Neil Young – Live & Rare

Neil Young
Live and Rare
Made In: japan
Release Date: 12/31/94

Download FLAC: Google Drive

1. Mr. Soul (Young) 5:02
2. Cinnamon Girl (Young) w/Crazy Horse –
Great Woods, Massachusettes 1986 3:23
3. If You Got Love (Young) – “Human Highway” LP outtake 3:20
4. Amber Jean (Young) w/International Harvesters, Nashville 1985 3:42
5. Baby What You Want Me To Do (J.Reed) 6:57
6. Things I Used To Do (Trad.) 4:14
7. Sweet Little Rock And Roller / Nadine – Medley (C.Berry)
w/G.E.Smith and the Michael Bloomfield Band – The Ritz, NY 9:25
8. My My Hey Hey (Young) 2:46
9. Worried Man Blues (Trad.) w/Devo from the film “Human Highway” 4:08
10. American Woman (Bachman/Cummings/Kale/Petersen) 6:41
ll. Just Like Tom Thumb Blues (Dylan) 5:34
12. Down By The River (Young) ll:58
13. Takin’ Care Of Business (Bachman) w/Guess Who, The Devrons & The Squires
Winnipeg,Manitoba “Shakin’ All Over 25 Year Reunion Party” 6:30

Total time of CD: 73:47

From the Booklet liner notes :
“Neil Young is an incredibly diverse musician and individual.
One look at his solo catalogue, and a more careful investigation
into the many musical styles & motifs represented by that catalog will
easily prove this point. He can play the tastiest blues licks,
the grungiest power chords, the tightest little rock and roll arrangements
and some of the best country twang ….. all wherever the mood strikes.
Over the years, Neil has also gained the reputation of a rocker who likes
to lend a hand to his fellow musician when the opportunity arises.
Most folks in the industry, then, are quick to return the favour if
Neil ever asks for their support or help on a song, a concert or a film
project. Knowing his sense for fun & adventure, and his eye for quality,
anyone who works with Neil can assume that the finished product will
probably turn out extremley well … or that at least they’ll have
a blast at making it happen.

So this CD show’s off some examples of Neil’s work; mostley with his
friends. The first 2 tracks offer Neil with long time cronies
“Crazy Horse”; captured live here in 1986 at Great Wood in
Massachusettes in the U.S. Track 3 features Neil all on his own in an
outtake from the original “Trans” LP, when it still carried the titleto
the [unreleased] film “Human Highway”. Tracks 8 & 9, incidentally,
are Neil’s jam’s with Devo, taken directley from the soundtrack to that
film. Neil shows off his country side on track 4 in concert with
the International Harvesters in Nashville in 1985. Neil takes the stage
with G.E.Smith & the late Michael Bloomfield’s former band as they play
tribute to Bloomfield during this performance at The Ritz in New York.
The closing segment of the disk is, in my opinion, the most historic.
In 1990, a musican who had played in a regional rock band in the sixties
organised a benefit concert at Calvin High School, his alma mater,
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He called upon all the famous, and not so
famous musical alumni of the school to see if they could lend a hand to
this musical high school reunion. The call back to Calvin High
Schoolcaught the ears of it’s most famous students.

Neil Young (Former member of “The Squires”),
Burton Cummings (Of “The Devrons”)
and Randy Bachman (“Chad Allen & The Expressions”)
were among the dozens of Musicians who reunited with their old bands
from the sixties and, inevitably, with one another.
The last four tracks are taken from this incredible event which took place
at the local concert hall in Winnipeg and it includes jams on two Guess
Who classics, a Randy Bachman solo number, a Neil classic & a Bob Dylan oldie.

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