Bob Dylan – New York, NY (03/11/62)

Bob Dylan
Cynthia Gooding Radio Show
New York, NY

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lonesome Whistle Blues
Fixin’ To Die
Smokestack Lightning
Hard Travelin’
Death Of Emmett Till
Standing On The Highway
Roll On John
Long Time Man Feel Bad
Baby Please Don’t Go
Hard Times In New York

I have two dates for this show.  One is listed as 01/13/62 the other as 03/11/62.  I do not know which one is correct.  At a guess I’d say it maybe was recorded in January but not played until March, but that’s just a guess.  It may have been done live in January but was such a popular show it was replayed in March.  I looked around online and couldn’t find any definitive info on the details.

Neither of these two sources has much in the way of source info.  But this is essential listening for Dylan fans.

8 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – New York, NY (03/11/62)

  1. thanks for the post/upload! Curious though, how you can call these files lossless when they are mp3’s ??

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