Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Simon & Garfunkel – Where My Heart Lies – Complete English Recordings 1965 – 1970

1965 – 1970
“… Where My Heart Lies”
Complete English Recordings 1965-1970

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: various>CDR>EAC>you
Transfered by: Purple Chick

Five to Ten (BBC Radio rec. Jan. 27, ’65):
1: The Sound Of Silence
2: April Come She Will
3: A Most Peculiar Man
4: Bleaker Street

Wednesday Morning 3am (BBC Radio rec. July ’65):
5: Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound
6: Sparrow
7: On The Side Of A Hill
8: I Am A Rock
9: A Church Is Burning
10: Anji

BBC live (details unknown):
11: intro
12: Sparrow > Don’t Cry Lady
13: paul on folk rock
14: Somewhere They Can’t Find Me

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, March 20, ’67:
15: Cloudy
16: Benedictus
17: Blessed
18: A Poem On The Underground Wall
19: I Am A Rock
20: The Sound Of Silence

Royal Albert Hall, London April 1970:
21: The Boxer
22: America
23: Song For The Asking

Demo session – details unknown:
24: I Wish You Could Be Here
25: Blessed
26: Bad News Feeling
27: Cloudy

Jackson C. Frank (produced by Paul Simon, taken from the compilation “Blues Run
The Game” (1996)):
28: Blues Run The Game

The Seekers (co-written by Paul Simon, take from the compilation “Capital
Collectors Series” (1992)):
29: Someday, One Day
30: Cloudy
31: Red Rubber Ball
32: I Wish You Could Be Here

From the original uploader:
Quality ranges from SBD to just fair.
The Wednesday Morning session appears from an AM Source on a number
of other releases (Far East Reunion, Village Vanguard) but this is
the only version which blends that with various FM rebroadcasts.
So you won’t find this better quality elsewhere.

The Manchester show is the worst-sounding here – my guess is that
it was recorded by putting a microphone up to an AM radio speaker(!).

Anyway, S&G bootlegs being the rare, eclectic beasts they are, this
CD tidys up a number of disparate recordings into one coherent package.

8 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Simon & Garfunkel – Where My Heart Lies – Complete English Recordings 1965 – 1970

  1. lol, I’m a fan, don’t get me wrong, but it must be said — WHAT a creepy looking young man! what is that, a cape? (anticipating The Capeman? maybe that’s autobiographical.) And that haircut! (anticipating Ramsay Bolton.)

  2. Mat,

    have this somewhere, anyway it’s a ‘Purple Chick’ (always exc) release. Serious Beatles fans will not need telling. For anyone else, this is v likely to be the ref source for this stuff

    Anyway real reason for visit – important missing Neil date from Jap ’76, and it’s one of the ‘Mr Peach’ sourced Taranturas too!



  3. Hola Amigo: Soy un seguidor de tu blog y por sobretodo de lo Retro, he encontrado cosas muy interesantes, PREGUNTO: alguna posibilidad de subir cosas de esa Gran Banda que fue Humble Pie, por ahi entiendo que no es tu palo, pero hay muchos seguidores que no la conocen, y los que si, seria bueno algunos bootleg desconocidos, Gracias de todos modos, y muy bueno tu aporte. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Perdóname, no hablo español, así que estoy usando Google Translate. No tengo ningún bootlegs de Humble Pie, pero buscaré algunos y los publicaré si encuentro alguno. Gracias por sus amables palabras.

  4. Gracias Amigo: Soy un ferviente seguidor de Los Pie, tengo mucha data de ellos, pero vistes como es esto, siempre aparecen cosas que nunca salieron a la luz, estamos iguales, mi ingles es muy malo, nos arreglamos igual, pèro para el mundo de la Música hay un solo idioma, MÚSICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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