care (Gordon Lightfoot)
75.Forever Young


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Los Angeles, CA (01/26/95)

Joni Mitchell - los ángeles - 1995

Los Angeles, CA.
26 January 1995

Download: FLAC/MP3


01 refuge of the roads
02 being roy
03 sex kills
04 moon at the window
05 night ride home
06 loves cries
07 yvette in english
08 cherokee louise
09 sunny sunday
10 hejira
11 just like this train
12 happiness is the best face-lift

From the original uploader:
This version did not come form Dime
I believe it came from the Joni Mitchell
Dowload hub a long time go.
It is just about excellent.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell & Herbie Hancock – Berkeley, Ca (09/03/78)

joni mitchell - herbie hancock - bread and roses festival 1978

Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock
Bread and Roses Festival
Greek Theater
Berkeley, Ca. U.S.A.
September 3, 1978

Download: FLAC/MP3

FM broadcast on “Folk Festival USA” program
runtime: 30:45 (minutes/seconds)

1: furry sings the blues 5:07
2: the dry cleaner from Des Moines 3:40
3: introduction of Herbie Hancock :52
4: a chair in the sky 6:53
5: the wolf that lives in Lindsey 7:46
6: the circle game 5:12
7: radio credits 1:15

(last song with
Tom Paxton
the Persuasions
Todd Gibson
and Hamilton Camp)

probably WBUR 90.9 FM (or maybe WGBH 89.7) radio (NPR) >
Sansui 8 reciever with wire FM antenna >
unknown average quality cassette deck (dolby off) >
TDK-SA 90 min. master cassette >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb’s aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that, bread and butter production.
it’s earthy. nothing fancy.
no band. no big Marshall amps.
no eq or noise reduction or fidelity abusing.
this recording has a few brief flaws,
either in the broadcast or probably in this master recording
and a little light static here and there, but not too much.
(and 35 years earth time.) this tape has only been
played a couple of times so it is not very worn from use.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Anaheim, CA (03/05/74)

Joni Mitchell in 1974 - Anaheim

Joni Mitchell featuring Tom Scott and The L.A. Express
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
March 5, 1974
JF Archive Series Vol. 13 via JEMS

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: JF

Source: unknown recorder > unknown microphone (mono)

JEMS 2015 Transfer: first-gen reel > Otari MX-5050 > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > iZotope RX4 > iZotope Ozone 5 > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 This Flight Tonight
02 You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio
03 Free Man In Paris
04 The Same Situation
05 Just Like This Train
06 Rainy Night House
07 Woodstock
08 Cactus Tree
09 Big Yellow Taxi
10 People’s Parties
11 All I Want
12 A Case Of You
13 Dialogue
14 For The Roses
15 Cold Blue Steel
16 Blue
17 For Free
18 Trouble Child
19 Help Me
20 Car On A Hill
21 Both Sides, Now
22 Raised on Robbery
23 The Last Time I Saw Richard
24 Twisted


JEMS loves a vintage taper series and we’re pleased to offer another one, this time from the archive of our friend JF, who taped in and around Southern California in the ’70s and Boston in the ’80s. He frequented smaller venues, like the Troubadour and the Roxy, leaving arenas to others and leaning more towards the folksier, jazzier and eclectic sides of rock.

Most of his ’70s tapes were made on what I would describe as the kind of large, rectangular, portable, C-cel powered cassette recorder that my family and surely many others had in the ’70s, either a Panasonic or a Sony. While I used ours to record myself, my friends and my sister around the house, the teenage JF figured: Why not try taking it into concerts?

I only learned what recorder JF used after I had heard some of his tapes and I have to say I was mildly shocked. Given the gear, his tapes are remarkably clear for the era. And make no mistake, this was an early era for audience recording, part of the first wave spurred on by of the vinyl bootleg revolution.

For further details and backstory on JF, his tapes and the extraordinary lost Van performances from 1975 that started the series, please refer to the notes in Vol. Three:



The JF Archive series resumes with what we believe to be a previously uncirculated Joni Mitchell performance on her well regarded 1974 tour backed by Tom Scott and the L.A. Express. The tour was notable as her first to explore more of a jazz direction compared to her folk-rock beginnings.

You can find the poster for the show, the ticket, photos and a nice contemporary review here:

Itís a lively set featuring a very talkative Joni. The sound quality isn’t up to the level of the best audience tapes of the tour (among them JEMS’ Seattle 3/13/74 master found here http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=318981), but in all, this a lovely performance and another one of those ìyou are thereî recordings, despite the lo-fi gear. Samples provided.

JF did an excellent job capturing the complete performance with no noticeable cuts in the music, Joni’s between song dialogue and stories come through loud and clear.

Though originally recorded on cassette, JF’s Joni recording was transferred from reel-to-reel. That’s because JF, due to tight budgets at the time (he was barely out of high school), routinely transferred his master tapes to reels in order to save tape/money. Because he recorded his masters in mono, he would dub the finished recording onto a single track of a reel, allowing him to fit four or more shows on one 7″ tape and reuse the cassette for the next show. That wasn’t true in all instances, but it is for most. And yes, in hindsight, he is still kicking himself about it. And yet, based on the tapes we’ve transferred so far, JF did a fine job dubbing off his masters, and the Joni reel doesn’t sound any worse for wear despite the one-generation loss.

Once again, we must express our gratitude to JF, who reached out on DIME (you could be next!) and offered us his archive, which had been sitting in boxes, 6000 miles away from where he lives today, for 20+ years. Like so many early tapers, he had great stories to tell and the memories flooded back as we sorted through tapes. We are pleased to be able to bring his work to all of you. Please let him know through your comments that you are, too.

Lastly, as always, special thanks to mjk5510, who continues his critical duty as JEMS’ post-production and quality-control supervisor. His contributions are essential in getting the music to you.


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Newport, RI (07/19/69)

Joni Mitchell - Newport Folk Festival - 1969_07_19_jo1

Newport Folk Festival
Newport, Rhode Island
July 19, 1969

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 Chelsea Morning
2 Cactus tree
3 Night in the City
4 For Free
5 Willy
6 The Fiddle and the Drum
7 Both Sides Now
8 Get Together

9 The Circle Game

From the Joni Mitchell Chronology http://www.jmdl.com/chronology/#1969

1969.07.19 Newport Folk Festival Festival Field Newport, RI
Evening concert

This show is crystal clear! (Except for “The Circle Game”–from a different
sourc with audience participation.)

A must-have for any Joni fan, even the casual one.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Durham, NC (03/24/74)

Joni Mitchell - Durham 1974 - Spring Songs

Joni Mitchell
Cameron Stadium, Duke University
Durham, NC

Download: FLAC/MP3

From the original uploader:

Joni Mitchell Mega-rare restored vinyl set “Spring Songs” 1974-03-24 Cameron Stadium, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (mp3 sample) great performance!

Plea and beg time: If you have the master tape of this show, or one not from this record album, please seed it!

For this torrent, I have decided to take quite a different tack: I have tweaked and fiddled with this music for many hours to bring this amazing performance somewhat to life. There’s night and day difference between what you will hear in this torrent and on the original vinyl. The fact that I can finally hear all the instruments and the thing’s back in tune and in proper tempo on a show of this quality is all I need. I absolutely love it.

You may not think that’s good enough. You may think it not worth your time, or that it “still sucks”, or why am I posting this when there’s so much better sounding material out there.

I have news for you… Joni is stunning, mind melting, riding the clouds on this one. She is so good that she makes it look easy.

It may not be for you, nor your sister, nor your girlfriend who you’ve been trying to do “what with??!!” if you can’t look past the imperfections:

Don’t download it!

The setlist of this show is another matter entirely. The album cover, the Hot Wacks discography, and the sides of the album are all in disagreement. The tracks on each side seem to be in sequence, but I am not sure if the sides themselves are in proper order. This is what I came up with, both for track listings and for sequence:

You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
Free Man In Paris
Same Situation
Just Like This Train
Rainy Night House (awesome, awesome!)
Big Yellow Taxi
Peoples Parties
All I Want
A Case Of You
For The Roses
Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire

Please provide corrections!

Some technical notes: Very little noise reduction or pop and click removal was applied to this recording, as it was difficult to seperate the noise from the music. The swishing you hear in some tracks is sound cancellation caused by the stereo master tape being pressed in combined (L + R) mono. EQ was performed and undone over and over again to get the recording as clear as possible. Each side was individually pitch-corrected to CD masters of the official releases.

This recording BEGS for a tape copy that’s in stereo!


A DoinkerTape