Van Morrison – Magic Moments, Vol. 4

Van Morrison
Magic Moments Volume Four – 2006

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Various Excellent Live Performances from Van Morrison’s 2006 Tour
Source: Live Tracks From Van’s Web Site
Lineage: Torrent Download > Bootleg CDR > Sony SoundForge PRO 10 (Re-Track) >
FLAC Level 6 Align on Sector Boundaries
File: 421mb
Info: FFP, MD5, Info Text, auCDtect Flac Reports, and Original Art Work included.

01 – Your’e Cheating Heart- 
Water Front Hall, Belfast Feb. 4th 2006
02 – Playhouse – 
Water Front Hall, Belfast Feb. 4th 2006
03 – This Has Got To Stop – 
Water Front Hall, Belfast Feb. 4th 2006
04 – My Buckets Got A Hole In It – 
Water Front Hall, Belfast Feb. 4th 2006
05 – In The Midnight – 
The Dome, Brighton Feb 18th 2006
06 – Pay The Devil – 
The Dome, Brighton Feb 18th 2006
07 – Bright Side Of The Road – The Dome, Brighton Feb 18th 2006
08 – Celtic New Year, The Healing Game – 
The Dome, Brighton Feb 18th 2006
09 – This Has Got To Stop – 
Ryman Theater, Nashville March 7th 2006
10 – Till I Gain Control – Ryman Theater, Nashville March 7th 2006
11 – PlayHouse – Ryman Theater, Nashville March 7th 2006
12 – Don’t You Make Me High – 
The Opera House, Boston March 8th 2006
13 – Foggy Mountain Top – Konserthus, Stavenger April 2nd 2006
14 – Streets Of Arklow – Gleneagle Hotel, INEC Killarney April 15th 2006 (Rare Track)

FreeMorrison January 27th, 2012

14 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Magic Moments, Vol. 4

  1. Thank you so much for these Magic Moments CD’s. These are the best Morrison I’ve ever heard. I’ve downloaded all of them and the y seem to get better with each CD. How many are there? Thanks again I really appreciate these along with everything else you are uploading.

    Mat thanks for letting FreeMorrison share this on your site.

    Van is starting to be my favorite

    Thanks again,

    Jim Garrison
    Summerfield, NC

  2. To answer your question Jim, there are 5 volumes altogether though Volume 5 is a pretty short one in that it’s tying up loose ends.

    Volume 5:

    01. ‘Til I Gain Control
    (Nashville, TN, USA, March 6th, 2006)
    02. Big Blue Diamonds
    03. In The Midnight
    04. What Am I Living For?
    (Minneapolis, MN, USA, April 22nd, 2006)
    05. And The Healing Has Begun
    (NYC, NY, USA, April 24th, 2006)

  3. i tried 2 times to load it but the zip is corrupted…..
    Echec CRC dans Van Morrison – Magic Moments 2006 – Vol. 4 – Flac2 – Playhouse – Van Morrison.flac. Le fichier est corrompu. Fin de l’archive incorrecte

  4. Hang On I have some new links coming.
    Volume 2 has an extra file that does not belong and is corrupt and be deleted named:
    This one did download and extract fine for me, put the new link won’t hurt.

  5. Yes it works – and lat Volume – MAGIC MOMENTS OUTTAKES Vol. 5 is now up also with 9 bonus tracks.

  6. Lovingcup, I happen to have the Original SHN Files from Van Morrison and Sound Hole LIVE AT THE ORPHANAGE July 29th, 1974.
    Let me re encode them and I will share some brand new Flacs from those Original SHN files.
    I imagine the sound clarity will be awesome.

  7. Comments from a deleted repost:

    Grant says:
    January 7, 2014 at 7:40 am Edit

    These re-posts are going to make a lot of people happy! Thanks for this excellent music in perfect quality Mat!
    joprge says:
    July 9, 2016 at 1:58 pm Edit

    I just bumped into your incredible site. I was wondering if it was possible for repost of the entire Magic Moments Volumes from Van Morrison or else if you can send me links to download them. Thanks for the site is simply outstanding.

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