Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Ryan Adams – Bedhead, Vol. 3 – Live Rock N Roll

ryan adams - bedhead vol 3

Ryan Adams
Live Rock ‘N Roll
Bedhead, Vol. 3

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I

1974, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Luminol, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
She’s Lost Total Control, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
This Is It, London, Gb, 01/17/04
So Alive, London, Gb, 01/15/04
Wish You Were Here, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Liar, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Shallow, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Note To Self: Don’t Die, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Boys, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Don’t Even Know Her Name, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
What Do You Want?, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Travelling, Paris, F, 11/22/03 *
I Go’t Nothing For You, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Your Love Is An Impossible Dream, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Little Baby Fingers, Cambridge, Gb, 01/17/04 *
One By One, London, Gb, 01/17/04
Rock’n’roll, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Burning Photographs, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
So Alive, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
The Drug’s Not Working, Manchester, Gb, 11/24/03

Set II

Firecracker, Glasgow, Gb, 11/25/03
New York, New York, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Do Miss America, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Shallow, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Love Is Hell, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This House Is Not For Sale, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This Is It, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Nobody Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/14/03
To Be Young, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Call Me On Your Way Back Home, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Jacksonville Skyline, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Bartering Lines, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Not Gonna Make Out Of This One This Time, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Oh My Sweet Carolina, Toronto, Cdn, 12/10/03
Come Pick Me Up, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
I See Monsters, Dublin, Irl, 11/16/03


Honey I’m Just Trying To Take You Home, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
Slave, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
C’mon Little Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
The Shaking Blues, Boston, Ma, 10/05/01
Chat, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Dance All Night, Leicester, Uk, 05/09/01
Bus Back To Memphis, San Francisco, Ca, 02/16/00 *
You Should Be So Lucky, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
He Knows My Name, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters, Nashville, Tn, 04/02/02
Snow Angel, St.paul, Mn, 11/02/00 *
The Bar Is A Beautiful Place, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Starting To Hurt, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
May Your Dreams Go Down In Flames, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
House Of Cards, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
Wharf Rat, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03

Ryan Adams
Live Rock’n’Roll
Bedhead Compilation Volume 3
2000 – 2004
Various venues and locations (details see info file)

All SBD recordings except * audience recordings

6 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Ryan Adams – Bedhead, Vol. 3 – Live Rock N Roll

  1. Hi–

    I absolutely love the music that you put up and share! With this Ryan Adams music, though, I am having an issue with the .mp3 download. When I get to the Amazon share page, I click on the “download” button like I usually do, but nothing happens. Could this be an error on my part, or on the page itself? I would really like to hear what you posted! Please let me know what might be the problem…thanks in advance!

    1. I just tried it and it worked fine on my end. You might try to refresh the page or try it on a different browser. If that doesn’t work wait a few hours and try again. Sometimes Amazon doesn’t work for some people in some places but will work after a few hours.

  2. Never have listened much to the guy, so maybe this is my chance to to find out about his music. Thanks so much for introducing me to so much. appreciate all of your shares! rstone5

    1. I’m honestly not sure I’d recommend starting with this boot as an introduction to Ryan. This series tends to not be so much a best of compilations but is often filled with rare songs and odd ball performances. To be sure there is some great stuff here, but its probably not the best starting point.

      I think for a beginner I’d start with something like 02/05/11 which is an acoustic set

      Or 06/16/05 which is a real rocker and features an encore with Phil Less

      Obviously you can download and listen to this bedhead set. You may love it. But if you don’t I do recommend those other shows (or Gold, Heartbreaker and Cold Roses if you want to try a studio album).

      Ryan is one of those artists who is really prolific and eclectic. He’s put out a ton of albums (and created a whole bunch of albums that have never been released). Some of them are fantastic, some are pretty bad. His live shows can be brilliant and an absolute mess. I’m a big fan, but even I’ll admit not all of it is golden.

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