Ten Years of Bootlegs #2: The Allman Brothers Band – San Francisco, CA (12/31/73)

Allman Brothers Band 12-31-73 - San Francisco

Ever since coming up with this list I’ve pondered why The Allman Brothers Band would be the only non Bob Dylan show to crack the top ten. Why is there no Jerry? No Van on this list? I don’t have a good answer. My best guess is that Jerry and the Dead both exist in abundance on the Internet and that my little site is one of but many places you can download and stream those artists. One thing you might notice in my top ten list is that most of the shows on it are either alt-cuts of a specific album or compilations of some sort. Thus far there hasn’t been a single show appear on the list. The closest we’ve come is #4 which includes two complete shows from Dylan in 2000. The thing is I haven’t posted very many compilations from Jerry or the Dead. I suspect there just isn’t a single show from them that can push them above a Dylan comp.

As for Van he doesn’t have that large a presence online. He’s kind of the opposite of the Dead where very few places exist on the Internet that are sharing his shows. Part of this is due to Van himself taking measures to stop the spread of his music being shared online. For years he used the Web Sheriff to take down anything that wasn’t officially sanctioned. He’s calmed down over the last few years but that still leaves people a little gun shy. Van also doesn’t seem to be as popular as Bob and Jerry. At least he doesn’t seem to create the sort of fans that create passion websites about him.

All of this is just me guessing. I really have no idea.

So why the Allman Brothers? Over the ten years I’ve been doing this I’ve only posted a handful of show from the Allmans. Fans are certainly not tuning into these pages for ABB bootlegs. I”m sure many of you are fans of the band, but The Midnight Cafe is not the place you are coming for their shows. Similar to Van Morrison you can’t find a ton of places for ABB bootlegs. Their officially allow tapers to record their shows but they get a little wonky in terms of letting people like me post the shows online. I suspect there is a high demand for the shows, but not as many places to find them. Thus when I posted this show people gravitated towards it. Or more likely someone posted a link to this show on some ABB forum or another.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that this is a pretty epic show from the bands peak. Oh and it does feature Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzman & Boz Scaggs.

Whatever the reasons the Allman Brother Band comes in at #2 in my Top Ten viewed bootlegs of all time. Here’s the stats.

Allman Brothers Band
December 31, 1973
Cow Palace
San Francisco, CA

First posted on November 7, 2011.
Total number of views: 3,552

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14 thoughts on “Ten Years of Bootlegs #2: The Allman Brothers Band – San Francisco, CA (12/31/73)

  1. If you are going to feature an Allman Brother show from 1973, you don’t include a picture of the ABB that shows Duane Allman, who died in 1971. (That goes for Berry Oakley too, who died in 1972). In addition, the 1973 ban featured the great Chuck Leavell on piano. And finally, this was was hell of a show.

      1. Mat, not blaming anybody. If you want, I can send you cassettes of some great ABB shows pre and post Duane’s death. If you can convert and post and share that would be nice. With Dickey Betts brush with death recently and Gregg’s passing, the greatness of this band needs to be exposed. You have my email. Thanks

    1. You are not the only one. I think every time I post a show from the Cow Palace someone nit picks that it is actually in Daly City. I copy/pasted the text file from the show as I got it. I guess a lot of folks think it is in San Francisco, or maybe its just easier to say its in SF because no one but locals know where Daly City is.

      I appreciate the correction though.

  2. Jules K, I get it. I didn’t think you were blaming anyone. I’m always glad for the corrections. Honestly I pay very little attention to artwork. I don’t print it out as I don’t burn my CDs anymore. I don’t put it into iTunes or my phone. I do put some image or another on the blog just to make it visually interesting. I alway include whatever is included in the file when something is included in the file. When not I do a quick google search but I know there are many occasions when the show doesn’t match up with the band all that well.

    I’m afraid I don’t have the knowledge nor capability of converting cassette to WAV or any other type of music file. Someone else was asking me about that the other day and I was useless.

    1. I also hope Betts pulls through. I recently saw him in Staten Island, NY. Played all the Classics. Life is moving on for us all. I still have my wonderful collection to listen to. Oh well!!!
      Thanks Mat Brewster for your sharing!!!

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