Warren Zevon – Passaic, NJ (10/01/82)

Warren Zevon
Capitol Theater
Passaic, NJ

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Johnny Strikes Up The Band
The Overdraft
A Certain Girl
Let Nothing Come Between You
Jeannie Needs A Shooter
Join Me In L.A.
Gorilla You’re A Desperado
Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
The Envoy
Simple Man, Simple Dreams
Charlie’s Medicine
Jungle Work >
Play It All Night Long
Lawyers, Guns And Money
Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School
The Hula Hula Boys
Accidentally Like A Martyr
Mama Couldn’t Be Persuaded
Looking For The Next Best Thing
Poor Poor Pitiful Me >
Cadillac Ranch
Excitable Boy
It Ain’t That Pretty At All
E1: Werewolves Of London
E2: Carmelita
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Warren Zevon – Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Randy Brown – Guitar, Vocals
Joe Daniels – Drums
Larry Larson – Bass
John Wood – Lead Guitar, Vocals

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