Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Maspalamos, Spain (11/15/97)



1997 – One More Time, Festival Womad Radio – {MP3@256}

(bootleg CD)

Festival Womad 1997. M-80 Radio 

Location: Maspalomas (Islas Cararias). Espana – November 15, 1997



Mix and DJ (2:02)

Days Like This / Fire In The Belly / DJ / Cleaning Windows (12:56)

DJ / Vanlose Stairway (BK) / DJ / Trans Euro Train (4:26)

It Once Was My Life (4:30)

DJ / Satisfied (4:50)

DJ / Sometimes We Cry / time signal (5:55)

Burning Ground (4:44)

The Healing Game (4:20)

DJ / See Me Through / Soldier Of Fortune / Thank You Falletinme Be Micelf Agin / DJ (5:11)

Total time: (48:53)


It seems likely that this is not a commercial boot, but a homemade thing from a trader in Spain. The source appears to be radio, but according to one opinion it is “not flawless”. As the track listings indicate, there is quite a bit of DJ – which is great if you want a bit of Spanish listening practice 🙂 From: Van The Man Info Site


Thanks to BTR for the new Art Work front folder, this is one of my favorites, FM source always has good sound clarity.

FreeMorrison, December 24th, 2011


Happy Christmas Eve, enjoy an unusual one from  Van Morrison

FromFreeMorrison, December 24th, 2011


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