I’ll first get into the Visa story since I left it hanging last time. Amy got hers without a problem. They have to send mine to France proper and it could take 4 months to process! They did give me my passport back so I will use it to get into the country, and then just country jump until I can either make it back to the States or we go home.

We’re spending the weekend in Oklahoma with my folks. Had a big shindig tonight with everyone. It’s funny because everyone asks all the same questions and I give the same answers. This process can get a little dull, but I know everyone means well and it’s nice to get the attention.

One week from today we leave. I am getting most nervous. I try to break it down into little pieces. We will get everything packed properly. If one bag weighs too much we will either pay the extra cost or lose some things. Customs will let us through easily, or they will hassle us and we may have to get another flight a little later, but we will get there. France will be difficult for a little while but each day will pass. Actually, this is how I have gotten through a lot of life. I like to break things down into little chunks until they seem manageable and they pass.

It still seems funny to write this stuff and have no one read it. If I do let anyone read it then this will be a weird beginning since its all in the past. My plan is to eventually let everyone in so they can see exactly what we are up to. I have no idea if that will come to pass. I guess if it does then you will be reading this…

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