The Decemberists – Chicago, IL (04/19/07)

The Decemberists
Riviera Theater
Chicago, IL

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  1. < lead-in >
  2. Crane Wife 1 & 2
  3. The Infanta
  4. July, July!
  5. Summer Song
  6. Yankee Bayonet [1]
  7. Clementine
  8. Shiny
  9. O Valencia!
  10. Sixteen Military Wives
  11. The Island
  12. < fade-out >


  1. < fade-in >
  2. Sons And Daughters


  1. Wonder
  2. Mariner’s Revenge

Source Schoeps MK4/KC5/CMC6 > Oade Transparent MOD Edirol R-4
Lineage Edirol R-4 > USB > PC
Taped by Brian Skalinder
Transferred by Brian Skalinder



[1] with Shara Warden on vocals

To seamlessly join the two discs, simply remove D1T12 and D2T01.

Much better recording than the night before – sound engineer had the room dialed in much more effectively than the night before. This recording is dedicated to the meathead and bimbo crew who planted themselves right in front of me and then proceeded to <1> blather obnoxiously through half of the performance (especially during quiet songs) despite multiple audience members’ polite reqests to pipe down or at least move to the back / sides of the venue, and <2> throw nearly – but not quite – empty beer cups at each other, splashing those around them with backwash and beer. Classy act, indeed. High five, high five!! But I won’t let a handful of meatheads and bimbos ruin it for everyone by hoarding the recording (the only one of the night of which I’m aware), so…here it is: Enjoy!

Taper : Brian Skalinder /
Location : ~5′ RoC, ~3′ FOB, ~7′ stand
Mic Config : 17cm, 90∫
Source : Schoeps MK4/KC5/CMC6 > Oade Transparent MOD Edirol R-4
Record Format: 24-bit, 48 kHz
Conversion : Edirol R-4 > USB > PC
Edit : Samplitude SE v8.3 (fades, resample, dither, track)
Final Format : 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
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Reviewer: Decemberist416 – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – May 1, 2007
Subject: AWESOME!!!
I was at the Apr 16th show in Milwaukee and ever since have been looking here to find decent quality recordings. This recording from the Chicago show is SUPERB. I never get sick of listening to these concerts. I’ve been to two of their shows now and when I DL these and listen, I imagine I’m at that show. It’s great how they also have a different set list for each show. Ihe Infanta is AWESOME when done live!

Great recording, man! My only regret is what you mentioned — the rude, meathead idiots who kept talking throughout the whole show! Why the hell where they even there…they obviously had no interest in seeing the Decemberists perform. Man, if I would have been at THAT show and there were idiots talking like that, I would have kicked their asses. That is SO DAMN RUDE. I hope you meatheads are reading this. SHOW SOME RESPECT. If you don’t like the band, LEAVE and allow those that do to enjoy the show to the full extent.

Thank you!! Looking forward to more superb recordings from this Decemberists tour!
Reviewer: jayspanbauer – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – April 28, 2007
Subject: Great!
Great setlist, and a great sounding recording! Probably one of the better, if not best, one out there!

The Decemberists – Chicago, IL (04/18/07)

The Decemberists
Riviera Theater
Chicago, IL
Wednesday April 18, 2007

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This set also includes the 24 bit version of the same source

Taper: George Wang
Source: DPA4023 > Oade M148 > Sound Devices 722 @ 24/96 (low cut enabled 40 Hz @ 12 dB/oct)
Location: ~ 40 feet from stage, 5 feet right of center

WAV > FLAC: .wav @ 24/96 > Steinberg WaveLab v5.00a (dither with Apogee UV22HR to
16/44.1) > CD-WAV/FLAC frontend v1.7.1 > .flac

Disc One:

01: Announcements – 01:00.000
02: Intro > – 00:59.533
03: Intro II > – 04:02.600
04: Oceanside > – 05:32.533
05: The Island – 10:47.600
06: Intro > – 01:03.400
07: The Bachelor And The Bride – 03:53.333
08: Intro > – 01:45.133
09: Yankee Bayonet * – 04:38.400
10: Intro > – 01:04.733
11: Billy Liar – 05:02.266
12: Grace Cathedral Hill – 05:13.866
13: Shankhill Butchers – 04:42.000
14: Intro > – 02:25.400
15: I’ll Come Running – 04:26.200

Total: – 56:37.000

Disc Two:

01: Intro > – 01:22.133
02: Odalisque – 04:49.000
03: O Valencia – 04:22.866
04: Intro > – 01:17.000
05: Perfect Crime #2 – 07:40.266
06: When The War Came – 08:57.733
07: Encore: – 01:48.133
08: Crane Wife 3 – 04:27.400
09: Intro > – 03:33.466
10: Mariner’s Revenge – 15:31.266
11: Outro – 02:18.733

Total: – 56:08.000


  • with Shara Warden

Thanks to Brian Skalinder for the clamp space.

compiled by George Wang on 04-27-2007

Miles Davis – Chicago, IL (08/07/59)

MIles Davis
August 7, 1959
Chicago Stadium,
Chicago, IL

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AFRS Radio Broadcast
“Playboy Jazz Festival”

  1. Intro (01:08)
  2. So What (11:40)

Both versions: Declipped, right hand channel taken down a little to create better balance.
For the ‘remastered version’ I have also decrackled and given some very mild hiss reduction.

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (10/30/19)

Bob Dylan
Chicago, Illinois
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Credit Union 1 Arena
30 October 2019

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1 Things Have Changed
2 It Ain’t Me, Babe
3 Highway 61 Revisited
4 Simple Twist Of Fate
5 Can’t Wait
6 When I Paint My Masterpiece
7 Honest With Me
8 Tryin’ To Get To Heaven
9 Make You Feel My Love
10 Pay In Blood
11 Lenny Bruce
12 Early Roman Kings
13 Girl From The North Country
14 Not Dark Yet
15 Thunder On The Mountain
16 Soon After Midnight
17 Gotta Serve Somebody
18 Ballad of a Thin Man
19 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

Bob Dylan – guitar, piano
Tony Garnier – bass
Matt Chamberlain – drums
Charlie Sexton – lead guitar
Bob Britt – guitar
Donnie Herron – violin, pedal steel, lap steel

stereo audience recording 102 mins A Spot Recording

Lest you settle in thi swill be a avery short run of shows this time, though as arne put’s it “I’ll be back”

Spot and I thank you for the fine comments and thanks.
We have no issue with these recordings being placed elsewhere, after a week, if we are credited and would prefer not to see remixes, but thats up to you.

The Caretaker


This is a SPOT recording (thanks again as ever) and the equipment used was:
Core Sound High End Binaural (HEB) DPA 4061’s with Edirol by Roland R-09
Edited with Magix Audio Premium

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (10/30/10)

Bob Dylan
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
October 30, 2010

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Recorded by Roy Martin using a set of Core Sound Stealthy Cartioid mics
about 25′ in front of the amps.

Captured as a 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV using a Zoom H2.

Transferred to my hard drive using a card reader.

Cool Edit Pro for fades. No other manipulation to the sound files were performed.

CD Wave Editor used to split the large WAVs.

SBEs corrected using Trader’s Little Helper (“-fixed” removed from the filenames).

Encoded to FLAC (Level 7) using Trader’s Little Helper.

I’m so sorry for the loudmouth woman you hear, especially between songs. She was so annoying
but, when it’s general admission, you often can’t get away from these morons. She eventually
wiggled her fat ass away from me, to give herself the opportunity to annoy other members of the
audience. Other than her fat mouth, it was a very enjoyable, respectful audience.

Disc One (53:21)

  • Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
  • The Man In Me
  • Things Have Changed
  • Positively 4th Street
  • Summer Days
  • The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
  • Cold Irons Bound
  • Simple Twist Of Fate
  • High Water (For Charley Patton)

Disc Two (54:51)

  • If You Ever Go To Houston
  • Highway 61 Revisited
  • Tangled Up In Blue
  • Thunder On The Mountain
  • Ballad Of A Thin Man
  • Jolene
  • Like A Rolling Stone
  • Forever Young

Bob Dylan – guitar, keyboard, harp
Tony Garnier – bass
George Recile – drums
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton – lead guitar
Donnie Herron – trumpet, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (11/03/21)

Bob Dylan
Auditorium Theatre
Chicago, IL + Bonus Tracks
Crytal Cat Records # 1133-34

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CD 1

  1. Intro: Igor Stravinskij, Rite of Spring
  2. Watching The River Flow
  3. Most Likely You Go Your Way
  4. I Contain Multitudes
  5. False Prophet
  6. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  7. My Own Version of You
  8. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  9. Black Rider
  10. To Be Alone With You
  11. Mother of Muses
  12. Gotta Serve Somebody

CD 2

  1. Key West (Philosopher Pirate)
  2. Early Roman Kings
  3. Melancholy Mood
  4. I’ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You
  5. Goodbye Jimmy Reed
  6. Band Introduction
  7. Love Sick
  8. It Takes A Lot To Laugh
  9. Simple Twist Of Fate (2/11-21)
  10. Soon After Midnight (2/11-21)
  11. Band Introduction (7/11-21)
  12. Every Grain Of Sand (7/11-21)

Band Members
Bob Dylan – piano
Tony Garnier – bass
Charley Drayton – drums
Bob Britt – guitar
Doug Lancio – guitar
Donnie Herron – violin, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

Tom Waits – Chicago, IL (06/17/86)

Tom Waits
Briar Street Theatre
Chicago – IL

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This is yet another one of the rare shows that you often hear about but never find anywhere.
(courtesy of M.R. archive) ;O)
Thank you very much to my good friend Mauro Verona for sharing this gem. )

Quality : B-/C

Lineage :
Source: Audience > unknown generation cassette
Wav > WavePad Sound Editor > Flac


  1. Overture
  2. Innocent When You Dream
  3. Frank’s Wild Years
  4. Yesterday Is Here
  5. Blow Wind Blow
  6. Hang On St Christopher
  7. Temptation
  8. Please Wake Me Up
  9. Straight To The Top
  10. I’ll Take New York
  11. Please Wake Me Up
  12. More Than Rain
  13. Innocent When You Dream
  14. In A Suit Of Your Dreams
  15. Will You Remember Me
  16. Down Down Down
  17. Train Song

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (05/03/63)

Bob Dylan
WFMT radio
Chicago, IL

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I have two sources for this show, neither have text files. One says it is LB-6930 and so I took that info from Lossless Bob’s site. The other is an untracked FLAC


A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Bob Dylan’s Dream
Boots Of Spanish Leather
John Brown
Who Killed Davey Moore
Blowin’ In The Wind

BOOTLEG: STUDS TERKEL’S WAX MUSEUM; Yellow Dog 057 ; To commemorate the passing of veteran radio personality Studs Terkel, his Dylan show from 1963., Lineage: Yellow Dog YD 057->EAC->Flac Frontend (level 8, align on sector boundaries->torrent, Info from, STUDS TERKEL’S WAX MUSEUM, Yellow Dog 057 [T-450], WFMT-AM (Chicago, IL); April 26, 1963, DEEP: A significant upgrade. Much clearer sound, less hiss, very enjoyable disk. The interview makes for very good listening, too. Thumbs up to this one and some killer period photos to boot., Info from, Tracks:, Introduction, Farewell, Hard Rain, Bob Dylan’s Dream, Boots Of Spanish Leather, John Brown, Who Killed Davey Moore?, Blowin’ In The Wind Review:, The 1963 Terkel performance and interview is a must have for any serious collector. Bob has come into his own as a performer even at this early date. The songs are well done, and Bob’s wit shines through on the interview. This CD is the one to own. Yellow Dog has removed most of the tape hiss of what was already a very nice sounding line recording, and it now sounds better than ever. The colorized cover is gorgeous. The original black and white BBC photos are from the set of of the 1962 UK TV play Madhouse On Castle Street. The package photos and aesthetics alone would make this one worth the price., source:, WFMT radio, Chicago, IL May 01, 1963, Manufacturer / Catalog No., Yellow Dog / YD 057, On his website, Studs Terkel gives a date of May 1, 1963 for his interview with Dylan., (; bittorrent download 11/08; very close to mono; nothing above 16k but does not have lego parapets; in comparison this is more muffled and harsher than LB-1071 and LB-5970 but less muffled than bootleg “Before the Flood and after the fire”; (did not listen to all of this)

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (10/25/98)

Bob Dylan
United Center
Chicago, IL
October 25, 1998

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Tambourine Man Records / TMRó014/15

Bonus tracks:North Shore Events Centre (Glenfield, Australia); September 7, 1998
Released: 2004

Disc one
Gotta Serve Somebody
I’ll Remember You
Cold Irons Bound
Just Like A Woman (Bob on harp)
It Ain’t Me Babe (acoustic)
Masters Of War (acoustic)
Don’t Think Twice (acoustic)
Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
Make You Feel My Love
Highway 61 Revisited
Love Sick

Disc two
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Blowin’ In The Wind (acoustic)
ëTil I Fell In Love With You
Forever Young (acoustic)
Bonus tracks:
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
Lay Lady Lay
You’re A Big Girl Now
Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
The Times
She Belongs To Me

Bob Dylan – Chicago, IL (10/31/89)

Bob Dylan
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Arie Crown Theater

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I have four sources for this show, you can read the info here.

CD1 (56 min.)

  1. i want you
  2. ballad of a thin man
  3. rainy day women # 12 & 35
  4. simple twist of fate
  5. ballad of hollis brown
  6. I¥ll be your baby tonight
  7. highway 61 revisited
  8. love minus zero/no limit
  9. a hard rain¥s a-gonna fall
  10. gates of eden

CD2 (36 min.)

  1. everything is broken
  2. what good am I?
  3. most of the time
  4. man in the long black coat
  5. like a rolling stone
  6. disease of conceit
  7. maggie’s farm