Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – East Troy, WI (07/18/89)

grateful dead - east troy - 1989-07-18-Alpine-Valley

Grateful Dead
July 18, 1989
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI
Sets I & II

Download: FLAC/MP3

From the Mattes Library

Ted Mattes Master DAT Recording:
Schoeps CMC4 MK4 > DAT. Recorded off the delay stacks from the lawn

Charlie Miller Transfer:
DAT > Sony PCM r500 > Tascam DA-3000 > Flac 16/48

Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel
Flac 16/48 > Audacity > 16/48
June 13, 2018

– Thanks to Ted for sharing his recordings.
– Thanks to Charlie for being events coordinator.
– Officially released The Second Annual Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies (April 19, 2012 – one night only)
– Right channel has been repaired from 4:07 mark of s2t04 to end of show
– This show doesn’t get its due & proper, crank this sucker up!

– Set I –
s1t01 – tuning
s1t02 – Touch of Grey ->
s1t03 – Jack Straw
s1t04 – Jack A Roe
s1t05 – New Minglewood Blues
s1t06 – Friend of the Devil
s1t07 – Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
s1t08 – Bird Song ->
s1t09 – Promised Land

– Set II –
s2t01 – crowd – tuning
s2t02 – Sugar Magnolia ->
s2t03 – Scarlet Begonias ->
s2t04 – Man Smart (Women are Smarter) ->
s2t05 – Eyes of the World ->
s2t06 – Drums ->
s2t07 – Space ->
s2t08 – China Doll
s2t09 – Dear Mr. Fantasy ->
s2t10 – Hey Jude reprise ->
s2t11 – Throwing Stones ->
s2t12 – Sunshine Daydream
s2t13 – encore break
s2t14 – Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

Checksum & tags created in xACT.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – London, England (09/09-11-74) “Dicks Picks 7 Leftovers”

grateful dead - london 1974 - dicks picks 7

Grateful Dead
Leftovers from Dick’s Picks #7
Alexandra Palace
London, England

Download: FLAC/MP3

The original uploader simply copied and pasted the original notes for each of these three shows, only making amendments to note which songs were omitted. Track listings for the FLAC files were likewise kept from those original shows. For the MP3s I combined them into one collection. I made each show a different disk number and changed the track numbers to keep them in order. I have no idea if each show will actually fit on one disk (I’m guessing not) so if you burn to disk you’ll want to play with it first to see how they fit. I apologize if that is annoying, but I wanted it to flow as best as possible and this was the only way I could figure it. – Mat

The non DP 7 tracks from these three outstanding shows have been
pulled from circulating soundboards. Now with DP 7 in hand, you
can almost re-create all three shows for your listening pleasure.


09-09-74 Monday
London, England
Alexandra Palace
shnid: 12846

Single set played due to late start
First night of seven night European Mini Tour


*appears on “Dick’s Picks Vol 7”

These tracks were pulled from the most complete source available,
unfortunately 6 tracks are missing from the show.
Playing in the Band is unexplicably cut into 3 tracks.
B. Proctor 1-17-08

–Disc 1–
101 – Jack Straw (Sound Check)
102 – Apologies and Tuning
103 – Bertha
104 – The Promised Land
105 – More Apologies and Tuning
106 – It Must Have Been the Roses
107 – Jack Straw
xx8 – *Scarlet Begonias
XX9 – *Mexicali Blues
X10 – *Row Jimmy
–Disc 2–
111 – Playing in the Band
112 – Playin’ (continues)
113 – Playin’ (contiues again)
114 – Deal
115 – El Paso
XXX – Ship of Fools (Missing)
XXX – Tennessee Jed (Missing)
X16 – *Truckin ->
X17 – *Wood Green Jam ->
X18 – *Wharf Rat ->
XXX – Uncle John (Missing)
XXX – Johnny B. Goode (Missing)

XXX – U. S. Blues (Missing)
XXX – One More Saturday Night (Missing)

-Vocals during Sound check low
-Bouncy Bertha Warning
-Minor Static at 0:27, 1:26 of Promised Land
-Hum before Playin’ (unless you know the words, then you can sing along)

Muchos Gracias to Pablo B. aka Raoul Duke for the show
And Jerrys Kids for the Moral Fortitude, Knowledge and Fraternity

Another Installment Of The Music Never Stopped Project


9/10/74 – Grateful Dead
Alexandra Palace, London, England
shnid: 18806

Vault Soundboard Reels->Cassette->


DAT seed provided by Michael P. Weitzman
Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano

1. This may or may not be the same as the
8/24/2002 Willy/etree seed. This seed does
have a definitive lineage and is likely
closer to the original source.

2. *Tracks appear on Dick’s Picks #7,
Please go buy it, it’s really goooooood!

–Set 1 / Disc 1–
101 – Around & Around
XX2 – *Mississippi 1/2 Step
103 – Beat It on Down the Line
104 – Peggy-O
XX5 – *Black Throated Wind
XX6 – *Tennessee Jed
XX7 – Mexicali Blues (missing)
108 – China Cat Sunflower ->
109 – I Know You Rider
–Disc 2–
110 – Loser
X11 – *WRS Prelude ->
X12 – *WRS Part 1 ->
X13 – *Let it Grow
X14 – *Stella Blue

–Set 2–
XX1 – *Me & My Uncle
202 – Dire Wolf
XX3 – *Not Fade Away
204 – Ramble On Rose
205- Big River
–Disc 3–
XX6 – *Dark Star ->
XX7 – *Morning Dew
208 – Sugar Magnolia

XX9 – *U.S. Blues

Grateful Dead
Alexandra Palace
London, England
Wednesday September 11, 1974
shnid: 12183

Candelario Matrix MSR D CD except
first 15:22 of Seastones (on Disc #2): AUD
end of Sunshine Daydream and encore: AUD

This is the Candelario matrix SBD reel recording. From 2:10 to 3:00
of Scarlet Begonias the mix gets strange while Kid adjusts his levels.
We have left this passage intact (there is another version in
circulation where it is patched with AUD). We have patched in from
an AUD master the first 15:22 of Seastones, the tail end of Sunshine
Daydream, and US Blues, all missing on the circulating MSR D.
Naturally this set supplements and does not supplant the portions of
this show released as parts of Dick’s Picks #7, but until GDM releases
the show complete, this will do the trick nicely.

Dave Greenberg did the final mastering of these discs. We don’t know
who mastered the patch of SSDD and US Blues; we extracted this portion
from a CD of the MSR D containing Eyes through the end of the show,
with this patch already in place, and nicely done — our compliments
to whoever mastered it. HB also provided important assistance.
This project was instigated and these notes written by Jim Powell.
SHN conversion by Jay Gerland (jay@theblackdog.org) with seed provided
by Jed Distler (jdistler@composerscollab.org).

The set list from the orginal text file did not match the tracking numbers.
Just a general mess. I have not attempted to correctly calculate timings
to fit to disc. My apologies to those who wish to burn to audio CD.
* denotes songs present on DP 7
B. Proctor 1-17-08

–Set 1–
101 – Scarlet Begonias
102 – Mexicali Blues
XX3 – *Brown Eyed Women
XX4 – *Beat It On Down the Line
105 – Sugaree
XX6 – *Jack Straw
107 – Row Jimmy
108 – Me & Bobby McGee
XX9 – *Tennessee Jed
X10 – *Big River
111 – It Must Have Been the Roses
X12 – *Playing in the Band

–Set 2–
201 – Seastones ->
202 – Seastones continued ->
203 – space jam ->
204 – Eyes of the World ->
205 – space jam ->
206 – Wharf Rat ->

–Set 3–
301 – Around & Around
302 – Ship of Fools
303 – Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
304 – Sugar Magnolia

305 – U.S. Blues

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – San Francisco, CA (12/23/70)

grateful dead - san francisco - 1970-12-23-Winterland

Grateful Dead
December 23, 1970
Winterland Arena
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a tagged version of shnid: 132343

Recording Info:
(d1t01 – d1t06) SBD -> Master Reel -> CD -> FLAC
(d1t07 – d1t11) SBD -> Master Reel -> Cassette -> Cassette -> FLAC

Transfer Info:
FLAC -> Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC
(1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 27, 2012

— Cumberland Blues is cut during last verse
— Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

101-d1t01 – Tuning/Stage Banter
102-d1t02 – Deep Elem Blues
103-d1t03 – Beat It On Down The Line
104-d1t04 – I’m A King Bee
105-d1t05 – Me And My Uncle
106-d1t06 – Cumberland Blues//
107-d1t07 – Me And Bobby McGee
108-d1t08 – Dire Wolf
109-d1t09 – Good Lovin’
110-d1t10 – Casey Jones ->
111-d1t11 – Uncle John’s Band

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – El Monte, CA (12/26/70)

grateful dead - el monte - 1970-12-26-Legion-Stad

Grateful Dead
Legion Stadium
El Monte, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shid: 22369

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Cassette -> Dat -> CD -> EAC ->
Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN
(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs SHN)

Patch Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> ? -> Dat -> SHN

Edited and Patched By Charlie Miller

The following songs have patches in them:
Easy Wind, Till The Morning Comes, Truckin’, Black Peter, Morning Dew
and China->Rider.

This patch is better than the patch that was on my CD’s, which is why
I re-did it.

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Cold Rain & Snow
102-d1t02 – Mama Tried
103-d1t03 – The Frozen Logger
104-d1t04 – Easy Wind
105-d1t05 – ‘Till The Morning Comes
106-d1t06 – Truckin’ – Officially Released on The Golden Road Boxed Set
107-d1t07 – Friend of the Devil
108-d1t08 – Me & My Uncle
109-d1t09 – Candyman
110-d1t10 – Big Railroad Blues
111-d1t11 – New Minglewood Blues
112-d1t12 – Black Peter
113d1t13 – Beat It On Down The Line

–Set 2–
201-d2t01 – Morning Dew
202-d2t02 – Casey Jones
203-d2t03 – Dire Wolf
204-d2t04 – China Cat Sunflower ->
205-d2t05 – I Know You Rider
206-d2t06 – Good Lovin’
207-d2t07 – Uncle John’s Band

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – San Francisco, CA (12/17/70)

grateful dead - 1970-08-30_GD

Grateful Dead
Winterland (?)
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a tagged version of shnid: 87356
SBD > Master Reel > Master Cassette? > Cassette > CoolEdit > Flac

101 – Hard to Handle
102 – Candyman
103 – Me & My Uncle
104 – Cold Rain & Snow
105 – Dancing in the Streets
106 – Uncle John’s Band

The venue is conjectural. Deadlists identifies it as the Matrix, based on
Eaton’s transcript of the vault reel. However, when Dick copied the show to
cassette, he attached the following label: “Here is something I have, that
was labeled 12/17/70 – Winterland.”

A long-standing confusion between this show and the Owsley benefit held at
Winterland on 12/23/70, continues to infect GD tapelists. The first four songs,
“Hard to Handle” through “Cold Rain and Snow,” were put into general
circulation by the Bay Area Tapers Group in the mid-1990s, and continue to be
mislabeled as 12/23/70.

sbes fixed by SIRMick
September 2007

– the last 2 tracks may or may not belong with this!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Santa Rosa, CA (12/12/70)

grateful dea - santa rosa - 1970-12-12-Santa-Rosa-Fair

Grateful Dead
Santa Rosa Fairgrounds
Santa Rosa, California

Download: FLAC/MP3

I’ve posted the New Riders set from this show here.

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 5985
Source: Master Soundboard Reel > Cassette > DAT > CDR

CD Mastering by Scott Clugston
EAC’ed / SHN’ed by Scott Clugston

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – //Me & My Uncle
102-d1t02 – Truckin’
103-d1t03 – Brokedown Palace
104-d1t04 – Hard To Handle
105-d1t05 – Mama Tried
106-d1t06 – China Cat Sunflower ->
107-d1t07 – I Know You Rider

–Set 2–
201-d1t08 – //Big Railroad Blues
202-d1t09 – I’m a King Bee
203-d1t10 – Sugar Magnolia
204-d1t11 – //Casey Jones
205-d2t01 – Dire Wolf
206-d2t02 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
207-d2t03 – Drums ->
208-d2t04 – The Other One//
(missing) – Cryptcial Envelopment
210-d2t05 – //Not Fade Away ->
211-d2t06 – Going Down the Road Feeling Bad ->
212-d2t07 – Darkness Jam ->
213-d2t08 – Satint Stephen Jam ->
214-d2t09 – NOt Fade Away ->
215-d2t10 – Good Lovin’->
216-d2t11 – Drums ->
217-d2t12 – Good Lovin’->
218-d2t13 – Uncle John’s Band

copied from http://www.deadlists.com :

There are two tapes in the vault from Santa Rosa, December 1970
— a 41 minute reel marked “12/11/70” (listed here as SET 1)
— an 80 minute tape marked “12/12/70” (listed here as SET 2).
However, it is thought that there was only one Santa Rosa December 70
show,on the 12th, and that the vault tape marked the 11th is mislabeled.

-Jerry announces a break after I Know You Rider.
-Me And My Uncle could be the first tune or we could be missing
several tunes before it.
-There was also a NRPS set.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Columbus, OH (11/29/70)

grateful dead - 19701106_1959

Grateful Dead
Club Agora,
Columbus, OH

Download: FLAC/MP3

I have previously posted the New Riders opening set here.

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 7592

AUD low gen

missing the NRPS set

thanks to Uli for the source tape!
pitch corrected, EQ’ed and SHN’ed by H.B. 01/02

101-d1t01 – Don’t Ease Me In
102-d1t02 – Cumberland Blues
103-d1t03 – Beat It On Down The Line
104-d1t04 – Next Time You See Me
105-d1t05 – Morning Dew
106-d1t06 – Truck//in’ ->
107-d1t07 – Drums ->
108-d1t08 – The Other One ->
109-d1t09 – Me & My Uncle
110-d1t10 – Casey Jones
111-d1t11 – Dire Wolf
112-d2t01 – Me & Bobby McGee
113-d2t02 – Brokedown Palace
114-d2t03 – Good Lovin’
115-d2t04 – dead air
116-d2t05 – Sugar Magnolia
117-d2t06 – Looney tunes / tuning jams ->
118-d2t07 – Not Fade Away ->
119-d2t08 – Goin’ //Down The Road Feelin’ Bad ->
120-d2t09 – Not Fade Away //

Morning Dew cut at 7:42
Truckin’ cut at 7:11
The Other One cut at 13:08
Goin’ Down The Road cut at 0:23
Not Fade Away II cuts off at 2:50

all cuts are also noted in Deadlists and are likely to be on the master.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Rochester, NY (11/20/70)

grateful dead - rochester new york - 1970

Grateful Dead
The Palestra, University of Rochester,
Rochester, New York

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 9001

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – //Cold Rain & Snow//
102-d1t02 – //Me & My Uncle
103-d1t03 – Next Time You See Me
104-d1t04 – China Cat Sunflower ->
105-d1t05 – I Know You Rider
106-d1t06 – //Sugar Magnolia
107-d1t07 – //Friend of the Devil%
108-d1t08 – Mama Tried
109-d1t09 – //Good Lovin’//
110-d1t10 – //Cumberland Blues
111-d1t11 – Candyman//
112-d2t01 – Truckin’ ->
113-d2t02 – The Other One% ->
114-d2t03 – St. Stephen ->
115-d2t04 – Not Fade Away ->
116-d2t05 – Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad ->
117-d2t06 – Not Fade Away ->
118-d2t07 – Im a King Bee//
119-d2t08 – Casey Jones

–Set 2–
201-d3t01 – It’s All Over Now*
202-d3t02 – Instrumental ->*
203-d3t03 – Spring Song Tuning/false start*
204-d3t04 – Around & Around*
205-d3t05 – //Jam ->**
206-d3t06 – Darling Corey ->***
207-d3t07 – Jam//**
208-d3t08 – Tuning**
209-d3t09 – //Jam**
210-d3t10 – //Uncle John’s Band

*with Jorma Kaukonen
**with Jorma & Jack Casady
***with Jorma, Jack Casady & John Dawson

This is a reported Marty Weinberg audience recording. Many songs have been
clipped at the beginning or end, though most of these cuts are minor.
There are occasional, faint moments of static or degradation throughout this
recording. Besides the flaws, which are minor, this is one of the better
audience recordings of the year.

Several large dropouts were adjusted, such that extremely low levels were
normalized and smoothed over using Sound Forge:
d1t06 @ 1:30
d1t06 @ 3:20
d1t09 @ 4:02 (irreparable)
d1t09 @ 4:20
d1t09 @ 6:10
d2t03 @ 1:22 (irreparable)
d2t05 @ 1:20
d3t07 @ 0:35
d3t09 @ 10:03

other notes:
–reel flip @ 0:55 in FOTD
–tape flutter at beginning of St. Stephen
–it seems the recording has picked up a nearby radio station as overlapping
music can be heard during parts of St. Stephen
–the order of the songs is uncertain, as the placement of Good Lovin’ is

Thanks to Jeff Cook
encoding/edits J. Cotsman

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – San Francisco, CA (08/03/69)

Grateful Dead - San Francisco - 1969-08-03-Family-Dog

Grateful Dead
August 3, 1969
Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a tagged versiopn of shnid: 30652

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> SEK’D Prodif Plus -> Samplitude Professional v7.02 -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

Transferred and Edited By Charlie Miller
August 26, 2005

— Seamless transition between discs.
— There is an unknown Violin and Sax player.
— There is some weird stuff going on with the tape during Caution.

101-d1t01 – Hard To Handle
102-d1t02 – Beat It On Down The Line
103-d1t03 – Hi-Heel Sneakers
104-d1t04 – High Time
105-d1t05 – Mama Tried
106-d2t01 – Dark Star
107-d2t02 – Alligator ->
108-d2t03 – Drums ->
109-d2t04 – The Other One ->
110-d2t05 – Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) ->
111-d2t06 – And We Bid You Goodnight

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Boston, MA (11/21/70)

Grateful Dead - Boston - 1970-11-21-Sargent-Gym

Grateful Dead
Sargent Gym, Boston University,
Boston, MA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shid: 14858


cassette provided by Uli Teute
remastered and seeded by Hanno Bunjes
January 2003

101- Cryptical Envelopment ->
102- Drums// The /Other One ->
103- Cryptical Envelopment ->
104- Cosmic Charlie

–total time–22:27–

All but the first 6 seconds of the Drums between Cryptical & TOO
are cut. TOO picks up at the PHil intro. There is a minor cut
during the the first verse in TOO.