Queen – Cologne, Germany (02/01/79)

Cologne, Germany
February 1, 1979

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This is the complete Cologne 79 show, something which collectors have been after for ages. It has always come out in bits and pieces, but always the same few songs were missing. Here it is, complete, and probably in the best quality we’ll ever get for it.

There are two audience sources. One has popped up on various LP and CD bootlegs over the years, and there is an uncut tape from this source (we’ll call this uncut one “source A”). The uncut tape is actually a bit worse quality than the best LP source. So, I have taken about 2/3 of the show from that LP source, and It’s Late, BoRhap, TYMD, SHA, WWRY, WATC, and GSTQ from the uncut tape. A second audience source (of inferior quality, which we’ll call “source B”) was used to fill in source A’s missing parts during Dreamers Ball and WATC.

Overall, the quality is close to excellent, but it fluctuates now and then, as indicated above. The edits are as smooth as possible. Also, I listened to the show carefully, and removed all of the vinyl ticks, and any other flaws in the sound. And of course they all play at the same tape speed/pitch.

Here’s the setlist. All are from the best possible LP source unless otherwise indicated:

Disc 1:
We Will Rock You (fast)
Let Me Entertain You
Somebody To Love
If You Can’t Beat Them
Death On Two Legs
Killer Queen
Bicycle Race
I’m In Love With My Car
Get Down, Make Love
You’re My Best Friend
Now I’m Here
Don’t Stop Me Now
Spread Your Wings
Dreamers Ball (part from source B)

Disc 2:
Love Of My Life
It’s Late
Brighton Rock
Keep Yourself Alive
Bohemian Rhapsody (source A)
Tie Your Mother Down (source A)
Sheer Heart Attack (source A)
We Will Rock You (source A)
Are The Champions (source A completed with source B)
God Save The Queen

Distribute these files only if they are left completely unaltered. As always with my shares, if I see a complete Cologne 79 made available here or elsewhere in mp3 or any other lossy format, I will never share another thing here again.


Sir GH

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