Ten Years of Bootlegs #3: Bob Dylan – A Couple More Years

The completist in me wants to own every tape of every show ever made. The realist recognizes that will never happen, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying ;). The listener in me really rather likes compilations tapes. I was making mix-tapes of my favorite songs back when I was a wee lad. I still make mix playlists for my wife. I always enjoy it when folks make mixes of the best songs from an artist or a decade or a tour.

Nellie over at Expecting Rain regularly makes excellent mixes of Bob Dylan’s music. This one includes outtakes from the albums Hearts Of Fire, Knocked Out Loaded & Down In The Groove. Those aren’t exactly three albums that burned up the charts, nor received a lot of love from fans, yet somehow these outtake sessions come in at #3 in my most popular posts of all time. Go figure.

I suppose that due to the fact that those albums aren’t universally lauded the outtakes sessions don’t show up in a lot of places which ironically makes them more popular when they do show up in places like my blog.  Or something.  Whatever reason here are the numbers.

The Third Most Popular Show of All Time:
Lost songs from 1986 and 1987
Outtakes from Hearts Of Fire, Knocked Out Loaded & Down In The Groove

Total number of views: 3646.

Due to the ever changing nature of my hit counts due to me linking to every post in this Top Ten list this set now sits in at # 7, but it was # 3 when I first started which remains impressive to me.  Only two more shows to go until we’ve completed the countdown.  I’ve already let the cat out of the bag at what’s #2 on the list with the Allman Brothers being the only non Dylan related show to make an appearance.  Anybody want to guess at what Dylan boot will be #1?

As always thanks to everyone who makes this blog so much fun to do.


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15 thoughts on “Ten Years of Bootlegs #3: Bob Dylan – A Couple More Years

  1. Wow! Would not have guessed this one in a million years! I do have it and enjoy the 80’s stuff with it’s wild inconsistencies. There will be a killer bootleg series from here one day ! Down in another groove? 😉

    1. Yes this one really surprised me. Like I said in the post I’m guessing its due to its relative rare nature that makes it all the more popular to collectors. I’m also guessing it was linked to by another more popular Bob site somewhere along the way.

      1. Well, you have blown out 1966 and included 1978 already. I think 1975 was only a recent post if I remember right, so that leaves ’74, ’79-80, ’81 ’84 ’86 ’87 as ‘pretty famous tours’ … ’81 is my favourite of those, but I dont remember a compilation from that year here, so I’ll go with ’86 or ’87, buoyed by the Tom Petty fans! ’74 is my least favourite tour, so it will most likely be that, of course 😉

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