Lossless Bootleg Bonanza:Van Morrison – 2006 BERLIN FM, Germany Temprodrom (05/19/06) Flac

Berlin, Germany
Live At The Temprodrom
May 19th, 2006


An FM Broadcast Show
Sound Quality A+

Download at FileSwap:


Disc 1:
01. Keep Mediocrity At Bay
02. Stranded
03. Laughing in the Wind
04. Magic Time
05. Your Cheatin’ Heart
06. Naked In The Jungle
07. Talk Is Cheap
08. Cleaning Windows
09. Days Like This
10. Irish Heartbeat
11. What Am I Living

Disc 2:
01. Playhouse
02. I Can’t Stop Loving You
03. Bright Side Of The Road
04. Precious Time
05. It’s All In The Game
06. Help Me
07. Celtic New Year, The Healing Game
08. Gloria

The Van Morrison Band – Berlin 2006:
Van Morrison – guitars, vocals, sax, harmonica
Robin Aspland-keyboards
Ned Edwards-guitar
Tony Fitzgibbon-violin, mandolin
David Hayes-bass
Richard Nelson-violin
Neal Wilkinson-drums
Crawford Bell-acoustic guitar, trumpet, backing vocals
Karen Hamil-backing vocals
Janeen Daley-backing vocals

CDR (trade)>Audiograbber (flac)>Utorrent>You
Source: Torrent Downloaded by me from Somewhere
Size: 607 Mb’s

Stranded In Berlin contains the live FM Radio 1 broadcast of Van Morrison’s Berlin show on May 19th, 2006.
The sound quality is crystal clear and as close to perfect as can be expected.
There is terrific balance between the instruments and there is no evidence of it being recorded off the air check. Another source for this broadcast circulates which some collectors claim has noticeable background noise.

The Swingin’ Pig use a different, far superior source that has none of the imperfections mentioned in connection with the other.
The broadcast omits Morrison’s band’s instrumental introduction “Boogie Woogie Country Girl” and begins at the beginning of “Keep Mediocrity At Bay” and Van’s introduction.
This show occurs two months after the release of his album of country and blues covers Pay The Devil and songs from this, and the latest album of originals Magic Time, are emphasized.
Better known songs like “Moondance” and “Cyprus Avenue” are not played with “Gloria” as an encore the only nod to the charts.

Morrison’s voice sounds good although smoky and aggressive with age.
Three of the first four songs come from the 2005 release before he plays “Your Cheatin’ Heart” in a rendition faithful to the Hank Williams original.
Afterwards Morrison introduces the Dutch alto-saxophonist Candy Dulfer
for a scorching version of “Naked In The Jungle” including sax solo.

The show really begins to cook with this, “Talk Is Cheap” and ”Cleaning Windows”.
The latter contains Morrsion getting into “Be-Bop-A-Lu-Lu” by the end.
“Irish Heartbeat” is followed by two more tunes from the latest album.
“What Am I Living For?” is played close to the well-known Conway Twitty arrangement.

“Playhouse” is one of three originals from the latest album and is an effective Morrison foray into the honky tonk.
Morrison has covered “I Can’t Stop Loving You” sporadically for twenty years and recorded the song for 1991’s Hymns To The Silence, but last year became a regular part of the set.
This version contains a great violin solo and a section sung by the Crawford Bell Singers.

“It’s All In The Game” is extended to seven minutes and contains a reference to “Keep A Knocking” and much laughter before Morrison introduces “Shake Your Money Maker” as a Sonny Boy Williamson tune.

The bonus tracks contain material from gigs on:
1st Bonus Track February 20th, 1979 at Whitla Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2nd Bonus Track from February 22nd, 1979 at National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.

This Source comes from the Video Soundtrack to the Rare and Out Of Print Video of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Van Morrison In Ireland on Hendring and booted previously on “In All Your Revelation”.

The fifty-five minute recording is very clear but much thinner than the Berlin tape.


Turn Up Your Radio
The Van Morrison Soundboard Recordings
By Eberhard Fritz:

Van Morrison May 19th, 2006 Berlin, Germany, Tempodrom

Keep mediocrity at bay; Stranded; Laughing in the wind; Magic time; Your cheatin’ heart; Naked in the jungle; Talk is cheap; Cleaning windows; Days like this; Irish heartbeat; What am I living for?; Playhouse; I can’t stop loving you; Bright side of the road; Precious time; It’s all in the game; Help me; Celtic new year/The healing game; Gloria.

New Notes:
New FFP, MD5, auCDTech Flac Reports, New Digitaly Enhaced Art Work 150dpi with Inside CD Folder Art and CD Covers,,,,,,
Info and Tracklist Document with Reviews.
More Notes:
This 2 Disc Set flows flawlessly from track to track and has some outstanding sound clarity.
A tip of the hat to the original uploader @ Demonoid,
Much Respect for sharing such excellent Flacs whomever you may be?
(I Think it was Norm, greatly appreciated)
FreeMorrison March 5th, 2005

Download at FileSwap:

24 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza:Van Morrison – 2006 BERLIN FM, Germany Temprodrom (05/19/06) Flac

  1. Thanks a lot! Would like to do another request. There is a boot with Van and the Jim Condie Band from the Self Aid Gig in Scotland from the late 80’s. If you got this could you upload this boot?

  2. I’ve only listened to a few songs so far but this is A+ on sound quality. I’ve looked for this one on the past and have never seen it. Thanks so much FM.

  3. Thanks FM.
    How is life old friend?
    I thought I didn’t have this., but the review of collector’s music reminds me that I have the original silverdiscs from the Swinging Pig Stranded In Berlin . A very nice foldout digipack. with 2 CD’s.
    Now I can compare both!!!

  4. Great show – great sound – many thanks – not to ask—but.— ever run across, and I can get the date but am sure you know the show – Pagan Streams – love to hear whatever version you might decide to share.
    In any event – many thanks for your time spent preparing and sharing this music

  5. Since you are taking request, here’s one that I’m missing and would love to hear: “Misty Wet With Rain”, Vancouver 98-05-15

  6. From Ben:
    There is a boot with Van and the Jim Condie Band from the Self Aid Gig in Scotland from the late 80’s. If you got this could you upload this boot?

    Maybe “In The Garden” can help me narrow down the search the late 80’s in Scotland – I have quite a few.

    Ben unless you can remember the city in Scotland and the month?

  7. Good day Bruce.
    I have Misty Wet With Rain someplace?
    I do have the very rare alternate right now on hand:
    (If you prefer that one)

    Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver
    Disc 1 (all tracks) 15 May 1998
    Disc 2 (tracks 1-3) 15 May 1998

    UCLA Pauley Pavillion, Los Angeles
    Disc 2 (tracks 4-11) 22 May 1998

    Van Morrison: Vocals Harmonica
    Shana Morrison: Vocals (Disc 2 tracks 10 + 11)
    Brian Kennedy: Vocals, Backing Vocals
    John Allair: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
    Jonny Scott: Guitar, Backing Vocals
    David Hayes: Bass
    Geoff Dunn: Drums
    Liam Bradley: Percussion, Backing Vocals
    Pee Wee Ellis: Saxophones
    Leo Green: Tenor Saxophone (Disc 2 tracks 4-11)
    Matt Holland: Trumpet, Flugelhorn

    Disc 1
    1. Sweet Thing
    2. Domino/Soul Music
    3. Jackie Wilson Said
    4. Moondance/My Funny Valentine
    5. That’s Life
    6. Sometimes We Cry
    7. Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
    8. This Weight/Backstabbers
    9. In The Garden/Real Real Gone/You Send Me
    10. Summertime In England
    11. Whenever God Shines His Light

    Disc 2
    1. Tupelo Honey/Why Must I always Explain
    2. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World/When The Clock Strikes…
    3. See Me Through?Soldier Of Fortune/Thank You Falettinme

    Be Mice Elf Agin/Burning Ground
    4. Satisfied/Organ Grinder Jam
    5. Days Like This
    6. In THe Afternoon
    7. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
    8. Cleaning Windows
    9. Vanlose Stairway/Trans Euro Train/Kilroy Was Here
    10. Beautiful Vision
    11. Have I told You Lately That I Love You?

  8. G my man –
    I have to search some subfolders – In my main external TB for Van Boots I have the one you asked about – but not in a Flac version!!!!!
    I am a little freaked out that I don’t have a flac version of this must have classic.
    I will load the MP3 up because she is tagged and ready to go, and I will also locate a Flac version.
    This is a killer and an excellent choice!

  9. The boot i was talking about is not from the self aid but from the fife aid gig in St Andrews, Craigtown park in Scotland. It took place on the 07-24-88 but a different source says it was on the 25th of July.

    Here is the setlis:
    Celtic Excavation
    Queen of the Slipstream
    Someone like You
    I Forgot that Love existed
    In the Garden
    Sense of Wonder
    Help me
    Irish Heartbeat
    Star of the County Down
    Marie’s Wedding
    Raglan Road
    Cleaning Windows
    Bright Side of the Road

    hope the info is goin to helpl for you search
    greetings Ben

  10. The performance with the Jim Condie Band was part of the Fife Aid Eco Rock Festival, July 24th, 1988. Three Van Morrison performances were released officially on dvd, ” A Sense Of Wonder”, “Marie’s Wedding” and “Cleaning Windows”. The dvd is titled “Eco Rock Festival Live” and is available at least in Europe.

  11. I’m afraid I don’t have any of those in the main folder – but I have other place took look so give me some time and I will organizer some files.

  12. Hey Van heads, here’s a question for ya. Is there any place to search Van’s setlists by song title? I downloaded a bunch of Van boots from demonoid and various blogs and I’ve accidentally mixed them up. So now I have a bunch of MP3s and FLAC files but no way to tell which show they belong too. Hoping maybe there is a site that I can search for a bunch of the songs in the set and come up with a date. Or something. Any help is appreciated.

  13. Thanks. I got most of them figured out but there are a couple of unlabeled FLAC shows that were proving difficult. I’ll try those sites out and see if I can’t figure it out.

  14. Matt there is also the Helium Music Manager that will identify all the songs if they are in the system, which they will be.
    I use Helium Music Manger sometimes to listen to various artist and it always downloads the correct info.
    Here’s a good copy:

    Also loading them into Itunes will tag them.

  15. Hello Mat –
    Already been mentioned – but you can check out Setlist.Com and you will certainly be able to find the song being played – – people swear by Vanomatic – plug in the song’s name and you can find shows when it was done. I’ve been in the same situation and was able to, with much patience on my part, fill in the blanks!

  16. Just read your note – Mr. FM, showing proper thanks and respect – can’t wait to take a dip and swim in the the Pagan Streams!

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