Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Memphis, TN (07/28/74)

eric clapton - 1974_07_28_cant hold out front - memphis 1974

Eric Clapton
“I Can’t Hold Out”
Liberty Stadium
Memphis, Tennessee
July 28, 1974 SBD

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Set List
1) Smile
2) Easy Now
3) Let it Rain
4) Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
5) Badge
6) I Can’t Hold Out
7) Tell the Truth
8) I Shot the Sheriff (fade out)
9) Layla (fade in)
10) Crossroads


This was an outdoor show that featured Ross, Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eric Clapton.
The version of Crossroads here is very unusual, even for this tour.

This show was included in inferior quality on the 3CD boot “Three Smiles”. The version
on that set is 4 minutes longer only because the tape runs slow.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Tempe, AZ (07/18/74)

eric clapton - smiling away - tempe 1974

Eric Clapton
“Smiling Away”
AZU Stadium
Tempe, Arizona
July 18, 1974
Fire Power – FP-06 – SB 5 (Scale 1-6)

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Track List:
1) Smile
2) Can’t Find My Way Home
3) Layla
4) Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
5) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6) Badge
7) Presence of the Lord

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Dick Sims Keyboards
Carl Radle Bass
George Terry Guitar
Yvonne Elliman Backing Vocals

Geetarz Comments:

Definitely one of the more “focused” of EC’s 1974 shows – in less polite terms, this is one of the ones where he was not drunk!

An excellent, very crispy soundboard, instruments and vocals are all very clear with good seperation, and very little hiss, you can
even hear EC’s amplifier buzz a bit in quieter passages.

Well-done mix, although the B3 is a tad too prominent, otherwise excellent. Recommended.

Trade CD-R > Plextor PX-712a – EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure) > FLAC (Level 6) > You !

Artwork, info file, checksums (FFP, MD5, and ST5), and EAC logs included. Please note, a “whole-torrent” MD5 is also included, which will verify that all the contents remain unchanged.

Reseeds are welcome, and encouraged – please share the tunes!

May, 2010

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – Denver, CO (07/12/70)

eric clapton - memphis 1975

Eric Clapton
July 12, 1975 (1975-07-12)
Denver, Colorado

Download: FLAC/MP3

01) [13:26] Stormy Monday
02) [05:34] Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
03) [09:27] Badge
04) [06:43] Can’t Find My Way Home
05) [07:33] Carnival
06) [08:17] Key to the Highway
07) [07:58] Teach Me To Be Your Woman
08) [12:28] Blues Power
09) [11:41] Little Wing
10) [05:34] Tell the Truth // cut

Total [1:28:41]

Lineage: soundboard > ? > trade cassette (in 1990)

Sony TC-WE475 > Sony DTC-ZE700 > E-MU E-DSP Soundcard > 16/48 wav > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > you !


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Cardiff, Wales (03/27/95)

bob dylan - uk tour 1995

Bob Dylan
Cardiff International Centre Arena
Cardiff, Wales
March 27, 1995

Download: FLAC/MP3

Another off master from 1995 European Tour

Taper: no info (would Mr. UnknownTaper please stand up and reveal what gear s/he used..?)

Olav remaster:
First step: Lineage pre-work: FLAC DVD-R > WAV > CoolEdit (all files checked okay: finding that all tracks were somewhat lower in the right channel as opposed to the other) > T-RackS v2.0 (fixed by reducing the right channel volume -2.3dB)

Second step: Originally, overall volume level on all tracks was too low; a much needed boost of 8.0dB was needed. Also, overall output level is boosted with 2.8dB.

Third step and back to CoolEdit: All tracks are now split in the correct places > FLAC frontend (sector alignment) > FLACs > DIME

00. Announcement
01. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)
02. SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. Just Like A Woman
05. Tangled Up In Blue
06. Born In Time
07. Mr. Tambourine Man
08. Boots Of Spanish Leather
09. Desolation Row
10. Dignity

11. She Belongs To Me
12. (band intro)
13. Maggie’s Farm
14. (encore)
15. Like A Rolling Stone
16. (encore)
17. It Ain’t Me, Babe
18. (encore)
19. Highway 61 Revisited

Concert # 654 of The Never-Ending Tour
Concert # 14 of the 1995 European Spring Tour
Concert # 14 in 1995

Concert # 198 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
John Jackson (guitar)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

7ñ9, 14 acoustic with the band

Cue sheet:

5 new songs (33%) compared to previous concert
1 new song for this tour

Stereo audience recording, 105 minutes

Repost Bonanza: Derek & the Dominoes – New York, NY (10/23-24/70) “Fillmore Double Night”


Derek And The Dominos
Fillmore Double Night
October 23 & 24, 1970
Fillmore East
New York City, New York
Mid-Valley Records 007/008/009/010

Download: FLAC/MP3


October 23, 1970
Disc One (first set)

1. Got To Get Better In A Little While
2. Key To The Highway
3. Tell The Truth
4. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
5. Blues Power
6. Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Disc Two (second set)
1. Bottle Of Red Wine
2. Presence Of The Lord
3. Little Wing
4. Let It Rain
5. Crossroads

October 24, 1970
Disc Three (first set)
1. Got To Get Better In A Little While
2. Blues Power
3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
4. Key To The Highway
5. Tell The Truth
6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

Disc Four (second set)
1. Let It Rain
2. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
3. Presence Of The Lord
4. Bottle Of Red Wine
5. Roll It Over
6. Little Wing

Upgrade Bonanza: Donna the Buffalo – Rochester, NY (04/20/02)

donna the buffalo

Donna the Buffalo
Water Street Music Hall
Rochester, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

SBD Recording

Love is the Only Thing
Ancient Arms
Conscious Evolution
Yeah, You Right
Tides of Time
Moving On
Pretty Boy Floyd
The Ones You Love
Positive Friction
When Love Comes Around
40 Days and 40 Nights
Hamilton Club (pedal steel)
Riddle of the Universe (pedal steel)
Front Porch (pedal steel)
Half Way Down
Big Parade
Family Picture
Come Alive
Rock of Ages
No Place Like the Right Time
Life’s So Short and Sweet
I Like the Way you Walk

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – Paris, France (01/16/70)

The Who 1970-01-16 Paris - Front Outer

The Who
16th January 1970
Théâtre Des Champs-Élysées

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: No Fiddlesticks Silver CD -> EAC v0.95 beta 4 (Secure Mode) -> WAV
-> FLAC Frontend v1.1.2a (Level 5)

Silver: Shout To The Top STTP 193/194

Disc One:

01 – Heaven And Hell
02 – I Can’t Explain
03 – Fortune Teller
04 – Tattoo
05 – Young Man Blues
06 – A Quick One While He’s Away
07 – Overture
08 – It’s A Boy
09 – 1921
10 – Amazing Journey
11 – Sparks
12 – Eyesight To The Blind
13 – Christmas
14 – The Acid Queen
15 – Pinball Wizard
16 – Do You Think It’s Alright
17 – Fiddle About
18 – Tommy Can You Hear Me
19 – There’s A Doctor
20 – Go To The Mirror
21 – Smash The Mirror

Disc Two:

01 – Miracle Cure
02 – Sally Simpson
03 – I’m Free
04 – Tommy’s Holiday Camp
05 – We’re Not Gonna Take It
06 – Summertime Blues
07 – Shakin’ All Over
08 – My Generation

Notes: Liberated by hntgzr. Many thanks to whitecity for supplying the original Silver
CD to rip and share! Kudos also to ooru, a definitive source of ‘oo knowledge during times
of uncertainty.

Stage banter transcription by Tom Pratt!

This is quite possibly a mixture of two AM Radio recordings. It has the same quality and feel
as many other 60’s AM radio shows. The recording is mono. It was the first of many early
1970’s Opera House concerts showcasing Tommy.

No amendments were made to the audio files after the rip. Some tape anomalies and cuts are

Tattoo contains a tape anomaly at 1m 12s. Young Man Blues contains a dropout at 7m 04s during
Pete’s banter about A Quick One and again at 8m 32s. The dropouts are for milliseconds. There
is a noticable dip in sound quality during Overture at 55s – this is where the second tape
source possibly starts. Go To The Mirror has a slight cut at the end (no music is lost, just
crowd noise). The first few seconds of My Generation suffers from tape flutter.

According to Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, the show from the 17th was broadcast on Europa 1. The
actual date of this particular boot may well be from the 17th, however, the Concert File book
lists Pete’s stage banter as being from the 16th.

Artwork, Disc Scans, EAC Rip Logs, FLAC Fingerprints and MD5 Verification File all included.



Upgrade Bonanza: Donovan – Shepton Mallet, England (06/28/70)

bath festival 1970 donovan

Bath Festival
Shepton Mallet, England
June 28, 1970 – Remastered

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 Waiting to Be Reborn (I Am Dying)
2 There is a Mountain
3 Hey Gyp
4 Sailing Homeward
5 Sunshine Superman
6 I’ll Sing For You
7 Mellow Yellow
8 Catch the Wind
9 Hurdy Gurdy Man
10 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
11 Riki Tiki Tavi
12 Season of the Witch
12 tracks (46:41)

Upgrade Bonanza: David Grisman – San Francisco, CA (12/16/77)

david grisman - san francisco - 1977

David Grisman
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Intro jam
Swing 51
Opus 57
Old Gray Coat
Dawg’s Bull
Blue Midnight
4 on 6
Dawg’s Rag
Limehouse Blues

The David Grisman Quintet:
David Grisman – vocals, mandolin
Darol Anger – violin
Todd Phillips – mandolin
Wild Bill Amatneek – upright bass
Tony Rice – mandolin, guitar