Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Bournemouth, England (09/16/95) – "Steppin' on a Dream"


Van Morrison
Steppin’ On A Dream
(bootleg CD)
MOONTUNES (MOON 017/18) 1996
Bournemouth, England
September 16th 1995

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1

I Want You To Know (R. Charles) (4:43)
I Will Be There (2:23)
Days Like This (3:00)
Perfect Fit (3:43)
Homeboy (trad.) / Jelly Jelly Jelly (G. Fame) / Bigtime Operators / Ordinary People (F. Foster) (11:11)
My Name Is Raincheck (4:56)
The New Symphony Sid (K. Pleasure / L. Young) (4:35)
Who Can I Turn To (L. Bricusse / A. Newley) (4:31)
Sack O’Woe (J. Adderley / J. Hendricks) (4:32)
Satisfied (7:21)
Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Hunter / Otis) (5:40)
Vanlose Stairway / Transeuro Train (6:51)
Help Me (S. B. Williamson) (6:22)
Moondance (8:34)
Total Time: (78:23)

Disc 2

You Don’t Know Me (Lawler / Arnold) (5:03)
Melancholia (6:18)
Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always Explain* (11:22)
That’s Life (D. K. Gordon / K. Gordon) (4:18)
In The Garden (9:27)
Have I Told You Lately (6:11)
Moondance* (4:33)
That’s Life* (D. K. Gordon / K. Gordon) (4:41)
Here Comes the Knight# (4:10)
Listen To The Lion# (6:34)
Orangefield# (4:06)
Stormy Monday# (T. B. Walker) / Lonely Avenue# (Doc Pomus) / You Give Me The Blues# (Louisana Red) (9:29)
Total Time: (76:19)

Liner Notes:
Recorded live at Bournemouth I.E.C. on September 16th 1995, MOONTUNES presents “Van the Man” delving deeper into his Jazz and Blues Roots. This is a stunning audience recording (soundboard quality) featuring British Jazz giants Buy Barker & Alan Skidmore.

Tracks marked with * Mercury Music Awards 1995 Tracks marked with # Danish Radio Big Band, Helsingor Jazz Festival, August 5th 1995.
These recordings are licensed from The Razor’s Edge. P 1996 Moontunes, Luxembourg.

Musicians: (Bournemouth concert)
Van Morrison: Vocals, Harmonica
Georgie Fame: Hammond Organ/Vocals
Ralph Salmins: Drums
Pee Wee Ellis: Saxophone, Flute
Alan Skidmore: Saxophone
Guy Barker: Trumpet
Alec Dankworth: Bass
Robin Aspland: Piano

Review from Vennarucci@aol.com:
The first 20 tracks of this great new 2-CD bootleg are definitely in Van’s new jazz style, with the skillfully reworked jazz versions of his own classics. The new arrangement of “Tupelo Honey” is a masterpiece, and Van’s introductory comments to it were: “This is an old song that has been reinvented at least fifty times. This is the current version of it!”

At the start of CD 2, in the introduction to “You Don’t Know Me”, Van talks openly to the audience: “I’m sure this is all very confusing for ya… It’s got to be very confusing! How many people know, eh, half the songs we played tonight? That’s not very many! …This song we’re about to do is off the current album. …Some are from older records… And we did some from the future record… It’s not even out yet! That’s probably what’s so baffling about this!!! You win some and you lose some!”

The Man gives his excellent musicians plenty of time to show off their own stuff with many instrumental solos. For an audience recording, the sound is excellent. One side benefit of this particular recording is that during the quieter moments, you can hear a little of the enthusiastic patter from the concert goers. For me, I got a real sense of actually being there.

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