Van Morrison – London, England (08/16/08)

Van Morrison
Kenwood House,
London, England
August 16, 2008

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01 Domino
02 Tupelo Honey, Why Must I Always Explain?
03 Saint Dominic’s Preview
04 Keep It Simple
05 That’s Entrainment
06 Soul 07 Ballerina
08 The Way Young Lovers Do
09 Wavelength
10 Comfortably Numb
11 In The Afternoon , Ancient History, Joe Turner Sings

01 Wild Night
02 Moondance
03 Bright Side Of The Road
04 Have I Told You Lately
05 Behind The Ritual
06 And The Healing Has Begun
07 Brown Eyed Girl
08 Gloria

LINEAGE: Unknown DAT equipment > Creative > Cool-Edit Pro > flac level 6 > you

Notes from FreeMorrison:

FFP,MD5,auCDTectReport (all files 100% Flac), Info & Track List text, and New 300dpi Digitaly Enhanced Art Work Included. (New style Front Slip Cover, picture of a couple taking a stroll in front of the KenWood House, and Back CD Cover is oil painting of the 1st Kenwood House circa 1600’s) This is not the single disc SBD edition – until I hear different I believe this is the uncirculated 2 Disc Audience Recording of Van Live @ The Kenwood House August 16th, 2008. The sound clarity is very good to awesome, and could be confused with a SBD recording. Thanks to all my friends who helped me try and track down the original art work, and BTR for helping me get some things correct.

The Van Morrison Band
John Plantania:    Guitars
Sarah Joy :   Steel Slide Guitar, Banjo
Neil Wilkinonson:   Drums
Paul Moore:   Bass
Tony Fitzgibbon:  Violin, Mandolin
Bobby Ruggiero:  Drums, Percussion
Paul Moran:   Keyboards, Trumpet
Kattie Kisson:   Backing Vocals
Vanesa Haynes:   Backing Vocals

Between 2004-2006, other live performances from were captured and compiled onto four discs under the title MAGIC MOMENTS – LIVE TRACKS FROM VAN’S WEBSITE, VOLUME 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Track details and artwork are available at under “Samplers”.

FreeMorrison January 23rd, 2012

11 thoughts on “Van Morrison – London, England (08/16/08)

  1. This show is a request for a special couple who married on August 12th and went straight to London afterwards and got to see Van at The KENWOOD HOUSE,(this show exactly above that I have uploaded.)!!!!

    They Special Couple quote the following>
    “The Van show and picnic on that hill has taken a special place in our hearts. Our real honeymoon took place in September-October of that year when we went to the big cities on your east coast: Boston, New York & Philly ”

    Wow, that would be the best wedding day ever!
    Van @ The Kenwood House in London as they picnicked on the hill. Just Perfect!!!

    The art work is the new slip Folder, and it folds and slides over the case when printed, it is a picture of a nice couple walking in front of the KENWOOD HOUSE, the back cover is Oil Painting of the Kenwood House from the early 1700′ me thinks.
    I really did not want to create new art work, as I was sure I had sen the art for this some were?

    I emailed 15 of my closest friends and collectors looking for the art for the 2 CD SBD Set, yet no one has it, they all have the single disk set, and they all want a copy of the new art work which I will be busy emailing on the morrow.

    Best Wishes to our new friends, and what a lovely story, I apologize again, I never thought to check my spam folder which is where my new friends email went by default I assume?. Sorry it took so long to get this one posted, I wanted the files and art to be perfect for you.
    FreeMorrison January 23rd, 2012

  2. Lovely sentiment, however, this 2 disc set is an audience recording albeit a very good one.

    The soundboard tracks and there were 11 of them from the Kenwood performance were posted at and YouTube and they make a single disc collection.

    Domino *
    Tupelo Honey > Why Must I Always Explain *
    Saint Dominic’s Preview
    Keep It Simple *
    That’s Entrainment *
    Ballerina *
    The Way Young Lovers Do *
    Wavelength *
    Comfortably Numb *
    In The Afternoon > Ancient Highway > Raincheck *
    Wild Night
    Bright Side Of The Road
    Have I Told You Lately *
    Behind The Ritual
    And The Healing Has Begun *
    Brown Eyed Girl

    * soundboard recordings captured from

  3. You are correct and I have edited that so it is correct now in the header as an Audience Recording (A VERY GOOD ONE).
    The single disc SBD set is also a killer – just thought it would be nice to include all the songs, as the recording is exceptional.

  4. Yes, you’re right. Maybe at some point you could upload the single disc soundboard version? There wouldn’t be any crossover with the MAGIC MOMENTS volumes you’re intending to upload.



    Enjoy FreeMorrison

  6. Comments from a deleted repost:

    Anonymous says:
    December 18, 2013 at 12:06 pm Edit

    And once again thanks to you for reuploading these gems! cheers,
    Tony says:
    December 18, 2013 at 8:37 pm Edit

    Thanks for sharing this great gig, appreciate all you do for us
    Grant says:
    December 19, 2013 at 6:26 am Edit

    Excellent share – thanks Mat! Great “Wavelength” here which was just what I needed in this too-crazy holiday season!
    Grant says:
    December 19, 2013 at 6:27 am Edit

    And thanks to FreeMorrison originally as well!

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