Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Got To Get Back to the Greek

Van Morrison - Got to Get Back to the Greek

Van Morrison
Got To Go Back To The Greek
(bootleg CD)
(Greek Theatre, Berkeley, July 25, 1986; Montreux Jazz Festival, July 10, 1980; & others)
No label

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Intro (Huey Lewis) / Danny Boy (instrumental) (1:48)
Got To Go Back (5:15)
Moondance (3:39)
Vanlose Stairway (4:32)
She Gives Me Religion (3:20)
All In The Game / Cry For Home (6:22)
Tore Down A La Rimbaud (3:45)
The Street Only Knew Your Name (3:34)
Beautiful Vision (4:26)
Cry For Home (2:43)
Lark Ascending (2:53)
Haunts Of Ancient Peace (5:39)
Celtic Wing (sic) (2:51)
Thanks For The Information (6:50)
In The Garden (5:57)
Dweller On The Threshold (3:36)
Summertime In England (7:20)

Total time: (74:30)

Rave On John Donne (8:50)
Send In The Clowns (4:49)
Kingdom Hall (4:22)
And It Stoned Me (3:56)
Troubadors (5:43)
You Turn To The One (7:11)
Listen To The Lion (6:49)
Tupelo Honey (7:22)
Angielou (sic) (8:29)
A Sense Of Wonder (6:05)
What Would I Do (5:05)

Total time: (68:41)

All songs on disc one and songs 1-2 on disc two recorded at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California, on July 25, 1986. Disc two songs 3-9 recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 10, 1980. Disc two songs 10-11 recorded at the Grand Opera House, Belfast, October 23, 1984.

“Cry For Home” (track 10 on disc one) is not listed on the cover. The cover shows tracks 1 and 2 on disc two reversed. See also the notes in the Discography entry for St. Patrick’s Day for more information on the Greek Theatre material.

Liner notes:
One of Van’s finest concert tours was the short-lived tour of America in July 1986 with his regular band augmented by a string quartet. This tour highlighted the balladic side of Van. Highlights were the poignant “Got To Get Back”, the aptly titled “Haunts of Ancient Peace” with the quartet into “Lark Ascending”, the anthemic “In The Garden”, and the gorgeous “Rave On John Donne”.

The concert was taped by a Berkeley station which put together a broadcast with narration by Huey Lewis but never aired it! Portions of this concert were later used in European broadcast remixed for the CD format. From the combined sources of the original production tape and the CD for the subsequent broadcast we present for the first time the complete concert.

To complete this release we include a short but complete Montreux broadcast featuring a rousing “Troubadors” and the hypnotic “Angielou”.

Finally, we include another great mid-80’s original as well as a heartbreaking cover of Ray Charles’ classic “What Would I Do”.

Part of the unofficial websiteTo complete this release we include a short but complete Montreux broadcast featuring a rousing “Troubadors” and the hypnotic “Angielou”.

5 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Got To Get Back to the Greek

  1. This one is a real gem. A must have Mat. I should know because I DO have this. He played in Portland OR a couple of days before and this set list is the same…or as close as Van would come to repeating a setlist. According to Vanomatic there is a recording of the Portland show but I’ve never found it. Thank you for posting and reminding me to pull out my copy.

  2. As above – all Van from this period is amazing. Ridiculous to think that after this band and then the ex collaboration with the Chieftains Van decided he was getting bored with the live thing, and started the new libeup with Georgie Fame, which was good but couldn’t get close to the majestic performances from 86/87. Been looking for this Berkeley show in lossless for about 6 years now – somebody please?!

    Cheers anyway, I’ve got various versions as mp3 but I think this one is the best so far

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