Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lyle Lovett – Saratoga, CA (07/16/00)


Lyle Lovett & His Small Band
Paul Masson Historic Mountain Winery
Saratoga, California, USA
July 16, 2000

Download FLAC/MP3

Set One
01 Texas Trilogy: Daybreak > 3:16
02 Texas Trilogy: Train Ride 2:41
03 Texas Trilogy: Bosque Country Romance 7:56
04 The Truck Song 4:30
05 Donít Touch My Hat 3:40
06 Fiona 4:01
07 Iíve Been To Memphis 7:17
08 Youíre Not From Texas 5:48
09 Sheís No Lady 5:10
10 Sheís Already Made Up Her Mind 5:58
11 Bears 5:49
12 Penguins 3:10
13 Youíve Been So Good Up To Now 5:38
14 Her First Mistake 8:33
15 Private Conversation 4:42

Set Two
01 If I Had A Boat 4:08
02 Give Me Back My Hat 3:07
03 LA County 3:29
04 Nobody Knows Me 5:39
05 More Pretty Girls Than One* 3:04
06 Same Old River*# 6:37
07 Good Intentions* 5:58
08 You Canít Resist It* 6:04
09 Church* 7:03
10 The Road To Ensenada* 7:04
–First Encore
11 San Antonio Girl* 3:43
12 White Freightliner* 7:43
–Second Encore
13 Family Reserve 4:48
14 Closing Time 4:47

* w/David Grisman
# Sam Bush: vocals

Viktor Krauss: bass
James Gilmer: congas
Dan Tomlinson: drums
Mike Aldridge: dobro
John Randall: acoustic guitar
Gene Elvers: fiddle
Pat Ferguson: guitar
John Hagen: cello
Sam Bush: mandolin

Lineage: Bootleg pressed CD (“A Friend Of The Devil”)>1st generation CDR I got by mail>EAC>FLAC(level 8) — Circulates as DAUD>DAT>CDR

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lyle Lovett – Saratoga, CA (07/16/00)

  1. Alright after looking at it for a bit I think some of the songs may be from the previous night. Both shows took place in Saratoga. I know I changed the data of the “album” information in iTunes for the show, and its possible that I thought the two shows were in fact one show and thus combined them.

    I’ve not done a side by side comparison of all the songs though so I could be wrong. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I originally got the MP3s nor do I have any other information about them so it would be really difficult to say definitively where they come from.

    Sorry about that.

  2. No worries. I have it set up so that new commentors have to be approved to keep out the spam/rif-raff. Because of the weekend I was a little slow getting to yours.

    Its gonna bug me though now, which show that actually is.

  3. any chance of a non-megaupload version? i’m a huge Lyle fan and my IPOD locked up and restored itself and I lost everything, including this and the Saratoga 2007 concerts. Didn’t have them backed-up…ugh. Thanks!

  4. Yes, maybe, eventually. Megaupload got killed by the feds. Shortly after Mediafire deleted all my shows and now Rapidshare is giving me a very limited amount of bandwidth. All of which means that a huge chunk of the work I’ve done on this site is now unavailable. The requests keep coming in but right now I’m trying to stick with new stuff. I’ll eventually get back to reposting some old stuff but it might take me a long while.

    I’ll leave a comment here if and when I get to this show to let you know. Sorry about that but its really frustrating to have things get killed so often.

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