Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Magic Moments 2005 – Vol. 2 – Flac


Magic Moments Volume Two – 2005
Various Excellent Live Performances from Van Morrison’s 2005 Live Tour (Brilliant Sound Clarity)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Live Tracks From Van’s Web Site – 2005  – Volumes Two
Lineage: Torrent Download > Bootleg CDR > Sony SoundForge PRO 10 (Re-Track) >FLAC Level 7 Align on Sector Boundaries

Info : FFP, MD5, Info and TrackList, auCDtect Flac Reports (all files 100% Flac), and Original Art Work , Alternate Art included.

01 – Caravan – Van Morrison
(Teatro Smeraldo, Milan 03.18.2004)
02 – The Way Young Lovers Do – Van Morrison
(Auditorio Kursaal, San Sebastian 07.27.2005 Late Show)
03 – All Saints Day – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
04 – Streets Of Arklow – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
05 – Precious Time – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
06 – What Happened To P.J. Proby – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
07 – Wonderful Remark – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
08 – Real Real Gone – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
09 – Stranded – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)
10 – Cleaning Windows – Van Morrison
(Hexagon Theatre, Reading 11.18.2005)

Please Share It In It’s Original Format – FLAC.
FreeMorrison January 24th, 2012

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Magic Moments 2005 – Vol. 2 – Flac

  1. “In The Garden” made a good point the other day that I never even considered, these are so good that Mr. Grumpy, Van The Man himself picked these out for rotation on his old web site.
    That right there would explain the freaking brilliant sound clarity.
    There is something very special about these recordings – they have a great feel good vibe.
    Special thanks to my friend from The Netherlands “Jaap” for helping me find the whole collection and sharing it with me.
    He is a legendary uploader – collector and one of the most gracious persons I have ever met.
    MAGIC MOMENTS VOLUME 3 coming soon.

  2. Incidentally, for those who would like to burn a disc of the tracks from the Hexagon in the correct order of performance, here’s the listing:

    01 Whatever Happened To P. J. Proby? 04.01
    02 Stranded > Don’t Look Back 06.44
    03 Real Real Gone > You Send Me 05.26
    04 Cleaning Windows > Boppin’ The Blues 04.50
    05 All Saints Day 02.56
    06 Wonderful Remark 03.54
    07 Precious Time 03.32
    08 Streets Of Arklow > You Don’t Pull No Punches, You Don’t push The River 07.31

    This particular collection plays for nearly 40 minutes and has circulated seperately as MAGIC MOMENTS IN READING.

  3. Thanks very much for these great recordings. And the best news is that Putlocker has vastly improved service today!! Wonderful!!

  4. Great site…could you please put tis one back up on Rapidshare…it is the only disk of the five that I do not have.


    Rick K.

  5. Great site and thanks, as always, for all the music – and more thanks for The Van… I see that I’m not the only one asking, if you had the time and would be so kind (and admit it’s a self-serving request) as to put this one and the 1st up on rapid share – had these, from the git-go a few years back when they were first put up for grabs but the 1st and 2nd seem to have walked from my box…
    Thanks, in any event, for your site –

  6. Hang on – sorry for the delay – you have been very patient.
    I am on it – see if we can get a new link here today.

  7. Thanks so much FM for obliging with a repost.
    As I said elsewhere these more recent recordings
    of Van have been a revelation to me….
    I think it was the “Gail Years” that finally had put me
    off a bit — oh, and dabbling in C&W didn’t do him
    any favours in my mind – of course I hadn’t actually
    And what do you know?
    He’s still the MAN!
    All the best to you

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