The Grateful Dead – The Entire Warfield Theatre 1980 Run

grateful dead - warfield - san francisco - 1980

To celebrate their 15th anniversary as a band The Grateful Dead played fifteen gigs at the historic Warfield Theatre in San Francisco (followed by an eight night run at Radio City Music Hall – which I haven’t posted, something we might discuss in the comments). They played three sets each night. The first set was acoustic, something they hadn’t done since 1970, which was followed by two electric sets. They eventually released two live albums from this run, the fantastic Reckoning features songs from the acoustic sets and the quite a bit less fantastic Dead Set contains songs from the electric sets.

I thought it would be fun to post the entire Warfield run.  Consider this a master post for the entire set.  Feel free to spread this link far and wide.  Click on the Info link to each show to be taken to that show’s page on the blog, or if you just want to grab it click on Download.

09/25/80 – Info, Download
09/26/80 – Info, Download
09/27/80 – Info, Download
09/29/80 – Info, Download
09/30/80 – Info, Download
10/02/80 – Info, Download
10/03/80 – Info, Download
10/04/80 – Info, Download
10/06/80 – Info, Download
10/07/80 – Info, Download
10/09/80 – Info, Download
10/10/80 – Info, Download
10/11/80 – Info, Download
10/13/80 – Info, Download
10/14/80 – Info, Download

28 thoughts on “The Grateful Dead – The Entire Warfield Theatre 1980 Run

  1. Thanks for all your Dead posts – your hard work and generosity is very much appreciated.
    Regarding this run, unless my arithmetic skills have deserted me there’s only 14 shows here, 10/14/80 is missing.

  2. 1980 was a great year. Fantastic runs in smaller venues. Thanks for your organized posts of these runs. It is like having a box set for each venue run.

  3. So should I do the Radio City run next or something else? In my mind I want to post every available show by every artist, especially the ones I frequently post. The way I tend to organize things is by year which is why I tend to post the Grateful Dead one year at a time (or multiple years at a time as I was doing before the crash). I do really enjoy posting short runs like this or even tours, I’m just really bad at it. So if anyone has an idea for another run of shows like this let me know.

    1. I was wondering if you still plan to do this same thing for radio city? That would be amazing if you did and I’d be forever Grateful

  4. Great job, I wish I had time to go through all of these but alas, I do not. Are there 2-3 of these that you might recommend as being the best sound and completeness (the txt notes on these get rather confusing as well) I’d like to grab a few. Any guidance greatly appreaciated. Thx

  5. Are you out of Van Morrison shows, or other artists? I am not a fan of the Dead and it seems like that’s 99 percent of the posts lately.

    1. I have been using Amazon to host my shows for a few years now. I have always just uploaded everything into one main folder. A few months back I decided I wanted to get a little more organized. To do so I have systematically been going through all the files in alphabetical order. When something has been posted I make sure it is on my list and then move the show into the artist file. This is why several weeks ago I was posting a whole bunch of Bob Dylan, then more recently I posted a bunch of Grateful Dead. I’m currently in the middle of Jerry Garcia.

      Now, every week I am still uploading shows so you will continue to get two or three Bob Dylan shows a week (and Grateful Dead, and any artist I upload A-J. It is a slow process and a slightly annoying one if you aren’t a fan of thse artists, but one I want to do to be better organized.

      Since Van is way down at the other end of the alphabet he definitely has been mostly missing for a logn while. I realized this last week and decided I would make an effort to specifically try to post him once a week or so.

      After saying all this I realize I just did about a week of nothing but Grateful Dead shows. I thought it would be fun to do the entire Warfield 1980 run and as it is 15 shows it took me awhile. Never fear I’ll have some other artists up soon. Please be patient.

      1. No problem, and I didn’t mean to come off as ungrateful or bitching. Thanks for the response and for what you do.

      2. You didn’t come off ungrateful at all. It’s a legit question. I know it’s probably frustrating not seeing some artists for a long time. I’ve been needing to be more organized with the blog as there are shows that have been missed. Eventually I’ll get it all done and then we’ll be golden.

      3. Thank you for these shows, it’s very interresting how the band mood is each day. I would be please to load the one from nex york Radio City Hall (great theatre i went to and visit completly years ago……)

  6. A great run and a great effort Mat! Many thanks. Would love to see the 10/19 New Orleans set if you have it (also has an acoustic set).

  7. Mat, just want to say a HUGE thanks for this site. I can’t tell you how much your efforts influence my days in a positive way. It’s like opening presents every week. Are you still planning on doing the Radio City run?

    1. Yes I will do that run sometime. Sorry I meant to do it right after I posted this and then got distracted.

      I am currently in the midst of a huge clean up/organization project and while I am doing that I am not uploading any new shows. I’ll continue to post a few shows a week as I’ve still got some sitting in the Amazon queue but I’m not adding any more in. Should take me about 4 weeks to get it all cleaned up and then I’ll start re uploading. I’ll try to remember to make the Radio City Run a top priority when that happens. Please do remind me if you don’t see it in a month or so.

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