Van Morrison – The Lost Studio Demos 1968-1971

Van Morrison
Gypsy Soul
The Lost Studio Demos 1968 to 1971

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01. The Way Young Lovers Do (3:33) acoustic guitar
02. Ballerina (4:45) acoustic guitar

03. And It Stoned Me (4:22) acoustic guitar & harmony vocals
04. Caravan (4:35) acoustic guitar & electric bass
05. Come Running (1:45) acoustic guitar
06. These Dreams Of You (2:24) acoustic guitar & tambourine
07. Brand New Day (5:56) acoustic guitar, electric bass & drums

08. Domino (3:56) acoustic guitar, percussion & harmony vocals
09. If I Ever Needed Someone (3:42) acoustic guitar

10. Wild Night (5:18) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
11. When That Evening Sun Goes Down (2:14) acoustic guitar

UNISSUED SONGS 1968 – 1971
12. Nobody Really Knows (6:04) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
13. Bit By Bit (4:58) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
14. Hey Where Are You (6:23) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
15. I Need Your Kind Of Loving (3:29) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
16. Lorna (2:35) acoustic guitar
17. Rock And Roll Band (5:02) acoustic guitar
18. Funny Face (2:22) [i][b]acoustic guitar

Peg Boy Bootleg released in 1996(?) Fixed 2008
Cdr(Archive)>Flac>Torrent Download>FLAC
Alt: (Unplugged In The Studio)
Total Time: 74:16
Folder Size: 407mb
FFP, MD5, AuCDtect Flac Report and Original and Alternate Enhanced 300DPI Art Work Included
SBEs checked and passed

Notes for this upload (from my friend FreeMorrison, who gave me the set):
Much Respect to dedhed69 the original uploader @ Planet Rock for sharing this one with me, I’ve really enjoyed listening to these recent Van Morrison Bootlegs he has graciously shared from his collection – and believe the quality to be so outstanding that they are worthy to be passed along here at The Midnight Cafe – new home to some of the worlds greatest top shelf direct download bootlegs.
Enjoy and let the river flow.

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