Ten Years of Bootlegs #6: Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards, 1993

The Genuine Supper Club Shows (SBD) Vol 1 - F

Ten years ago I had just come home from living a year in Shanghai, China.  My wife and I were living with my folks until we could figure out what we were doing. Pretty quickly I started getting back into bootleg collecting but the methods had changed.  Certainly I had downloaded plenty of torrents before then but up until this time I’d also traded quite a bit and gotten heavily into vine trading.  By 2008 most of that had dried up. For awhile it was torrents, torrents, and nothing but torrents. I have no problem with torrents. I like torrents. I still torrent. But torrenting takes up a lot of bandwidth, time and disk space. This was still in the days when disk space was a real concern as hard drives did not have the massive capacity they have now. I would torrent shows, convert them to MP3 then back up the FLAC files onto CD and DVD disks. Eventually I found other MP3 blogs and it was heaven. Suddenly I could get cool shows at half the bandwidth and disk space. Now I try to avoid obtaining lossy files and I put everything on any number of external drives.

I don’t know why I mention this except that its interesting how things come back around. Writing these pieces always make me nostalgic. Always make me think of my life over the last ten years. Like I said, when this first started my life was in limbo. I didn’t have a real job, I was living with my parents, my wife and I had no idea what we were going to do. Since then we’ve moved at least five times into three different cities and two states. We did a couple of stints taking college students to Europe. We had a kid. I became a stay-at-home dad. Then my wife told me to get to work so she could stay home. Now I’m working with my Dad and brother. For the first time in my life I’m a homeowner.

Through all of this there has been the music. And the blog. There will always be music. I hope there is a blog for many years to come.

Anyways, writing these things always makes me nostalgic.

The 6th most downloaded bootleg of all time:

Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards
Total hits: 3,302

For two nights in November of 1993 Dylan played four shows on two consecutive days at the Supper Club in New York City. They were acoustic performances presumably played as a warm-up to his appearance on MTV Unplugged the following night. Much like that album the performances here are excellent. If you don’t have this set I highly recommend it.


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12 thoughts on “Ten Years of Bootlegs #6: Bob Dylan – The Complete Supper Club Soundboards, 1993

  1. Thanks. Love the history! I remember starting to collect Dylan shows on tape in ‘88 … wonderful times waiting for the shows to arrive through the door! Amazing how the world has changed. As you say, the music remains!
    Looking forward to the top 5! Thank you!

  2. 10 years whew how things have changed! thanks for the personal anecdote – it makes all the love and work that goes into this blog more meaningful. appreciate what you do here even more. thanks – and supper club ’93 is fantastic!

  3. Ahhh…..nostalgia. The one trip many can embark on…and doesn’t
    cost a cent. I, too have traveled a similar road. I relish in others enjoyment of the experience of life…. Here’s to you and yours, and anyone sharing in that immediate space.
    I fondly remember making my first 5$ purchase of a plain white covered Bob Dylan vinyl LP, out of the trunk of an Olive Green 1971
    Buick Skylark. That memory is getting so old….it’s now remembered
    in a flickering black and white…LHWF(Laughing Heartily With Fondness)
    I would also like to say in this day of whine and complain, absolute
    personal inconsiderateness towards others and the complete and total breakdown of a simple respectful society……I’ve been a longtime follower and admirer of yours. Thanks,……..thanks, and some more
    thanks for all you do..and in the way you do it. There are few in this
    world with generosity, the magnitude of yours. May good fortune accumulate in your life, like dust collects on our windowsills…..
    consistently and endlessly.

  4. Hmmm….what is the solution to society’s woes? I`d love to change the world but i don`t know what to do so i am leaving it up to you..how the world has made it this far is a mystery to me. Music is good. May music bestow many good vibes on us all.

  5. Good stuff Mat, keep on keeping on!

    Not gonna comment on this set, done that last time – just gonna say this is the best ver and last word on this (ie all SBD). Great boot with nice ‘live’ matrixed sound, however a long long way from Bob at his vocal best. Bad era generally for Bob vocals (remember the Clinton effort, the 40th ann ‘Bobfest’) – this set is particularly ‘dry’

    For many artists, an almost perfectly recorded club gig residency would be an absolute ‘no-brainer’ for the essential box. Fortunately for us Bob fans there are a multitude of great prof and amateur recordings from better eras. I would respectfully suggest that there are many truly excellent AUD recs from the 1997-2001, more essential than this set. Some of ’em were even good enuf for Sony to pinch and use!

  6. Awesome collection – thanks for sharing!

    Do you have a stand-alone cover image for the Second Night (November 17) shows like you have above for the First Night? I grabbed the above to add to those files and would love one of the second night to make it complete. I noted that there is a separate image in the folders but it is formatted for CD inserts.

    No big deal, if not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


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