Pink Floyd – Cincinnati, OH (03/08/73)

Pink Floyd
8th March 1973
The Fieldhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio

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audience recording
Provenance: silver CD > WAV > FLAC


  1. Echoes (15.09)
  2. Obscured by Clouds (5.30)
  3. When You’re In (7.10)
  4. Childhood’s End (7.46)
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (9.30)

Notes: For Asdf29 who requested something heavy on the ‘Obscured by Clouds’ material. Got this off Yeeshkul!, so thanks to whoever it was who upped it! This has been issued on a bootleg called ‘Pink is the Sky’ as disc one of two. ‘Echoes’ is – as the duration makes obvious – incomplete.

Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Akron, OH (07/02/86)

Bob Dylan w/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Grateful Dead
Akron, Ohio
Rubber Bowl

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I have six sources for this show, you can read the info here.

The sources get a little complicated. Three of them are Bob Dylan sources, though one of them contains the Grateful Set. One of them does not include the Tom Petty songs and at least one of them includes the songs Bob sat in with the Grateful Dead. Three of them are Grateful Dead only though all of them include the songs Bob Dylan played with them.

Bob Dylan & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Shake A Hand (Joe Morris)
Positively 4th Street
Clean-Cut Kid
I’ll Remember You
Trust Yourself
That Lucky Old Sun (Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smith)
Masters Of War
Straight Into Darkness – Tom Petty
Rock Me – Tom Petty
The Wait – Tom Petty
Breakdown – Tom Petty
To Ramona
One Too Many Mornings
It Ain’t Me, Babe
I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know (Cecil A Null)
Band Of The Hand
When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
Lonesome Town (Baker Knight)
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Even The Losers – Tom Petty
Spike – Tom Petty
Don’t Do Me Like That – Tom Petty
Refugee – Tom Petty
Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35
Seeing The Real You At Last
Across The Borderline (Cooder/Hiatt/Dickinson)
I And I
Like A Rolling Stone
In The Garden
Blowin’ In The Wind
Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (W B Thompson/L May)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Grateful Dead:

Set I
Alabama Getaway >
Greatest Story Ever Told
They Love Each Other
Little Red Rooster (1)
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (1)
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (1)
Me And My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues >
Don’t Ease Me In

Set II
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Playing In The Band
Desolation Row (3)>
Rhythm Devils>
Space >
Truckin’ >
Black Peter >
Sugar Magnolia
Box Of Rain

(1) with Bob Dylan
(3) Without Jerry

Pink Floyd – Kent, OH (03/10/73)

March 10th, 1973
Memorial Gymnasium,
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio, USA.

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I have three sources for this show, you can read the info here.


Disk 1

  1. Echoes 22:07
  2. Obscured by Clouds 6:08
  3. When You’re In 6:47
  4. Childhood’s End 4:30
  5. Careful With That Axe Eugene 11:30
  1. Speak To Me
    Breathe (4:24)
  2. On The Run (5:42)
  3. Time (5:41)
  4. Breathe Reprise (1:03)
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky (4:55)
  6. Money (6:15)
  7. Us And Them
    Any Colour You Like (14:17)
  8. Brain Damage (4:01)
  9. Eclipse (2:29)

Bob Dylan – Toledo, OH (11/10/04)

Bob Dylan
November 10, 2004
Toledo, Ohio, University Of Toledo
John F. Savage Hall

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Audience recording

CD1 [66:02]

1 intro 1.38
2 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 4.50
3 Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You 5.26
4 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 5.37
5 Visions Of Johanna 8.18
6 Highway 61 Revisited 6.26
7 Tryin’ To Get To Heaven 5.32
8 Most Likely You Go Your Way 8.09
9 Million Miles 7.24
10 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 6.57
11 Love Sick 5.41

CD2 [46:00]

1 Bye And Bye 6.05
2 Honest With Me 6.49
3 Every Grain Of Sand 7.34
4 Summer Days 11.15
5 Like A Rolling Stone 7.15
6 band intros 0.49
7 All Along The Watchtower 6.10

Pink Floyd – Cleveland, OH (06/25/77)

Pink Floyd
Municipal Stadium Cleveland, Ohio
June 25, 1977

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I have six sources for this show, you can read the info here.

Set One (55:31):

01 Sheep (12:28)
02 Pigs On The Wing 1 (1:28)
03 Dogs (18:07)
04 Pigs On The Wing 2 (2:26)
05 Pigs (Three Different Ones) (21:00)

Set Two (53:04):

06 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) (10:53)
07 Welcome To The Machine (8:10)
08 Have A Cigar (5:50)
09 Wish You Were Here 6:06)
10 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) (22:02)

Encores (18:43):

11 Us And Them (6:46)
12 Money (11:57)

Total time: 127:18

Bob Dylan – Bowling Green, OH (04/21/13)

Bob Dylan
Stroh Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio
April 21st 2013

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Recorded by: nic1233
Source: Sony ecm-ds70p –> Zoom H2 –> SD Card –> Audacity –> TLH (FLAC Lv. 6)
Levels adjusted about 3 minutes into Track 1.

THIS TORRENT: FLAC Download from DIME > Soundforge PRO 10c *** > .wav > FLAC Level 8

Increase Level to 03.05 by 17.39db
Increase Left Channel Level by between 2.88db & 5.88db
Reduce close clapping
Reduce or Remove a few loud screams

  1. Things Have Changed
  2. Love Sick
  3. High Water (For Charley Patton)
  4. Soon After Midnight
  5. Early Roman Kings
  6. Tangled Up In Blue
  7. Pay In Blood
  8. Visions Of Johanna
  9. Spirit On The Water
  10. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
  11. Blind Willie McTell
  12. What Good Am I?
  13. Summer Days
  14. Scarlet Town
  15. All Along The Watchtower
  16. Encore Break
  17. Ballad Of A Thin Man

JTT, April 26th 2013

Bob Dylan – Cincinnati, OH (08/10/89)

Bob Dylan
Cincinnati, OH

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I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

1 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
2 Absolutely Sweet Marie
3 Ballad Of Hollis Brown
4 Watching The River Flow
5 I Want You
6 You’re A Big Girl Now
7 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (acoustic)
8 One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)

1 The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (acoustic)
2 Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
3 I’m In The Mood For Love
4 Silvio
5 I Shall Be Released
6 Like A Rolling Stone
7 Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
8 All Along The Watchtower

Pink Floyd – Cleveland, OH (11/06/71)

Pink Floyd
Emerson Gym
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio
November 6, 1971

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For Reasons I Don’t Understand
Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR-022/23)

Disc One:

  1. The Embryo
  2. Fat Old Sun
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  4. Atom Heart Mother
  5. One Of These Days

Disc Two:

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. Cymbaline
  3. Echoes
  4. Blues

Roger Waters: Bass, Vocals
David Gilmour: Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wright: Keyboards
Nick Mason: Drums

A long, strange trip for this gem. It ended up in our intrepid hero’s hands as the surprise diamond in a trade.

In his own words–

“The person who I received this show from was not able to provide me with any useful information. He actually told me it was from a radio show in 1967 with the songs Astronomy Domine and Green is the Colour among others. There was no artwork, just multi-colored stick on labels with the name Pink Floyd, the letters CWRU, and 1967 on them. When I inquired about the source he just said that he was glad I liked it. Further inquiries were given answers unrelated to the question or not answered at all… Either he was just reluctant to reveal anything or was just unaware of what it was he had.”

So for once we have no lineage information for you. However what we do have is an amazing and complete document of the Floyd in their prime giving us an utterly stunning performance. Of special note is the “jam sessions” mid-song that seems to take place during each track. FOS gets a bit of a Beatlee-sque/Abbey Road type of treatment, Set The Controls is a free for all about half way through, and is that a bow solo ala Jimmy Page during the break during One Of These Days? Careful With That Axe is full of angst and just… well, rocks! Echoes is perfect as well! Finally, we get a rare treat with Blues included for good measure.

As a result of our cleanup efforts there’s great definition of the instruments and you can hear some things that I know I’ve never heard before in these live recordings. These surprises make this one a keeper and a welcome addition to the collection.

Technical Notes:

It looks as though some NR was performed in the past as part of the upper end has been completely removed (from 165000 Hz -22050 Hz).

Credits: Jim Canale and Free Range Pigs would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this effort:

The Taper (whoever he is and wherever he may be).
Ted Mast for providing the source recording to us all.
The Pentagon Pig for providing Project Coordination and Quality Assurance.
Doug Collins for providing Tree Admin Services.
Aleksi Manninen for providing the Cover Art.

The Who – Cleveland, OH (12/09/75)

The Who
Wholiday In Cleveland
(SBD silver rip)

Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH

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Recording: Soundboard
lineage: silver CDs > WAVE (xACT, secure rip) > FLAC (MAX, tagged)

Disc 1:

1-01 Summertime Blues
1-02 My Wife
1-03 Baba O’Riley
1-04 Squeeze Box
1-05 Behind Blue Eyes
1-06 Dreaming From The Waist
1-07 Boris The Spider
1-08 Magic Bus

Disc 2:
2-01 Amazing Journey_Sparks2
2-02 The Acid Queen
2-03 Fiddle About2-04 Pinball Wizard
2-05 I’m Free
2-06 We’re Not Gonna Take It
2-07 My Generation_Join Together_Road Runner_Spoonful
2-08 Won’t Get Fooled Again

The Who – Dayton, OH (08/13/71)

The Who
13th August 1971
Hara Arena
Dayton, Ohio

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I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

Track Listing:

01 – Love Ain’t For Keeping
02 – Pure and Easy
03 – My Wife
04 – I Can’t Explain
05 – Substitute
06 – Bargain
07 – Behind Blue Eyes
08 – Won’t Get Fooled Again
09 – Don’t Know Myself
10 – Baby Don’t You Do It
11 – Pinball Wizard
12 – See Me Feel Me
13 – My Generation
14 – Magic Bus (Fades Out)