Van Morrison – Boulder, CO (11/22/78)

The Blue Note
Boulder, CO

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1:
01. Brown Eyed Girl
02. Wavelength
03. And It Stoned Me
04. Checkin’ It Out
05. Hungry For Your Love
06. Sweet Thing
07. Crazy Love – Katie Kissoon
08. Kingdom Hall

Disc 2:
01. Moonshine Whiskey
02. Listen To The Lion
03. Tupelo Honey
04. Gloria
05. Caravan
06. Cyprus Avenue

Sorry I have no source info. The sound is a little cold, but it sounds pretty good to my ears. – Mat

3 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Boulder, CO (11/22/78)

  1. Aha, one of the promised 70s Van sets. Don’t worry about any sound qual considerations Mat, we need ’em all

    Thanks again

    • One of the negatives to me systematically going through everything in my Amazon drive alphabetically is that Van Morrison has got left behind. Yesterday I went in reverse alphabetical order for a bit just to grab a Van show. I think I’ll try to do that once a week or so as there are quite a few Van shows I’ve yet to post.

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