Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Donna The Buffalo Featuring Peter Rowan – St Petersburg, FL (05/04/01)

Donna the Buffalo with Peter Rowan, Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, November 2015


Donna the Buffalo
Jannus Landing
St. Petersburg, FL


Download: FLAC, MP3

Set I
Zydeco *
Cuckoo Bird *
Dust Bowl Children *
Fetch Wood Carry Water *
Pulling the Devil By the Tail *
Land of the Navajo *
Set II
In This Life
Tides of Time
Positive Friction
Ancient Arms
Funky Side
Lonesome for You
No Place Like the Right Time
Conscious Evolution ->
3rd Stone From the Sun ->
Conscious Evolution
Soileau Zydeco
40 Days and 40 Nights
Staring Back at Me (Come Alive)
Family Picture

No Woman, No Cry *
Midnight Moonlight *
Cold Rain and Snow *
Standing Room Only
How Long Must I Endure

* with Peter Rowan


Hey, I’m back. We had a great time in Europe, but I am oh so glad to be home. I’ve started uploading shows again, but I’ll likely be a bit slow about it for a bit as we recover from jetlag, and make all the adjustments of being here.

I’ve posted Donna the Buffalo before, so I won’t say much about them, except that if you have never heard them before, give them a try. They really are quite brilliant, and this is a fun show featuring bluegrass stalwart Peter Rowan.

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Donna The Buffalo Featuring Peter Rowan – St Petersburg, FL (05/04/01)

  1. Where in Europe? Regular traveler or tourist?
    We did Denmark & Sweden 5 years ago and Norway this year.
    I’m a new visitor to your site and want to thank you for the great stuff!
    Do you take requests?

  2. My wife and I take a group of university students to Europe every fall. We’re based in Belgium but travel all over. We hit Denmark last year and loved it. Would love to hit up Scandinavia again some day.

    Sure, I’ll take a request. My boot list is here:


    One caveat: my boots are fairly disorganized and it is always possible I won’t be able to find what you are looking for, and I make no promises as to how quickly I’ll post it. But I’ll try.

  3. Oh man, I’ve got four or five CD albums full of them, in no certain order (but at least the shows contain all of the disks, mostly.) Then I’ve got another half dozen spindles full of disks completely out of any semblance of order, and another box full of Grateful Dead disks as random as can be. Finding anything specific takes a lot of work.

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