Links of the Day January 9, 2023

Van Morrison – Live at Real Studios – Box England – 2021: Youtube

Neil Diamond 1972-07-23 Seattle, WA: Guitars101

Bob Dylan’s “Rolling Stone” from Girl from the North Country: Youtube
There is a musical that tells a story based on a bunch of Dylan songs. I have a copy of the soundtrack and it is pretty good. I like what they do with this song here.

Remember When: Bob Dylan Honored His Hero in a Poem “Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie”: American Songwriter

The Core: Zero: Relix
A cool little retrospective on the great San Francisco band Zero. Has some nice bits about their relationship with Rober Hunter.

Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Tilda Swinton & More Select Berlin Retrospective Movies; Classics & Other Lineups Revealed: Deadline

Links of the Day: January 5, 2023

Vulfpeck Cover Bob Dylans “Gotta Serve Somebody

Why did the Grateful Dead stop playing ‘St. Stephen’?: Far Out Magazine

American Songwriter Readers Vote for the Best Female Songwriters of All Time: American Songwriter
Number one isn’t surprising but it is nice to see mygirl Lucina Williams in there.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2: Is Captain Wilco From the Movies or Clone Wars?: Game Revolution
We’re big fans of The Bad Batch in my house so I’m pretty excited to see Season Two show up.

Daily Links: January 1, 2023

A man of myth: How Bob Dylan created Bob Dylan: Far Out Magazine

Half-scale recreation of Grateful Dead’s Wall Of Sound up for sale to fund full-size model:

Billy’s Busy 2022: Guitarist Billy Strings Had Another Breakout Year:

Bob Dylan’s former Harlem townhouse on the market for $3.6 million:

LP Giobbi Remixes Jerry Garcia: “I Wanted to Show This Beautiful World to My Community”:

Rodney Crowell Is Still Trying to Unlock the Mystery of a Great Song: Rolling Stone

55 Years Later: Revisiting Bob Dylan’s Americana Leaning ‘John Wesley Harding’: Glide Magazine

The Daily Links: December 21, 2022

R.E.M. – A Clown On A Circus Mount (Live 1984)

I recently discovered Prog Rock Vintage which has tons of progressive rock shows. I’ve linked to their Pink Floyd page since I know some of you are fans.

I also know some of you are Queen fans, and here is a page dedicated to their shows with lots of downloads.

A few weeks back my friend Scottie linked to all of his shows on File Factory over at Guitars 101, and he collected and linked to a bunch of other people who have recently done mega posts over there. I’m sure I’ve already linked to some of those but it is nice to have it in one place.

Bob Dylan Interviews, Documentaries, Etc.

I know some of you are scratching your head these days wondering what happened to my site. Where’s the music you wonder. Why are there suddenly movie reviews on my bootleg site, you scream at your cat.

I know, I know, etc.

I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I’ve often wanted to go back to making my site more pop culturally oriented and not just about the bootlegs. Amazon Drive going down has finally given me that excuse.

As I keep saying I will eventually get back to posting music again (but probably not until April, for that I will say “sorry”.) But I am almost certainly going to continue posting movies and other pop cultural tidbits.

But to at least give you music lovers something to grab, I found this over at the Archive. It includes some interviews and documentaries about Bob and it also has Sean Penn reading Dylan’s autobiography, so that’s something. Enjoy.